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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 4

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

The following morning, which was on Thursday

I got dressed up for school

Everything that happened the previous day was rushing back to my mind

My encounter with the new student I met in an empty room when lesson was going on who said her name was Faith

It was really strange
I couldn’t just explain it
The invisible sharp object I felt on my stomach was what kept me wondering

And also that sudden wind that stopped immediately I withdrew myself

Something must be wrong somewhere

But I still need to try her out first
I took my backpack
Hung it and went downstairs for my breakfast

My parents were already getting down theirs when I walked down

“Good morning Dad, Good Morning Mom” I greeted as I sat down, dropping my bag beside my chair

“Good morning son, your appearance isn’t bright, what’s the problem?” My Dad asked
My Mom also focused on me

I didn’t know that the worries could show up on my face

I managed to fake a smile
I had to convince them

“Everything is fine, just that I did my normal exercise after bathing instead of before bathing” I lied while they laughed
Of course, it sounds funny

“You get to be kidding” my Mom said controlling her laughter

I just had to skip it with a smile as I focused on my breakfast

They were saying something but my mind wasn’t there
I couldn’t tell where my mind was
On the breakfast or on Faith of a girl

My Dad who was closed to me, tapped me

“We have been talking to you” my Dad said
That’s when I was back to my mind

“Sorry, but about what?” I asked confused

“There’s a business trip I want to go with you, you are really needed there as the only son and you really to be known by my workers” my Dad replied

Less I forget, am the only son out of four children from my parents but I happened to be the last born, though it was enjoyable

“When?” I asked
I think I was back

“By next week, it’s just one week” my Dad replied

“Meanwhile holiday has been on, all this while but you didn’t choose then, why now, you know am studying” I complained

I don’t like missing school because I do enjoy bothering my fellow students

“It’s not like I plan it this way but it just happened” my Dad tried explaining

“I think we have to discuss it when am back” I said instead

“Mom, Dad, am leaving” I added as I stood up
I couldn’t finish up my food

I bent and pick up my bag, dusting the bottom

“So soon?” My Dad asked

“At least finish up your food” my Mom said

“Am satisfied, am off, good luck at work” I said, hung my bag and rushed out

I could hear my Dad saying that something must be wrong but I didn’t bother listening any further

I got outside, my car was already positioned, ready to go, backing our main door
Facing the gate
My driver was ready as well
He made himself comfortable waiting for

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He sighted me through the side mirror and get down from the driver’s seat

He walked over to the other side of the car and opened the door
I nodded and entered

He closed the door and walked to the driver’s side
He entered and drove off


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

That morning, I went with my Uncle as usual to the shop

I was busy arranging the goods when my uncle left for some of his items which just arrived that morning

I was left alone

After arranging the goods, I swept the inner room

I was done but still no one has come

After waiting for some hours with little customers who patronized me
I had to find something to keep myself busy

I picked up a book which was which was where we do save our important files concerning the store

Just then, a paper fell off from it

I wanted to pick it up when a customer interrupted me
I had to drop whole book to attend to him

I was almost done attending to him when my Uncle arrived

“So soon?” I asked in surprised because he was back too early

“I guess you have forgotten” he said and walked passed me

“Thanks” I said to the customer as he left
I rushed back inside remembering that I dropped the book anyhow

He has already picked up the book but the paper was still on the floor

“What did you mean by what I have forgotten?” I asked I picked up the paper

“Oh” I said knowing what the paper was

“That’s exactly what am talking about, have you forgotten it’s today?” My uncle asked pointing at the paper I was holding
It was the form that I needed to submit
I couldn’t believe that I forgot something like that

“I had to leave them so that you can go for it” He added
I smiled

“Thank you uncle, I have to go now” I said
He gave me a transport fare while I disappeared

I had to get to their head office before it becomes too late

….. David POV ❣️

I have been myself ever since the demon told me that it needs revenge

It haven’t shown up to me anymore and I haven’t felt like tasting blood but a lot of deaths were being recorded

I have tried so many ways to summon it but it wasn’t showing up

I was left alone in the house
My parents were off to work
Only me and the house help

I dressed up on my sports wear

At least doing some exercise might help in relief

I started running around the compound with different styles of running

I got to the gate side and stopped but still maintained a little jogging because I was already tired
I was still jogging when a great wind took over the whole place
I had to stop entirely

I smiled thinking maybe it was the demon
Because it looks likely with the way it happens the last time it shows up in my room

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“Better show up” I said smiling but I got no response

The wind storm stopped all of a sudden

I was just confused

“This wind is something else” the gate man said
I just forced out a smile

My eyes sighted something which was close to our gate
It looks like someone was there

The gateman noticed that by following my eyes direction

He went and opened the gate while a dead little girl fell from the pillar of the gate

Her blood looks so fresh
She looks like someone who was just murdered

I became scared and speechless

Could it be because I didn’t accept him, that’s why he has been killing people anyhow

The worst part of it was that I don’t know how to summon it
At least I needed to hear how it death was

The gateman couldn’t believe what he saw
He has checked outside but no one was there

We would have rushed her to the hospital but her livers, heart and intestines were gone

That was too bad
I couldn’t help it but to cry


…. Faith POV ❣️

I was never a human being

Ever since I was born, I had no one to call a mother nor someone to call a father

I grew up in a forest where spirits feeds me

I could communicate with them even though they were dead

I don’t even know if I was dead and brought back to life or what

I had the gift of turning into beast

I found blood as my water from human body

I have known Jason in the history
The history was said to be something that would be happening at that time

I wouldn’t call it history but it was already there

Jason was someone who takes advantage of ladies and dump them after using them

After seeing what has been happening, I decided to start my education in the same school with Jason, so as to get a chance

I had to use my magic in my blue eyes to charm him in our first eye contact
I knew he must be into me

I have met some of my kinds in so many ways and places


…. Jason POV ❣️

I felt like meeting Faith of a girl but how could I, when I didn’t know her level

I ordered a junior student to do that for me

After some minutes, he got back and told me that he got no information

That’s what I hated most
Coming back with no information

I ordered him to kneel in a class where I do punish my victims
I just had to find her before he would be free

I didn’t know why I was blaming him but my nature couldn’t take it

I stood up and walked out of the class
Going to Nowhere in mind

Just as I was not too far from my class when I sighted Faith at the end of the building

I smiled and started walking to her

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I was getting closer when she took her left

I increased my walk

I got to where she took but I couldn’t find her
Still I couldn’t stop

I down from the stairs where I guess she must followed

I saw her looking out through the window
She was holding her books as normal

I smiled and was about to walk up to her when a teacher from nowhere show up

I do things secretly
I got disappointed because the teacher seems to be showing her something in her book

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was Monday morning, I got dressed up with the uniform I was given,by the management after I was qualified for the school

I couldn’t stop smiling as I check out myself

“My first day, please my new school favor me” I said

I got out from my room and had my breakfast which I had prepared earlier

My uncle was already done with he’s

“I wish I have means of transportation, I would like to drop you off” my uncle said when I was done with my breakfast

I felt bad for him but I had to maintain

“Don’t worry uncle, I will make things change in our family” I said trying not to make him feel bad

“You already know that our hopes are on you” my uncle said while I smiled nodding

I hugged him while he patted me

“You have to start going before you will be late” he said as I released myself from him

“No problem, good luck, please sell well I” I said while we smiled

“As my princess wished” he said while I almost laughed


I took a public bus which stopped me at the junction
I had to follow the directions and got to the gate of the school

I looked at the signboard and smiled

The gate was still opened while I found my way inside

I was forced to stop when I felt their presence

A girl was passing by
She fixed her gaze on me, her eyes were somehow blue in color

She wasn’t accompanied with them but she was one of them

I wondered how someone could be a demon without being possessed
I just had to control myself, not to act, otherwise it will look so odd
In my first day

A car drove in as a girl step down from it
I watched her closely but she was pure

I think I need to befriend her at least

She walked passed me without looking at me
It was rude but I wasn’t after that

I could feel the spirits in the compound but I couldn’t see them

A guy walked close to me and waved his finger on my face
I blinked looking at him

“You have been standing here for so long, I hope you are not lost?” He asked while I forced out a smile

“No, please the principal’s office?” I asked while he pointed at a building
I nodded before he walked out

He has one in him

“A lot of demons are in this school, it is going to be fun” I said smiling as I found my way to the principal’s office