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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 13

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirteen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…….Dorothy POV ❣️


I screamed and fell on the floor closing my eyes real tight

It was the most scary demon I had ever seen

I couldn’t behold it, even though my mind tried encouraging me

The noise vanished just before I could stop screaming

“Dorothy!” I heard a voice screamed my name

I thought it was a dream
I couldn’t open my eyes

Soon, I felt a hand tapping my shoulder

I screamed, jumping up but the person held me back

“Dor Dor” the person said
I turned and it was Bonny

I wanted to hug him tight but my mind ran around, calculating a lot

I became suspicious of him

“What happened?”

“Why are you on the ground and why are you here?” The three questions came at the same time

“I was just checking around when I saw it” I had to lie

“What did you see?” He asked bending a little
Looking at me directly to my eyes

“That” I said pointing at a tree
It actually has something on it that looks like a drawing

“Huh?” Bonny asked because he was lost

“I thought it was something else” I lied laughing

I had to hide it from him

“Oh, I see” he simply said nodding his head
Laughing as well

“So what are you doing here?” I asked just to clear my mind

“Actually, I was in the class when Victor rushed in, he told me that you might be in danger by being here” Bonny replied shifting a bit, pointing at his back reviewing
Victor who was standing there
I didn’t know that Victor has been standing there all this while

“So I had to rush here, only to see you on the floor” Bonny added

I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not

It was really difficult to figure out because both of them can’t be in the same demon

Or maybe the demon disappeared immediately it saw them

“Have you seen David and Zita?” I asked immediately I remembered that they were the reason I was there

“Yes, they were going inside the class when we came out” Victor replied from the back


….. Bonny POV ❣️

The following day, which was on Friday

The day went fast as we were dismissed

Zita, David and Dorothy was walking down to the gate when I ran after them

“Hey guys” I said as they all stopped and turned

“I couldn’t come today” I added looking from one person to the rest

“No problem” David replied smiling

‘ today will mark your last smile’ I thought smiling back

“So, are you guys coming?” I asked

“Definitely” David replied

“Dorothy?” I asked
I had to act as if I cared

“I have spoken with my Uncle, he allowed me but I have to come back early” Dorothy replied

I seriously don’t care

“Okay then guys, see you around, will be expecting you all” I said smiling

“Sure bye” David said
I nodded while they continued walking

A car drove in
It stopped
David bids them bye and entered

Zita’s drivers was already waiting for her

Dorothy had to continue walking

I rushed back to where JAVS was waiting for me

“On set” I announced

“No problem then, bring it up” Jason said smiling
I smiled back


…… Victor POV ❣️

I arrived home

“There’s no time” I said looking at my wrist watch as I got down from the car

I rushed in

The entrance door was open
I was surprised because it was not as usual

It could only be like that if anyone is inside and I was sure that it was not yet time for my Dad to be at home

I turned my gaze at the parking spot but his car was there

I shrugged before walking in

Surprisedly, I saw my father already dressed up with a different clothes from the one he wore earlier for work

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He was backing the entrance

“Dad” I called
He turned

“Good afternoon” I greeted before he could say anything

“Afternoon, good that you are back because I was planning on coming to your school, go and dress up” he said

“Why are you home by this time?” I asked ignoring what he was saying because it was pissing me up

“It’s urgent, go and dress up we are going somewhere now” my Dad replied

“What happened?” I asked

“We have a meeting to attend concerning our business and your presence matters” my Dad replied

“No Dad, you people have to reschedule the meeting because I have somewhere important to go now” I said walking to the stairs

I really don’t want to miss the get together
And since they have plans to carry on that day, I just needed to be present
So that I could protect Zita in case she gets involved

“The meeting is compulsory to be held today” my Dad said

“If you want me to loose that great company, then let’s not go” he added

I didn’t reply him
I walked straight to my room

The last thing I could stand was to see my father sad and he wouldn’t want to scold or makes me feel bad either

He has suffered for me after my Mom left us when I was barely able to walk

I lays on my bed for a while
I brought out my phone and called Jason since he was the one that was in charge of the game

“Are you ready?” That was the first thing he asked
I breaths out
Waited a little

“I won’t be able to come” I replied

“Why? What happened?” He asked

“Me and my Dad have an important meeting to attend and it will be at risk if we miss it” I replied
I was seriously feeling bad

“At the wrong time, but don’t worry, I will give the full details” Jason said

“No problem but I have one request to make” I said

“What’s it?” He asked

“I don’t want Zita to be in danger” I replied

“Sure, take care” he responded

I had to hang up

I got dressed up and walked down

My Dad was sitting on the couch
I guess, thinking

I comported myself before meeting him

“Dad let’s go” I said
He raised his head on hearing that

“I was just kidding then, so let’s go” I added

He stood up and took his briefcase

“I didn’t see your car outside?” I indirectly asked
I needed him to talk so that I would hear from his voice, how he was feeling regarding to my previous action

“We are taking yours because mine broke down on my way home” he replied while I nodded


….. David POV ❣️

I got to the venue with my driver
He parked at the parking spot

I looked around checking out the whole building

It was really a big building
Beside the building was a another building that looks more like a hotel

I walked inside the building

It was a huge hall

Music was bumping out from the speakers that was mounted on the walls

Unbelievable the whole building was just a hall

I was still looking around when Bonny walked up to me


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I took a cab that dropped me at the venue

I checked my time, there was still a time

I walked inside
I saw David’s car parked at the parking position

I greeted his driver before walking inside the building

It was really huge

“Wow” I said to myself smiling

“Dor Dor!” I voice screamed my name
I know it must be Bonny
I traced the voice and it was him

He was sitting with David and Zita

They smiled at me while I did the same

Bonny was at the right hand side of David while Zita was at the left
Although it was in a circle form

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I walked to them
An empty seat was already waiting for me

“Drink as many as you can” Bonny said spreading his hands on the table where lots of drinks were

I was still smiling when I heard the demon noise

I turned immediately towards that direction but saw nothing

I returned my face to David
He seems not worried

I wondered if he wasn’t seeing it

“Attention please” a voice came from the stage
We all turned to face who it was

It was Jason


…. Faith POV ❣️

It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to kill Dorothy when I had the chance

I was attacking her when I felt something pushed me back

I don’t know what it was

I had to disappear

The appointed day was here, I had to do something

Either I killed Dorothy or Jason

One person must go down that day

I arrived at the venue smiling to my own self

Immediately I got to the entrance to the hall, my eyes caught Dorothy

I had to withdraw back


….. Bonny POV ❣️

Jason made an unbelievable opening remarks

He also used the opportunity to ask everyone to forgive him

I had already know that he was just trying to win their minds

Everyone’s mind was there

We started drinking after that

Those who cares for dancing went for it

But none of us went for it

“David, you know that you don’t have my number” I said
He smiled bringing out his phone
He drew his password pattern while I copied it immediately

“Here, put it” he said stretching out his phone

I typed it in and returned the phone

I drop my phone on the table and David did as well, carelessly
We went into deep conversation

It was not too long when Dorothy’s phone started ringing

She excused herself and went out, due to the loud music

After some minutes, she came back and told us that she was going home

She didn’t bother sitting down

“I need to get something for him while coming back, and I have to go now before the person closes” Dorothy added

“That’s kinda bad” I said even though I didn’t feel it

“Then we will be off very soon” David said

“I will love you to stay more than this” Zita said
From the look, she was serious

I thought she would be happy

“Don’t worry, we will have to spend time together any other time” Dorothy said

“Just take care of yourselves, you three” she added
I know she was telling them but for me not to look rejected, she added me

“Wow, that’s a great design” I said pointing at a decorated wall

All their eyes went there

I used the opportunity to slide take David’s phone

“Beautiful” Zita said turning back

“I need to go now guys” Dorothy said

“Okay then, let me see you off” I said standing up
I walked her out of the building

I made sure she boarded a cab before I returned back

I walked straight to David’s driver

I would have made a mistake if I didn’t see him earlier the day

I stood beside the car and brought out David’s phone
I drew his password pattern and texted the driver

His beeped a light but I distracted him from looking at it

“David asked me to tell you that you can go” I said
The driver changed his face
I knew he didn’t believe that

“He said that he would come back with one of his friends car” I added

“At least he would have told me or better still, called me” the driver said

“He said that he has texted you already, why don’t you check your phone” I asked while he picked up his phone

He saw the message I sent to him using David’s phone
He nodded

“It’s true” the driver said igniting the engine

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“Enjoy yourself” I said smiling

He smiled back before driving away

I walked straight to where Sam and Andy asked me to meet them

“As planned, so where?” I asked them

“Don’t worry, just call us when you have him in your car” Sam said

“Act well” Andy added

I nodded giving them David’s phone

“Where’s Jason?” I asked

“He went to see Jenny off” Andy replied


…. Jason POV ❣️

It was a relief when Jenny told me that she was going

I escorted her to her car

“Don’t stay long” she said
I could see that she was worried

“Trust me” I said smiling

She waved as her driver drove off

I walked back to where we were

“Any information?” I asked looking at Andy and Sam

“The driver has left, so we are waiting for the time” Andy replied

I nodded


….. Faith POV ❣️

I entered immediately Jason came back after seeing Jenny off

“Hello guys” I said smiling to them

“You?” Jason asked looking at me
I guess he still remember me

“Yes me” I responded smiling
I went and sat just at the same position Jenny was sitting

“Guys, she’s Faith my new babe” Jason introduced me to them

“Faith you already know” he added

“Yes, you don’t need to explain, it’s nice meeting you guys” I said stretching out my hand
Of course they took it

Maybe because it was Jason’s respect


…. Bonny POV ❣️

In few minutes later, David was getting exhausted even though he didn’t take much drinks

I thought maybe because they were no longer complete

“I need to go now” David said

“It’s already late” he added

“I thought as much, I need to leave as well” Zita said

“I thought there was something else that they will do” David added

“Let’s go then” I spoke up

We all stood up

I waited a little seeing them walked out
I brought out my phone and texted Sam
I walked out to meet them

David nearly bumped into me when he was rushing back

“What’s the problem?” I asked because the speed was much

He walked to our previous position and started looking around

“What’s that?” I asked again as I walked up to him

“My phone” he said

“Ah, let it not be that Dorothy mistakenly took it” I suggested

“The worst part is that my driver is no longer there” David said walking out of the building

“Any sign?” David asked Zita immediately we got outside
I guess he asked her to check the driver

“No, what about your phone?” She asked

“Lost” David replied

“Strange” Zita said

“Really strange, but we have to go first maybe he can call your Dad later” I suggested just as I saw Andy and Sam drove away

“How can I get home?” David asked

“I will drop you off” I said


….. Faith POV ❣️

I was busy feeding Jason with drinks

One of his friends phone beeped, showing that message just came in

He nodded at them

They stood up except Jason

“It’s time” one of them said

I remembered what they planned
I smiled caressing Jason’s hair

“Don’t worry guys, I will be with you in some minutes” Jason said
He was getting intoxicated

The two guys left following the back door

I passed hand over Jason’s drink, as I poisoned it

He took it and gulped it down

“Let me show you what am made of” Jason said
I knew what he meant

I smiled

He was staggering but I don’t care

We walked to the next building which was like a hotel

He paid for a room while we went in

As we got in, he collapsed on the bed

The poison was working

I smiled to myself

Bloods started coming out from my mouth

I leaked it

I was really thirsty of it

“Good bye Jason” I said