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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 14

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fourteen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Zita POV ❣️

It was strange, concerning to what was happening

David’s phone suddenly got missing and his driver was nowhere to be found

“Let me drop you off then” Bonny volunteers herself to drop David

My mind circulated on what just happened and what I saw earlier

When Bonny left to see Dorothy off, I excused myself to washroom

I was still coming out from the washroom when I saw David’s car driving away

I was wondering why he didn’t inform me before going

I called his line
It rang not too far from where I was

But it was declined immediately

I followed where the sound was coming from

I hadn’t taken up to 4 steps when I saw Bonny, Sam and Andy

I wondered what was going on

I rushed back inside and David was still there

I pretended not knowing what was going on

I just wanted to see Bonny’s plan

“Don’t worry, am going the same place, so let’s go together” I said smiling

David was confused and I don’t need to be told why

“I think it will be better” David responded

I could see the expression on Bonny’s face but David wasn’t able to see that


…… Dorothy POV ❣️

We were not too far from the building when I asked the cab driver to park

I had changed my mind about going home when I remembered the demon that was hanging around

I gave the cab driver some money at least for wasting his time

I headed back to the building

I was almost at entrance when I saw Zita’s car driving out

I was coming from the right hand side while her car took the left hand side

I couldn’t give up because I was still hearing the demon’s noise inside the compound

I rushed inside thinking about Zita

If the demon successfully posses David, Zita would surely be the first person he will kill because the demon despise love

I brought out what my uncle gave me after I told him about what happened at school
It can chases demons off

One of the cars at the parking spot made a sound, drawing my attention

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It was Bonny
He was making a call as he opens his car

I rushed to him before he could enter

“Bonny you have to come with me” I said breathing heavily
He brought down his phone and hung up

“What are you still doing here? I thought you had left” he said getting pissed off
It was obvious

“This is not the time for it, you need to come with me” I said trying so hard to catch my breath

“As you can see, am going somewhere” he said

“Too stubborn” I said dragging him

He was just shouting my name but still couldn’t draw me back


….. Jason POV ❣️

I lays down waiting patiently for the girl I brought in to start what was supposed

I heard her saying something but I couldn’t hear what she was saying

I was still lying like that when I felt something dropped on my body

I raised my head and behold, she was holding a knife and her mouth was filled with bloods

“Goodbye!” She shouted and meant to stab me
But I was fast enough to rolled over on the bed to the floor
She rushed me again while I gave her a kick

She fell back before transforming
She transformed into an unimaginable creature with a single eye

“Who are you?!!” I shouted really scared

She laughed instead

“You will get to know” she replied floating on the air

She launched an attacked but disappeared all of a sudden as the door got opened

Dorothy and Bonny ran in

“Jason?” Bonny asked surprisedly

I was short of words looking around

“She was here” I said

“Who?” Bonny asked changing his face, showing that he was confused

“I don’t know” I replied still looking around

“How did you know I was there?” I asked Dorothy after Bonny explained that she was the one who brought him there

“Actually, someone told me that you both went there and the same person said that the girl isn’t a human” she replied

I was just confused

My phone started ringing
It was Sam

“Where is David?” I asked Bonny remembering what we planned for

“He left with Zita” Bonny replied
I wouldn’t push further since Dorothy was present

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We started walking
I got to where I parked my car

I remembered that so far I had known Dorothy, she has never for once come or go with a private car

“So how will you go home now, as in your car?” I asked
Since she saved me, I think I needed to pay her back

“Don’t worry, I will take a cab” she replied

“I insist in taking you home” I pushed


…. David POV ❣️

It was really nice driving with Zita

“Why did you insist on dropping me off, am very sure that you don’t live around here?” I asked in the middle of our conversation

“I want to spend more time with you” she responded smiling

“I will never forget a friend like you” I said while she smiled

“Will it still be possible tomorrow?” Zita asked

Of course I understand what she was asking about

“Yes, I think we will have very busy weekends” I said smiling

“How do you mean?” She asked

“My birthday will be next weekend” I replied

“Oh my God, and you never told me” she said
She was seriously happy
I was already liking her

“I just want a special time to tell you” I replied

“No problem then, we will celebrate it” she said as she placed her head on my shoulder

Her hair was smelling nice
I started caressing it
I wished I could tell her that I like her

I was still thinking when I felt the wind storm again

I remembered its warning
I was getting scared
I don’t know how to shift from Zita, to avoid her to suspect something

The driver stopped
He starts blowing the horn

I looked closely and there was a car parking vertically on the road

Zita raised up her head when she heard the horn
Even the wind storm has stopped

It was a relief

I opened the door and got down
Zita did the same
Even the driver

We walked closer to the car and it got opened as Victor stepped down from it

“Victor?” Zita said

“Sorry guys, I blocked your way but I just wanted to say hi, since I wasn’t able to come to the get together” Victor said smiling as he leaned on his car

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“But what really happened?” I asked

“I had to accompany my Dad to somewhere very important although I didn’t know that it won’t take long” Victor replied smiling

“How did you find us?” Zita asked

“I tracked your location” Victor replied smiling

My mind ran to the wind storm that suddenly stopped

Could it possibly be that Victor was the demon or has it possessed him?


….. Jason POV ❣️

I stopped before Dorothy’s house

It wasn’t a mansion
I thought as much

She was just simple as her level

“Wait” I said immediately she was about to get down

“Yes” she said

“Why did you save me?” I asked

“You should thank God that she didn’t succeed” she said instead

“I know that but do you have things with demons?” I asked again

“The question supposed to be yours because they were after you” she said

It was rude but true

“Am just scared” I said
Seriously, I was
Because the demon might appear again

“Don’t worry, I have left something that would chase them away” she said making me to smile
Maybe that was what she came with, that made the demon to disappear

“And also, stop your playboy life” she added changing my mood but she didn’t care

She opened the door and got down
I watched her walked into her house


……Faith POV ❣️

I was seriously angry about how that stupid girl spoiled my almost accomplished mission

I appeared in my residence, walking around the forest

The queen mother appeared

“I warned you” that was the first thing she said

“Am sorry queen mother but the day I tried killing her, I didn’t know what really happened that day” I apologized

“The worst part is that she now has our forbidden leaf” I added

“Then, you have to try another way” she said

“What about the other person?” I asked

“Once Dorothy is dead, the other person will automatically be clear” she replied

“If you help me, I think we can kill him without them interrupting” I said

“You won’t be able to kill him if they are still alive” she responded and disappeared

“Gosh, this is too hard”