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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 22

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️

I got home that very day, I couldn’t escape thought as everything seems to be turning around

As my driver drove into the compound, my eyes sighted my father’s car

Why would he be at home

I got inside

He was busy entertaining himself with a movie that was showing on TV

“Dad, you are home?” I asked walking inside gently

“I don’t think that’s a greeting” my Dad said instead
I smiled

“Good afternoon Dad”

“So why are you home?” I asked because if I waited for him to respond to my greeting, the chat will be boring

“Are you now throwing me out of my house?” My Dad asked back

“That’s not it, you and I know that it is normally on weekends but today is Monday” I said

“I have to come back because of you” he said
I was not able to get what he was about to say

“What about me?” I asked as I sat down opposite him

“About what happened at school, why didn’t you tell me that on weekend?” He asked

“It wasn’t necessary” I simply said for him not to get involved because it would be a different story

“Actually, COP Kelly told me everything” he paused

“From the time you called him and also how your fellow student took a fight with you, making the principal to suspect you” he added

“Actually, I don’t know why he would suspect me” I said

“But did you know how it happened?” My Dad asked

“I don’t really know, what I knew was that I saw a guy and a girl walking down from the school building, I tried following them but I lost them, I guessed that they might be in the school farm, a lot of thought were coming, so I brought out my phone to take a picture in case if it was sex but I couldn’t find them”

“As I was getting deep, I started hearing some noise, I smiled and rushed towards that direction but to my greatest surprise, I saw a beast eating up the girl” I narrated

“What about the guy?” My Dad asked

“Firstly, I thought it was him but after when the police came, I saw the guy coming from different direction and also his body wasn’t stain with any blood” I explained

“Why don’t you ask him about the girl since they went out together?” My Dad asked

“I was just confused, I began to think maybe it wasn’t the guy I thought” I replied

“That’s strange, you need to keep an eye on the guy” my Dad said while I nodded in agreement

“And as for the principal, is like he is new?” My Dad asked

“Yes” I replied

“Then I will have to teach him some lessons” my Dad said

“No Dad, I don’t want it that way” I protested

“Maybe you didn’t hear yourself very well, why wouldn’t I?” My Dad asked

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“You will spoil things for me” I said

“Which things?” My Dad asked
He was good in asking

“I don’t want Jenny to hate me for now” I replied

“So that same girl is still giving you headache?”

“You are becoming weak” my Dad added

“That’s not it Dad, I have a plan” I said

“Which plan?” My Dad asked

“Don’t worry, I will tell you when when it’s ready” I said

“About the guy who attacked you and the one who you suspected, I want to meet both of them” my Dad said


…..Victor POV ❣️

I was standing at the middle of nowhere

My back was filled with half water, half bloods
My front was reptiles while my left and right hand sides were dead bodies

They were all shouting for help

I was only looking at them
From one person to another but all their bloods were already thick
Which means it has dried

I was still looking around when a fresh blood splashed on my face

I slowly cleaned it up and turned to the direction where the blood came from

A lady was there crawling on the floor,
Struggling to get up

“Help” she said slowly and raised up her head

It was Zita

“Zita!!!!” I screamed
I wanted to make a move but my legs seems to be gummed on the floor

“Please don’t come yet” Zita said gently

“I can’t leave you alone, I am happy that I finds you alive” I said as tears started filling up on my eyes

“You need to go back now, you are needed, please” Zita said

“I wasn’t able to tell you this before but just know that I love you and I won’t leave you” I said still crying

“Am sorry because it’s already late, you just have to go now” Zita said as she started vanishing

“Zita” I gently said looking all over her body as I saw what was happening

Soon her body formed a smoke and vanished to a thin air

“Zita!!!!” I screamed as I jumped up from my bed

It was a dream

I checked the time and it was already morning

“Zita, you shouldn’t have gone like this” I said as I stepped down from my bed

I went straight to my bathroom and do the needful

I got back and dressed up
I needed to visit my father’s company before looking for any school to go for

I was in my best outfit

I got out from my room
It was just a flat
Not a storey building

Nobody lives there except our gateman who is taking care of it

I walked outside and got inside the car and drove away while the gateman closed the gate

I highlighted before the company’s gate

I got down and walked in
I couldn’t stop looking around

I looked forward and saw Zita smiling at me

“Zita” I called gently as I walked closer to where she was

I was almost closed to her when her face vanished,
The person I was seeing was totally different

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“So Zita is really gone?” I asked myself
I didn’t know that I was so addicted already


…. Jenny POV ❣️

The following day, everybody still maintained their positions

I suspected about how Dorothy was reacting

But I wasn’t sure of it

David told me that she was sad and planned on respecting Zita for one week

Another problem was on how I would cope after one week if Dorothy comes back to her seat

I wanted to stay very far from Jason

Still, I wasn’t able to believe that Zita was gone

Anytime I remembered her, I always cried because she was someone who I would pray to live forever
She wasn’t selfish

Soon, a teacher walked in
We greeted her

“Am very sorry guys for the lost” the teacher started
Tears started running down my cheeks

“It was unbelievable, first in history, such thing haven’t happened before but I hope the police finds the roots” she added

“Actually, the police has decided to release the body to her parents, although their intention was to hold it down till they found out the cause but it was making no sense because about four people are with them, still no clue” the teacher continues

“So Zita’s parents has fixed her burial and we need to attend it, for her last respect” the teacher added

“So when is the date?” Jason asked

I don’t really know his intention for killing her

“Next week Friday” the teacher replied while Jason just nodded


…. David POV ❣️

Things continued as usual

I was really feeling bad when I got the information about Zita’s burial

I wasn’t able to feel comfortable

Immediately the teacher left,
I turned to Dorothy’s position, she was seriously shedding tears

I felt the pain as much

“I need to use the washroom” I said referring to Jenny
She just nodded

I stood up and walked out of the classroom

I walked straight to the washroom

I locked the door from behind and sat on the water system

“Am sorry Zita” I cried

All of a sudden, I started hearing the wind storm

I was just looking, to know what its intention

“You don’t have to think much” it says immediately it appears

“It’s too painful” I said

“And you need to stay away from the girl who is coming closer” the demon warned

“Don’t even think of it, you have taken a lot of souls” I said

“, I won’t let you do it again” I added

“It’s not as if you can control it, You have to let go of this things for now” the demon said

“Is it by force?” I asked

“Haven’t you done with your revenge?” I asked again

“It’s left with one more person and I am feeling his closeness, we need to find him” the demon said

I scratched my hair
I turned to confront her but she was gone

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“So sudden” I murmured
Just then, a knock came to the washroom’s door

“Someone is here already” I shouted but the knocking continues

I had to open it and Dorothy bumped in

She looked around the washroom
She was holding a leaf on her hand

“Sorry for the interruption” she apologized and turned to go but I held her

“Why can’t you forgive me?” I asked

“I said am sorry for the interruption, I was just scared” she apologized

“Scared?” I asked but she forced out her hand from me and walked away without saying anything

She was scared that I might die, still she doesn’t want to forgive me

My mind ran to the demon,
Maybe she saw it

But that leaf

…. Bonny POV ❣️

I met with the JAVS in their special room as usual

“I called you here because you will soon join us since Victor will no longer be part of us” Jason said

“So, seriously, Victor is really out?” I asked not believing it

“I don’t go back to my words” Jason said

“And one more thing is about Zita’s burial” he added

“It’s really painful, so how are we going to do about it?” Andy asked

“Am not even planning on going for the burial but I have reason” Jason said

“Reason?” Sam asked

“Yes and that’s David” Jason replied

“Am confused here” I complained

“You know fully well that you haven’t accomplished your work” Jason said

“I know” I replied

“So here is another opportunity” Jason said

“Oh no, that day will be a day of pain for everyone” I complained

“That’s why I want David to be in his own pain from that day” Jason said

“That’s bad”

“Are you ready or not?” Jason asked

“Am ready” I had to accept it

“But there is a problem here” Sam said

“Which problem?” Jason asked

“Remember that Dorothy was whom we wanted to use but I noticed that they don’t talk to each other again” Sam replied

“I thought as much” Andy backed up

“There is no need for her any more, Bonny you just have to be close with David, we still have one more week to go” Jason said

“But I still think that we need to get something here” Jason started again

“What?” We chorused

“Dorothy stopped talking to David since Zita died, don’t you think that something must be fishy?” Jason rather asked

“Are you suspecting that David must have hand in what happened to Zita?” Sam asked

“We don’t have to start pointing accusing fingers on someone” Andy said

“I didn’t say that either” Jason defended

“You need to get closer to Dorothy, she might leak some secrets” Jason added looking at me

It was a great opportunity since David is now far from Dorothy
Getting her attention would be easy

I couldn’t wait to join their group and became popular