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Rejected Demon. Chapter 17

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventeen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

I couldn’t believe what I saw

David was a vampire

I was scared

I stopped at a spot when I noticed that he was no longer after me

I took my phone and called my Uncle
C O P Kelly

“Jason” he said immediately he picked up the phone
That has been how he used to start, whenever we want to discuss things on phone

“Uncle, there is a very big problem” I said

“What happened?” He asked

“A beast attacked one of our students” I replied
I didn’t want to give him the full details

“What!!!” He shouted
I could tell that he stood up because there was a sound of chair that sounds as if it fell down

“Where in particular?” He asked

“In the school farm” I replied

“I will be there now” he said and hung up

I looked around before running out of the farm

I ran to the front and maintained to be cool
I started walking confidentially but I didn’t stop looking back as I walks

I looked one more time when I bumped into someone
My heart skipped a beat

I turned and it was Jenny

“I have been looking for you, was seriously worried”

“Where have you been?” She asked

It was true that I don’t really love Jenny like I claimed but I wouldn’t want her to die not when she has promised me her virginity

“Jenny you need to stay away from David” I said looking at her directly to the eyes

“David is just a friend of mine so you don’t have to think far” she responded thinking that I was talking about relationship

“Am not cheap, come out of it” she added

“David is not a human, he is a vampire” I said

Just then, a sound of siren was heard

I turned to take a look
Jenny was already in the position of seeing them

Police cars drove in, along with an ambulance

“Too fast, better” I said

“What’s going on?” Jenny asked

“You will get to see” I replied

COP Kelly got down from the car and led them to the farm

“David” Jenny called
I turned to see if he was already there but to my greatest surprise, there he was
With an innocent face

There was no stain of blood on his face, cloth or hands
I could remember that the blood splashed all over his body but how could it have gone

I guess, I was wrong

“Jason, here is David” Jenny said
I couldn’t utter a word because I was still confused


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was still in my Mistress office when police and an ambulance drove into the compound

“What’s happening?” My mistress asked

“Seriously, I don’t know” I replied
Just then, I heard the demon noise as it left the school

“Zita” I said to myself as I stood up and rushed out

Everywhere was already filled with students

I rushed upstairs and searched everywhere for David and Zita but there was no sign of any of them

I checked David’s bag and the leaf was still in it

“Oh no” I said rushing down
I wouldn’t want to believe that something bad happened

I stood at the entrance as I watched what was happening

Soon, a dead body was brought out
They lay it on a wide and straight wood
They covered it with a white cloth as they walked out from the back

I remembered when I went to the school farm and that was where the demon attacked me

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I rushed to where they were, with the body

I slightly opened it

“Jesus!!” I screamed jumping back
I held my chest as I sobbed

I turned in search of David

I saw him standing at the Hall’s window looking at the body

Tears filled his eyes

“How could you” I said inwardly
The pain was much

Zita was the perfect type of person

She was really caring and loving
She wasn’t selfish

She doesn’t get jealous when she sees me with David


….. Victor POV ❣️

I was in the special room when a junior student rushed in
Even without knocking

He was the only one who knows about what I really had for Zita because he was my school son

I had to give him gist and also get him updated

“What’s the problem?” I asked surprisedly about how he acted

“Zita” he said trying to catch up his breath
I stood up without wasting time

“What about her?” I asked walking closer to him

“She was found dead at the school farm” he replied

“What!??!” I asked not believing it

“The body is still downstairs” he replied
I rushed out
I wouldn’t accept it as true
I wouldn’t afford to lose Zita

I stopped at the entrance when I saw a body laying down on something that looks like a flat table and was covered with white cloth

Four men were standing at the four edges of the table with their nose mask

The principal squatted before the body

He later stood up and signalled them to carry the body as he left for his office

I rushed to them and they stopped
I was praying that it shouldn’t be her while I opened it slightly

To my greatest surprise, it was her

“Zita!!!!!!!” I shouted as my whole eyes were soaked with tears

I kneeled down as I watched them put her to their ambulance and drove off

“Let’s get rid of her” that was the first thing that ran into my mind

Jason had planned that already

“Jason” I said as I turned and rushed him with a great speed
Jenny looked scared because she was holding Jason
Really tight
I ignored that
I gave Jason an unexpected blow and he fell down

He stood up immediately

I had known that I was stronger than him
I rushed him again
He wanted to fight back but I was faster

I punched him severally before we were separated


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

The dead student was really a storm in the school

Immediately I saw the body, I remembered the dead of an old woman and a man that was like one month old

It was exactly the same

When the girl who first opened the body came, there was something extra ordinary about her

As she shouted “Jesus”, I followed where her eyes went to

I saw that same boy who his father died on the same way

From how he was, he was seriously in pain

The principal asked me to see him in his office
He was my old times friend

“This is strange” he said walking around his office room

“Seriously, this is the third time we are receiving this same case” I replied

“How could a beast attack someone in the school, it is really strange” he said scratching his head

“What can I tell her parents?” He asked himself

“Leave that to me” I replied

“But how did you know about it even before any of us in the school?” He asked again
That was another thing

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I assumed that he wasn’t suspecting me

“Actually, unknown number called me and informed me” I lied

“Have you think about the number?” He asked again

“You know that it was an office telephone and it doesn’t save numbers or even record them” I lied again

“I have the feeling that the caller might have hand on this” the principal said
It was thoughtful of him

And if it should be checked with that, it comes out true but judging from what happened to the other man, how could Jason be in the man’s house at that hour of night? That was the question I asked myself

I was getting confused


….. David POV ❣️

I couldn’t stop feeling bad

The pain I felt was more than anything

It has used me to kill my Dad and the girl who truly love me

I feel like dying
I had no reason to live because it would surely continue killing them

When they all left, everybody retired to their classes

I knew that we would be dismissed very soon

Dorothy refused staying in the same seat with me
I felt rejected

I knew she was the only one who knows about what really happened

Another thing was why Victor and Jason fought
I couldn’t figure it out

Jason walked into the class
His head was bandaged
His lips were seriously injured
Victor really beats him, I guess he was stronger

“Attention class” Jason said as everyone paid attention

“From now on wards, Victor is no longer one of JAVS” Jason said
Since Jason was the richest among them all and perhaps was the one who found their group
He took the privilege to become their leader

It was really bad of him saying that at that point in time

“You are very stupid” Benita attacked as she stood up
I heard she was his cousin

“One of us was found dead today and you are here ranting rubbish” Benita said

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Benita added

Jason wants to reply her when a teacher interrupted

“Sorry class for the lost of one of you” the teacher said

“For that, the school has been dismissed for today” the teacher added

“Okay Sir” we all responded

“Jason, the principal asked you to report to his office, when you are ready to go” the teacher said before leaving

Dorothy took her bag and left
Unlike usual
I had to ran after her


…. Jason POV ❣️

I bids goodbye to Jenny as I meant to find my way to the principal’s office

After few steps, Victor from nowhere blocked me

I couldn’t tell what his intention was

“Good announcement” he said

“I had thought of leaving the group long time ago and even the school as well, but bear it in mind” he paused

“My going out, and my coming back won’t be the same, just know that am aware that you killed Zita” he added

“Better watch your mouth, I don’t want to involve my Dad in this” I said trying to threaten him
I knew how much they feared my Dad

“Reserve that for others, not me” he said

“Am going for good but might be back in another dimension” he added and left

I had to meet the principal first before I would think of another thing

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I knocked at his door and he ordered me in

“You sent for me” I said as I got in

“Yes, Jason, let me go straight to the point” he said

“I am not trying to say that am suspecting you but do you really know what happened to that student?” The principal asked

“No principal” I lied
I wouldn’t want to say what I wasn’t sure of
I was already confused because it seems not to be David

“If so, why did Victor attacked you?” The principal asked again

That was a serious question

“I still don’t know why” I said


……Dorothy POV ❣️

That night,
My Uncle sent for me after the dinner

“You seems not bright since you came back” he said
I wanted to reply him but he continues

“Don’t worry, I have known already” he said
I was surprised
How could he know

“You really know?” I asked him

“Yes” he said as he adjusted himself properly on his seat while I listened

“Actually, the plan now is to make him fall in love with that girl” he said
I was surprised again
He was getting it wrong

“She is dead” I said

“What?” He asked bringing his face closer to me

“Yes, she died today, he killed her” I replied

“That’s why I have been like that” I added
My Uncle was short of words

“Then there is a very big problem” he said

“It’s up to him because I have started distancing myself from him” I said

“That’s not the best thing” my Uncle said

“So I should still stick with him?” I asked widening my eyes
I wondered why he doesn’t understand

“You have to help him” my Uncle said

“So that he can also kill me?” I asked

“You still have the leaf” my Uncle said

“He will die if the demon continue tormenting him much” my Uncle added
My eyes widened


…. David POV ❣️

That night, I was in my room still shading tears

Everything that happened earlier that day kept playing back in my mind

Dorothy has already left me
I thought she was the solution

I was still in thought when the wind storm started again

“What could it want again?” I asked myself

Few seconds later, it appears

“Sorry for the lost” it says

“Don’t even start, you killed her!” I shouted

“But I warned you, we don’t accept love” it says

“Not we but you, am human!” I shouted again

“I had to” it says

“You are really wicked, how can someone be this kind heartless?” I asked no one to reply

“You must be a very heartless man when you were alive” I added

“Am not a man but a woman” the demon said as it stretched out its hand and a picture of a beautiful lady shows

“You were really young but how can you be looking like this?” I asked with a low voice dressing back

“Once you are dead, your body won’t remain the same, it will start decaying and that’s why am like this” it replied

“What could have caused your death that makes you this wicked?” I asked

“That’s the reason why am here” it says

“What?” I asked

“Am here to tell you the full story, so that you won’t feel bad for losing her” it says

There was nothing that would make me not to feel bad about loosing Zita

I wanted to hear her first