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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 15

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

======????Dorothy’s Dream????=

????????Chapter Fifteen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. David POV ❣️

The following day which was on Saturday, my Mom has already left for work

I was in my room thinking on how the day would be

I was beginning to like Zita
She was perfect for me

A message bumped into my phone
It was from Zita

‘ it is almost time’ the message reads

I smiled and dropped the phone

I stood up from my bed and headed to the bathroom

After 20 minutes, I was done with the bathing

I cleaned myself, hanging the towel on its hanger

I walked out from the bathroom, straight to my closet and took out my best outfit

I dropped it on my bed, walked to the table and took my cream
I rubbed myself gently as I thought about Zita

Soon, I was done with my dressing

.”Zita am ready” I said to myself
Checking out on the standing mirror in my room

Just then, my phone started ringing

“Am at the gate” Zita said from the other end of the phone just as I picked up

“Okay, am coming” I replied

There was nothing to take along
Not like ladies that would want to take their bags and some things that they feel is better for them

I met with our house help in the living room

“I will be back very soon” I said while she nodded

I walked outside as my special driver rushed to me

“Sorry small boss, I didn’t know that you are going out, but I can still warm the car now” he said

My mind ran to the previous night incident
It happens to be that someone approached him and asked him to go
He said that the guy told him that he was instructed by me

He also shows me the message they sent, using my phone
I guess it was a plan but they didn’t succeed

Although my Mom was still scolding him when I arrived
It was a relief that something happened to any of us

“Don’t worry, we are going in group, as in, using one car” I responded

I opened the gate and walked out

Zita’s car was really there

I wished that the demon doesn’t disturb us

The back door was already opened for me
Zita was also sitting there

I entered and shut it close

“Hi” Zita said smiling

“Hi” I responded

“To Unisex ShopRite” Zita instructed as her driver drove off


…. Zita POV ❣️

My intention was just to show David how much I love him

“So, where to?” David asked as if he didn’t hear when I told the driver

“Don’t worry, I told you that I will take care of the bills” I said instead

“Am not asking of that” David said

“I know, I was just trying to tell you that it is a surprise” I said while he smiled

My driver highlighted in the ShopRite

We got down and matched in, hand to hand

“Let’s watch around first” I suggested while he nodded

We came across where they were playing games
I stopped because it looks interesting

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It was try your luck
Bottles was set on the floor, the teddies name was pasted on each and every one of the bottles, according to their names

It has different sizes and you will be given a round host
If you are able to throw the host and it covers the bottle without it falling down, then you will win any of the teddies
And the bottle you win, will determine the size of teddy bear you wins

“Will you like to have one?” David asked as he walked ahead of me

“Yes, but I don’t know how to play it” I replied

“Let’s try first” David said

He handed his money to the management

He was given two hosts

He walked and stood on the line which was draw
Distancing you from the bottles

David threw the first host
It hits one of the bottles but it fell down

He turned to look at me
I didn’t know if I should do a thumb up or cheer him

He smiled then turned back to his target

He bends a little bit and threw it up

He watched as the host covered the biggest bottle
But the bottle started shaking
It later returned to its original position as everyone shouted

The management brought out the biggest teddy bear and gave it to him

David smiled taking
He walked back to me and handed it over to me

“Thanks” I said

“Don’t mention” he responded

We walked to the men’s section
We stopped at a spot

“Don’t even think of it” David said when he noticed that I was looking at him

“You have to make your choice” I responded

I started picking out some stuffs for him
He was just smiling as he follows me

“What is your favorite color?” I asked
I turned to face him
He couldn’t stop smiling

“Am serious” I added, displaying a baby face

“But seriously, I don’t have, as in, I can take any color I feel like” he responded

It was unbelievable hearing that

I just waved it off as I continued picking out for him

Later, We walked to the ladies section
David decided to make the choice for me

I couldn’t stop smiling to his funny act

“That’s why I don’t date” he said
I looked at him surprisedly

“I don’t know how to make choices” he added
I understood what he was saying

We gathered everything as I made the payment

We took them to my car and entered

“Universal Cafe” I said as the driver drove off


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was really a busy Saturday

We got lots of customers that day but it was getting to noon, everywhere became clear

I sat close to my uncle who was busy writing down something

“You were saying something” he suddenly said

“I said that am scared that something bad might happen” I replied

“About what?” My Uncle asked

“I think one of my friends life is at risk” I replied

“Did something happen yesterday?” He asked

“Not really but I wasn’t able to hear from either the guy or the girl, I don’t know if she will survive it” I replied

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“But what about the leaf I gave to you?” He asked

“I tried it on another demon and it worked” I replied

“Of course I know that it will definitely work but why don’t you give it to her?” He asked

“How can I tell her that her close friend has a ghost possessing him?” I indirectly returned the question

“That’s another plan we need to make” my Uncle said

“By the way, you know that won’t cook today because of time, so take this money and go to any restaurant and buy food for our lunch” my uncle said stretching out some money

I collected it

“Don’t forget the leaf” he added while I smiled

My clothes wasn’t that good but it was just to buy food

I rushed out to my favorite restaurant

Universal Cafeteria


….. Jason POV ❣️

The previous night experience was too hard to erase from my mind

I kept rethinking

And secondly, Dorothy

There was something extra ordinary about the girl and I was beginning to like her.

I thought, maybe she had a feeling for me, that’s why she saved me

I just needed to examine her well

“Bonny need to step down from her” I concluded

The sound of my phone brought me back from the thought

It was Jenny
I forgot to call her

“Shit” I said picking up the phone
I inhale and exhale before picking up

“Hello babe” I said

“Hi, I waited for your call” she complained

“You didn’t call to know if I arrived home safely” she added

“Am sorry babe but yesterday, I was really drunk” I replied

“So you started drinking when I left?” She asked
She really cared

“I was bored but still couldn’t leave because I hosted it” I lied
I had to

“But hope nothing bad happened to you?” She asked

“Of course no” I replied

After much discussion, I hung up
It was boring talking with her

I was about to go through internet when Victor’s call came in

“Bad ass” that was the first thing he said
I smiled and responded exactly the same thing

“So what sup about yesterday?” He asked

“Bonny disappointed us” I replied

“How?” He asked

“After when we were almost done, Zita interfered” I paused

“Bonny said that she insisted on dropping David off” I added

“Seems like they are getting more closer” Victor said

“Yes and we need to do something about it, as in bringing her out of the way” I said

“So how are you planning on that?” Victor asked

“By killing her” I suggested

“It doesn’t make sense, killing her” Victor responded

“She will keep interfering” I said

“Let me handle her” Victor said

“You know that I don’t like delays” I responded


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I got to the cafeteria and walked straight to the waiters

I made my order and waited patiently for it

“Haha, no that’s not true” a female voice laughed behind me

The voice was familiar

I turned around and see David and Zita chatting
Zita couldn’t stop laughing

From the thing, you can tell that something must be going on between them

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I just wished nothing bad happens to Zita

“Do you know them?” One of the waiters asked me
I turned immediately and it happens to be that my order was ready

“No” I said shaking my head
I just had to lie because I don’t know why she asked
And my dress was bad for them to see me on it

“They have been laughing since they came, I wish mine is like that” she said
I felt for her

I decided to pick my order and go but I happened to hear their noise again

I collected the order and turned

David was already looking around
I guess, he felt the presence of the demon

The demon’s noise suddenly stopped

David maintained

I walked closer to where they were

Luckily I had a face cap and they were deep in the discussion making them not to notice me

I stylishly sat down and dropped the leaf close to David

I stood up and left immediately


…. David POV ❣️

I didn’t know what really happened

The demon suddenly stopped
It was hard to figure out why

I fastened up our date

It was really great and memorable

Zita drove me home

We bidded goodbye to each other and they left

I walked in

The demon was just standing there starring at me

“Better don’t try it” I said as I walked passed it

“Am just giving you a chance, better call it off” it said from behind


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I found myself in a dark room

Different noise was coming from different angles

I couldn’t see where I was and what am stepping on

Human bodies were littered all over the room

“Who is here!?” I shouted but my echoes shouted back
It was really scary

“Please help me!” I heard a voice from far

I started running to that direction
I stumbled so many times but I didn’t stop

I could see light from the front

I kept running until I slipped my legs and fell down

I managed to stand up
I turned the water that slipped me down, I touched it and brought it closer to the light

It was blood

My eyes widened
I followed the trace of the blood and it came from a room at my right hand side

I walked closer to it and opened it

And behold it was a demon eating someone up

My eyes widened more as I looked closely to the victim

It was Zita

“Zita!” I screamed as the demon turned to my direction

I was about to turn when it attacked me

“Jesus!!” I screamed jumping up from my bed

It was a dream

My door got opened
I wanted to run when my Uncle rushed in

“What’s the problem?” He asked

“I saw the demon eating the girl up in my dream” I replied

“Am really scared uncle” I added

“I think, Only love can free the guy from the demon entirely” my uncle said

“But I saw it eating her” I said

“Am scared maybe this dream might come true” I added

“That will happen if only the guy doesn’t love her that much” my uncle said