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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 2&3

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗


Written By Chris Val ????

…… David POV ❣️

I was very fast in rushing into a room I saw at left hand side of the room forgetting that my fingers were filled with bloods as it makes a line to the room

I couldn’t see them from the room when I heard them screamed

I was hearing everything they were saying as my I fixed my gaze at the door

The doctor said that the baby’s mother died after giving birth to him

I could say, that’s why there was no one in the room when I entered

A lady’s voice came in, asking about the room I was in

I was just thinking on what to do next when I felt my real self back again

I had only one thing in mind that moment, which was to wash my hands and face
Maybe I could pretend but strangely, the whole bloods were no more

I couldn’t believe it

I heard a footsteps coming closer to the door and I turned with a great speed, expecting them because I no other option

The door knob was held, making me to widened my eyes


…… Dorothy POV ❣️

As I held the door knob, It was half opened when I felt the demon flew passed the window

I turned immediately just to be sure
Of course it and it passed again

“What’s that?” My doctor asked
I ignored her and rushed to the entrance
I pushed the door opened running out while they ran after me

“What happened?”

“Is she mad?” That was all I could hear

That’s why I hate this gift but I had to ignore them

I could feel the spirit at the main entrance downstairs
I ran as fast as I could

Some people tried stopping me but I managed to dodge them

I got to the entrance but the demon was gone


….. David POV ❣️

I got out of the room when I was sure that they were gone

Everywhere was somehow noisy

I walked to a window
I looked down from the top where I was, I could see people gathering at the entrance

All this while, I have been myself
I hadn’t felt anything in me anymore

I was about to turn when I felt presence of someone

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing

A demon, bloods filled its mouth
And the worst part was that the mouth was opened
I could see its dirty teeth

For the first time I was seeing a demon

I wanted to shout when it signalled me not to
I widened my eyes, looking at it

“W,,,,,w,,,,,who are you?” I stammered

“Am not planning on killing you” it responded
Unbelievable, it could talk to my hearing

“Who are you?” I asked still shivering

“I was left with no other option but to parade” it replied
I was confused
How could it be speaking on parables

“How do you mean?” I asked again

“I have been in this world for years, to many countries looking for where do dowell, but I could only find blood to suck and now luckily I finds it here, in you” it replied

“Go back to your grave, that’s where you belong to” I managed to say

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“I couldn’t find rest, I need time for revenge” it says

“Which revenge?” I asked

“Oh shit, she is coming” it said instead
I couldn’t get what it meant because that has nothing to do with our conversation

“I will meet you later” it added and disappeared

I nearly screamed but was paused to stop when I heard some noise coming upstairs

I turned to the step
A lady ran up
She was focused that she didn’t look at me
A man who I guess was her father ran after her, accompanied with a female doctor and some people

“I thought this is hospital, how could they allow this kind of noise here?” I asked myself but silently and walked down
Ignoring what was happening

I got to my car and ignited it
I could feel that the noise has stopped

“Maybe she is mad” I said as I drove away


……Jason POV ❣️

I felt bored due to how the teachings was going

I excused myself and went out

No one could stop me even if I didn’t take permission
That’s because they respect me a lot due to my father’s rank, both in the school and in the country

I had nowhere in mind but I felt like walking around

Okay, my name is Jason Paul
The only son of Mr and Mrs Paul,
My father, Mr Paul was one of the richest man in my country, he was a respected man no matter where he goes and I was also feared even if I do something bad in the school because my father wouldn’t take it likely with anyone who mess with me but my cousin Benny was a stubborn type
She was the only one who always go against my order
I wouldn’t blame her because my Dad don’t use to say anything about it whenever he heard that it was her
He normally say that we are families and he wouldn’t want anything that would cause commotion between us
I guess that was not all because my Dad was a hard person
So why would they be different

Anyways, I got spoiled because of my Dad’s wealth
I could get anything I want, no matter what it takes
I love ladies and always have my way with anyone I came across but do warn them and pay them off
Just for Jenny not to be aware of it


I got to an empty room where I saw a female student

She was very busy with her book
I wondered why she was there all alone when class was on

I guess she was in junior class

I cleared my throat while she looked back

Seeing me, she stood up immediately

She parked all her books and meant to walk out when I stopped her
I guess she was just scared, knowing who I was

“Where to?” I asked as I walked closer to her but she didn’t say a word

“Why are you leaving all of a sudden?” I asked

“Sorry I invaded here” the girl said instead her face was down

She thought I was mad at her thinking it was where I do rest but there wasn’t where I do stay

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I looked around and there was no one there
I guess I need to try her out once

“I haven’t been seeing you, seems like you are new in this school?” I asked
And truth be told, I haven’t seen her before

“How will it looks like if we start dating?” I added smiling
She looked up at me in surprised

“What?” She asked while I smiled

“I don’t make mistake with things like this” I said still maintaining my smile

“What about Jenny?” She asked while I frown
She gasped understanding my look but she didn’t say anything

“You also know about her?” I returned the question
While she nodded

“I have known her before coming to this school” she replied

“I see, but I think I have interest in you, I can break up with Jenny when we start dating” I lied
Of course I wouldn’t try that
I just wanted her on my bed

Jenny of a girl was someone who I couldn’t explain what we have for ourselves but I felt pity for her because she was fragile
I just wanted to be protecting her

“You want to break up with her?” She asked

“You have my word” I said instead I just don’t want to give her a straight reply

“What if we start with this” I added as I pecked her forehead
I held her shoulder and started caressing her

She was still lost looking at me when I kissed her
She responded

‘wow, I couldn’t believe she was cheap’ I thought

The wind was blowing too much

Just then, I felt a sharp object on my stomach
I withdraw immediately and looked down on her finger but she wasn’t holding anything


Dorothy POV ❣️

From hospital, I went to my uncle’s shop where I do help him with the little things he sales

He went for something he said was emergency

Due to no customer, I was left with thought
All I could think was my experiences with the demon

That car I saw earlier that day was something extra ordinary

Because when I ran towards that demon
I came across a guy who smell something like blood but my mind wasn’t there

I think the guy had something to do with the demon because I saw the demon went into that same car the guy drove with

I saw it when I got to the end of the building and felt that demon was gone

I couldn’t believe I was dumb
Because it was a spirit, so running after it was wasting of time because it could disappear anytime, anyhow and anywhere

I was lost in thought when someone tapped me

I came back to my senses and it was my uncle

“You don’t have to give yourself stress in thinking about that, you will soon get over this” my uncle said as he walked passed me and sat on the next chair

“Welcome, how was it?” I asked instead
Although I don’t where he went to but I had to show concern

“Cool, you are starting school by tomorrow, take” he said handing over some papers

“Fill it up and submit it tomorrow when you get to school” he added

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“Different school?” I asked noticing that it wasn’t my school symbol

“Yes, I can’t afford to make the kind of payment your school is asking of, so that you continue with your classmates” he replied

“No problem uncle” I said smiling
At least am going back to school that was the main thing


…….David POV ❣️

I was in a deep thoughts that night
I couldn’t believe I saw a demon

I was still thinking when my bed made a move

I jumped up from my bed and behold, it was standing close to my bed
One of its hand on my bed

“You again!!” I shouted pointing at its direction and with one of my hand closing my eyes
I couldn’t look at it
Not even by night, I would have a nightmare

“Stop shouting” it says and a knock came to my door

“David” that was my father’s voice coming from outside

“Are you okay?” My Mom asked
I couldn’t reply them

“Ask them to go” the demon said

They pushed my door open

“What’s the problem?” They asked together

I looked at the demon and it wasn’t making any move

“Aren’t you seeing anything?” I asked them

“What?” They asked together again

“They can’t see me” the demon said

I looked at it and then back to my parents who were scared on getting closer to me

“Sorry, I think I had a dream but am okay now” I lied

“Are you sure?” My Dad asked
He was always more than caring but I still prefer my Mom to him

“Okay, go to bed” my Mom said
She came closer to me
I nodded and went back to my bed

I was using one side of my eyes to be looking at my parents while I used style and was checking the demon

They later walked out, closing the door from behind
I sat up while the demon wants to sit on my bed

“Don’t even think of it” I said raising my hand up

“Listen to me please” it replied as it stood still

“What do you want?” I asked

“Your help” it replied

“I didn’t owe you anything remember, and don’t even think of entering me again” I warned

“My death was something that I wouldn’t let go of” it says but I didn’t reply it

“It was miserable, I just want to revenge” it added

“So how do sucking bloods of an innocent baby have to do with the revenge?” I asked

“That’s all I could do because every human being then, didn’t stand for me even after death, I was rejected, that’s why I has been wandering around seeking for souls to terminate but I couldn’t kill you then, that’s why I entered you” it replied

“Am already getting scared, I would like to hear the details of your death but it is late, am feeling sleepy” I said

“Okay, see you around and try to start school because I have something important to do there” it replied and before I could say anything, it has disappeared

“That kind of exit scares me” I said and fell on my bed