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Underground Demon. Chapter 4

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Four????????

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????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

Don’t take me as a bad friend but I don’t like it when people talk bad against their leaders

Some of them are innocent sometimes

After two days, I got home, I dropped my stuff and took a cab to Mr Noah’s apartment
Which was where every principal we have ever had, do live unless the person was from that area, or living around

When I got to the street, I stopped and paid the cab driver

I had to walk a little before I could get to his apartment
I got to his gate but it was locked from outside

Too bad that there was no gateman

Out of disappointment, I was about to go when I saw his car driving from afar

I waited until he gets closer and stopped before his gate
He was surprised seeing me there

He got down from his car
Gate’s key was on his hand

“Young man, what are you doing here?” He asked looking around

“My name is Henry, a 2nd year student of your school sir” I replied

“Oh, you guys are too many, so I can’t recognize you all” he said

He looked around another one

“So what brings you here?” He asked

“I have a report to make” I replied
He looked at me somehow

“Let’s go inside then” he said

I collected his gate key and opened it
He drove in and parked while I locked the gate


“So that is what your friend Jimmy said?” He asked after telling him what brought me there
We were sitting on two chairs he brought outside from the packing store

“Yes, I don’t want to be a victim of accusation, that’s why I decided to report” I replied

He sat properly on his chair with thoughts

“Maybe I should resign” he suggested

“You don’t have to, just prove them wrong” I replied

He looked at me and smiled

“I think you should be working with me” he said as he tapped my shoulder

I felt some winds running inside my body through my veins

I began to feel somehow

He smiled wickedly

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Lots of thoughts were running around my mind

I needed to make a perfect plan for the journey

The following day, It was already Friday and our fix day was on Saturday

I dressed up for school as usual
Dan was still sleeping when I left
Though I informed him

Lizzy called earlier to know if she could come over to pick me up but I lied to her that I wasn’t home at that moment

I really needed to avoid that cab driver

I took a cab to the school

I knew that coming to school that day was just to complete the rules

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I wasn’t myself

I got to the hall and sat, waiting for the lecture to start

Not too long, Dan arrived in the school hall

We always sat together
He walked straight and say beside me

“Hey dude” he said
Just then, a lecturer walked in and we greeted her

“I told you, still the lecturer arrived after when I come” Dan said
I understood what he was trying to say

Coming too early wasn’t useful

“That’s my nature, I can’t stay long at home when am supposed to go somewhere” I responded


When the lecturer left, we went out as usual for refreshment

Every other students did

I went to an empty hall with Dan after buying some snacks for ourselves

The only money left on me was my money for food

We got inside there and sat down
Still getting down the snacks we bought

“Jack” Dan called after some time


“Something is fishy but you are keeping it from me” he said
I didn’t have to fall in immediately to that trick just like that

“What are you talking about?” I asked him instead

“You were checking out something about someone in my laptop when I arrived but I couldn’t figure out what it means”

“You know that am not good in computer” he added

“Last night, you were having a conversation with someone but I couldn’t hear anything you were saying because I was really deep in my sleeping” he said

“So tell me, what is going on?” He requested

That was another problem
How would I be able to shift his mind with lie

No perfect excuse was coming

“I didn’t want to ask you earlier this morning because I wanted you to take your time to rest your mind” he added

“It might be that I was dreaming” I lied

“But it was like a real conversation, is there any ghost that is visiting?” He asked

Of course, he was aware of my gift but I didn’t want to get him involved with this

It will surely be dangerous because I had to be thinking about ourselves if anything happens there

“You already know how it used to be, whenever am dreaming” I said

“Let’s not talk about it because the dream was too scary” I added


It was almost time for the next lecture when a student came into the hall we were

He told me that the principal was looking for me

My heart sank when I heard that

I already knew why he was asking for me


The principal ordered me in when I reached his office

His look was always a scary one

“Why must you be a headache to us in this school?” That was his first question
I felt bad
Assuming I was born into a wealthy family, such question wouldn’t have come out of his mouth

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“Sir, am actually working on it” I responded

“For how long?”

“You haven’t made your year fee, let alone your textbooks, what are you even working on?” He asked

That was a funny but rude question
I swallowed my saliva first

“I will make the payment very soon sir” I replied

“We have given you enough time, I have been patient because I know you as one of our most brilliant student but things are getting out of hand” he said

“You have only one week to make the necessary payment or you will be expelled” he added

That was the most scaring statement but what could I do?

“You can now leave my office”

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ???? ⚡????⚡????

After so many plans from Anthony, he called us together in my place

That has been the best place we do meet

“I have a plan now” he said
We all paid attention to it

“We have to give the police their own respect by meeting them with the situation at hand as a report”

“But if after some days and they didn’t find the solution or the cause, we will have to handle it on our own way”

“It will even make our gang more respectful” he added

I couldn’t remember the last time we bullied someone due to what was happening
Everybody’s mind was just at race

“But what can we do if the police didn’t help out?” Alex asked

“We will plan on that after that, we need to give them time” Anthony replied


The following day, which was on Saturday,

I, Anthony the planner and Aiden went to the police station

We did as we planned it

The police assured us that they will try their best in it

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

That Saturday, I left in name of traveling as usual

I took my normal backpack and walked out with the ghost girl without having any conversation with her

We took a cab to Mr Sanjay junction

We got there
There was a building construction going on at the front
At our right hand side was an uncompleted building

“This is the place” the ghost girl said

I paid the cab driver and he drove off

“So tell me about here” I requested

“This spot we are standing was where the cab driver stopped”

“Like, I was coming back from school, so I took the cab, he said that he wanted to take the short cut because this isn’t the road we normally take, I didn’t question him that much because I don’t have anything in mind”

“So he stopped when he got here, the next thing was for him to cover my nose with a handkerchief, I guessed the handkerchief wasn’t ordinary because it has a different odor, I tried to hold my breath but I couldn’t”

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“Yes, I remember all this” she explained

That was a long walk

“So after that, what next?” I asked

“That’s why I said that I don’t know” she replied

Just then, I heard a sound of a car coming towards our direction

We ran and hide behind the uncompleted building

The car drove closer and parked at that same spot the cab driver stopped us because the car couldn’t go any further

The first person to get down from it was that cab driver who kidnapped the ghost girl

The other door was opened by one other person then another man got down from there

“Oh my God” the ghost girl said

“What?” I asked

“That’s my Uncle” she replied

????⚡????⚡???? Jimmy POV ????⚡????⚡????

At exactly as 12 midnight, my phone woke me up from my sweet sleep

I traced it with my fingers because I was tired
It was from Henry

I wondered why he was calling by that time

I ignored it but he kept calling

He was a friend, I might be of help to him at that moment
I picked it

“Hey dude, what was keeping you?” He asked

“This is midnight, am sleeping of course” I replied with my dull voice

“Am standing before your door, just open up” he said

“What? By this time?” I asked really surprised
Why would he be outside by that time

“I can explain later but as for now, just open the door, I can’t go anywhere else now” he said
I checked the time again

I stood up from my bed and went to the door
I pushed it open but no one was there
Thanks to the light, one could see everywhere clearly

Henry was still online

“Where the hell are you?” I asked

“Oh, just a minute, please” he responded

I walked out a little bit to take a proper look

Just then, the whole lights went off

“Oh my God!” I shouted and meant to run inside but the door pushed close by itself
I drew it but it was really strong

It was like it has been locked

I became scared and turned to look around
Or probably shout for help but before me was a creature with a red and shining eyes

I opened my mouth to shout but it uses it’s claw to separate my upper teeth from the down one
Which means his hand has finished its way into my mouth

It pierces my stomach and drew out my intestines

The next place was my eyes
It drew it out and laughed

Who wouldn’t give up to ghost after all this