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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 5

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

……Dorothy POV ❣️

I walked slowly observing the whole school

I could hear their noise but I couldn’t see any

I just smiled
I had to meet the principal for clearance

I rushed to his office
In few minutes time, I was done

I asked for direction to my supposed class

It wasn’t far from the principal’s office

I was just hoping to behold any of the demons in the class but when I got in, it shows that there was none

I could see some guys looking at me with their normal lustful way
I wouldn’t blame them because I had it as a lady

Am beautiful
I got a killing figure that would attract any guy that passes me
But due to my gift and how it controls me, I wasn’t able to keep friends

Everyone that I has things with, ends up running far away from me after noticing what I was passing through
Some thought I was possessed but my uncle always tells me that it was a gift and he had it before

I had to find a better position to sit for the main time

A girl of the same age with me was sitting on the right hand side of the class and beside her was an empty seat which shows that each desk contains two seats

At the left hand side of that same row was another empty seats

The both seats were empty

I don’t need to waste time as I went there immediately and made myself comfortable

I was still arranging my books properly on the desk when a teacher walked in

She was greeted as the teaching began

Few minutes later, I began to hear their noise
My mind was no longer in the class as I focused on where exactly the demon was going to

That same minute, I felt it walked passed our door
I guess it was in someone

I didn’t know when I stood up
No doubt, my intention was to follow the demon forgetting that I was in the class

“Yes” the teacher said immediately she saw me standing up
I became confused not knowing what to do

“You can ask your question” she added
My eyes widened
That means she was actually asking if anyone has something to ask


….. David POV ❣️

My parents has gotten two forms from two different schools

I just had to choose one

They always ask me to make my choice in anything I do

I chose the school with a cheaper fees
I needed to act cool

I took my form that morning and went to the school with our driver who returned after dropping me off

I scrunitize the whole school before locating the principal’s office

I have been wondering why the demon hasn’t shown up since then
I was just willing to hear its story

I guess it might help me when living

I got to the principal’s office and did the supposed

I was taken to my class by a teacher who introduced me to the whole class


After dismissal, I went home with the public bus instead of calling my driver

I was so exhausted
I couldn’t believe that my parents were at home already
They were entertaining themselves in the living room

“Good afternoon Mom, good afternoon Dad” I greeted, bowing a little to show respect

“Good afternoon, you looks so tired” my Mom said

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“I hope school was fine?” My Dad added asking

They were fund of helping themselves in conversation

I don’t need to answer them separately because they were actually hitting the same point

“Bad, it was bad” I replied as I collapsed on a couch in the living room

“Why?” My Mom asked while my Dad was only looking

“I don’t like the school” I said instead

“That’s not answer yet” my Dad said

“The teachings were poor, how can a class take only three subjects in full day?” I said as if am asking them

“That’s too bad, how then can the students grab?” My Mom asked no one to reply

“We gave you two forms but you chose that” my Dad said
I don’t know if he was trying to blame me

“I just choose the cheap one, so that the fees won’t be much” I responded

“We didn’t ask you for that, we only asked you to choose the one that is better for you, forget about the payment, at least God has blessed us with wealth” my Dad said

“No problem, maybe I will try the next school by next week” I said because I lacked the zeal of going to school that week

“You should try reading things, hope you are still with the form?” My Dad asked
That’s why I hated him a little

“Yes Dad” I replied

“Better, the form says that the deadline will be on Friday for the final year because they needed to prepare them very well, they wouldn’t like seeing any of them, lacking behind” my Dad tried explaining
There was no need for talking because I know that’s what I must do


….. Jason POV ❣️

My stay in London was wow
Seriously I wouldn’t like to go back to Paris

My Dad left to meet a friend who he said was his business partner

I would have gone with him but I lied that I wasn’t feeling fine

My intention was just to visit a girl who I met in our neighborhood the very day my Dad introduced me to them

She was very beautiful with a sweet voice

She sounds hard to get that’s why I wanted to have her on my bed

I wouldn’t care what it takes

The house next to ours was a guy named Caleb
He has already told me that he was in charge of supplying ladies
I took him as just a stupid guy because no one would claim that in this 21 century

I left our house to the girl’s own
It wasn’t really far, I had to trek

But when I got there, it was locked from outside, showing that no one was inside

I felt disappointed and left

I was already feeling horny and I needed someone to go down with

I had already collected Caleb’s number that very day he was saying trash
So I had to try it out

He picked up almost immediately

“You supposed to know why I called” I said instead of hitting it
I could imagine him smiling

“Sure, I got your thirst” he replied

“Just be expecting her soon and prepare her money” he added
That was not even a problem

“Okay” I said smiling as I hung up
I just had to try his business
I thought and laughed

I remembered my school
It’s true that I was intelligent but I enjoy it missing school if not for ladies

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I haven’t thought of calling Jenny ever since I arrived to London but I got my lies to tell
I know she wouldn’t leave me
I got her

I got home, knocked while the gateman opened the gate and I walked in

I was about to open the door to the living room when a knock came to the gate

I stopped and turned when the gateman opened the gate

A lady who I was sure that was older than me walked in

She smiled before walking up to me
She stretched forward her hand

It was a phone
I looked closer to it and it was my picture

I smiled nodding

“Let’s go in” I said while she smiled

I took the lead while she followed


…. Jenny POV ❣️

It was on Wednesday morning

Without Jason for the whole week would be a hell
It was just three days but I could feel it

I was becoming weak
I haven’t been able to get in contact with him

I got dressed up for school

I was done and got down
Mom was already breaking her fast

“Good morning Mom” I greeted getting myself a seat out, to sit

“Good morning my dear, hope your night was good?” My Mom asked

“Yes Mom” I replied

“I thought maybe you left on time” my Mom said while I shook my head negatively because I had nothing to say

I wasn’t having appetite but I couldn’t show it before my Mom
I had to eat as if I was in a hurry

“I know you are late for school but take it easy” my Mom said noticing the way I was eating
I just had to smile

It’s true that I was late but that was not why I was rushing my breakfast

I had to cease the opportunity in remaining half of my food

I took my bag and bids my Mom a goodbye and rushed outside

Although rushing to school wasn’t where my worries stopped but I still had to
Maybe it might be less

The car was already prepared to go
I entered while the driver drove off


Few minutes later, we were already in the school

It was clear to me that I was late

The driver reversed and drove away while I matched into my classroom

Luckily there was no teacher yet in the class


….. David POV ❣️

I took my form crosschecking what I wrote while we drove to the school

We arrived at the school few minutes later

It was wow
I checked the picture on top of the form I was holding, and it was exactly the same

I was still sitting inside the car forgetting that I was supposed to get down for the driver to go

“We have reached sir” the driver said
That’s when my mind comes back

“Oh, sorry” I said as I got down from the car

I closed the door and nodded while he drove off

I great wind started
It was just going round me
Sands were going up, leaving some of them inside my eyes while I was forced to close it

I remembered the demon coming in that form

“Don’t disgrace me in my first time in this school” I said not smiling

The wind slowed down a little
In less than one minute, it stopped


…… Jenny POV ❣️

In the class,,,,,,,

The new student was already present
I guess she must be a serious student

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She acts so gentle
I guess it’s better to make her a friend since Jason would be absent for one week

I walked straight to my seat while I used my side eye to look at her

She seems so serious with her book

I could see her jotting down somethings

She was really serious

I was still in thought when the greeting of a teacher interrupted me

He was our maths teacher

“Good morning class, you can now seat down” our maths teacher Mr Sanjay said while we all sat

“Yesterday, we had a new comer in our class, I guess she must have introduced herself to you guys” Mr Sanjay added while everyone nodded

“Okay, what I expect from you all is to cooperate, this is an exam class, I would like to teach today but I was called on a meeting concerning our exam which is very necessary for me to attend” Mr Sanjay paused

“Since it’s free time, I will like you guys to please revise on what I have thought you last term”

” I have my reason” Mr Sanjay added

“Okay sir” we responded

“You guys should take care” Mr Sanjay said and left

Just as he left, someone walked in

Although my head was almost down when I felt someone at the door post

I lifted up my head and couldn’t believe what I saw

That same demon I saw in my dream some days ago

Just exactly as it was

“Jesus!!!” I shouted shocking everyone in the classroom

“What’s the problem?”

“Are you alright?”

“What happened?” That was what was coming from the students in the class

I just nodded because it amazes me more when I cleaned my eyes
But the demon disappeared as one handsome guy stood at that same port the demon was

‘Could it be I was just imagining?’ I asked within myself
And I was somehow sure of what I saw

The guy walked gently direct to my seat
I just don’t have to let him sit beside me because I was still shocked

“Please can I?” He asked pointing at the seat
Of course I understand what he meant and that was his first request from me but still, I couldn’t let him sit beside me

“Sorry, someone is here already” I replied not looking at him because I didn’t want to see that again


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I focused on my books immediately the teacher left

Just then, I started hearing the noise

It sounds exactly like the demon I had an encounter with, the other time at the hospital
But I wouldn’t like to disgrace myself again after what happened the previous day
But thanks to a guy who stood up and asked a question
Giving me the chance to sit without any further talk

When the girl who was in the same row with me screamed “Jesus!”,
I vibrated a little bit but still, I didn’t bother lifting up my head

I wasn’t able to concentrate but still, I had to keep my face down on my books

“Please can I?” That was what I heard next

I know demons won’t be able to speak in human voice

I nodded not looking at the person

The guy sat and I could tell that the demon was really closer

I just had to turn

I couldn’t believe it, it was a demon sitting beside me