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Rejected Demon. Chapter 19

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Nineteen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

∆==∆???????? Author’s Note????????


Few days later, Luke met with Paul

Paul has been his partner in crime right from time
They do a lot of dangerous things together

They fixed an appointment and met at a restaurant

“I will like you to help me with something” Luke said during the conversation

“What could that be?” Paul asked

“It’s all about the face of Chantelle clothing company” Luke replied

“Ah, you and I know that you have never for once had interest on that, even when your sugar mommy was removed from that position, so why the sudden change?” Paul asked

“I want you to help me and convince Lucy that am your brother” Luke said

“Wait, you know that I don’t have time talk more of giving attention to that girl, so she is the reason why you suddenly develop interest in that?” Paul asked

“Yes, I want to do something” Luke replied

“So if I tell her that you are my brother, what could it change?” Paul asked

“I want to use the opportunity and claim to be in charge of the contest and I will try to get her to like me” Luke said

” You know that it is really dangerous if my Dad finds out” Paul tried talking sense into Luke

“I will handle it before then” Luke replied

“I know you, am sure that you want to take her advantage” Paul said

“Anyways, just expect my call because we both need to be there” Paul added


Later, Luke used his computer to track down Lucy’s phone and her where about through the help of location

She was in a restaurant

“I will still have to try so many ways” Luke dressed up and drove to the restaurant but unfortunately, Lucy was already leaving when he arrives

He parked and rushed out

Luke walked a little bit far from his car and blocked Lucy’s way

“Lucy ” Luke said gently
Lucy’s eyes widened a little because she has never told him yet

“Who told you my name?” Lucy asked

“I went far just for you” Luke said

“Excuse me” Lucy said and walked passed Luke

“Just for the main time” Luke murmured

The following day, Paul invited Lucy to his father’s house

Lucy had to go, thinking it might be about the upcoming contest

She was meant to sit at the balcony and Paul met her

“You must be willing to know why I sent for you?” Paul indirectly asked as he sat

“Am clueless” Lucy replied

“Actually, there was a misunderstanding between my parents and Mr Williams (the manager) who was in charge of the selection of face of Chantelle clothing company” Luke paused
Lucy was just listening carefully because she wouldn’t like to miss that chance

“So my parents decided to withdraw that position from him and hand it over to my brother who has been outside the country since he was born” Paul added

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“So you have a brother?” Lucy asked surprisedly

“Of course yes, no one knows that because my parents didn’t let it out” Paul replied
Just then, the entrance door opened and Luke walked out as planned

“Oh, here he is”. Paul said adjusting himself

Lucy greeted him and sat back

“You?” Lucy asked when she recognized his face

“What a coincidence” Luke pretends

“Seems like you both know each other brother?” Paul asked

“Oh yeah, we have met twice, she must be the lady you talked about?” Luke asked

“Yes” Paul replied

“Let me excuse myself” Paul said and walked in

“Sorry for what happened” Lucy tried apologizing

“Don’t worry, I will like us to have dinner tomorrow night” Luke requested

“No problem” Lucy replied smiling

The following day, Luke visited Gina as usual

“Why is your smile so wide?” Gina asked when Luke walked in

“I have a good news” Luke replied collapsing on a couch

“Which is?” Gina asked sitting properly

“Lucy is meeting me this evening” Luke replied


“Of course, so can you tell me when the face of Chantelle clothing company will be chosen, so I will be sure when I will be discussing with her?” Luke asked

“Six months from today” Gina replied

That evening, Lucy was driving to the appointed restaurant chose by Luke

On her way, she drove pass Mr Williams office which was where Luke supposed be as the current manager

The office was not close

“Please stop” Lucy instructed her driver and he parked
Lucy wanted to go in, maybe they would go together but she gave it a second thought maybe he wouldn’t like it

“What could be keeping him?” She asked herself
She later asked the driver to continue their journey

When they got to the restaurant, Luke was already there, waiting for her

“Oh, sorry for keeping you waiting” Lucy apologized

“No problem, at least, you are here” Luke said smiling
Lucy smiled back

“Your office was opened when I passed by, I thought you were there but I decided to come here first” Lucy said
Although Luke’s mind has already ran a race when he heard the first statement

“Actually, I left it open so that they could clean it up” Luke lied

“And one more thing” Luke said

“Please, don’t visit me in the office because my father is against it, I don’t know why but I will inform you when it’s time for the contest which is six months to come” Luke added while Lucy nodded in agreement

“I will take note of that” Lucy said

“That’s by the way, I will like to take you out and make your days for you” Luke requested

Lucy firstly has already fallen for Luke even before he started the game

“I appreciate” Lucy replied


Two days later, when Mr Williams was off from work,
Paul used the opportunity to enter his office after lying to the security that Mr Williams sent him to get something for him
And also as the son of the owner of the company, he has to be allowed

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He has already made a master key and he used it to open the office door

He went straight to where they kept the files of the models in the company

He searched for Lucy’s file
He was able to find it

He cleaned up where Lucy’s phone number was and added another one on it

After one month, Luke was able to get Lucy to his bed

He intentionally released inside her countless times to make sure that she would get pregnant

“Is there something you are hiding from me?” Luke asked after the sweet sex
He just wanted to know what might be in her mind

“Anyway, I have loved you right from when we first met but I wouldn’t want to act cheap, I call it love at first sight” Lucy replied smiling

Two weeks later, Lucy visited Luke since she has already knew his personal apartment

Luke was just busy with his phone when Lucy greeted her

“Oh, you are here” Luke said and sat well
Lucy as well sat

“What can I offer you?” Luke asked

“Am not in the mood, am just here to tell you something very important” Lucy said
Luke didn’t make any expression

“What’s it?” Luke asked

“Am two weeks pregnant” Lucy replied
Joy filled Luke’s heart on hearing that

“That’s good news” Luke said smiling

“There’s nothing good here because it’s just five months to go and they can’t use a pregnant woman in the brochure and also the face of Chantelle clothing company” Lucy said

“Have you forgotten that am now the manager?” Luke asked

“It’s not a matter of being the manager, but That rules has been existing for years, that pregnant women can’t be used as face of a company because you needs to show up that day before the world” Lucy said

“Am now in charge, that law was also made by human being and I can change it, just leave the baby” Luke said so that his plan would be perfect

“Am trusting you” Lucy said

“And also, from now henceforth, I will be the one to run things for you, you don’t have to go out, just tell me what you need and I will provide them” Luke said

“Just stay indoors for me and our baby until you deliver” he added
Luke as well, deleted the channel that shows about the latest news from Lucy’s television

He just wanted to keep her in darkness

Luke didn’t stop giving Gina every single information about the plan

They were still talking about it when Mr Williams called the line which he saw as Lucy’s number

Although he noticed change but waved it off thinking maybe he did it
It was Luke’s second line

He picked it up and handed it to Gina after placing it on a loud speaker

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“Miss Lucy, it has been a while” Mr Williams said

“Yes sir” Gina replied

“You need to report by next week for preparation” Mr Williams said

“Okay Sir but I think I need to quit” Gina said still maintaining as if it was Lucy

“Oh no, what’s the problem?” Mr Williams asked

“It’s just my decision, am sure that you people had someone before I came in?”

“Please am done” Gina said as she hung up

“Perfect” Luke said jumping up

“I will give you non stop satisfaction once this is over” Gina said

Mr Williams later called Gina and asked her to report the following day

It was already a month to go and Lucy kept asking Luke when he was planning to start the preparation and when he would snap her for the face of Chantelle clothing company because it has to be the latest picture

Luke always give her excuses

That due to the baby, she doesn’t need to go around too much

He called a photographer and asked him to take her picture while at home

He made a fake brochure which was where Lucy’s picture was placed as the face of Chantelle clothing company

“Why haven’t there news concerning it yet?” Lucy asked

“We want to surprise them, we will board car for everyone that would love to come, that’s why we don’t want to inform anybody yet” Luke lied

On that very day, Luke drove Lucy with his car after dressing her very well with perfect make up

He took her to a special position he claimed that he made only for her

He did that so that she wouldn’t be able to see the right brochure until the truth was revealed

“Let the matching out begins” the MC said as ladies with different styles of clothes started walking out

They shows around their bodies before walking inside

“Now the face of Chantelle clothing company is” the MC was about to say it when Paul interrupted the microphone from the socket as it offed

Luke has already made Lucy a sign to start coming out

His intention was just to disgrace her very well

Lucy stepped out
Her eyes first sighted Mr Williams and he was busy directing those who had participated
That has been his normal way

Lucy was confused wondering what he was doing there when he was no longer working there

Lucy waved it off and continued walking

She was halfway to the spot where she would stop and show off her body when the whole crowd starts murmuring

“When did it started?”

“How can a pregnant woman be used?”

That was all that was coming from them

“Sorry madam please are you Gina?” The MC asked
By then, the microphone has gone back to normal

Lucy shakes her head negatively

She was busy searching for Luke or Paul but non of them were seen