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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 11

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eleven????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Bonny POV ❣️

Human being’s intention is quite difficult and unpredictable

If it would be gift able for one to be able to read heart, I guess things would be better than it is

For the past three years, I have been wanting to be among the ‘JAVS’ which was Jason’s gang
They were made up of “Jason, Andy, Victor and Sam”
That was why they were referred as JAVS

Firstly, they told me that my name was offline if they should add it to theirs

And truth be told, it will be meaningless but still, I never give up

Their group are well-known in the school and they were respected
that was why I wanted to be part of them

David seems to be a thorn on Jason since he came to our school

Jason had invited me earlier to their gathering room

That was when he told me that if I really want to join their gang, that I had to carry out a task for them, which was to get David to their trap
It doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be able to disgrace him publicly and punish him like he to do others but Jenny was the reason why he hasn’t

He wanted it to be in a place where no one would see them

That was when I concluded that women are some guy’s weakness

I had to draw my plan with the best experience I had so far

David seems to be in a relationship with Zita still he was close to Dorothy

I had to use that method first, by trying to make friends with Dorothy

I know if I was able to do so, that would draw me closer to David making the plan very simple and easy because I would use the opportunity for being close

That evening after school, I rushed home to plan for another step to take

‘since David has accepted me to be in their team, I think I will have to be closer to him more’ I thought as I smiled

It was not yet upto 30mins since I came back from school when my phone started ringing

It was Jason
Of course I know why


…. Jenny POV ❣️

I understands David as someone who is gentle
No matter what happened

That a day we spent together was different in my life

I wished it to continue but it couldn’t be possible

I had told Jason to make peace with David but I could see that he wasn’t ready


….. David POV ❣️

The following day, I got prepared for school

I needed to meet Jason that very day
I never wished for misunderstanding

And also he was yet to tell me what I did to him for that sudden attack

I met my Mom at the dinning room, already taking down her breakfast

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I greeted her as usual and joined in for the breakfast

“Seems like there’s no complain in this current school?” My Mom asked
I stopped a bit as my mind ran to my Dad

He has asked me that same question that day
The time we were alone before he died

“Nothing, it’s great” I replied

“So what about Dad’s burial?” I asked because I didn’t want to look ignorant

“It is hard thing because what killed him is not an ordinary thing, so the police held it down” she paused gulping down some water

“They won’t release it until they get a clue, that’s the problem now” she added

Tears were seriously forming in my eyes but I had to clean them off

I felt bad again

I wished we had never relocate to that area but it was already late and am aware that the demon must still follow me

And since I had seen someone who was able to saw it, I thought it would be easy

I lost appetite all of a sudden

“Mom, am off to school” I said as
I got my backpack which I dropped on the floor when I was about to eat

“Why didn’t you finish your breakfast?” She asked

“Nothing, am just satisfied” I lied

“See you again” I added and left for school

Everyone was present already as usual

I used to wonder if they were sleeping in the school compound or what

“Hi” I said waving at Jason and Jenny’s direction

Jenny smiled waving back but she didn’t say anything
Jason was just being serious, I ignored him and went to my seat

“Hi” I said as I sat down
Dropping my bag on the desk

“Hi” Dorothy responded
I could tell, she was smiling

“You seems not that bright this morning?” Dorothy indirectly asked

I don’t know that it was visible

I forced out a smile

“Am okay” I replied
It sounds good that she was caring

“If you say so” she responded

“So how is your new boyfriend?” I teased just to wave it off

“Don’t just start, I don’t like him” Dorothy responded
I could tell that she wasn’t happy with that

“Let it not spoil our morning please” I apologized indirectly while she smiled

“Am coming” I said as I stood up from my seat and went to Jason’s direction

“We need to talk now” I said referring to Jason

He wasn’t smiling neither was I

It’s true that Jenny was the first girl to attract me when I got to the class but I had to get rid of it on time even before the demon warns me

Not that I fell for her completely but
I just wanted to be sure if she truly saw the demon at least she might be useful but she didn’t

Although, during the process of putting that in thought, I found myself being addicted to her but I was able to get it off me when I noticed that Jason was her boyfriend

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At this point, I want peace to reign


….. Jason POV ❣️

It was difficult to believe that someone would just stand before me and will be talking back to back with me

And that was Jenny’s fault

It was true that I was a playboy but it gets some things that everyone would put at risk and some things someone wouldn’t

Jenny shows me beyond doubt that she wasn’t cheap

I wanted to play her just as usual but it took me almost half of the year for her to start talking to me before she accepted to be my girlfriend

I respected her for that.
I decided to keep her but never stop my playlife

I was just looking at David with anger filled up my mind

I was still thinking of next action to take when Jenny hits me slightly with her ankle

I turned to look at her while she nodded

I stood up and took the lead while David followed me

I stopped inside our special for JAVS

“Speak up” I said backing him
He didn’t reply rather he walked and stood before me
He faced me

“I have never for once had issue with someone” he said
It was funny tho

“What does that have to do with me?” I asked

“I don’t know what brought this issue but I want us to reconcile” he responded

“I don’t have anything to do with you, you should just stay clear, am just warning you” I threatened

“I can’t get moved by words, but for the sake of Jenny” he said

On hearing that, I got really annoyed

I would have accepted on making friends with David but since Bonny is on it, I decided not to

And if I accepted that and he found dead the next day, they would surely suspect me

I wasn’t afraid of that but Jenny was the reason why I don’t want it that way


….. Zita POV ❣️

It was break period

Everyone has gone out as usual
I did the same

I, David and Dorothy went out together as usual

Bonny later joined us at the school cafeteria

It was really great as we continued chatting and laughing at some stuff

In a little time,
Dorothy complained on having running stomach

She excused herself and went out to washroom

“It must be really bad” David said

A message bumped into Bonny’s phone

I could see that his face changed

He also excused himself and went out, leaving his food half eaten
I didn’t suspected anything
I guess it was the chance I wished for

“David” I called for his attention because he was busy with his food which was almost done

“Yes” he responded dropping his spoon

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“No, finish up your food” I said thinking that I was the reason why he stopped

“Am already satisfied” he responded smiling

“What happened yesterday, you gave me a deaf ears and also switched off your phone?” I asked
My spirit was already getting down

“Am really sorry, something came up” he said

“Let’s make it this weekend” he added
I was forced to smile


….. Bonny POV ❣️

The JAVS sent me a message to meet them in their special room

I had to rush, maybe there must be something

They were all complete when I got there

“Have a seat” Jason said

I sat and face them

“This will favor you Bonny” Jason said again
I paid more attention on that

“I got to know that every final year classes in this school normally celebrate their success so far once the school opens in the first term” Jason added

“That’s right” Sam supported
I remembered when one of my classmate told me that when his senior sister was in final year

“The normal venue” Victor said smiling

“So Bonny, I think it’s your opportunity to plan on that” Jason said

“Sure, but where can I bring him to?” I asked

“Because he’s already trusting me” I added

“That’s perfect” Andy said

“Once he’s in your car, just let us know” Sam said

“So how are you planning on making that possible when you know that he has a driver?” Jason asked

He was right but I am always fast in planning

“When it must have gotten dark, I will just inform his driver that he asked him to go, but first, I will have to steal his phone to be sure that he has lost contact” I paused looking at them

They were all nodding

” so later, I will volunteer to drop him off, by then he would know that his driver has gone” I added

“Wow, that’s perfect” they chorused
I smiled to my own self

“I will have to announce the gathering in the class and it has to be on weekend, as in this Friday” Jason said
Joy was all you could see on his face


…. Faith POV ❣️

I saw Jenny at one of the teacher’s office

So I used the opportunity in searching of Jason

I placed my middle finger on my forehead and I could hear where Jason was talking

I followed the direction

I got to a room where he was and stopped

I could hear many voices coming out from there

I wouldn’t try going inside
So I decided to eavesdrop them

They were making a plan on someone’s head but I couldn’t tell who the person was

I heard about their celebration

I got the avenue and time

“If only you will live to succeed in this your plan” I said inwardly and turned

I disappeared because I could see that the girl was coming