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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 12

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twelve????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

The following day, I couldn’t stop smiling to our great plan

Bonny was really a good plan maker

I dressed up and rushed for school

I came earlier than before

It was only the new girl whom they referred to as Dorothy
She was the only person in the class apart from other junior students

Dorothy was another girl that I would like to have on my bed but the problem was that she’s in David’s group
And knowing that she was very close to him will put me in danger because Jenny would surely hear that

Jenny has promised me her virginity during my upcoming birthday which was six months ahead

I know it was very far but
That was the only thing that kept me with her
For truth to be told

I wished to wicked her for making me to pass through hard times in getting her

I have been trying so hard in inviting her over
Maybe I could use the opportunity but she seems to have known that

I couldn’t flex with other girls, still she won’t allow me in

I decided to punish her by using and dumping her

In few minutes time, the class became filled up

Jenny arrived as well
She smiled, seeing me

I stood up while we hugged

“Good morning” she greeted
I could see that she was really addicted at that point
I guess it would be easy

“Good morning, have been waiting for your arrival” I replied shifting while she entered properly to the left hand side

She dropped her bag on the desk smiling

“Hope am safe or do you have a surprise?” she asked as she sat
I did the same

She started bringing out her books
She was really a serious student

“More than that” I replied looking at her

“Then what can that be?” She asked stopped the books she was bringing out and turned to look at me

“A minute” I said and stood up
She was confused looking at me

I looked at the back where Sam and Andy were sitting
They nodded understanding what I was up to

I walked and stood before the whole class

The only time I does that was whenever I want to warn some people, but that time around was different thing

I haven’t been before the whole class to address them

I was about to start when David walked in

I watched him walked to his seat after waving at Jenny who responded

“Good Morning class” I greeted politely

Everyone was surprised but I had to act like that, for them to comply

“I will not like to waste time, as you all know that in this school, every final year classes use to celebrate their first term as the way of appreciating being successful from junior level to senior” I said looking around

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“But it’s the work of class prefect to announce it” Benita attacked

“It doesn’t matter and beside the class prefect have not yet been selected” I responded defending myself

“Still, the former one can take in charge” she attacked again

“There’s no time and I don’t know if the teachers are even planning on class monitor of a thing”


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

During break period, we went to the school cafeteria as usual

We made our order and started getting it down

“Are you guys coming for the get together?” Zita asked
Bringing up a conversation

“I don’t think so” David replied

“Why?” Zita asked
I was just busy watching them

“It doesn’t make sense, how can you be celebrating when you still have exams ahead of you” David replied

“It is somehow childish” he added

“What of you Dorothy?” Zita asked turning to face me

“I don’t know yet, I have to tell my uncle first” I replied
Of course, he have to be aware

“You know that the only time we have chance to meet is during break period, so we won’t have much time to be talking about that” Zita said

“I will like to see you there, I mean you too” she added

I was still doubting it
How she was not jealous seeing both me and David together even though she has interest in him

“David please you have to” Zita tried persuading

“Since it will be on Friday, how can we cope with it and that day lesson?” David asked instead

“The school will dismiss us by 12 noon, then we will have time to go home and get prepared” Zita replied
David just nodded showing that he understood it

“Hello guys” Bonny from nowhere interrupted us

“I always arrive late, hope you guys aren’t angry?” He added asking

“Not at all” David replied him smiling

Bonny winked at me but I ignored him and focused on my own food

He ordered for he’s

“I hope you guys are coming?” He starts up the same conversation
It was really boring

“I don’t think Dorothy will like to come” Zita said instead of answering hers

“Don’t worry about her, she is definitely coming with me” Bonny said
I looked at him in disbelief

“Don’t be too sure” I said while he winked

“Just try talking to your partner, David” Bonny said
I guess, it sounds really hard

“Am sure he will” he added


….. Bonny POV ❣️

After much discussion with David and his team

He agreed on coming
Though Dorothy said that she had to tell her uncle first

But I don’t care because even if she comes or not, she wasn’t the reason why I tried convincing them

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I excused myself and went out

I met the JAVS in their normal room

Jason was playing games with his phone

Andy and Victor were playing snooker that was inside the same room

Meanwhile Sam was watching some movies

“So how did it go?” Jason was the first to ask as he saw me entering
Others turned to face me as well

It wasn’t a big deal for me to enter there without knocking

“Excellent, David has agreed to come but Dorothy said that she had to tell her uncle first” I replied

“It doesn’t matter” Andy said

“Don’t say that, don’t you know that if she wouldn’t come, there is a possibility that David won’t” Jason said

“Don’t forget how close they are” Jason added while I nodded

“I will do that myself” I said

“What about Zita?” Victor asked

“I don’t think she is in line with the game” I said

“Am just asking” he responded and turned to face the snooker

“It’s just two days to come, better act fast” Jason warned

“Trust me, I will do this with all I get” I replied


…..Faith POV ❣️

Everyone was back in class after the break period but no teacher has shown up

I sat on my seat, lost in thought

I couldn’t figure out how to carry out my own mission on Jason

I just want to kill him without touching any of those people the queen mother told me that would be a problem to me

Still in thought when the queen mother shows up

Floating around

“Don’t complicate things to your own self” she said

I wouldn’t say a word to avoid calling attention of those around

“You must kill them before you can kill Jason” she said

“Why don’t you kill them?” I asked

“What?” A guy who sat beside me asked
He was confused

“Oh, sorry, I am remembering the movie I watched last night” I responded trying hard to smile

“Really? What’s the name?” He asked

I haven’t spoken with him before, but I was trying to give him the opportunity

“Excuse me” I said instead and stood up

“There’s a chance for you now” the queen mother said following me from behind

I turned, wanting to ask

“You don’t have to talk, I have read your mind” the queen mother said
I turned back and continued walking

“This is the chance to eliminate Dorothy, she is alone” the queen mother continued

“You know the bush at the school farm, take her there and kill her, you know how” the queen mother added and disappeared


….. Victor POV ❣️

The game at hand was really dangerous

If it should be what I could handle, I will just cancel the plan but since it was in the favor of one of us, I had to let it be

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Sometimes, I felt happy about it because if we should get hold of David or better still kill him, Zita would definitely be mine

It was because of David that she hasn’t been giving me attention
Although I made a mistake of not asking her out on time

Being in JAVS was really a great thing
Everyone else would love being part of it

I thought it would draw Zita’s attention to me but she was someone who doesn’t get moved by such

I walked out of room because there was nothing much to talk

I sighted Zita from a far
She was sitting under one of the trees in the school

“What’s she doing there all alone when the break is over?” I asked myself as I walked to her direction

“Hey” I greeted smiling
She managed to smile
I could tell that she forced it out

“Hey” she responded

“Why are you here?” I asked looking around

“Actually, Victor” she paused

“What about him?” I asked surprisedly because I know that it wasn’t yet time to kidnap him but she didn’t seem worried
Which means he was in good state

“On our way, a junior student told him that a teacher called for him” she replied
I felt bad ????

How could she be waiting for him here instead of going inside

“What about Dorothy?” I asked

“She forgot to arrange some things, so she left before us” she replied

“Okay, am coming” I said and left


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was in the classroom checking in some topics under chemistry

The break period was over but Zita and David were not yet back

I was still busy with my books when I started hearing their noise

“Where could they be?” I asked myself

The noise came closer to the door post before turning back

“It must have come for David” I thought

“Oh no, Zita” I remembered her

I dropped my book and stood up

I walked gently out of the class

I followed where the noise was coming from

It went through the upstairs and then followed the back side

That was exactly where I drew Jenny the previous time

I followed it

I got to the back of the school building

I could hear the noise from inside a farm that looks much bushy

“I haven’t been here before” I said to myself before walking inside the bushy farm

“Zita” I kept saying as I walked inside and inside

The noise went off all of a sudden meanwhile I was yet to see either Zita or David

“David!” I called but no response

I became scared

I heard the noise coming back

I turned to that direction

I could see the demon
Very scary in looking
It doesn’t look like the one that left David’s body the other time

It was approaching with a great speed

I don’t know what next to do