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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 14

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Fourteen????????

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????


I was scared when the guy looked at me

He wasn’t just a guy
He looks like a boy at 14th of age

Isn’t he a guy?

His face was covered with a little blood crossing from his forehead down to his jaw

On his neck were so bloody around all over

Blood were also coming down from his eyes

He looks more like rejected

I looked away because I didn’t want Ajax to know what was going on

“Have you heard anything about our school?” Ajax asked

“You mean about this killing?” I returned the question

“Yes” he replied

“Yes, but I believe that there must be a way to put an end to it” I replied

“You looks strange, firstly you called Kate by her name, now you believe that you can stop what has been going on here” Ajax said
I didn’t want him to think otherwise

“I mean, we can make an arrangement and call for deliverance” I responded

“We have tried that before, I mean me and Mira” he said

“Who is Mira?” I asked because I was yet to know her

“A family friend”

“So what really happened?” I asked

“After the arrangements, when it was due time, the pastor died a day before the appointed day” he replied while I gasped
I couldn’t believe that

That means the power behind it wasn’t ordinary

“Just get admitted first, then we will discuss about this” he added

“So, please can you direct me to the principal’s office?” I asked Ajax
Meanwhile the ghost boy was still looking at me

“Actually, the principal is not around, he didn’t come today” Ajax replied

“But you can meet his assistant” he added

“Okay, where is his office?” I asked

“Her, not he” he said
I understand

“I mean his assistant is a lady, just there” he added pointing at a direction

“That building?” I asked

“Exactly” he replied

“We will see after the day” he added as he tapped my shoulder and walked away

The ghost boy was still there but I ignored him and started matching towards the building Ajax directed me

The ghost boy followed me immediately and I tried everything possible to ignore him because of people around, not to see me as a mad guy

“Why are you avoiding me?” He asked as he appeared before me
I bent backward to avoid him hitting me
I had to look around to know if anyone was looking at me but everyone seems to be serious with whatever they were doing

Some were walking around

“Are you okay?” One of those passing by asked me but I covered it with a smile
He shrugged and continued walking

“That means, you can see me” the ghost boy added with so much joy

I remained silent
I brought out my phone and placed it on my ear as if I was taking a call

“What business do I have with you?” I asked referring to the ghost boy

“We have a long way to go” he said and disappeared

“That was close” I said as
I exhaled and continued walking to the building

“Please the principal’s office?” I asked another pass_byer
But this time around, was a girl

“You are already there” she replied pointing at that same building

“But the principal is not around, only his assistant” she added

“Okay thanks” I responded

The first door was locked because I knocked severally but no response
I tried pushing it but it was hard

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I went to the second door which I assumed to be the assistant principal’s office

It was closed but I wasn’t sure if it was locked

Just as I was about to knock on it, I heard a footsteps coming

I turned and it was a lady with a book on her hand

I greeted her, which she responded

“I haven’t seen your face before” she added

“Yes I’m actually here for the email I got regarding to the scholarship opportunity” I replied

“Oh” she simply said

“Let’s go inside then” she added
that was when it was clear to me that she is the assistant principal

She opened her office and we walked inside


“The exam will start exactly at 10 a.m.” she said after we must have discussed a lot

“And it is 9:30 a.m. already” she added checking her wrist watch

“Okay Ma” I replied

“Please in which hall?” I asked

“When you get outside there, just ask for student first hall examination” she replied
I nodded and stood up to walk out

“And also” the assistant principal said and I turned to look at her

“Please don’t be discouraged with what you saw earlier today” she added

“I was aware of it, even before coming” I replied

“You have heard about?” She asked

“Yes ma’am” I replied

“I see”

“Anyway, good luck” she said


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Dan POV ????⚡???? ⚡????

After the first lecture, I walked out with so many thoughts

I was only hoping to see Jack’s call because I haven’t heard from him since he left

I went to our normal hall to read

I was reading but I couldn’t grab anything
The next thing was my phone to ring

It was an unknown number when I checked it
A foreign number tho

My mind cross Jack and I had to pick it up immediately

“Hey dude” that was his voice
I was so happy

“You kept me worried, when did you get there?” I asked

“Last night but I couldn’t reach the school until this morning” he replied
Just then, Sonia walked in
I remembered that I couldn’t go with her that day Jack left because didn’t come back after she went to get something for Jack and I didn’t have her number

“Oh, Sonia has been asking for you” I diverted immediately

“Oh, where is she now?” He asked

“Right here and right now” I replied
By then, Sonia has already gotten closer

“Okay then, put her on call” he said
I handed the phone over to Sonia

“Jack” I said while she gasped

She greeted him immediately and their conversation begins


When they were done, Sonia handed the phone back to me

“Hey dude” I said

“I’ll give you a call later, I want to enter into the hall now”

“we are about to begin the exam” he added before hanging up

“You did me bad yesterday” Sonia said

“I came back but I couldn’t find you” she added

“Sorry but I couldn’t wait, just immediately after you left, he called me and told me not to worry about the money anymore and he would be leaving very soon so I had to go immediately” I explained

????⚡????⚡???? Jane POV ???? ⚡????⚡????

It will be easy if someone isn’t close to you but you still have hope that whenever you get home you will see the person

Than for the person to travel into another country and you will not even know when he will be coming back

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That was why I didn’t accept the idea of him traveling to California

I wasn’t afraid of him seeing ghosts there because I was sure that non of them will harm him

I was only scared of loosing him

Crazy right?

When I left that Sunday, my mind was on Mark

He was the only one who could help me in that situation

That was how I got that money


Jack had called me earlier that Tuesday, just to let me know that he has arrived

I was happy tho

Life still had to go the way it want


I sat down inside the hall after the lecture

I needed time to think about myself

“That’s pretty Jane” I heard someone saying
I raised up my head to see Mark walking closer with two ice creams

“This will cool off your mind” he said giving me one of the ice creams
I looked around first

“Don’t worry, am the only one here” he added

I collected it with a smile

“Thanks” I responded but I didn’t have the courage to lick it

“It is nothing”

“How was lecture?” He asked licking from his ice cream

“Not that bad” I replied

“I like that color” I said pointing at his ice cream

“Ah but every girl likes pink color, that’s why I bought that one for you” he said

“Maybe, but I don’t pink ice cream” I responded
He smiled and shrugged as we exchanged the ice cream

I was only scared if he has something inside it

“So have your brother travelled? Was he able to travel that yesterday?” He asked

“Yes, thanks to you” I appreciated

“I thought we would go together but I was told that you have left when I visited” he said

“You didn’t even try calling me” he added

“Oh Mark” I said

“Oh, I forgot that you don’t have my number” he said while we laughed


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

After the second lecture for the day, I walked out of the hall with my book on my hand

I didn’t have anywhere in mind to go but I had to leave the hall because Jack might be done at anytime

“Hey Ajax” I heard someone shouting my name

It was no other person but Mira when I turned to look at her

I smiled

“How far” she asked
That wasn’t her normal way

“Am good, what’s up with that kind greeting?” I asked
Of course she understands what I meant

“About that guy that looks new” she said while I smiled knowing who she was talking about

“Do you know him?” She asked

“Not at all, I just want to save him from Axel and his men” I replied

“But he called the girl by her name” she said

“I thought about it but he said that he had seen her before” I replied
I had to cut that topic because I knew Mira very well

She would keep asking until her conscious is cleared

“You seems to be interested in him?” I asked looking at her with a face full of smiles

“Hey, don’t be silly” she said pushing my head back while I laughed

“He looks like you and seems so amazing” she added

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

We were close to 1million that came for the exam

We were almost done with the examination on computer they gave us when someone walked inside the hall

I looked up and saw that same man I saw in the dream

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The one I asked where I was in the dream and he showed me a signboard that was written Stanford University on

He was smiling
I had to return my face to computer and continued with what I was typing


After the exam, I went downstairs and I met Ajax sitting at a spot

He smiled when he saw me as he stood up, walking to where I was
I did the same

“How was the exam?” He asked

“Not bad” I replied

“So when will you be coming back?” He asked while I smiled

“You are saying as if I’m already sure that I’ll be admitted” I said

“I have tested your brain and I’m sure you will make me I trust your brain” he replied

“How do you mean that you have tested my brain?” I asked while he smiled

“Let’s not talk about it now”

“Let’s go and have some lunch before you go” he added

As we were walking to where he said that the school restaurant was, that same man first us to walked inside the restaurant

“Please who is that man?” I asked Ajax showing him who I was referring to
With my face

“Oh, that’s Mr Noah”

“The principal” he added

“The principal?”

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was with my A gangs member, sitting under a tree as we watched Ajax and the strange guy

I was sitting in the middle
Aiden at the right hand side while Anthony stood behind us with two other guys

“That guy doesn’t look ordinary to me” Alex said from behind

“Axel you supposed to know him” Aiden said as he looked at me

“Yes, because Ajax know him” Alex added

“Ajax don’t know him” I said

“Huh?” They all chorused

“You guys supposed to know Ajax”

“He is only trying to save him from me” I added

“We need to discover something about him” Alex said
I turned to look at those at the back

“Anthony, we need your planning skills” I said looking at him

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I found myself in the middle of a forest

Everywhere was dark but the birds couldn’t stop their singing

“What am I doing here?” I asked myself because there was no other person there

The next thing I saw was a light shining from up

I heard something roaring like a hungry lion

I turned to look at the direction it was coming from and I saw the so called Mr Noah as he was busy transforming into a beast

My eyes widened as I watched him turned completely

But his face could be recognized

Just his head which then had horn on it and a claw he suddenly grew

I felt like urinating all of a sudden

He roared and attacked me but I shifted and fell on the floor

I had to take to my hill

Something from the front hits me as I fell back

Mr Noah was already close

He raised his claw and roared

Just then, I woke up but I couldn’t scream loud

I found myself on Ajax’s bed
He actually asked me to stay for that day before I would leave

It was already morning and Ajax almost done with his preparation as he walked in
Because he was outside

“You are sweating” he said looking confused because the air conditioner was On

“Anyway, I think we need to see the principal before you go, so that you won’t loose the opportunity” he added

How could I?
When I just finished battling with him in my dream