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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 24

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Twenty-Four

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I came back to school that morning with Mira and Ajax who came earlier to the hospital to pick me

Ajax brought his blue shirt and a black trouser

They took care of the hospital bill before we left

We got to school, Axel and his men were standing around their car

Mira parked beside their car and we got down

It seems like they were aware that I was coming because I was actually the person they were waiting for

“Just as predicted” one of his friends by name Anthony said as they began to walk to where I was standing

Ajax was at the right hand side of the car while I was at the left hand side

Axel’s car was actually parking at that same left side

“Good news to see who first survive this” Axel supported
I just stood there watching them as they kept walking closer but one of them stayed back

Alex of course

“So, what is behind this miracle?” Axel added

They weren’t muscularly built but they enjoy bullying people around

Maybe because of their father’s wealth

Mira pushed her door open

“Axel this is not the right time for this” Mira said

“Oh, babe, I will not take it if they tell me that you are supporting him” Axel said

“Can you just stop?” Mira asked

“Am sorry, I can’t babe” Axel replied as they laughed

“Babe, he needs to tell us” he added

“Yes, tell us” Andrew supported

I was only imagining how it will look like, if they started acting

“Axel” I heard Ajax calling from behind
That was a deep voice also

It was the first time he was using it around me

I turned to look at him
His face was no longer as usual

It has changed
Anger was all one could see

I wondered if it will lead to fight which was what I never wished

“Guys” that was Axel’s voice and I also turned to his side

His two hands were up

Others stopped and they began to move back

“Jack let’s go” Ajax said still standing at his spot

“Mira, see you later” I said

“Okay, take care” she replied before I walked out with Ajax

“I don’t know how to handle this” I said as we walked

“What?” Ajax asked

“Your brother” I replied

“Just avoid them”

“What if, it is in a situation like this?” I asked

“Avoiding them will be best, just don’t cross paths with them” he replied

“We must be late for lecture” I added while we increased our walking speed

“What about your book?” Ajax asked

“I don’t even have time to go for it now” I replied


We got to the hall but there was no lecture going on

We asked one of the students, who told us that the lecturer wasn’t at school

I will just had to use the opportunity to go for my books

We rode on Ajax’s bike which didn’t take us time to return

We found an empty hall for cool study

Few minutes later, a guy walked in

????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

Delaying will only cause some harm

I had to look for a way to start my mission

I was sitting inside the school tower but close to the window side when I saw Ajax on his bike with Jack

I thought it was the time

I watched them entered in a hall where students hardly stay

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It was always quiet there

I got down from the tower and went straight to the hall

They were busy with their books when I got in but they looked up to see who was that

“Good morning guys” I greeted smiling

“Good morning” they chorused

“Hope am not disturbing?” I asked
Ajax was just looking at me
Only him knows what he was thinking

“Not really” Jack replied

“What is the problem?” He asked

“I just want to be your friend” I replied with a smile

“Aren’t you in second year?” He asked

“I am”

“Or do you discriminate?” I asked with my eyes opened while he smiled

“Not at all, I just want to be sure” he said

“I just like the way you does” I said
I needed to impress him anyway

“Why are you still standing?”

“You can come and sit” he added

That was good of him
He was really good

“Oh, am actually going for a lecture but seeing you is more important to me” I replied

“Why?” He asked
I knew that he was surprised

“I don’t really know, it is just like that” I replied while he smiled

“Anyway, thanks” he said still smiling

“Hope we can meet when am done?” I asked

“Sure” he replied

That gives me joy

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I watched Henry as he walked out

I was thinking maybe he wanted to know how Jack survives, so that he would take revenge for his friends

“What do you think?” Jack asked

I knew that he was asking me, regarding to Henry stuff

“How do you mean?” I returned the question and turned to look at him

“You heard him of course” he said while I smiled returning my face to the front

“Why would he request for my friendship all of a sudden?” He asked

“Maybe you should think far” I said instead

“How do you mean?”

“He must have wanted to know how you survived” I replied
He exhaled and adjusted himself on the seat

“Who wouldn’t want to know that?” I asked

“They should just let go of it” he said instead


“Why don’t you want to tell me what really happened?” I asked

“Don’t think bad of me” he said closing the book he was holding
Although it was clear that he wasn’t reading it throughout the conversation

“I heard some noises that night, so I decided to check what it could be”

“I thought I would see it, so I opened my door only to be hits by a wind storm and I fell down” he explained

“But in the morning, I met you right before your door” I said

“If you should be hit, that means you supposed to fall back” I added because I couldn’t buy that

“I don’t know how it happened but before I fell back, my door was shut by itself and I fell on it” he replied

That was a good one
I knew that something must be fishy and it will be too hard to discover if he keeps hiding it

“Anyway, thank God that you are alive” I said

“So as for Henry”

“Is he living in the school dormitory?” Jack asked

“Oh, no”

“I think that was the luck he has” I added

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

After the day lecture, Ajax said that he wanted to stay in my room for a while before going

We went outside and got some food stuffs which he prepared

It tasted exactly like the other one I ate in his house when I came for the first time

“Delicious” I recommended with a smile

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“I just want to prove it” he replied
I understand that he was talking about the other day

My phone distracted the on going conversation

It was Jane when I checked it

I smiled

“My sister” I said before picking up

“Hey Jane” I said

“Jack, how are you doing with your health?” She asked
I wanted to ask how she knows that but I remembered when Ajax said that she called

“Am good, don’t worry” I replied

“Don’t just say that, Dad is worried” she said

“They are aware of it?” I asked

“Yes, are you coming home tomorrow?” She asked
I wondered If she had forgotten that I was no longer in the previous school

“What?” I asked because it surprises me

“Today is Friday” she replied

“Oh, have you forgotten where I am?” I asked

“I can’t come back” I added

“Why? Is it because of transportation?”

“I will send you some money” she added

“That isn’t what is important”

“Jack, Dad is yet to be convinced that you are fine”

“And you know his condition, he doesn’t need to be thinking much” she added

“What about Mom?” I asked

“She isn’t home and she is somehow sick” she replied

“Oh, why? What happened?” I asked

“Maybe because of you” she replied
That was what I got as the only son
Everyone has to be worried

“Will you come back?” She asked

“Ermmm” I stammered, scratching my head

“Yes, he will” Ajax shouted
I wondered if he was hearing us

“Whose voice is that?” Jane asked

“His name is Ajax, the guy that picked up the call the time you called” I replied

“That rude guy” she said
I looked at Ajax
He was shocked

“Why did you say so?” I asked

“The way hung up on me” she replied while I laughed

“You have to bribe me before he will be able to come!” Ajax shouted


????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

I went to the principal’s apartment after the day

I needed to know how it would go

He offered me the usual drink

It was sweet though

“So, what is the plan?” He asked

“Am thinking”

“Since your claw couldn’t penetrate his body, how then are we going to kill him?” I asked

“I wanted to kill him myself but I think it won’t go like that”

“So, I will have to leave the demons to deal with him” he replied

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, I have already booked for flight which Ajax helped me with

He wanted to go with me but his father asked them to come home that Sunday

Meanwhile am to leave on Saturday

I got prepared

I didn’t have things to go with

Only my backpack

I was good to go and I called Ajax

He said that he would be with me in some minutes

I began to walk down to the first gate

Just as I got closer, a car drove in

I wondered if Ajax was coming with Mira but when I saw the plate number, I then know that it was Axel

They all got down

I wondered what they were doing in the school on Saturday

“Jack” Axel called

“Seems like he is going somewhere” Anthony said

“Are you running away?” Aiden asked while they laughed
I wasn’t ready for them

I just hoped there could be a way out

“Don’t be Scared, we are only here to hear about what happened the other day” Andrew said

“That power” Alex said
Just then, Ajax rode in with a speed that he nearly hit Anthony, who was in the front

He rode almost at the end of the parking spot, before he turned and rode back

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Axel’s face has changed already

I wondered if he was scared of Ajax

That would be funny and great enough

Ajax stopped before me

“Hop in” he said
I smiled and did so

Ajax turned to look at Axel

“Stop crossing, Axel” he said before we rode off

????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

It was 11pm when the principal called me

He said that he was ready

And I should do the supposed

I picked up my phone and called Jack several times but it wasn’t going through

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

In the middle of night, my ringing phone woke me up from my peaceful sleep

It was an unknown number

I picked it up anyway

“Hello, Ajax” a male voice called
He knows my name

“Please, who is on the line?” I asked

“It is Henry” he replied
I was shocked when I heard that

“What happened?” I asked

“I have been trying Jack’s number but it is switched off” he replied

“What is the problem?” I asked

“Am standing before his door, am stranded” he replied
I widened my eyes when he said that

I checked my time and it was 12 midnight

“I thought you have an apartment?” I asked

“Yes but the landlord has locked everywhere before I come back” he replied

“Jack is currently at his hometown now” I said


“He went to see his parents” I replied

“Oh, okay”

“So, what are you going to do now?” I asked

“Oh, I just saw a door opening, let me stay there then” he replied

“Okay, just be careful”

“But how did you get my number?” I asked but he hung up immediately

I breaths out heavily

“What could he be doing outside by this time?” I asked myself as I dropped my phone and went back to sleep



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

Dad was so happy to see Jack

I couldn’t tell about Mom
But my happiness was more

After Sunday service, we came back as usual

In the afternoon time, I went to Jack’s room

He was sitting on his bed and was operating his phone

It was normal for me to be in his room
So I made myself comfortable on the bed

“You know that I will be leaving this evening” he said
That drew my attention that I had to sat up


“Yes” he replied

“There’s something I will like to discuss with you” I said
I just needed to tell him my plan

“What’s that?” He asked keeping his phone and turned to my direction

“Do you want my happiness or otherwise?” I asked

“What kind of question”

“I want your happiness of course” he replied
That was a joyful message

“Okay, I don’t want to end up with the wrong person in life” I said

“You mean Mr Rashid?” He asked

“Exactly” I replied

“What are you planning?”

“You know how far he has gone in your school fees and other things?” He asked

“Love is what I want”

“I want peace of mind” I said
I could tell that he felt for me

“I have saved a lot of money that can cover the expenses he has made” I added


“Yes, through Mark” I replied

“I just want to be with that person I truly love” I added

“Wow, that must be Mark” he said

I just wished I could open my mouth and tell him that he was the one I love

It might sound odd but that’s the truth

I wondered when I will get the courage to tell him