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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 20

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Twenty

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I went to the principal’s office

I knocked on his door and he ordered me in

He was busy with some files on his desk
I greeted him and he just told me to sit down even without looking at me

I sat down as I began to think about those dreams I had a concerning him

I couldn’t forget that particular one he attacked me

“Jack, right” he said after some minutes

I was shocked that I had to nod immediately he looked at me

“Yes sir” I added to the nod I have already did

“Good to have you here” he said

“Welcome, you are the only third-year student among those that was giving scholarship opportunity”

“I would like to see your documents from your previous school, to know the reason why you left there in the first place or is it because of the scholarship?” He asked as he dropped those files he was holding and focused, fully on me

I wondered why he was asking me that, all of a sudden

“Actually sir, my family had an issue so we were not able to pay up the necessary things that was needed, as in the semester and for some textbooks” I replied
I knew it wasn’t necessary for him to ask me that but since I didn’t know his intention, I have to answer him

“Oh, I see” he said and began to hit his fingers on the desk

That simply means that he was just thinking

“Do you follow news? Updates?” He asked
I wondered what that has to do with my education there

“Yes sir, often” I replied

“That means you must have heard what has been going on in this school?” He indirectly asked

Everyone kept repeating that same thing

If I was able to see the update concerning the scholarship opportunities, why won’t I be able to see what life was involved in

“Yes sir” I replied

“Interesting” he said nodding

“So why did you still have the mind to come here?” He asked

Could it be that he has asked other students like that?

I couldn’t figure it

“I believe that anything that has a beginning must have an end” I replied
I had to put it that way

“How do you mean?” He asked
By this time, he removed his eyeglass

Maybe he wanted to take a good look at me

“As in, the killing just started and it must surely end” I replied

“Are you planning to do it on your own?” He asked while I smiled

“With the help of everyone, we can” I replied

“Hope you will support us?” I asked with a smile
His look shows that he wasn’t that comfortable

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????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I had to wait for Jack, sitting on my bike

Soon, I heard some voices coming closer to where I was
When I turned to take a look, it was Axel and his gangs

They were chatting and laughing, but in a matured way

I returned my face and began to operate my phone

They went to where Axel’s car was parked
I knew it wasn’t yet over for the day lecture

That means they must have come to take a rest

“Hey Ajax” Axel called walking over to where I was

I looked at him but didn’t respond

“Where is your new friend?” He asked looking around

“Why are you asking after him?” I returned the question

“I don’t want us to have problem because of him” he said

“You supposed to have remembered what Dad said”

“So I won’t say much on this” I added

“I don’t want this to destroy the respect I have for you” he said while I chuckled softly

“Am supposed to be the one saying this” I said

“He is my friend and you have to stay away from him” I added

“You supposed to know my normal life and I see him in that position now” he said and I understood that

His bullying

“Common Axel, we are supposed to be discussing about what is happening in this school not this stupid stuff” I said

“I can’t remember the last time I heard about that”

“So, I think it has stopped” he added

“Then, that means my friend has a luck with him” I said smiling

“Silly and stupid” he said

“Anyway, I have somewhere to rush to” he added

“I see”

“Don’t forget not to interrupt my assignment” he said

“Catch you later” he added and jogged a little to his car
I looked at his car until they drove off

I shakes my head negatively and concentrated on my phone

Few minutes later, Jack came out from the principal’s office

He doesn’t look bad
That means there wasn’t anything wrong

“Let’s get ourselves a lunch, do you care?” I asked just to cheer him up in case if there was a little problem back there

“Sure” he responded


We ordered for our food and drink

They served us as we began to deal with it

“So, what do you think about Mr Noah?” Jack suddenly asked

If such question could come out from his mouth, that means something must have happened in there

“How do you mean?” I returned the question

“Like, the killing” he replied

“I don’t want to say anything about that”

“Why?” He asked

“I remembered how two friends died after suspecting that he was behind it” I replied

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I remembered that I was in one of the room behind the hall where Jimmy and John talked about suspecting Mr Noah

I explained everything to Jack

“Could it be that he is really behind it?” Jack asked

“I am not sure”

“I gave it a second thought, as in, it might be that someone else is behind it and after hearing those conversations, the person killed them so that people will still think like that”

“Because he believed that one of their friends was there when they discussed that even though I don’t know the guy because his face wasn’t clear when I tried looking at him”

“So I think the killer left the guy, so that he would stand as a witness” I explained

“Why don’t we meet him since he hasn’t said anything about it” Jack suggested

“That’s what I thought but I don’t know the guy, I didn’t see his face” I replied


????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

That night after taking my dinner

I decided to take a little look on what was on net

“Good evening” I heard from behind
I wanted to shake but I was able to hold myself
Knowing that I was supposed to be visited that evening

I turned to look at the ghost boy who was just standing there

“This is how I got killed” he said and bent his head to the right hand side as everything in his neck got displayed

The bone that was holding his neck was divided into two

His liver was placed on his neck as well

His hands were butchered into pieces

“Please close it back” I said because I couldn’t stand it
He shakes his body as everything returned to its normal position

“So, can you tell me what really happened?” I asked

“That’s why am here” he replied

↑↓→←↓↑ Author’s Note ????????????↑↓→←↓↑

10years ago

Mr Smith and Mr Noah was a very close friend right from their childhood

They also had their education in the same university as well

Mr Noah was 2yrs older than Mr Smith but there were in the same level

Mr Noah got married during his time in University after getting one of his schoolmate pregnant, by name Gina

He was in Second year then tho
When he still had more three years to finish his education

He had to get married to her and kept her with his parents


Mr Noah was born into a wealthy family that managed one of the best secondary school at California while Mr Smith wasn’t from such family but his family tried their best to get him the education he needed as the only child

Mr Noah’s parents died just after he finished his university level

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He then, had to take over his parents School
Since he has gotten what could be required for him to be in charge of it
By then his son was already in school


When Mr Smith heard about Mr Noah’s new position
He thought that his life would then be easier
Hoping on Mr Noah

One afternoon, Mr Smith visited Mr Noah in his school

He was happy that he had to meet him

Mr Smith had to meet Mr Noah in his office

When Mr Noah saw Mr Smith, he murmured

“He must have come for begging”

Mr Smith, thinking that he has come to the solution for his problem

He explained to Mr Noah what brought him to his office

“Oh, I see” Mr Noah said

Just then, another person knocked on the door
It was Mr Noah’s wife and son

He ordered them in

Gina and Xander (Mr Noah’s son) walked in

They greeted Mr Smith as well after Mr Noah


After some minutes when Gina and Xander has left, Mr Noah called for Mr Smith’s attention

“I think I have a job for you” Mr Noah said

That really puts a great joy in Mr Smith

“Thank you, please which job?” Mr Smith asked

“My wife told me last night that she has gotten a job and she has been the one that always take Xander to school and also bring him back” he paused
Mr Smith was just waiting to hear what he really had

“So, I want to employ you as my driver, so that you will be taking Xander to school and also bring him back” Mr Noah added

Mr Smith couldn’t believe his ears

He swallowed his saliva first

“I thought you will just give me a position, maybe as a teacher” he said

“There’s no vacancy and this is what I can do for you, are you interested?” Mr Noah asked

“So, how much for my salary?” Mr Smith asked back

“I will just be giving you anything that comes out from my mind in every month” Mr Noah replied

That sounds somehow to Mr Smith

It sounds like a mockery

“What kind of statement is that?”

“That’s what I said and I might not even pay you sometime depending on how the week goes” Mr Noah replied

Mr Smith finds it as an insult that he stood up with anger

“You are really wicked”

“I thought we were friends” Mr Smith said

“Then please, if you don’t want it, you can just leave my office” Mr Noah said

That was so embarrassing that Mr Smith had to left with so much anger