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Rejected Demon. Chapter 20

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty????????

Written By Chris Val ????

∆==∆???????? Author’s Note????????


Lucy stood at the middle, looking around for Luke

“Please ma’am, are you Gina?” The MC asked
Lucy shook her head negatively still confused about the whole thing

“Please, can you leave here? You are distracting the audience” the MC said

Lucy shamefully walked out of the stage

She ran to her car
Her driver opened the door and she was about to enter when someone stopped her

“Miss Lucy” the voice said
She turned around and Mr Williams was walking gently towards her

“So is this the reason why you quitted?” Mr Williams asked pointing at her stomach

“Me? Quitted?” Lucy returned the question really confused about what he was saying

“Are you forgetting what you said?” Mr Williams asked again

“Am confused here” Lucy said

“I informed you earlier about the contest but you personally said that you were no longer interested” Mr Williams replied

“Me? Seriously I can’t remember” Lucy said

“I was told by Mr Isaac second son, as in Paul’s brother that you were sacked” Lucy added

“Who’s Paul’s brother?” Mr Williams asked really confused

Just then, Gina walked out as the press rushed to her with cameras and mic

“I will see you later” Mr Williams said before rushing to where Gina was
He stood beside her

Gina in the other hand looked at Lucy and winked at her

Out of heart break, Lucy entered her car and the driver drove off

“So Miss Gina, how do you feel about your position after so three years of loosing it?” One of the press asked

“It’s a thing of joy, seriously I can’t explain what I felt inside but I know that my God won’t disappoint me”
She paused

“It is just like a thing stole from you that you are sure of getting it back” Gina added

“What has been your fate all this while?” Another press asked

“You don’t expect it to be perfect” Gina simply said

“Do you think that you will loose this position ever again?” Another press asked

“No one is intending to fail but am just using this media to tell my opponent that we have started” Gina replied

“Mr Williams, can you tell us your own view?” Another press asked referring to Mr Williams

“I don’t have much to say but still, am happy that today ended peacefully” Mr Williams replied

Lucy drove straight to Luke’s apartment

He was already at home

Lucy rushed inside only to meet her with someone else

“Oh who do we have here?” Luke asked in a mockery voice

“What’s the meaning of this?” Lucy asked really angry

She rushed inside the kitchen and took a knife

Immediately the lady who was with Luke saw her coming with the weapon, she took to her heel

“What have you done to me?” Lucy asked crying
She doesn’t have the heart to kill but she had to scare the lady out, first

She dropped the knife on the floor and sat at the same spot crying

“You better stop that because it’s already late for you” Luke said
He made a sigh of relief and collapsed on a couch

“So you intentionally did that?” Lucy asked standing properly

“You also got me pregnant!” Lucy shouted

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“Before I forget, abort that baby” Luke said not even looking at her

“What!!?” Lucy eyes widened

“You heard me right before am not going to take responsibility for that baby” Luke said

“You will regret this” Lucy said before walking out of the house

Paul was in a special room going through his phone

He was seriously surfing the net when Mr Williams walked in

He requested to meet him personally

“What is the problem?” Paul asked when they were outside

“It’s about Lucy” Mr Williams replied

“What about her?” Paul asked with full concentration

“She said that she met with your brother who deceived her saying that I have been sacked from the company” Mr Williams replied
Paul’s heart skipped hundred beats at a time

“Did she tell you if I was the one who introduced him or my parents?” Paul asked just to calculate how safe he was

“She didn’t” Mr Williams replied

“That’s strange, who could that be?” Paul asked

“Am yet to know” Mr Williams replied

“So what do you intend in doing now?” Paul asked

“I will have to meet her” Mr Williams replied

“Today?” Paul asked

“It’s already late, I will have to meet her tomorrow” Mr Williams replied

“That would be better and I will like to go with you” Paul said

“No problem”

“I think there is another thing” Mr Williams said

“Which is?” Paul asked

“Her file” Mr Williams paused

” I think the same person interfered with her file because I noticed that her number was changed” Mr Williams added

“Changed?” Paul asked in pretence

“Yes, I suspected it but I waved it off thinking maybe I made the mistake” Mr Williams replied

“I need to get the file as well because I might use it to track down the person” Mr Williams added

“Great idea, we need to do that by tomorrow” Paul suggested

“I know” Mr Williams said

“I have to be on my way now and thanks for your cooperation” Mr Williams added

“You are welcome” Paul responded as they shook hands
Paul turned to go

“One more thing” Mr Williams said while Paul stopped and turned around

“Don’t tell your father yet until we discover the person” Mr Williams said

“No problem” Paul responded and they nodded at each other

At night, Luke and Gina was enjoying themselves as usual at Luke’s house
They were exhausted

“That was a great plan” Gina complimented

“You supposed know that I have been a plan maker right from time” Paul said

“I will have to do anything for you” Luke added

“So what are you planning on doing about her pregnancy?” Gina asked

“Either she abort it or she takes care of it by her own self” Luke replied

Just then, Luke’s phone started ringing
He smiled seeing who it was

“Bad ass” Luke first said immediately he picked up

“There is a problem” Paul said from the other side of the phone

“What’s that?” Luke asked sitting up

“Mr Williams discovered that Lucy was deceived and he is planning on meeting her tomorrow to know who you are” Paul replied

“What?” Luke asked and his heart was seriously beating

“Am serious, and you need to do something because if my father eventually discover that, we are dead” Paul said

“Okay, I think I need to meet her now” Luke said

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“What is your plan?” Paul asked

“She have to leave the country” Luke replied

“Okay, better act fast” Paul said

“You got me” Luke said and hung up

He rushed out from the bed to his closet

“What’s the problem?” Gina asked feeling lost

“Our plan and identity will be revealed tomorrow if Lucy stays in this country by tomorrow” Luke replied as he took out his shirt

“So are you going to kill her?” Gina asked

“I can’t, because she’s pregnant, so am planning on taking her out of the country” Luke replied

Gina herself knew Lucy as someone who doesn’t give up
She must surely expose them knowing what actually happened

She took out a tracker from her bag

“Are you going alone?” Gina asked

“Yes, you need to stay here, I will be back” Luke replied as he picked up his phone

“Wait” Gina said as she stepped down from the bed

“Give me a hug” Gina requested as she spread her hand
Luke smiled and hugged her

Gina used the opportunity in putting the tracker on Luke’s shirt
Luke didn’t notice it

Paul in the other hand, went to Mr Williams office

He wore a mask because of the cameras

He climbed over the fence after checking out how the securities were

He sneaked inside

He used the master key to open the entrance door

He found his way straight to Mr Williams office
He opened it using the same master key

He searched for the file
It seems like the file was gone

Paul almost collapsed
He searched the whole file but couldn’t find it

He lost hope and was about to go when his leg hits something

He bent over and picked it up
It was the file

It happens to be that if fell off when he was about to carry them

He arranged the rest back to their position and left after locking the door

He locked the entrance as well

He calculated, if he should use the fence again, he might be caught

He made use of the back entrance when the security man who was there, left

Lucy in the other hand was seriously crying outside the compound

Her driver was already fast asleep

She couldn’t believe that she was betrayed by her first love

She was walking around hoping that the stress would relief

Soon, the gate made a noise

“Who is there?” Lucy asked looking at the shadow coming out from there

“Luke? How did you get in, I personally locked the gate?” Lucy asked not believing in

Luke actually jumped over the fence knowing fully well how Lucy’s house was

He sneaked to the gate and opened it
That was where the noise came from

“I told you earlier to employ a gateman” Luke said instead

“What are you doing here?” Lucy asked

“I want to take you somewhere and don’t shout” Luke said and meant to drag her

“Where are we going by this time?” Lucy asked

“It’s a surprise” Luke replied

“Am not going anywhere” Lucy insisted but Luke rushed and covered her mouth

He dragged her to his car
He used a handkerchief to cover her mouth

He opened it and pushed her inside

He entered and drove off

Meanwhile Gina was parking at the back

She didn’t on her headlight to avoid being noticed

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Luke drove near an ocean that led to an airport
He highlighted before releasing the handkerchief

“I don’t want to kill your because of this baby, please if you love your life, just take plane and disappear from this country” Luke said

“This place is very lonely” Lucy said

“Yes but I can go any further” Luke replied

“Why are you treating me like this?” Lucy asked almost crying

Luke ignored her and got down from the car
He walked over to the other side and opened the door

He dragged her down

“If you like, sleep here but if you refused to go and come back, I will kill you” Luke said and got back to his car

He ignited and drove ahead

Lucy managed to stood up crying

Luke wasn’t in speed
He kept watching her through his side mirror

Just then, Gina ignited the engine and drove towards Lucy

She increased her speed and hits Lucy as she fell into the ocean

Gina stopped but didn’t get down
She looked and confirmed what she did
She smiled and drove off


……David POV ❣️

It was really sad hearing her story

“So, that’s how you died?” I asked

“No one would ever survive that, because I didn’t know how to swim and also my pregnancy” the demon replied

“So what about the pregnancy?” I asked

“Actually, in the land of dead, they don’t accept pregnancy, so they casted her out” the demon replied

“To where?” I asked

“I don’t even know, but am not after that now” the demon replied

“Too bad” I said

“That’s why am like this” the demon said

“But you don’t have to torment my own life, you killed my love and my Dad” I said remembering it

“Your Dad was the Luke we are talking about” the demon said

“What?” I asked surprised

“You mean my Dad was Luke?” I asked

“Yes” the demon replied

“Oh my God, that means my Mom must be Gina?” I asked already scared

“No, Gina was the old woman we killed before killing your Dad” the demon replied

“How possible, because we just parked in this country, so how could they have known each other then when we weren’t here?” I asked

“You should have asked who is the landlord of this house which is nobody but your father” the demon paused

“This house was that your father’s apartment, I came here first when I was ready for the revenge but he was gone, even Gina as well but she later came back because she was unable to get married” the demon added

“but even at that, You shouldn’t have used me” I said

“You are the only one who I couldn’t easily enter, your system is strong, any other person I tried entering, I ended up killing them” the demon replied

“So what about Paul?” I asked

“Still searching for him” the demon replied

“It was really sad but please stop using me, my life is already messed up, I will kill myself” I said

“Do you think I will allow you?” The demon asked

“Am just tired of this” I said as I walked to where I dropped my bag
As I picked it up, the demon disappeared

“Did not even tell me before leaving” I said as I opened my bag in search of Zita’s piece of clothes I picked after killing her