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Rejected Demon. Chapter 18

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighteen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

∆==∆???????? Author’s Note????????


20years ago

Chantelle clothing company was the most popular clothing company at of 19s

It has been operated by Mr and Mrs Isaac
They had only one son named Paul

Each and every year, they normally select someone with all qualities that are necessary as the face of Chantelle

Gina has been the one with such qualities for years
She seems hard to get removed from that position not until a lady shows an interest in the position

Her name was Lucy
Lucy was the unbeatable model at of their time
She beats Gina just with smile and the way she walks

It was killing

She has won the face of Chantelle clothing company straight three times since she came in
Dropping Gina, behind

Gina in the other hand has a friend named Luke

Gina was five years older than Luke

Gina was like a sugar mommy to Luke because they do had sex as if it was their normal food

Luke was actually a playboy
He do like to have every single lady he comes across and Gina was aware of it

He never hides his life from her

He was also a friend to Paul whose his father was managing the Chantelle clothing company but he hasn’t for once met with Paul’s parents
And he wasn’t planning on that


On a very good day, Luke visited Gina

Gina’s mood expression was something else
Her face wasn’t clear
She was sitting on a couch in her sitting room with a bottle of alcohol
She has taken a full bottle already and was on half of another

“What’s the problem?” Luke asked as he collected the bottle from her

“Just give it back to me” Gina said stretching out her hand but Luke refused

“Don’t tell me that it’s because of that company again?” Luke indirectly asked

“What else can it be?” Gina asked crying

“You might win this year’s own” Luke tried consoling her

“Unless you have to kill her because she still have those qualities” Gina said

“How can I? I haven’t seen her for once, you know am not a fan to such thing but once I see her, I will know what to do about her” Luke said

“And you know that I can’t kill” Luke added

“It’s left with just few months before this year’s own will be selected, what else can you do for me apart from that?” Gina asked

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“Do you even think that an a killer?” Luke returned the question

“Then give the bottle to me” Gina said as she meant to grab the bottle but Luke drew the bottle back

Gina stood up stargering
She was really drunk
She came for the bottle again but Luke knew the only way to stop her at that point

He started kissing her
Gina stood still for some seconds while Luke did the kissing all alone

“You know my weak point” Gina managed to say before responding to the kissing

It was hard for her to restrict Luke
Because was a hot guy that every lady would fall for

They kissed for some minutes before Luke pushed her backwards to the couch

They fell on it, gently

Luke used the opportunity to drop the bottle on a table behind the couch
he has been holding it all this while

He used his hand in caressing her hairs, face and body

Soon, his hands went down to her waist

He started rubbing it

His hand went straight to her short skirt

Luke zipped it open and drew it down

He finds his way to her pant
She was already wet
He started rubbing the pant without removing it

Gina was already moaning although they never stop kissing

Luke was really doing a great job for her

Soon, Luke drew the pant down a little and dipped in his two middle finger

He started the fingering work
Gina was responding to the beating

In order for Gina not to loose the mood, she used that same time to remove Luke’s trouser

It really hard

Luke removed his hand from the hole and brought his hard d**k closer

He looked at Gina’s face and it shows that she was really waiting

Luke had to send the Israelites into the promise land ????

(I don’t know how you guys might feel now but am sorry for giving the whole details, actually, this chapter is short, that’s why although the next chapter has sex part but I won’t elaborate it,,,,,,, you people shouldn’t be disappointed ????????)

After some minutes, they were done
They collapsed on the floor breathing heavily

“Don’t kill me one day” Gina said laughing

“Am not planning on that, I just want to free you from that mood” Luke replied smiling

Luke stayed there till almost night

Gina made dinner and they ate together

Luke stayed for 30mins before going home

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“This should not go far” Luke said on his way home

The following day, Luke got prepared

He needed to be certain that Gina doesn’t get pregnant for him

He went to a pharmacy and get some drugs for her

It was a big pharmacy that has a compound
There was lots of people in the pharmacy making them to form queue

Luke had to join in

He was looking around when he sighted drove inside

He glued his eyes on it
The door was opened by a man, her driver but he looked like a bodyguard and a lady stepped down from it

“Wow” Luke said smiling

“Sir, you are next to go” a lady inside the pharmacy said tapping Luke

He corrected himself and smiled

He went to make his order

Few minutes, he was good to go

He was almost at the entrance when he bumped into someone

It was that same lady that stepped out from the car

“Am sorry” Luke apologized

“Excuse me” the lady said as she walked in
Something dropped off from her bag but no one noticed it

As Luke was about to go out, he sighted the white paper on the floor

He bent and picked it

He turned in search of the lady but she was nowhere to be found

It seems like she went to the VIP section

Luke had only one thing in mind

In order to meet her again, he went to where her car was parked and waited for her

He stood beside it for close to 40mins before the lady shows up

“Exit from the road” the man who looked like a bodyguard said referring to Luke

“I want to show her something” Luke said

“It dropped from from your bag” Luke added stretching out the paper he picked earlier

“At least, you should understand things, look at it” the lady said
Luke was just confused because he doesn’t understand her

“It’s a card” the lady added
Luke smiled

Dream come true’ He thought

Luke shifts a little bit while the lady passed

“Please can I take your picture?” Luke suddenly said meanwhile, he has already snapped her

“Message me” the lady replied

“Am Luke” Luke introduced

“Good then” the lady said instead

The man closed the car while they drove off

“I need to have you” Luke said smiling to himself
He saved her number and went straight to message

Meanwhile on the way home, the lady was seriously busy smiling

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“I don’t really like that guy” the driver said

“Something is wrong about him” the driver added

“I haven’t said anything yet, This is love at first sight, I heard his heartbeat” the lady smiling
Although she wasn’t sure

“You need to be careful about him” the driver said

“Thanks” the lady said
Just then, a message bumped into her phone

‘ it’s me, Luke’ it reads
The lady smiled

“I need to be seeing that beautiful face of yours’ another message came in

The lady blushed
But ignored it

Luke got to Gina’s apartment

He parked his car

He took those things he bought and walked in

Gina was entertaining herself with movie when Luke walked in

“Take” Luke said giving her the bags

“What’s in?” Gina asked

“So that you won’t get pregnant” Luke replied

“You are always scared” Gina said collecting the bag

“Why is she playing hard?” Luke asked himself scratching his head

He went and sat opposite Gina

‘ send your picture so that I will be able to recognize you next time ‘ Luke texted

“Who is that?” Gina asked feeling concerned

“So you are still a playboy?” Gina asked

She stood up and walked to where Luke was
Luke was just waiting patiently for the lady’s reply

“Who is that?” Gina asked again

“I met her today at the pharmacy but she’s playing hard to get as if she’s a celebrity just because she has car” Luke said

“I think your brain is hot, let me get you something to drink” Gina said
She walked to her fridge to get some drinks

“Oh she has sent her picture” Luke said when he saw her message

“Beautiful” he said

“She looks like a model here” Luke added scrolling down on her pictures

“Let me see” Gina requested as she dropped the drink on the table
Luke gave it to her

“You said that you met her where?” Gina asked widening her eyes

“At the pharmacy of course” Luke replied

“She is the one I told you about” Gina said


“Yes, her name is Lucy” Gina replied

“I think your playboy life is going to favor me now” Gina added

“How?” Luke asked

“Have you forgotten what I told you about?” Gina returned the question

Luke was left with lots of thought

He was confused

“So which plan do you have?” Luke asked, after some minutes