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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 25

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

We drove straight to an airport

(When I say we, it means me and the demon)
As in inside me
He was inside me but I was yet to transform as usual
So we do communicate as two people but I wouldn’t do anything as I wished
It was controlling

We alighted at the airport and parked at the parking spot

The demon left my body but didn’t go far
I sat in the car while the demon do the checking

“Spotted” the demon said and retired inside me

….. Tessy POV ❣️

I sat down at the passengers waiting hall as I waited for my Dad

It has been long I left them, it would be great seeing them again

Jason’s call came in and picked it up immediately

“Hey” he said

“Am already tired of waiting” I complained

“Am already here, just come outside” he responded
I smiled and hung up
I took my handbag and ecolack

I saw him standing tall with that his handsome face that made him a player

I wouldn’t blame him because my father’s money spoilt him

He saw me coming and rushed to where I was

“I don’t like doing this” he teased collecting the ecolack

“That what makes you to still be the same” I said smiling

“Whatever” he said and led the lead

“I hope you aren’t coming just like that” he said

“I know you aren’t a small boy anymore so you don’t have to expect it” I replied

He was about to say something when my phone started ringing
It was my fiance

“Hello honey” I greeted with our normal way of referring ourselves

“Have they come?” He asked because I have already told him that I was waiting for my Dad to pick me up

“Yes, you don’t have to worry” I replied by then, we have gotten to the car

“Don’t even think of it because your life is too precious to me” he said while I smiled and pushed my ecolack to Jason

“I will have to protect it then, I will call you when I reached home” I said
He responded and hung up

“Sorry but I will like to use the toilet” I said referring to Jason because I was beginning to have stomach upset

“Okay then” he responded and shrugged his shoulder

I rushed to the washroom
Almost all of them were locked
I was loosing patient when I got to the end and luckily I would say, it was open
I meant, widely opened

I rushed in and locked the door
It was serious

Immediately I turned to release myself, behold the most scariest thing I have ever seen
I started shivering, even to think of opening the door was far from my mind

I thought it was a dream because I never believed that demons do appears to someone

Although he doesn’t completely looks like a demon because it was only his eyes, finger and teeth that doesn’t look like a human body

I became scared that I started searching for my phone
It seems not to be found

Before I would get hold of it, the demon was already standing before me

“Sorry but you have to be in this bad luck” the demon said

“Please don’t kill me” I pleaded
I stylishly wanted to call anyone in my contact

“I just have a message for your father” the demon said

“Just give it to me and I promise to deliver it” I pleaded

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“Your corpse is the message” the demon said as it used his claw to divide my chest
I screamed for help


…. David POV ❣️

Immediately we were done killing her, the demon laughed and departed from my body

“Am off, it’s better you leave now” the demon said

“Are you leaving me just like that?” I asked

“It would be more suspicious if I remains in your body” the demon said and disappeared

I looked at the dead lady as tears filled my eyes


….. Jason POV ❣️

I sat in the car going through some chats I had previously
My phone rang and I picked it up seeing that it was Tessy

“You are keeping long” I said smiling as in return of how she responded to my greeting earlier

I waited for her response but what I heard next was her scream

I became shocked that I forced the car opened

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me

My phone began to ring and it was my father

I ignored it
I met the receptionists and asked for the washroom
They directed me but unfortunately, it was only the male’s washroom that I was directed

My phone rang again, still I ignored it
I asked for the females washroom and I was directed

I rushed there
I met some women walking out from the washroom
I was about to enter when a security man stopped me

I explained everything to him and he agreed to go inside with me

We opened everything empty room except the locked ones but Tessy wasn’t in any

It was only left with the locked ones
I suggested to call her line which starts ringing at the end of the washroom
Still, no picking

We rushed to it and started knocking
We got tired of knocking
The security man decided to break the door
Since it was a wooden door, it wouldn’t be hard to break

We were able to get it in a minute

I was shocked as I was welcomed with my beloved sister’s body in her pool of bloods

“OMG” the security said

Soon, people started trooping in
Camera people and others
I was surprised because I don’t know how they got to know but I was cleared when I sighted a camera moulted at the passage

It was clear that the camera people saw us when we broke down the door and came to know what really happened

My phone started ringing again
It was my father

I picked it this time around

“Jason you don’t have to put us in this stress” my Dad said

“We are already at where you parked your car” my Dad added

“Just follow the crowd and come in” I responded

“What!?” He asked but I was fast in hanging up

In few minutes later, my parents came in

As a feared and respected man, they made a way for them upon how the place was

My Mom was the first to shout when she saw Tessy’s body

Camera people were just busy snapping

“What really happened?” My father asked

“I can’t tell, she told me that she wants to use the toilet, after some minutes, she called me but the next thing I heard was her screaming for help, as I got here, this is what we saw” I explained referring to me and the security man

“How could such a thing happened to where you are guiding?” My Dad asked referring to the security man

“This is seriously extra ordinary” the security man said inside

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My phone started ringing
It was Bonny

I picked it immediately

“What am I hearing?” Bonny asked immediately

“It’s on TV already” he added

“Am still confuse” I responded

“I will be there now” he said and hung up

Soon, COP Kelly walked in with other policemen

He was surprised to see that

“This is strange” he said standing up after checking out the body

“Take the body” he commanded as they took the body away
By then, everywhere was a little bit cleared except the camera people

“Check the camera” COP Kelly added

After some minutes, someone walked up to us

“There was something in the camera, the person who is being suspected that killed her followed the back entrance and it’s the other security man” he said as we all rushed to the back entrance
I was faster than them

To our greatest surprise, the security man was found dead and he wasn’t wearing his security dress
He was left with singlet and boxer

“Something must be wrong somewhere” I said

“Take a look” the guy who gave us the information said as he started showing us the recording in his phone which means it was also connected to his phone

He revised it back to when the security man walked inside the washroom

“So, no camera here, what of this one?” COP Kelly asked pointing at the back entrance

“It developed fault today” the guy replied

They also took the security man body away as well


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was the longest date I have ever seen or heard

Bonny seems like he wanted to take me to everywhere he had known

He was planning to take me to his house

We were arguing on it because I refused
We were still on it when the news on a large drew our attention

“OMG” Bonny said seeing the body
I was also surprised

“That’s Jason’s sister” he added

He brought out his phone and called Jason

“I will be there now” that was the last thing he said after the call

“We need to go there, are you coming with me?” He asked
I had to, because I really want to know what happened

Immediately we arrived, he parked at the parking spot and I recognized David’s car as my mind ran to what happened

We got down and walked almost close to where Jason and his family were, with one policeman

I saw David walking to the parking spot

He stopped immediately he saw me
He was carrying a black nylon

His eyes shows that he was scared
He didn’t know what else to do and my face was filled with anger

I pitied him because he was not himself

I signalled him to go
He nodded and walked fast to his car and drove off

“His face is seriously ugly, I think we will discover him very well” I heard COP Kelly said but I didn’t bother to walk closer to them
I returned to the car immediately


…. David POV ❣️

I couldn’t forget what happened as I drove home

Dorothy would surely hate me

After I went out from the females washroom, I walked straight to the male’s washroom still on the security attire so that I wouldn’t be suspected

I changed it and puts it inside a nylon

I waited there because everywhere was already crowded and leaving would be more suspicious

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As Dorothy signalled me to leave,I didn’t waste time

Immediately I got home, I took a fuel and went to a nearby bush and burnt the security attire

I breaths out and was about to go when the demon appeared to me again

“Seriously, I am tired of this” I said looking really tired
I also felt bad

“I haven’t yet done with someone who spoiled my life by pregnanting me then choose to throw me away” the demon said

“I thought you said my Dad was Luke, so why did you kill that innocent lady?” I asked

“I lied to you” the demon said

“What?” I asked

“Your Dad isn’t Luke but Paul” the demon replied
I thought as much because my father’s name was Paul but I wouldn’t have to doubt her previously because of her explanation
On how my Dad got to the new apartment close to the woman she said to be Gina

“What about Paul father’s business because I know that my father was not the owner since I was born?” I asked

“They are the things you still need to know” the demon said

“You are really confusing me” I said

“Luke has done a lot that you will even hate him afterwards” the demon said

The Luke in question, I haven’t seen or know where he lives but I heard about his business
Although I don’t know any other things about him


…. Faith POV ❣️

I was seriously thinking of Jason
I wondered how I would use to meet him because I told him that I would be back after everything

I would have tried watching him through my mirror but I wouldn’t want the queen mother to be too out for him

“When things goes another way, we will have to try another strategy” the queen mother said interrupting me
I turned to face her

“Queen mother” I said

“Jason’s life is getting to an end” she said as she stretched out her hand towards my mirror and things were shown

Jason was with two men and a woman
One man was a policeman while the other one was on a normal wear

“What happened?” I asked not getting it

“Although she is my rival but I am happy seeing what she did” the queen mother said
Still I didn’t get it

“I don’t understand” I said

“Don’t worry, I just want to do things for you, so that it would be easy” she responded

“How do you mean?” I asked still looking at what was happening

“Forget that, it’s none of our business” she said and waved her hand as everything went blank
I had to turn around

“Take this” she added giving me something that looks like a gum

“Put it in a drink and give present it to Jason but tell him that he should give it to Dorothy to drink, and you have to know how to convince him” the queen mother explained

“So what help is it to us?” I asked

“Once Dorothy drinks it, she will lose her gift of seeing demons” she said

“What?” I asked

“Yes and she won’t be a blockage to you” she explained

I smiled looking down on the gum because it would give me a chance to see Jason anytime I wish

“Remember” she said while I looked up at her

“It doesn’t need to stay up to a day in the drink before she would take it, and it needs to neutralize before she takes it” she added

It wouldn’t be an easy thing