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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 10

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Ten????????

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????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????


“Are they the only captive that you people have?” Officer Kim asked Mr Leon after confirming Lizzy dead

“Yes, they are the ones meant for this year” Mr Leon replied

He told us how many girls they had sacrificed so far

“When the first cab driver was not found that was when I know that my nemesis was catching up with me” Mr Leon said after his story

“Because it was already getting late but we still have my type in the world” he added

Officer Kim and his men took him away

Along with Lizzy’s body
So sad ????

Sonia was wrapping herself on my body
Holding me tight

“Are you still scared?” I asked her trying to free myself from her grid

“I just wish you don’t go far from me because I see you as my savior” she replied

I had to smile

“No problem but don’t you think that you have to go meet your parents now?” I asked

“Will I be going alone?” She asked

“No, I’m coming with you and my friend here, Dan” I replied

Meanwhile the other girl was still confused concerning everything

I touched her and she vibrated

“Please am scared, I don’t even know here” she said looking around

“Don’t worry, we will take you home” I replied

“Where are you from?” I asked
She explained to us where she came from

It wasn’t far


We First went to Sonia’s house

Her parents were so surprised to see her

“Were you not that her schoolmate?” Her father asked immediately as he recognized my face

I took my time to explain everything to them

From beginning to end, excluding the part that I could see ghost

Sonia confirmed it for them

“Unbelievable” her father said

“How could he do such?” He asked, as if I was him

“That means you must be aware of it before that’s why he was attacking you the other day” her mother said

“Not really but I was worried, so I decided to spy at him” I lied


It was already getting late, and due to the distance from our town to the town where the other girl said she came from, so we had to wait till the next day

We were guys, so we left the bed for her, while we slept on the floor after spreading some clothes on it


The following day, which was on Thursday, Dan had to skip school that day
we took the other girl to her house

Her parents almost misunderstood us, because they wanted to know the truth but the girl explain everything to them

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After the day, we arrived home safely

The next thing was about Lizzy and how we would take her to her parents

“How do we stand this?” I asked thinking

“We have no other option than to take her home” Dan replied

“It is not as if we killed her” he added

I knew how painful it was, when I heard that ugly news
Not to talk of her own parents

That was a black Wednesday for her


The following day, Friday

We were permitted by the police, through the help of Officer Kim, to take Lizzy’s corpse

Three years wasn’t too small for us to know each other
As in I knew her house

We took off with her corpse
Along with Officer Kim

We arrived at her house
As life has it, everyone was present

Couldn’t believe it because it was Friday

I became scared, but since I didn’t come alone, I had to maintain

They were getting worried when they saw me
Because we also came with ambulance ????


It was like a bomb when Officer Kim broke the news for them

They insisted that they must see her corpse before they would believe that she was really the one

????⚡????⚡???? Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

Boring being engaged when you are still a student
No time to make friends

But life gave me no other option

Meet Mr Rashid, my fiance who made it worst because he never allowed me make friends


It was Friday already and normally, we do visit home

Jack said that he would be coming back

That was great


I was walking out of the lecture hall with other students when a young handsome guy approached me

His smile was killing tho

“Hey pretty lady, my name is Mark and 4th year student here” he said
I looked around
Other students were serious with wherever they were heading to

“Not bad” I replied looking back at him

“Actually, I haven’t come across you until three days ago when I saw you with your friend Ella”

“I spoke with her but she said I should better talk to you directly” he added

I couldn’t think because my mind wasn’t there
I was only hearing him

“Please can I know your name?” He asked

“I thought you said you met my friend, why didn’t she tell you?” I asked
I knew it sounded rude but I didn’t know why I was like that

“That hurts, I just want to hear it from you” he replied

I wasn’t angry but I was only feeling uncomfortable

“Am Jane” I replied

“That’s sweet name”

“So can I drop you off?” He asked making a demonstration with his hand, pointing at a car parked, not too far from where we were

Just as I looked at that direction, I saw Mr Rashid looking at me from a window

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“Am sorry but am not going” I said

“I mean to your apartment” he said
He already knows I rented an apartment

“Sorry but am good” I responded pretending as if nothing happened, but he turned to look at the direction
Mr Rashid was already gone

I left Mark there and walked away

He tried stopping me but I gave him deaf ears


I took a cab, straight to my apartment

I was sure that Ella must be there

She was operating her phone when I pushed the door open

“Oh Jane” she simply said

Seeing the look I kept, her face changed

“What happened?” She asked standing up from the chair, she was sitting on

“What did you discuss with Mark?” I asked her back

“Oh” she just said and sat back

“I think he is interested in you because he has been disturbing me, so I had to let him know your department” she added

“Ella, am engaged for Christ sake” I said with a voice that sounds as if I was about to cry

“Mr Rashid is an old version for crying out loud”

“He is old, you are still young” she added

Okay now, that sounds bad

It is true that Mr Rashid was old but he was still single

37 years wasn’t that old

“Even though at that, he is still my fiance” I said

“He saw us as well” I added

“Whatever” she said and concentrated on her phone

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was Mr Rashid ????

Ella looked up when she heard the ringing tone

“Is that him?” She asked

“Yes” I had to reply

I breaths out before picking it up

“Are you in your apartment?” That was his first statement, coming out with question

“Yes” I replied

“Am coming” he said and hung up immediately while I brought down my phone

“What?” Ella asked

“He is coming” I replied
Ella gasped and stood up from the chair she was sitting on

“I don’t want to hear those talks” she said and went in

She walked out almost immediately

“I will be back in the evening time” she said and left


Not even up to 30mins when Ella left, Mr Rashid came in

I greeted and offered him a seat
I wanted to get him something to at least drink but he called me back

“Am not here for that” he said

“Just sit” he added

I respected him
I brought a chair closer to him and sits

“I want you us to fasten this marriage” he said


“Yes, let’s get married” he replied

“But we agreed on after when am done with my education” I said

“I don’t think I can go with that anymore” he responded

That was another thing
Trust issue

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“See honey, that guy……” I wanted to explain but he cuts me short

“I don’t want to talk about it” he said

I exhaled, really frustrated

“But it is too early for me” I responded

“You just have to trust me” I added

“If we are to wait, then you have to be living with me” he said


That was what I never want

It shouldn’t shock you if I tell you that I was a virgin and I respect my pride

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, Saturday

I was already done with what was keeping me from going home
Since I couldn’t go home

That morning, I packed my stuff

I still had some transport money left

“So are you going to stop school entirely?” Dan asked me on our way to the station where I could get a vehicle to home

“I don’t have any other options, after all, am still educated” I replied with a smile

“I wish you can stay a little, I might talk with my Uncle”

“He can help, although I contacted him but he isn’t in state now” he said

“If I keep staying here, I might be loosing a lot, at least let me use this little time to work at home” I replied

“They also need assistance at home” I added

“I know”

“Anyway, I will still contact him and get back to you” he said


I arrived home safely

Jane was already at home

Everybody was so happy to see me but we were still sad


That night, I sat in my room with Jane

She told me everything that was going on between her and Mr Rashid

“That’s what we men have as a problem” I said

“Trust issue”

“I will like to speak with him but you know that he doesn’t like me and I don’t know why” I said

“Don’t worry about it, I will look for a way to handle it” she responded

“So about yours, what will you be doing here now?” She changed the topic

“Am still checking on that but don’t worry, I will soon find” I replied

“I can’t let you be home like that, I will surely look for a way to get you back to that school” she said

She wouldn’t discuss that with Mr Rashid

Too bad


It was Monday morning, Jane had already left in Sunday evening

My Dad was dressing up for his work when I knocked on his door and went inside after when he ordered me

“Jack” he said while I sat on his bed

“Dad, I have a suggestion” I said

“About what?” He asked really confused

“I want to join you” I replied


“In laundry?” He asked

“Yes Dad” I replied


After much deliberation and suggestions, he agreed

I had to go with him that day and try out his experience