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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 7

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Seven????????

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????⚡???????????? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Things were only getting worst

So sad that I had to leave the school

A school dropout was what I never wished for myself

I was back from school
Without waiting for Dan
I didn’t even tell him about what I discussed with the principal

Although he asked me about it but I lied to him that it was okay

I knew that telling him will not change the fate that I was leaving the school

“Sorry for that” the voice of the ghost girl sounded as she appeared before me
Tho I made a little movement as if I was scared
Which was true

“Am feeling bad, I just think maybe I was the reason” she added

“Stop blaming yourself, I will surely complete my task with you” I responded

I needed to think very fast on how to get the justice

I wouldn’t be leaving soon because the money Dan paid for our room hasn’t expired

We still had like two weeks left
The only thing I would be lacking was going to school

“I wish I can speak to my parents, maybe they would use my own fees for yours, since am no more” the ghost girl said

I looked at her with pity

I have my own problem, but hers was worse

Being dead was worse than anything

Because who lives, have hope

“Don’t worry about that, I feel bad” I replied

The door was pushed opened and Dan walked in

“Hey dude, what is wrong with you?” Dan asked

“I was looking for you everything at the school” he added
He was serious

“My spirit was down, so I had to leave” I replied

“At least, you have informed me” he said dropping his books on the table in the room

“Why don’t you tell your friend? He might help” the ghost girl said

“He has his own problem” I replied

“What?” Dan asked
He was confused

“What are you saying?”

“Am speaking with the girl” I replied


“You mean the ghost girl?” He asked

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“Oh my God!” Dan shouted running to the other end of the room

It was funny but I couldn’t laugh

“She is not biting, dude” I said with a little smile

“What is she doing here?” He asked
He was just scared of who was harmless

I thought of another lie for him because I wasn’t planning to tell him what happened

“Tell him the truth, don’t lie” the ghost girl said

“Please” she added


“Too bad” Dan said after telling him what really happened

“I wish I can help” he added

“Sorry, he isn’t useful here” the ghost girl said
I didn’t reply any of them

“So what is your plan now?” Dan asked

“I just want to help the ghost girl first before leaving” I replied

Dan’s phone began to ring almost immediately after I said that

“It is Officer Kim” Dan said looking at me

He picked it up

“Okay” Dan said before hanging up

“He asked me to come, maybe everything is working out good” he added looking at me

????⚡????⚡????Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

I took a cab, straight to the police station

I told Jack not to worry about coming with me

They permitted me to go to his office after letting him know about it

I did the supposed and sat down

He pushed a disc that was on his desk
To me

“Sometimes in life, we have to let go of some things” he said
I was just confused
I wondered if he has let go of the cab driver

“You don’t take bribe all the time for selfish interest but try to consider others” he added

I wondered if he was preaching or what

“I am confused, I didn’t take any bribe” I said
I had to defend myself before it would be too late

“Am referring to the world” he said

“Actually, The truth is out and we need to act fast before something happened” he added

I took the disc and looked around it

“You mean that the truth is recorded?” I asked

“Exactly” I replied

????⚡????⚡????Mr Leon POV????⚡????⚡????

For two days, my first cab driver was nowhere to be found

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I became worried because I couldn’t tell what would happen next concerning what I was supposed to do

In the fetish cult, it was left with two more days to do the supposed sacrifice

Or else, the person will die
But if they decided to pity you, you will have to run mad

Who would stand that?

I called the first cab driver’s number and it rang but no response

Fear filled my heart
I called the second one who picked it up immediately

I asked for the other cab driver but he said that he wasn’t aware of where he was

I asked him to come over, so that we could go to his house, since he knows there


We were already in the first cab driver’s house after some minutes

It wasn’t far tho

He was leaving as a tenant

We asked his neighbor who told us that since he the previous day, he hasn’t been home

When we get to his door, and the second cab driver took out his key and opened it

They initially shared their keys, should in case of emergency

We got inside and found his phone, just right before the door

That means it must have fallen out of his pocket when he was about to leave

I picked it up and it was still On but was on a lock

“Bad” I said scratching my head

“Do you have anyone to bring?” I asked the other cab driver

“I haven’t gotten a new student, we need to try a way of finding out who he told us that he has” he replied

“Am just thinking, maybe he might have run away with her” I said

“Let’s keep the phone first” the cab driver suggested
I nodded it really have some sense in it

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡???? ⚡????

I didn’t go to school the following day,
Dan also

We wanted to have enough time to watch the record Officer Kim sent to us

We used Dan’s laptop to play the disc

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The camera was pointing directly at the cab driver, tied with a hard rope against a seat
While Officer Kim sat close to him

The cab driver’s mouth was filled with bloods
His face was heavy

Officer Kim asked him for the truth but he laughed and tried using some statement to deceive him but Officer Kim didn’t say anything about it but rather he kept pushing the questions

“I might be too harsh in the next torture, just tell me the full details” Officer Kim said

He took an electric iron
He plugged it on the socket when the cab driver accepted to tell him the truth

“I won’t tell you the name of my boss but I will tell you what happened” the cab driver said

“Why?” Officer Kim asked

“If I do, I will die instantly” the cab driver replied

“No problem then” Officer Kim responded

“It is a fetish cult, we kill three students in every middle of the year and bury them under before building a house on them” the cab driver started

“Anytime we do such, we got paid by him and his business always grow”

“We don’t bury them immediately until they are complete three” he added

“So where do you guys do keep them until they get to three?” Officer Kim asked

“It looks like coffin and we drop it beside the house that we will like to build and we do have security guiding there” the cab driver replied

“So no one will go there?” Officer Kim asked

“Yes” the cab driver replied

“How many have you gotten for this year?” Officer Kim asked

“Two, it is left with one” the cab driver replied

“Dead or alive?” Officer Kim asked

“There is a spray we use on them, it will knock them out for one month” the cab driver replied

On hearing that, I pushed backward

“That means the ghost girl might still be alive?” I asked

“Maybe” Dan replied

“Am I still alive?” The ghost girl asked appearing from nowhere

“I just hope so” I replied