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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 19

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Nineteen

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

After when Ajax was done, greeting his brother and his Gangs

He rode to Mrs Zina’s office and parked

“Welcome once again” Ajax said as we got down from his bike while I smiled

He turned to look at where his brother was
I did as well
They were still looking at us

He smirked at them and returned his face

“Let’s go” he said and I nodded
We went straight to Mrs Zina’s office

She ordered us in after knocking on her door

She gestured us to sit

“This is the list of the books you needed and it will be delivered to you” Mrs Zina said giving me a paper

“Am giving this to you because you need to confirm each and every one of them when they arrived” she added

“Oh, thanks a lot Ma” I appreciated with my face hitting with smile

“You and Ajax are in the same department” she said

“Wow, I forgot to ask you that” Ajax said

“But am not offering the whole subject” I responded


Ajax took me to my supposed room, according to Mrs Zina

Although Ajax asked him to come over to his apartment but I declined it because if I should stay far from the school, I don’t think I will be able to do what was necessary to stop the killing

The distance from the school dormitories to the main school building was really far

As in the school compound was really big that you will think that you are in a different town if you are there for the first time

We got to my supposed dormitory with Ajax’s bike

I remembered something

It was that room Kate said that was her room in the dream

Lots of students were walking around
Waving up and down

I saw a gate just not far from the dormitory

I guessed it was the second gate and was the one I followed the first day I came to that school because I remembered that my first eye catch was when students gathered there

“That means this school has two gates?” I asked referring to Ajax

“Yes, but they look alike” he replied

“Is this not Kate’s room?” I asked when I returned my face to the building

“Exactly” he replied as he opened the door with the key Mrs Zina gave us
While I was with my bags

He pushed the door open, exposing the empty room
We walked in
Only the bed, chair and closet was there
There was another small room that was separated with a door

I pushed it open
It was the bathroom and toilet

“I thought they are normally two in a room?” I indirectly asked

“Yes but not anymore” Ajax replied

I dropped my bag close to my closet while Ajax helped me to dust off some dirties around the window
While I dusted the closet

“This room has a view” Ajax said

“How do you mean?” I asked
Not even looking at him

I was busy arranging my clothes in the closet

“You can see things happening at the school” he replied and I turned to look at him

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The school was a little bit far

“Even though it is somehow far” he added

“It is cool” I said as I returned my face to what I was doing

“I wonder what moves you to come here even when you knows everything” Ajax said

“As in the school dormitory is dangerous” he added

If he had known, he wouldn’t have asked

I just believed that I must find the solution

“I just like being close” I replied
I had to give that as a reason

“And also there is something you need to know” Ajax said coming out from the window side

“Once it is midnight, don’t come out” he added

“Why?” I asked

“The police who were looking into what has been happening, instructed us”

“And since then, there haven’t been any results about killing” he added

????⚡????⚡????Anthony POV????⚡????⚡????

My thought was right when I said that Ajax was up to something

It was clear that he was the one who made things suspicious for Mrs Zina

But I couldn’t figure out how he did it and what he actually did

“I wonder how Ajax can outsmart us all” Aiden said on our way home

“When I saw him that day, I suspected it but I couldn’t tell what it was” I responded

“But why would he want to risk that guy’s life?” Alex asked
I didn’t know why we wanted to stop him from coming to our school but we found ourselves making that as a decision

“It will be better if he dies” Axel said

“But does it mean that he hasn’t been hearing what we are facing here?” Andrew asked
I wondered who they expected to answer

“Maybe that is why he has come” I said

“Something must have prompt him to come here” Alex said

“Who could do that? Where there is dead and you persisted to be there” Andrew said

“Who do he thinks he is?” Axel asked

“Maybe second Jesus” Aiden said while we laughed

“That kind of thing shouldn’t be bothering us” Aiden added

“Since he is already here, let’s see how he will end because am pretty sure that he will be staying at the school dormitory”

“And he might not have known what the police instructed” I said

“Ajax is faster in making decisions” Axel said

“Are you trying to say that he must have told him?” I asked

“Exactly” Axel replied

That was making sense tho

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in my apartment that evening
Taking some rest when someone decided to disturb me with a knock on my door

I couldn’t tell who it was because I wasn’t expecting anyone

The knock repeated itself and I reluctantly went to open it

“Who do we have here?” I asked when I saw Axel standing right before my door

“Are you going to keep me standing?” He asked back while I shifted for him to come in
He smiled and walked in while I closed the door

He picked up my remote control and switched On the television

“Am still surprise” I said, walking to the bed because he was already sitting on the chair

“I know it is not a crime to visit a twin brother” he said instead

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“Don’t you offer something to people when they visit?” He asked as he turned properly to look at me

“Remember that you didn’t give me anything the last time I visited” I said

“This is where I want you to come into” he said
I didn’t get it tho

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Am suspicious of what you did with my car the time you came for it” he said while I smiled
Maybe he has seen the recorder

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I pretended

“I don’t know what you did with it but are you aware that you are putting the life of that guy at risk?” He asked

“Oh, does it mean caring or what?”

“What is really your intention?” I asked

“Too many risky, hope you know?” He asked

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

That night, I remembered that I haven’t told Jane about my arrival

She must be worried since she didn’t have my California number

I called her and she picked it immediately

I informed her about my arrival after introducing myself to her

She was so happy that I arrived safe

“So when will you be visiting?” That was the next thing I heard from her

“Am not sure yet”

“How is Mark?” I asked
There was a little silent for a while

“He is good, he even asked of you today” she replied

“That’s good of him, please extend my greetings to him” I said


It is always great speaking with family when you are out

It gives hope to both you and them


As it always be, I don’t know how but I found myself in a lonely road

Only me
No one was there

I saw a smoke from a far, coming up from where I don’t know

What I knew was that the smoke was coming up

I walked down to where I saw it

I saw a house burning while people were filled outside crying

They turned to face me just as I stopped

“Please help me!!” They kept saying

I looked at them, from one to another

Surprisedly, I saw Ajax in their midst

“Help!” He shouted

The next thing was for me to jump up from my bed breathing heavily

“Good morning” I heard someone saying from behind
Making me to shakes
Rushing down from my bed

I turned to see the ghost boy sitting on the head of the bed

“Why do you keep scaring me?” I asked and sat back

“Am not planning to scare you, am only greeting” he said

“That’s not the way, you scared a hell out of me” I responded

“Sorry but you are late for school” he said
I took my phone immediately and checked the time

It was true

I gasped and rushed to my bathroom


After some minutes, I was ready for school and the ghost boy was gone even before I could come out from the bathroom

Just as I opened the door, I saw Ajax standing there

“Timing” he said smiling

I had to comply
We shakes hands

I locked door and entered Ajax’s bike

“I will help you” I said inwardly
Remembering the dream

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡ ????⚡????

I was scared
That’s why I visited Jack very early that day
I had to follow the second gate, just to reach him very fast

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“How was it, your first night?” I asked on our way
After carrying him

“Not really bad”

“Was there light off?” I asked

“I don’t think so because I didn’t feel it” he replied
That means he was a deep sleeper if he used that word

I parked in the parking spot

“Seems like the principal isn’t around?” He asked

“Yes, he travelled for a meeting” I replied

We walked to the hall

Since we came earlier before the lecturer, we had to wait for him

Just we were waiting, Mira arrived with her friend

She was so happy when she saw us that she has to leave her supposed position to where I was sitting with Jack

Leaving Lily behind

“Hi, good morning guys” Mira greeted
Her excitement was really obvious

“Jack, this is Mira , a family friend” I introduced after responding to her greeting

“Mira, meet Jack, my new friend” I added

“It is nice meeting you” Mira said bringing out her hand for shake
Jack did the same

“My pleasure” Jack responded
I winked at Mira
She smiled and walked back to where Lily was

Soon, they arrived


The A gangs

When Andrew saw us, he tapped Axel and pointed at us
Others moved their faces to us

The A gangs walked to where we were sitting

Just as Axel was about to say something, the lecturer interrupted everything

They had to comport themselves and went to where they normally stay

“You see that group” I said
Calling Jack’s attention

“Avoid them” I added

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

After the first lecture, the second one wasn’t general and I wasn’t offering it

But Ajax was


I walked to an empty hall thinking a lot

I spotted the ghost boy at the end of the hall

He was standing there with a smile on his face

“Why do you keep following me?” I asked

He disappeared and reappeared to where I stood

“We need to work together to pull Mr Noah down or else everyone will die” he said

“Who is Mr Noah?” I asked
I needed to hear all of them from him

“Over there” he said pointing at the door post

I saw the principal
The same man I saw in my dream

His horns began to grow again

I rubbed my eyes with my hands and looked at him again but he was gone

“He is gone” the ghost boy said

“How?” I asked

“He wasn’t really there” he replied

“Have you ever wondered why students doesn’t leave the school even after the whole killing?” He asked

“Have you ever wondered why there hasn’t been any talk on that?” He asked again

“Am still wondering” I replied looking at him

“Mr Noah has it done” he said

“How?” I asked

“That’s the discussion for night” he replied and disappeared immediately

I was about to say something when someone who just walked in, interrupted me
It was Ajax

“Dude, the principal send for you” he said

“What? I thought you said that he travelled?” I asked

“He just arrived” he replied

Who knows why he was calling me?