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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 17

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Seventeen????????

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????


During the act, I sat down on the driver’s side with the door open
Aiden sat down on the passenger side while Andrew lean on the car

Every other students were still inside during the whole thing

We waited patiently for Alex

It was almost 10mins since Alex went inside, he was yet to come out

“Are you sure Alex knows what he is doing there?” Aiden asked
He was loosing patient

“Out of thousands of students, it won’t be easy to find that his paper” Andrew said

That was true anyway

“Let me call him then” I said
I called his line immediately because I sensed that Mrs Zina must have done with what Anthony has planned

“Yes mehn” Alex said just as he picked up the call

“What is going on?” I asked

“Am done already” he replied as the door got opened

He walked out and looked around very well before closing back the door

He walked gently to where we were

????⚡????⚡????Mrs Zina ????⚡????⚡????

The principal travelled for a meeting, while I was the only one left, with other teachers


The two security guards who were available, helped to bring in Anthony

My car was the first car you could see at the parking spot before others

They leaned him against it

“We need to see the doctor now” I suggested because I couldn’t get the picture of what happened

“Am just coming back from the hospital” Anthony replied

I began to think about what has been going on in the school

I couldn’t tell if he was attacked or what

“Am not sure a good doctor will discharge you like that” I said

“I told him that I would be fine” he replied

“That’s what am talking about”

“He is in the position to know when you are totally fine”

“And also the driver he gave you, I don’t even understand all this” I added

I was really confused about the whole thing

“Don’t worry ma’am, am better” he said

Since my mind was made up, I still had to do what I thought

“Am coming” I said as I walked straight to my office
As I was walking, I came across Axel and his friends

They were busy discussing
They seems not to know what happened

I ignored them and went to my office

As I got inside, I noticed something in the office

“Someone was here”: I said shaking my head
My hands on my waist

I remembered that the previous day, Anthony was in my office for the project he claimed that he has submitted

But what could it be that he was planning?

“We must go to the hospital” I concluded

????⚡????⚡????Anthony POV????⚡????⚡????

Not too long after Mrs Zina left, I saw Ajax walking out from the back of the building (Mrs Zina’s office) with a backpack hung on his back

I knew Ajax very well with smartness

But what could it be that he was up to?

I waved it off and thought of my own self

Axel and the rest hasn’t shown up
I didn’t know there plan

If Mrs Zina should catch me, that means I would be suspected because the guy’s details will be gone

I had to plan another thing which was to send a message to Axel but before I could finish typing down the message, I saw Mrs Zina coming out of her office with a car key

I still had to send it

Just as Mrs Zina came closer, Axel and the rest rushed to where we were

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“Oh my God, Anthony!” Alex shouted
They had to make it real

“When did this happen?” He asked
Axel walked closer to me

“Let’s take you home then” Axel said

“Wait” Mrs Zina interrupted

“You guys were there for some minutes ago, so how did you notice this now?” She asked

“When we saw you coming to your car with the car key, I wondered why”

“Because you don’t normally leave school by this time” Axel replied

“So when we looked at the direction you were going to, we saw Anthony on this condition” Aiden supported

That was cool work

“By the way” Mrs Zina said

“Why were you guys outside when you were supposed to be in the lecture?” She asked
That was another hitting question

“I had a bad dream last night, so I find it difficult to concentrate in the hall” Axel replied
That was a funny excuse tho

“Anyway, I want to take him to the hospital because this doesn’t look ordinary” Mrs Zina said

“Okay then, let’s do it, so that you can check out the school” Axel said

“No offense” he added because that word sounds somehow
By then, other students started coming out from their respective halls

“Thanks for that but I want to do this because everyone’s life is in my hand as far as this school is concerned” Mrs Zina said

“Security, help him get inside the car” she added as she pressed a button on the remote control as the car opened

She walked to the driver’s side and get inside

They couldn’t do anything at that moment

So, it was left for me to plan



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

I remembered that Jack was to come back that same week

Just as I walked out of the lecture hall after the first lecture, with Ella

I saw Mark leaning on his car
Looking at the lecture hall where we were coming from

“He must be here for you” Ella said while I turned to look at her
She was smiling

“I know this is your handwork” I said

“Stop pretending as if you don’t like him” she said
I couldn’t believe that coming out from her mouth

“Am engaged, Ella and you know that my fiance is in this same school” I said

I didn’t know if it was bad to have her as a friend and a roommate as well

We walked down and I meant to take another direction but Mark rushed to stand before me

“Hey” he said with a smile on his face but I didn’t respond
I looked at where his car was

Ella was standing there

“Why are you avoiding me?”

“I thought we were getting along?” He asked while I looked around

“I thought I have told you that am engaged?” I asked back

“I just want to be your friend, I don’t mind seeing your fiance as well” he responded

That was unbelievable

“But that’s not why am here” he added and I turned to look at him

“So?” I asked

“I want to know about your brother, if he has gotten admitted” he replied

That was what I was thinking too

“I haven’t heard from him” I said

“Do you mind calling him for me or you can give me his number?” He requested

“You are also blocking people, why don’t you come to the car?” He asked

I looked around very well but Mr Rashid was nowhere to be found

I reluctantly agreed and followed him

We got to his car and I called Jack
He picked at the first ringing

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“Sweetheart” I said
That’s how I normally refer him when I called him
Not when at home

“How are you doing?” He asked


I later gave the phone to Mark after informing Jack that he wanted to speak with him
Meanwhile Ella has walked to the other side of the car instead of where she was
Which was where Mark and I stood

I couldn’t tell what was her plan

If she stood with us, when Mr Rashid sees us, he wouldn’t think far

But I couldn’t help it

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

After speaking with the guy who helped Jane with my transport to California

If not for what condition has done to us, I would recommend him for Jane


We were free at that moment with the washing for the main time

I had the chance to call Ajax because I collected his number then but forgot to call him

“Hello” he said just as he picked up
I noticed that his voice was down as if he was hiding somewhere

“Hey dude” I responded

“Please, who is on the line?” Ajax asked

“It is Jack” I replied

“Wow, I will call you back dude, am not in a better position” he said
Before I could say anything, he has hung up already

I just hoped he was fine
Or maybe he was in a lesson

Just then, a car drove in and a girl stepped down from it

It was Stella

I became scared if she has come with her father but she was the only one who came

“Hi” she said waving at me after greeting my father as she walked to where I was

“Where is your Dad?” I asked, to be sure

“I am here alone” she replied smiling

“I came to see you” she added
She was just perfect in smiling

“Thanks for the package” I appreciated while she smiled



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Anthony POV????⚡????⚡????

They took me to a hospital and the nurses rushed to assist

I was taken to a room and a nurse began to remove the bandage
I had to think as fast as I could

Mrs Zina was outside because they asked her to

“The doctor who treated you wasn’t good at all” the nurse said

“Why did you say so?” I asked

“If you really break your leg, he or she supposed to add a little wood to support the bones” she replied
That doctor was me
How could I even think of that when I was making a fast planning to avoid it to be late

“The doctor will be with you in some minutes” the nurse said as she was almost done while I nodded

I looked at my legs and saw the marks I got from the bandage

I think that was the punishment I got


After some minutes, the doctor came in with a nurse

He began to examine my legs

I was trying to get the courage and tell him about my plans when the door was pushed opened and Axel walked in
A nurse was also trying to stop him

“What?” The doctor said with so much unbelievable look

“Sorry doctor, I tried stopping him but he refused” the nurse said

“Sorry, but I have to do it this way” Axel said

“I want to speak with you and my friend here, privately” Axel added

“It is okay, you can now go” the doctor said, referring to the nurse
She nodded and walked out

The other nurse also walked out

“What do you have to say because I don’t see anything wrong with this leg?” The doctor asked pointing at my leg

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“That’s why am here” Axel said

“I want you to make it look real” Axel added

“How do you mean?” The doctor asked

“I want you to tell Mrs Zina when she comes back, that this wound is real because she was already suspecting that it wasn’t” Axel replied

“He can stay here until tomorrow” he added

“No, I have already told her that I discharged by the other doctor, so I need to be discharged here as well, for my plan to be true” I said
The doctor was just looking at us without saying anything

I wondered what was in his mind

“Please doctor” I said
He needed to say something at least

“That’s a double assignment” he said instead

“I don’t understand” Axel said

“Nevermind, the nurse will assist you very soon” the doctor said and walked out of the room



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

On Sunday,

After Sunday service, we arrived home as usual

I went to change into something more comfortable for home


I went out for anything that would help me until the breakfast was ready

I didn’t know why I was so hungry

Jane was sweeping which she normally do before she goes to help Mom in the kitchen
But I couldn’t stand the hunger

I went to collect the broom she was using

She stood properly when I walked to where she was sweeping

“Let me do it” I said as I got closer

“Go and help Mom for it to be faster because am very hungry” I added

“Ohh, okay” she said and let go of the broom

“I didn’t know” she added and walked inside while I continued where she stopped


It didn’t take long as it normally does, the breakfast was ready

Jane called me from my room

We walked to the dinning room together

The food were already served

“You looks down” my Dad said

“I noticed that he is really hungry today because for the first time, he swept the compound on Sunday” my junior sister said
I don’t do it on Sundays because Jane does

I didn’t plan to say anything because I was damn hungry
So I had to smile

“You need to avoid overthinking because this is the result of loosing appetite last night” my Mom said

I even forgot that I didn’t eat the previous night just because of the thought of getting admitted

If it should be that I won’t get admitted, that means I have to go back to my former school with the money Stella gave me


After some minutes, we started chatting like before
Laughing on top
Just because I have gotten what I wanted


When we were done, I went back to my room
Just then, I saw Ajax call

I picked it up

“Hey dude” he said

“Happy Sunday” I responded

“The same here, have you gotten the email?” He asked
I knew that was his reason for calling

“Not yet, I don’t think I qualified” I replied

“You can’t, what could be keeping them?” He asked as if I knew the answer

“Let’s see how long it takes” he said


In the afternoon time, when I was busy surfing the net

There wasn’t any news that was useful

I became bored that I felt sleepy

I dropped my phone and fell on the bed but a notification vibrated my phone

I reluctantly took the phone again

The thing I saw was just surprising

Email from Stanford University

“Oh my God!” I shouted out of joy

“I got admitted” I shouted not believing it