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Underground Demons. Chapter 11

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Eleven????????

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????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Work for the days wasn’t easy

I got to understand that life isn’t what we actually plan

I turned into a laundry man all of a sudden

I’m not really feeling bad about it but whenever I see my father that I was supposed to make proud, doing the same thing with me I always feel bad

Luckily, the hotel have a lot of people booking it
We go to be busy all the time washing their clothes
We wash for different people, with different characters

It was already 3 days in laundry work and everything was just ok

“If we are able to get the money in two weeks time will you be able to go back to school?” My Dad asked

“Actually, we will have to check if we have enough in the house before talking about making any payment” I replied

“It is not like I am missing something there because we just resumed”

“Dan always send lessons for the day to me, he also made some video articles during the lecture and forward it to me”

“it just like as if I’m still there, just that I’m not present that’s the only difference” I added

“I like that guy, he is too good ever since I know him he has been very helpful to you” my Dad said

????⚡????⚡???? Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

It has been really boring ever since Jack left

The news of Lizzy’s death was all over the school it was really bad news

Some people do think that Jack was behind it that’s why he was expelled

It was really bad for some situation to crash at the same time

People do think negatively once the person is not around

But whenever I come across people with such thought I always correct them and give them the full details of what really happened

It was already Friday and another weekend

My uncle informed me earlier that day, that he was back to States

I thought it was time for Jack to come back to school

Good people doesn’t deserve bad things

But most at times bad things normally happen to good people

Jack was one of them
Really wish I could do everything possible to help him

I had to cancel everything I had for the following day which was on Saturday

I went home to see my uncle

he was in his house when I arrived because I told him that I would be coming

He offered me some drinks as a welcoming hand


“So is that why you came to visit me?” My uncle ask after telling him what I really want

“Yes Uncle” I replied with all hope at up

“That is what always draw us back in life, trying to help others meanwhile, we aren’t fully okay” he said

His statement was heading somewhere and that was confusing

“Don’t understand uncle” I said

“are you aware that I’m the one that helped your parents to complete your payment?” He asked instead

Seriously, I wasn’t aware of it
I shake my head negatively

“You don’t even know how the next semester will be and you are talking about someone else who is not even related to you” he said

That sounds rude

“Uncle I have hope that every single situation most always come with solution, that’s why God created everyone because everyone have his or her own roles to play in one’s life” I said

I needed to talk sense into him

“If you need to sit down and think about what you are just requesting because it might affect your next semester” he responded

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It would be really disappointing if I had to go without good results

I never expected my uncle to disappoint me the way he was planning to

“So are you not going to help him?” I asked

“I had to hit the nail on its head, I won’t” he replied

I scratched my hair out of frustration

Why was he making it difficult

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

It was really bright in the day

I found myself we’re I’ve never been for once

How I got there was what I couldn’t tell

Everywhere looks so dried up

it was a full bright ful day but no one could be seen walking around

“What sort of place is this?” I asked myself looking around

I kept walking around, looking for a way out

It wasn’t as if it was in a bush or somewhere dangerous but due to how dried it was, I became scared

Almost one hour, I was still walking

I was already getting tired when I saw someone standing a little bit far from where I was

“Hey” I shouted, but the person didn’t make any move

I had to force myself the way I could and got to where the person was

He turned to look at me

He was an old man
Couldn’t guess his age

“Please sir, where is this?” I asked him

He lifted his hand and pointed at a signboard that was boldly written


It was just on the air
Nothing was holding it

I wondered how it could stand there without being hung with something

“Stanford University” I said

“How come?” I asked myself

The man was still looking forward

What he was seeing was what I couldn’t see

I lifted up my toes, just to see what he was looking at, but I couldn’t find anything

“Please sir, how can I get back to Mexico?” I asked

He waited a little before turning.
His neck was turning slowly

I couldn’t take off my eyes from him

Just as he turned to face me, I was shocked with what I saw

A horn on his head

His eyes were shining gold, mixed up with red

“Jesus!!!” I shouted, jumping up from my bed

“It was a dream again” I said to myself

Just then, the door was pushed opened and Jane rushed in

“What happened?” She asked with so much care

I explained to her about the dream

“Too bad that today is Sunday” Jane said knowing what would happen next

“But how I got there is what I don’t understand” I said



????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

The killing didn’t stop but it’s reduced because we encountered that twice in a week and no longer everyday

We have also withdraw our words from the police station after what my Dad told us

It was a new week

We got to school at our normal time

A gangs

We walked around the school compound in case if something has happened but there was no news about anyone dead

“You can’t tell how happy I am” Alex said as we walked to a hall where the lecture was going on

“Why?” I asked

“Because no one is dead?” Anthony asked

“Yes of course, Am scared of seeing dead bodies” Alex replied

We already knew how scared he always was

“You might be the next” Aiden said while we all laughed

“I reject it” Alex responded


After the first lecture, we all went out for some break

The same with most of the departments

We sat at a spot, checking out the ladies as they were walking

“I think we need to start our normal life, I guess this school is missing it” Anthony said

“See that beauty” he added

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“It is because of what is happening, that’s why we are like this” I responded

“We still have to live” he said

“Attention everyone!!!” The word came from the announcement speakers
That was a female voice

“Using this medium to greet everyone”

“The police were able to look into what has been happening in the school recently”

“We were told to instruct every single student who is living in the school dormitory, not to come out of his or her room, once it is 11 in the night”

“They are still investigating this but we need to protect ourselves with the little information”

“Please let’s help ourselves the way we can”

“Do have nice day, thank you” she concluded as everyone began to murmur



????⚡????⚡????Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

I couldn’t stop thinking

Looking for a way to help Jack

I don’t concentrate at lesson because I always think of what to do

He was the only friend I could keep, right from the beginning of the school

3 years

Jack deserve better, comparing to what he has done for me so far

People do think and value anything that was material forgetting that advices and some petty help was a great thing to life

Jack was behind my seriousness in study

My success so far lies on his shoulder

So why won’t he deserves better?

On Wednesday evening, I was surfing the web when I came across something that drew my attention

Scholarship opportunities from a university

I made a proper research on it and it was confirmed legal

I went through the details

It was still available
The deadline would be three days to come

“We still have time” I said smiling to myself

I had to get prepared for the following day

I haven’t visited him, ever since he left

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but I only want to visit him with a good news

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Thursday morning, I left to work with my Dad as usual

We had to go room to room for the clothes of those that lodged there

I got to a particular room of a soldier man who just lodged in with his wife and daughter
Three days back

I have always feared him since I heard who he was

I had washed his clothes just once and my mind wasn’t at rest because I was scared that I didn’t wash it very well

I knocked on his door gently

“Who is there?” His deep voice came out asking

I placed one of my hand on my chest

“Laundry man” I replied

“A minute” he said

Just exactly as one minute, the door was pushed opened

Soldiers and their calculation

Perfect timing

“Good morning sir” I greeted with force as I dropped my hand that has been on my chest

“Come inside” he said instead leaving the door post

I exhaled and walked in

His daughter and wife were still sleeping

Peacefully but I didn’t keep my eyes on them for the soldier man to notice

“First of all, don’t wake them up” he instructed
While I nodded

“Were you the one that washed my clothes last time?” He asked

On hearing that question, my heart sank

“Y….yes ….sir” I stammered

“Okay because I noticed some differences” he said

That was another scaring statement

“I want you to wash it like that” he said pointing at the closet in the room

“Take it and also those ones in that basket” he added and went to a mirror that was hung on the wall in the room

I was about to go out with them after carrying the basket up but it slipped off my hand and landed on the floor

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Not that it break but he made a noise

I was dead within, instantly as I turned to look at the soldier man
He was already looking at me, he then turned to look at his wife and daughter

“That was loud” the soldier’s wife said sitting up
Her daughter also woke up

I still had to greet her

“I warned you” the soldier man said
His face didn’t show that he was angry tho

“Am sorry”

“No problem, you can go” his wife said

I didn’t hesitate to go out


I was almost done with the washing of the day with my Dad, when my phone began to ring

It was Dan’s number

I had to ignore it for the main time because I wasn’t yet done
Although it was a machine but full attention was needed
According to my Dad

“Who is that?” My Dad asked when he noticed that I was ignoring the call

“Dan” I replied

“Pick it up, it might be urgent” he said

The phone began to ring again
I picked it up immediately

“Hey dude, where the hell did you keep your phone?” He asked

“I was busy with work” I replied

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” I asked, checking the time

“But am standing before your gate” he replied

“What?” I asked really surprised

“Yes, and it is locked” he replied

“Are you not around?” He asked

“Am coming” I said

” Okay but you need to be fast” he said
I hung up

“What is that?” My Dad asked immediately I dropped the phone

“He is at home and has been standing” I replied

“Any problem?” He asked

“He didn’t mention anything like that” I replied

“Okay then, I will take care of the rest, just rush and meet him” he said


I was ready to go when the daughter of that soldier man came out from nowhere

“Are you leaving already?” She asked

“Yes, any problem?” I asked

“Not really but where to?” She asked

I wondered why she asked
As if we were doing some challenges in questioning

“I want to go and meet a friend” I replied

“Male or female?” She asked
I looked at her with disbelief

“Why all this question?” I returned the question
Looking around
I was only trying to stay out of problem

“I just want to know” she replied

“A male, my course_mate” I said

“Oh, don’t even know that you are a student” she said

“But will you come back?” She asked

“Definitely” I replied


I took a cab to our house

Dan was still standing there

I remembered that my Mom said that she would be going somewhere with our last born

I paid the cab driver and got down

“Hey dude” I said, walking up to him

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” I apologized

“At least you are here now” he responded


I offered him a seat when we got in

Water was what we have and didn’t complain

“What will I prepare for you?” I asked him

“Don’t worry, am okay ” he said

“You must be surprised, right?” He asked while I nodded

“It is still morning also” I replied

“Okay, here we go” he said and brought close the back bag he came with

He brought out his laptop

“I shouldn’t be doing this because you will have to leave me alone in this country but I still have to do this because even though I will miss you but I won’t forgive myself if you aren’t happy” he said

“Come and see” he added

I went over to where he positioned his laptop

“This is a scholarship opportunities I saw online” he said

“Stanford University” I said remembering my first and second dream about them