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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 16

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Sixteen????????

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????


I sealed back the package, the way it was as I dropped it at the same place where my Dad kept it

I got back to work which was just to stood beside my Dad

“Was it an important message?” My Dad asked but his face was still on what he was doing
He was actually setting the time for the washing machine

“Somehow but it is already late” I replied

“Why did you say so?” He asked

“It contains some money” I replied

“The letter was saying that the money can go far in taking care of my education” I added

“So, how is it late?” He asked as he stood up properly

“I have already change my institution” I replied

“It is not that you are sure for now” he said

“You can keep that money” he added while I smiled

“Saying that can only tell that you don’t trust me” I said
He shook his head negatively

“I really want you to further, I don’t want you to make a mistake in decision” he said

“Don’t worry Dad, I just have faith that things will change”

“I want you guys to make use of the money while I was at school, rather than putting it in school and we will be lacking some petty thing in the house” I said


My Mom called that afternoon, for me to get her something

I had to take the package as well, while going


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

Lots of plans were being drawn by Anthony

As we sat down in a different direction
Far from other students

Luckily, the principal travelled since the new guy left


Anthony said that the problem we had was how to get Mrs Zina’s password for her computer

“Maybe we should need someone who is closer to her” Aiden suggested

“Even if we have, it can only endanger the person after when they discovered about the missing paper” Anthony said

“We need to act fast because the email will be delivered on weekend” Andrew said

“Two minutes guys” Anthony said as he took out a piece of paper and a pen

He placed it on his lap and began to write on it

“Another plan” he said raising up his head

“We need two people in this, I will like to be among” Anthony added

“What are you guys going to do?” I asked

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“Remember the project she asked our department to do” he replied

“Oh, yes, so?” I asked

“After the day’s lecture, I and the other person will wait behind”

“When am sure that Mrs Zina has turned off her system, then I will visit her with a lie that I have submitted my project since morning but she hasn’t said anything”

“You know very well that she would like to confirm it” he said while I nodded

“By then, the other guy must have stood behind the window that was just close to where the computer was”

On hearing that part, I began to calculate how her office was like

It was very big
A door and two windows
One close to the door and the other one at the back

Her personal laptop was kept on her desk while the big computer which was meant for the school activities was stood on a different and bigger table, close to the other window that was at the back

Her window was aluminum
Sliding glass window


“That person supposed to be Andrew” Anthony said after his explanation

That would help though

????⚡????⚡???? Andrew POV????⚡????⚡????

As agreed, after the day’s lecture

I sat down with Axel, Aiden and Alex before a hall close to the assistant principal’s office while Anthony went to stand, not too far from Mrs Zina’s office

After some minutes, Mrs Zina walked out of her office and meant to lock it when Anthony rushed to meet her

Mrs Zina seems to be stubborn because they wasted lots of time before she opened her door

I didn’t wait for someone to tell me what to do
I rushed to the back of the building

Good that students don’t normally come there because it was the principal’s office

“When did you say that you submitted it?” I heard Mrs Zina’s voice asking

I peeped inside
I was damn lucky because she wasn’t looking at that direction, she would have seen me

“Just this morning” Anthony lied

“You have waited until tomorrow” Mrs Zina said
By then, her voice was coming closer, which means she was coming

“I just want to be sure because my conscience couldn’t rest

“Am worried” Anthony added

I began to hear the sound of the keyboard
So I had to look up but I made sure that she didn’t notice my present
Maybe through my shadow

I used a video recorder to get it down because I didn’t want it, in a situation whereby I will forget one of the numbers

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I left immediately I got what I was assigned to

After some minutes, Anthony met us in the car

“Were you able to get it, Andrew?” He asked just as he gets inside

Aiden ignited the engine

I handed him over the video I took

“Okay then, we have to do this in the night” Anthony said

“What?” Alex asked because he was the one that would do so

“That’s when we can do it” Anthony replied

“No, that can’t be” Alex said

“Have you forgotten the warning we got from the police about night movement?” He asked
We already knew that he was scared but what he said was also true

“This have to be this night” Anthony said


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, Friday

I didn’t go to school because I wasn’t having lecture that particular day

I sat in my room, checking out what the news of the day has

It becomes boring some time but lively when you see something sweet

The knock on the door distracted me

I wasn’t expecting anyone and Jack didn’t say anything related to that

I exhaled before standing up as I went and opened the door

It was Sonia again

“Hey” she said with a smile on her face

“Why are you here?” I asked instead while her face changed

“That’s rude” she said, still keeping the same face

“Sorry, come in” I said and she smiled

She walked in gently and I closed the door back

“Wow, that animal is my favorite” she said pointing at an animal that was in the picture of what I was checking

“Seriously?” I asked as I went to sit down on the same position I was
Meanwhile the girl sat on the bed

“Yes” she replied

“You didn’t come to school today again” she said
That was the reason why she visited

“No lecture today” I replied still focusing on what I was doing

“How is Jack?”

“Is he not yet back?” She asked
I remembered that I didn’t tell her
But how would I?, when he came on Wednesday and I didn’t meet Sonia on Thursday

“Oh, sorry but he visited a day before yesterday” I replied

“You should have invited me” she said as if she was crying

Another knock distracted us

“Did you come with someone?” I asked referring to Sonia
She shook her head negatively

I wasn’t expecting anyone either

I went and opened the door
I behold Jack, standing right before the door

“Hey dude”


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Anthony POV????⚡????⚡????

The whole thing was on me and it was already Friday

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Alex refused to go to school in the night because of fear, but that night would be easier for us to do what we wanted to do what we really planned to do

So I had to think of another way
An idea came in

There wasn’t a lecture yet, so I called the A gang out of the hall

“I have another plan” I said as we stood close to our car, since that was the only silent place where no one would overheard us

“I will have to look for a way to call out Mrs Zina from the office and immediately she comes out, Alex will have to go inside”

“Don’t hesitate to do everything as fast as you can” I added

“Noted but how will you call her out?” Alex asked

“Leave that for me” I replied

????⚡????⚡????Mrs Zina PV????⚡????⚡????

Busy with my work when an unknown number called me

I had to pick it up immediately

“Please is this the assistant principal of Stanford University?” A deep voice asked
I didn’t have to be scared

“Yes, please” I replied

“Actually, one of your students had an accident and this the first number I saw in his contact as his assistant principal”
On hearing that, I stood up immediately from my seat

“His ID card shows that it is Stanford University” he added

“Where is him?” I asked

“Just right before the school gate but I can’t come in”

“Just come and confirm him” he added

I hung up and rushed out of the office

I informed the security man before we went outside

It was Anthony
On a bandage but I couldn’t see any other person

“Anthony” I called and rushed to where he was leaning against the wall

“Where is the man?” I asked

“I don’t know, he just dropped me here and left” he replied

I looked around

It looks more like a street

Much people doesn’t move around

????⚡????⚡???? Alex POV ????⚡????⚡????

Just as Mrs Zina left, Axel made a sign that I should go inside

I watched very well before walking in

I rushed to the computer and tapped it

It didn’t take much time to get On

“Wow” I said

“It is not even locked” I added because it didn’t show any lock

I went to the App that was meant for our school work

It was Jack’s details, form and exam was what I first met
It was just right before me

“Life is really somehow” I said smiling

I didn’t hesitate to delete every single thing that it has as a document