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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 6

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I gasped immediately I saw that

The demon rotated before flying up, leaving the handsome guy’s body behind

It laughed before disappearing

I was just watching it as it does that

I could tell that the guy was also looking at me instead of the demon

“Hi” the guy said bringing me back to reality since it seems like I was lost

“Hi” I responded as I tried maintaining my smile

“Seems to be lost?” He said, or rather asked

“Did you see that?” I asked him while his face changed a bit

“What?” He returned the question, he looked confused

“The demon that just left” I replied
I just had to

“Demon? Hell no” he responded
He doesn’t look scared but I can’t tell if he sees it because he would have at least looked at it when it left his body


….. David POV ❣️

I had to lie so as for her not to think that I was possessed or I was the demon

I tried acting as if I was clueless to what she was asking about

Although I wasn’t able to see the demon but firstly when the other girl screamed ‘Jesus’, I observed that the demon was back but I couldn’t see it

I couldn’t hear its voice as well

The girl refused looking at me, talk more of allowing me to sit beside her

I could tell that the whole class was confused looking at both me and her

I had to maintain by looking for another empty seats

±-Back To Where I Sat-±

“Am David by name” I introduced myself and brought out my hand for handshake

She looks so scared to take my hand

I was beginning to wonder if they could all see ghosts

My hand was like that close to one minute when I decided to bring it down but she brought fort her hand, collecting mine

“Am Dorothy” she said but this time around, wasn’t smiling

Since she got to see the ghost, I guess she must be of help to me

“Can we be friends?” I requested
I guess I was too fast but I don’t like keeping things, to it in another time

“Do you just request friendship for the first time you meet someone?” She returned the question

“At least we will be sitting together in one seat, aren’t we supposed to be friends?” I asked again
I could see her eyelids adjusted, showing that I was unbelievable


“This is your first time in this school, you would have asked if there is anyone sitting in that position, you don’t just start talking” she responded

I guess that was harsh
I felt bad
She was talking trash
I was about to say something when we were interrupted by a teacher who came to teach


The time went fast as it was half of the day

We were given break period for refreshment

I had nowhere to go but Dorothy has already left
Even the friendship I asked for, was still pending

In less than two minutes, the whole class was empty except those like me who has no idea of where to go

I needed to speak with that girl that screamed, the first time I walked in but how do I do it when she refused looking at me

I brought out one of my books, just to keep myself busy, maybe I could ease some things

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I haven’t read up to three lines when my stomach started making noise

“Damn hungry here” I said to myself, closed my book as I stood up, stretching myself

“We can go together” a female voice said from behind
I wanted to pretend of not hearing that when she appeared before me
As in she was too fast

“I know you are new in this school and you must not have known anywhere in the school” she paused while I was just looking at her

I was praying to meet the other girl when I gets outside but this girl standing before me want to spoil everything

“Am hungry as you are, why don’t we go together?” She requested

She was a beautiful lady, for true
But I can’t tell what she was up to

I also wondered why she didn’t see what others have seen

“May be right, I have no objection” I said while she smiled

“By the way, am Zita” she smiled bringing out her hand

“Am David” I responded taking her hand

“Not bad, let’s go then” she said while I nodded
She took the lead till we were out of the classroom

We got to the school cafeteria because that was where I suggested
I want to eat real food, not to stock myself with snacks

In the school cafeteria where different tables with two chairs each

There was a lot of empty tables
It seems like the school prefer snacks to food

“Let’s sit there” Zita said pointing at an empty seat
I shrugged

We walked up to that seat
I didn’t hesitate to sit because I was really hungry

“Just tell me, so that I can get for both of us” Zita said
I gave her my choice while she left for it

I took my time in checking out the whole room

My eyes sighted that girl I wanted to meet

‘this is what I expected’ I thought
At least, I needed to make her a friend since she saw that
But am already with Zita at that moment

She was sitting all alone, breaking down her food
She was busy with her food that she didn’t bother looking around
I expected her to see me

I was still looking at her when Zita arrived with the foods

I couldn’t take off my eyes from the girl
Forgetting what she saw, I was also admiring her beauty

But I had to maintain at that time Zita shows up

“Did I keep long?” Zita asked seating before me
Picking up her spoon, ready to eat

“Not really” I replied smiling
I looked at the girl once more before placing my food properly before me but Zita caught me

She followed my eyes

She turned back to me smiling

“Do you like her?” Zita asked surprising me
I didn’t expect that but no one wouldn’t like the girl

“Who?” I returned the question because I had to pretend once more, not knowing what she was talking about

“The girl that screamed when you walked inside the class” she replied trying hard to smile

She really caught

“Not that I like her but am still confused on the scream she made” I replied or will I say that I lied

“That got everyone confused as well, that was her first time doing that in class” Zita said

“She has a boyfriend in case you don’t know, he will be back by next week” Zita added as she focused back to her food

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I could sense jealousness in that statement but that was not what I was after


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

That David of a guy was something else

Having friends has been what I have been wishing for but I wouldn’t like to act cheap before him
Not even for the first time we met

Another thing in that was that ever since the demon disappeared, it refused to return

I tried so hard not to engage in conversation with him even though he comes up with reasonable thing

Since it was already half day, we had only two subjects before we dismissed

After dismissal, I took the public bus instead of the school bus

I had to avoid anything that has to lead me to get in conversation with him

I have been wanting to confront a demon face to face but I couldn’t believe that I was running away from the opportunity

Since the demon has left, I guess it was useless confronting him

I rushed home
Got my dress changed before going to help my uncle at the market

It was really busy in the market when I got there

I greeted my uncle who smiled

“At the right time” he said while I smiled

I had to help him out with some customers who seems running out of patience because they have been waiting

I forgot what was bothering me all of a sudden


…. David POV ❣️

After dismissal, I took the school bus instead of waiting for my driver

I just needed to trek, maybe It might ease some things

I was dropped at a junction that would be easier for me to go home

I started the journey

It wasn’t far

I came across a house that doesn’t have a fence

An old woman was sitting before the house

She kept herself busy with sowing
I was just admiring how serious she was

She dropped it and went inside, probably to get something

I felt the demon in me immediately

“What again?” I asked myself

Before I knew it, I found myself inside the compound

I stood close to the door
The woman opened the door and lost it as she fell unconscious

I divided her heart into two as blood started bumping out

I brought my face closer and drank to my satisfaction


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

In the night, when we were done with our dinner

My Uncle was in his small room, was busy taking down some records
I guess it was time to let it out

It doesn’t have a door, so no need to knock

I walked in and sat close to him

“You don’t have to worry about helping me with the records, you should have some rest” my Uncle said not even looking at me

Truth is that I wasn’t there to help in the records
So I remained mute

He noticed that there was something else more than what he thought

He adjusted his eyeglass just to take a look at me

My head was facing down
When I noticed that he was looking at me, I raised it up

“What’s the problem?” He asked
That was what I expected

“You looks so worried” he added

“There was a demon in the school today” I replied
He removed his eyeglass completely

“How did it go?” My uncle asked

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I took my time in explaining to him exactly what happened earlier that day at school

“What?! Does it mean he was possessed?” He asked

“I can’t tell, even the guy was acting normal, I guess he’s not aware of it” I replied

“Then you need to be closer to the guy because this is the only way to end them, we can use him to end their existence” he said

“How do you mean?” I asked because I was really confused


….. David POV ❣️

That night, after dinner,
My father went straight to his study room while my Mom finds her way to her room

I decided to study a little that night

I was just looking at my book but what was running within me was about those two girls

I got to know that the other girl was Jenny by name

Dorothy in the other hand was another headache

She started ignoring me all of a sudden

I couldn’t calculate that
Why did she started behaving like that

Since she truly saw that, I had to be close to her
Since she could see it, she must have known something about them

Another strange thing was the woman I killed that afternoon
I couldn’t figure it out

I tried shouting but it never showed up

I was lost in thought when my book slammed itself closed as wind took over the room

I just balanced well knowing who was coming

I was just ready to confront it that moment

Soon I couldn’t feel myself anymore

I know he has taken over
I struggled with it but it was already late

I felt thirsty for blood immediately

I was just leaking my mouth as I stood up
Finding my way to where I was sensing bloods

I got to my Dad study room and opened it without knocking
I closed it from behind and locked the door

“Who’s that?” My Dad asked but I didn’t say a word

I guess he turned
The room has a tiny light that was shining directly to the table where my Dad kept his documents
That’s why he off the room’s light

He has his torch light with him as well

“Oh, David, you should be in your room now, it’s already late” he added flashing me the torch light and offing it almost immediately but still, I didn’t reply

I felt a sharp object growing out from my fingers and my eyes changed to complete black but was covered with bloods
My teeth changed as well, to black
It has already taken control totally
I couldn’t control it

I could tell my Dad was scared for ignoring him

He stood up when noticed me stargering

He picked up his torch light again and put it On
But he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and the torch light off by itself

He wanted to shout but I was already close, I used my hand to cover his mouth

I brought out my fingers which was already filled with claws
My first target was his neck as he struggled with his breath
Bloods splashed everywhere

I bents down and sucked to my satisfaction

I was still leaking my mouth when a knock came to the door

“Sweetheart it’s already late” that was my Mom’s voice

“I will be with you in some minutes” I couldn’t believe that it spoke through me and it sounded exactly as of my father’s own