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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 8

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Eight????????

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????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

That same day after we were done with the video and the ghost girl disappeared with the hope that she might still be alive

Everyone was left with thoughts

Dan and I

Someone knocked at the door

I wasn’t expecting anyone neither was Dan

“It might be Lizzy because she was asking of you” Dan said as he went to open the door

It was Officer Kim, standing there when he opened it

“Oh” Dan said as he shifted for Officer Kim to come in
He sat down on the little chair where Dan was sitting

“as you can see guys the situation is not what it really seems supposed to be” officer Kim said

“The cab driver refused to let us know the name of the boss and we can’t use that small evidence to go and arrest him because the guy didn’t mention his name”

“It is against the law” he added

“So, what do you suggest we do now?” I asked

“We need proper evidence”

“Since you guys know the place, I suggest you go there, maybe we can see something tangible” he suggested

It looks great but I was scared, referring to what the cab driver said
Concerning the security guards

“You guys need to act fast because as I’m seeing that guy he might be killed before the truth will be revealed”

“Because you know how all these things always be, they might discover that we have him and the next thing is for them to eliminate him, so that’s why I’m suggesting that you guys should act fast”

” Jack” he said looking at me

“I have seen you on your plan and I think that you will go for this because even the ghost girl will assist you”

“according to the cab driver, security guard over there are really dangerous, I don’t know how the place looks like I would have given you tips on how to go on with the area before you get catch up with them” he added

“don’t worry I’ve been there before and I know how I managed to escape it so what exactly am I going there to do?” I asked

“Good, I want you to take a picture of that place and what those workers are doing at a particular time, just to be sure if they were really working”

“only them knows when they will get the remaining girl” he replied

“If I should go as supposed, he can sue me to court for accusation” he said

“From what I got from the cab driver, the man might be really smart and he can do ahead of us”

????⚡????⚡???? Lizzy POV ????⚡????⚡????

Almost two days, Jack hasn’t shown up at school

I couldn’t tell what the problem could be

I called him and he said that he was fine
Just that he wanted to take a little break

I didn’t buy that because I knew Jack as someone who loves school a lot

I had to make out a day to visit him

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Due to my tight schedule, and my cab driver that do have patience to wait for me, whenever I went somewhere with him

I had to make it on Sunday, when I was sure that Jack would be at home and when it would be easier for me

At least, there would be much time left than that of school time

I will just have to wait patiently until the Sunday


Talking about my cab driver, It has been long time my cab driver had come to pick me up as usual

He doesn’t pick his call

I hope nothing has happened
I was really worried

Getting a cab from my street was the hardest thing you can encounter

I had to walk from my house down the next street before I’ll be able to get the car

Which I hardly get sometimes

The street was really dry

One morning, I decided to try the last luck

????⚡????⚡????Mr Leon POV????⚡????⚡????

Since then my first cab driver was not yet found I wondered what could be the problem

the worst part was that I didn’t know any of his family member

I was in my room thinking of how things will be if eventually I didn’t get the remaining one student

How doomed I would be
The following day was supposed to be the last day

The second cab driver didn’t get anyone either
my only hope was for the best cab driver to come back no matter what

Thinking about it, was really not easy

it was a very big headache to me

But I still had to because it concern about my life

I was still thinking about it when a call came into the phone of the first cab driver which I took from his house

I checked the caller and the name was written as
“Next target”

I thought for a while looking at the number
My mind was running so fast
Maybe she might be the one

I remembered that I wasn’t able to unlock
His pattern that he used to lock his phone

I had to pick it up immediately

“Hello please I hope all is well”
That was the next thing I heard and it was a female voice

I had to change my voice maybe it might sound exactly as the first cab drivers voice

“Sorry dear I lost my phone but luckily I’ve gotten a new one” I replied

“Although that was not the main thing, I also had an accident that resulted to it” I added

“So sorry for that hope you are fine now? Because your voice changed” She asked

“Yes am better now, the accident caused it” I replied

“Oh thank God, please can you be able to come to my house today because I’m really really stranded and there is no cab around here?” She asked

Since I wasn’t a cab driver and I didn’t want to show my face I had to think maybe the second cab driver will do it

“ok dear but I won’t be the one to come I will send my assistant driver” I replied

“Oh, why?”

“Am not yet fit to drive now” I lied


I called the second cab driver and told him everything

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“Location?” He asked

“You have to act as the new one you are, you have to call her and ask her for direction” I replied because I didn’t know

????⚡????⚡????Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following morning, Jack had to be at home because of the principal’s order

He asked me to look after Lizzy
Even though the cab driver was at the police custody

He still has the feeling that Mr Leon would still be looking for the students as his so called fetish cult agreed

“Ask her out if you love her” I said

We laughed at it before I went out

????⚡????⚡????Lizzy POV ????⚡????⚡????

Not too long after speaking with my cab driver, unknown number called me and I picked it almost immediately

He asked for my location since he was the one that would be coming for me

I wanted to ask him if he didn’t get the address from the driver that sent him
But I waved it off

He didn’t take time to get to my house

It was really fast

He looks so gentle just like the previous cab driver

I was just happy because I couldn’t imagine trekking that morning


????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Just as Dan left

I took a cab to the location as discussed with Officer Kim

Mr Leon was there and a lot of security

I just had to look around even without getting any evidence

there is nothing to get there anyway since I couldn’t go inside

Their movements were just too hard for me to penetrate

I hide inside an uncompleted building beside the main uncompleted building where they were,
just to get the full view of their movements but none of them were suspicious

It was really tiring but I persisted in checking out everything

I spent up to two hours there but I couldn’t get anything as an evidence

It wasn’t fruitful so I had to return home


Not too long after I got home
My phone began to ring

It was Jen

I smile to the extent that I forgot what was happening

“Jack” that was the first thing she said immediately I picked up

“Jane, how are you doing?” I asked

“I’m not good” she replied

“Why?” I asked

“I have been worried since Saturday, I thought you normally come back during weekend but what happened?”

“I didn’t see you why?” She asked

I had to look for an excuse for her because I never plan to tell her about what really happened
not to talk of the letter I got from the principal

“I’m so sorry dear, I was very busy with school work, as in my schedule for the weekend was very tight” I lied

“I’m just worried because I missed you” she said

it was normal for a sister to miss her brother so I didn’t take it as anything

You know that the statement can go far but I understand that she only miss me because blood is thicker than water

“I’m sorry, I missed you too, everyone” I replied
Even when I’m not sure if I really missed her
you know that whenever you are occupied with lot of things
You do forget if you really do something or not

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“So how is school?” I asked

“Not too bad but I still don’t feel happy over here” she replied

“Why what’s happened?” I ask because I was very worried
Anything that will deprive my family’s happiness is what I’m always against

I could do anything from the sake of my family’s happiness

“I just wish you are here” she replied

“You’re making this to look somehow, you really need to study well for our family and your fiance ” I said

“Don’t make me feel bad please” she said

I began to blame myself
I couldn’t tell if my statement was wrong but happiness was what I always wish

Being a sister wasn’t an easy thing

so I value her a lot

“Will you be coming back this weekend?” She asked skipping initial conversation

“Depending, I have some work to carry out this weekend but if I am able to finish it before the weekend, then I will be at home”

“Even before you” I said, just to make it lovely so that she will laugh

“Should we bet it as usual?” She asked as our normal play during our childhood

I laughed remembering back then

“What are we betting it with?” I asked

“Let me think” she said while I smiled
I really missed her
Back then,
Her care


“Don’t worry, we will reach to that after” I said

“So you said that you were worried, right?” I asked
Trying to change the topic

“Yes, everyone, we even tried calling you but it seems like network was bad over there” she replied

“Okay very soon you people will be seeing me every single day” I said
I was actually referring to the fate of the letter I got from the principal

“That will be better” she replied even not understanding why I made that statement

“I’ll call you later, the lecturer just arrived” she said almost immediately

“Ok please help me and greet our in-law” I replied

????⚡????⚡????Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

I reached school

After the first lecture, I intentionally looked for Lizzie but she was nowhere to be found

I was worried but I wouldn’t conclude that’s why I didn’t call Jack immediately

I went to her department I met her friend Lora who told me that she didn’t come to school that day

“She looks so down yesterday because Jack wasn’t in school”

“According to her” her friend had said

I still didn’t take it as anything because the cab man has been arrested

If not, I’ll be thinking that he might have abducted her

I just had to let go of it

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

That evening, I was home just taking a little rest when Dan push the door open and entered

He look so exhausted

“I’m scared Lizzie wasn’t at school today” he said

“Ah, why?” I asked as if he knows

“I can’t tell” he replied

I took my phone and dialed Lizzy’s number

“The number you called is switched off” that was what I heard

I became scared

Just then, the ghost girl appeared

“They have kidnapped Lizzy” she said with so much fear in her eyes

I gasped on hearing that