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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 21

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jenny POV ❣️

Throughout the weekend was filled with thoughts

Victor was my close friend

He knew everything concerning Jason
So attacking after Zita’s death shows something unbelievable

I guess that Jason must have hand in what happened
But why would he

Could it be that he asked Zita out but she refused?

I have known him as a playboy but he stopped it immediately I accepted him

It was quite stressful to think about

My phone started ringing
It was Jason

I hissed and ignored it

“He won’t change” I said

My mind ran to Victor
Maybe something important might come out

I called him
He picked at the fourth ring

“Hello” I said politely

“Choose to check me out today?” Victor asked
I could tell that he smiled

“Aren’t we friends anymore?” I returned the question

“Am just kidding” Victor replied

“Actually” I meant to start

“I know you are disappointed about my action on Friday” he said cutting me short

“I know that you have your reason” I said

“I was just upset for nothing” I tried lying

“I know that you don’t like telling me the truth once it’s on phone call so let’s meet tomorrow” I suggested

“Unfortunately, I won’t be coming to school anymore” Victor said

“Why?” I asked

“Am changing school” he replied

“To which school?” I asked

“Not even in this country” he replied


“Sorry, I can’t tell”


…. Jason POV ❣️

It was Monday, I dressed up for school with so many thoughts

Jenny refused picking my calls and I don’t know why

I was worried

I wouldn’t want to lose her not even when she hasn’t given me what I fought for years for

I got to school as usual

When I got inside the class, Jenny was sitting at the same seat with David

Meanwhile, Dorothy was at Zita’s position

I couldn’t figure out what was happening

I wouldn’t try acting because it would definitely result to worst

The only thing in my mind was to get rid of David

I would have eliminated him long time ago but that day seems to be a lucky day for him

I wouldn’t miss any other opportunity

“Is like our great Jason has suddenly became weak” Benita teased from her seat as everybody started laughing
That was when I noticed that I have been standing, all this while

“Jason” a deep voice calls me from behind
I turned and it was one of the teachers

“The principal requested for your presence in his office” he added and left

I waved everything that happened then, off my mind

In the principal’s office, I sat opposite the principal

“I have few questions for you” the principal said while I paid attention

I had to deal with one before thinking of another

“Where were you when the beast attacked Zita?” He asked

It means that he was still suspecting me

“I was in our special room” I replied

“What nonsense special room!?” He shouted standing up

“If the previous principal was tolerating rubbish, just know that it is over” he added
He really angry
I wouldn’t blame him because ever since he came to our school, my father hasn’t shown up or do things the way he normally does

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“So what were you doing there?” He asked again

“I was studying” I replied

“Do you think I will buy that?” He asked bringing his face closer to mine

“Are you actually suspecting me?” I asked back

“Not even after Victor picked up a fight with you” he responded

“COP Kelly told me that you called him about the incident, so how did you get to know?” He asked

I remembered when COP Kelly told me during the weekend that the principal was suspecting me
And was aware about the call but should in case if he asked me, I should deny it because he lied to him that it was an unknown number that called him

“Am confused here, because I can’t remember calling COP Kelly, I don’t even have his contact” I lied

I could see that he was short of words but I maintained myself


….. David POV ❣️

Being with Jenny made me feel better but I was scared because her life was also in danger

Dorothy in the other hand was giving me headache

I believed that she was the solution to my problem but how she does, left me in dark

I knew that as long as I was staying with Jenny, her days would be counting

I wouldn’t want to risk her life

During break period, I tried making it possible for Dorothy to join us but all to no avail

“So are you planning on ending your relationship with Jason just like that?” I asked Jenny during our eating because I was feeling concerned

“I haven’t thought that but he have to tell me the truth”

“As in I want to know why he did that” Jenny replied

“But the police said that it was a beast” I said

“That COP Kelly is Jason’s Uncle, how would you expect him to say the truth, knowing what Jason could do?” Jenny said or rather asked

My mind ran to that policeman

He was the same man that came when my Dad died

‘ won’t he be suspecting me?’ I asked myself

“So you believe that Jason has hand in that?” I asked

“That’s why Victor attacked him, Victor was different among them” Jenny replied

“So why is Dorothy avoiding you?” She asked
Her question was dangerous to reply
I had to think of something

“She told me earlier that she wants to give Zita one week respect and she wouldn’t want anything to make her forget that” I lied
I smiled bitterly inside for my lie

“Zita was also someone that everybody likes, why would they have done that to her?” Jenny asked herself almost crying

It was almost time for dismissal, I was walking into the class when I saw Dorothy coming towards our seat which only Jenny was sitting

I became afraid

I didn’t know what her intention was

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As I got in, Dorothy saw me and turned back immediately

Jenny wasn’t able to notice it because she was busy packing up her bag

“So today has come to an end?” I tried asking just to cheer her up again as I walked to the seat

“Yes, tomorrow will be better, I pray” Jenny replied smiling but her face suddenly changed and I know why

“I wonder if Victor won’t be coming to school after being removed from their group” I said packing up my stuff

“Victor won’t come back again” Jenny replied

“Why?” I asked

“His decision, he said that he will be leaving the country today probably, evening” Jenny replied

My eyes widened
I needed to get some things from Victor

He must have known something before attacking Jason

“His location?” I asked

“Actually, I don’t know” Jenny replied

My mind ran to back then, when he met me and Zita on our way after the get together

He gave out his location to Zita telling her in case she wants to visit him


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I got to shop really tired

It wasn’t easy to ignore David because he seems so lonely

After what happened, I wasn’t able to stand him

I greeted my Uncle and walked straight inside
I sat trying to catch breaths

There was no customer and my uncle was just arranging his goods properly

“You looks so much tired today, did something happen again?” My Uncle asked coming to where I was

“I think there is a very big problem” I replied

“What could that be?” My Uncle asked

“Another person’s life is in danger” I replied

“How?” My Uncle asked

“Another girl is getting closer to him” I replied

“Why don’t he chase them away?” My Uncle asked

“It won’t be nice” I replied

“Then you need to save her, the leaf isn’t for fansy” my Uncle said

“How can I?”

“You know that I can’t just disclose that to her because she would surely ask me why the leaf and if I tells her, she would become scared and perhaps tell everyone”

“That would be the end because the demon will like to use him since it was exposed and that would result to his death because the police will be left with no other option than to kill him during the process” I said

“Do you have a plan?” My Uncle asked

Seriously, I didn’t


…. Victor POV ❣️

I was done loading my luggages in my car

I had to relocate to another country where my father’s company was

claiming that I wanted to master the place before I would graduate

I looked around the whole compound
I was missing everything already

I asked the gateman to open the gate
As he opened it, a car drove in

I was just amazed looking at it
The door opened as David stepped down

I couldn’t help it but to smile

“Too bad, you know” David walking up to me

“You didn’t bother telling anyone” he added

“I don’t think it will make any difference” I said as we shook hands together

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“So you are seriously leaving?” He asked

“I have nothing left” I said smiling bitterly


…. David POV ❣️

It was really heartbroken seeing Victor to leave, just like that

“I expected you but I didn’t think of how you will locate me” Victor said

“It is on my own smartness” I boosted as we laughed
At least, I needed to cheer ourselves up

“Let’s walk around” Victor said smiling
I smiled and we started the walking

“So where are you heading to?” I asked

“I don’t want to tell anyone even Jenny” he paused

“Am heading to Switzerland” Victor added

“I hope you will be able to move on” I said

“Sure” Victor responded

“Do you really think that Jason did that to Zita?” I asked
Just to hear his thoughts

“He has already said that he would eliminate Jenny earlier and you need to be careful” Victor said

“I have another secret to tell you” he said

“What’s that?” I asked

“I will start with the beginning, Jenny has been my close friend right from time, I was the one who tried convincing her about Jason, she trusts me but she never loved Jason, she told me that she had to comply maybe she might fall for him and Jason told me that he truly love her and would stop his playboy life once Jenny accepts him” he paused

“After one week when they were already together, Jason told me that his intention was to get Jenny on his bed and dump her for letting him to go through hard times just to get her but it was already late for me because I don’t know how to put it for Jenny not to feel bad for me and Jason didn’t stop that playboy life, he was doing it secretly” he added

“Then Jenny isn’t safe” I said feeling pity for Jenny

“Am leaving Jenny onto you, you have to protect her pride but you need to be careful” Victor said

“I don’t have to interfere because Jason is someone tough” I protested

“You need to, am no longer there to save her, I have saved her so many times, and I am giving her to you because am left with no other option” Victor said

“It’s a hard thing” I said

“Do it for love” he said
My eyes widened not getting it

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Jenny loves you but she doesn’t want to put you in trouble or to act cheap, that’s why she kept it to herself but she told me because she trusts me” Victor replied

“Please try to understand her and don’t let her know that I told you” Victor added

I was already scared
It was true that Jenny was the first lady to attract me when I arrived before Zita shows up

But am scared because Jenny’s life would definitely be in danger

I would have said that’s why she wants to take the opportunity of what happened