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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 25

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Twenty-Five

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I took a night flight and got to California that night but I wouldn’t try going to the school that night

So I lodged in a hotel until the following morning

Due to how sweet my sleep was, I didn’t know when it was morning

I woke up a little bit late

I was sure that most of the students must have been in school

I still had to take a little more sleep

My phone woke me up for the second time

It was Ajax

“Hey dude, open your door” he said immediately I picked up while I laughed a little

“Am not yet in school” I replied

“Where are you?” He asked

“Am in a hotel but I will soon be in the school” I replied

“Okay then, just be fast because there’s latest news in school” he said
That caused for my attention

“What is that?” I asked

“You will get the news when you come or should I come and pick you?” He asked

“Don’t worry”


After the call, I rushed to the bathroom and washed my face first

“If you had known the reason behind this” I said as I splashed some water on my face

“I wonder if you are going to hate your father after this”

“Mr Smith, you really went far”

“Temptation is always hard to overcome”

“If Mr Noah has helped him then, this children won’t be suffering like this”

“Even the Mr Noah is the one behind the killing, just for revenge” I added as I bent down very well
Putting my head under the tap and let the water run on it

I just wished I could ease some stress

“I will try my possible best just to handle this” I thought
I couldn’t talk under the water and I was talking to myself
So saying it out doesn’t mean

“I still need to know how Mr Noah got such power” I added

My stomach began to sing

I understand that it was in need of food

I made a call with the room telephone and ordered for some food before going back to brush my teeth

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I got to the school and met another scene

Like about four students were lying on the floor dead

My mind ran to Jack
Maybe he shouldn’t have gone to his house because there haven’t been any record of death since he was in the school

I just felt that he was the luck our school has

That’s why I called him immediately because he told me that he would be coming back the previous day

I actually came back late on Sunday after meeting my Dad as he asked us

It wasn’t a big deal
He just wanted to know if truly we were still alive

That was funny to me

I rode back to the main school building

The dead actually took place in between the school building and the school dormitory

I parked my bike and walked back to the place

Some people were busy taking pictures

“The worst part is that they are among those that just got admitted through scholarship” I heard someone saying

I wondered how their parents would feel hearing something like that

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Going alive and coming back dead

It was really sad

I walked back to where I parked my bike and sat on it

The ambulance arrived and took their bodies

That was when I saw Mira

She rushed to where I was sitting

“Good morning” she greeted

“Morning, I didn’t know that you were in that crowd” I said

“It was a bad scene” she replied as she walked to her car and lean on it

It wasn’t far from where I parked

“Do you have any clue?” I asked her

“I heard that they are new”

“That’s what I heard also” I responded and looked at the students

They were walking around in twos and threes
Even more than

Of course what happened was their topic

I wondered when it would be over

“I heard that those groups are five in number” Mira said and I returned my face towards her

“But I saw only four people there” I said

“Yes, me too”

“So, do you know the remaining person?” I asked

“No” she replied

If they were five, that means one of them must be alive

could it be Henry?

But Henry wasn’t in the same level with them and his call was on Saturday night against Sunday morning

The only thing was to discover who the guy was

“So, who actually told you that?” I asked
I just needed to know

I was curious about who that could be

“I overheard it” she replied

Just then, a bike ride in with Jack

Mira’s face turned to a smiling one

Jack paid the bike man and walked to us with a wave

Mira greeted him which he responded

“I am a little bit angry with you” Mira said

You already knew how that statement used to go

It travels to the whole body of a guy

“What happened?” Jack asked

“You didn’t tell me that you are going” Mira replied
that really got me smiling

“Am sorry, I forgot” Jack said

“What?” Mira said and walked out of the place
Jack tried calling her but she ignored him

I knew how that works

I just had to leave them
I knew that they would be good together

Mira was only trying to make Jack think about her

I understand that system

“Do she have hurt temper?” Jack asked as he turned to face me

“I don’t know” I replied
I didn’t know when I started laughing

“I need to get my books” Jack said

“Let’s go then” I responded
I sighted Mira at a spot where she was

Looking at us

A sound of a car was heard and I turned to take a look
Jack did as well

“Shit” Jack said when he saw that it was Axel and his gang

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡ ????⚡????

We were still in my house when we saw the update about four students found dead

We had to rush everything we were doing

I was surprised when I saw Jack in the school

I thought he has ran away but that was a reversed case

“I thought this guy has gone?” Alex asked

“I thought as much”

“He is the only one who has survived the attack, why don’t we plan on something?” Anthony asked

I knew that anytime such thing came out of his mouth, he always have a plan

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“So, what do you have?” I asked
By then, Aiden has parked


According to Anthony’s plan, we went to meet Mrs Zina
Assistant principal

We knocked and she ordered us in

We greeted her

“What do I have for A gangs?” She asked while I smiled first
She really do well with that question

“We saw the dead students” I said sitting on a chair
Aiden sat beside me while others lean on the wall

“I was dumbfounded when I saw the thing as well but we will surely get to the root of this whole thing” she responded
That’s not what I want

“Am thinking of something” I said

“What?” She asked
I drew myself closer to her desk

“One of the newly admitted students by name Jack, is the only person that has survived this” I said

“I heard about it, even the principal went to see him at the hospital” she said

“Did he get any information?” I asked
I expected to hear everything

“No, he said that Jack told him that he didn’t see what really happened” she replied
That would be false

How could it be possible

“That’s not possible” Anthony said

“He must be hiding something” he added

“I don’t think so”

“There would be no point for him to hide it” Mrs Zina said

“Why don’t we try it in another way” I suggested

“Which way?” She asked

“Let’s force it out of his mouth” I replied

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

We got to my room and I unlocked the door

I went to select my books for the day lecture

Ajax was just walking around

I remembered that he said something about news

“What about the news you told me about?” I asked standing up from what I was doing and turned to face him

“Maybe you don’t follow school updates because they have uploaded it” he said instead
Do I even know that such thing was existing

“I am not following the so called update, so they have page?” I asked

“Yes of course, you can start following it now”

“What is the news first?” I asked

“Four students were found dead this morning”
That was a shocking news

It wasn’t just a news

Bad one

“Four students?” I asked

“Exactly, although they said that they are five in that group” he replied

“What about the other one?” I asked

“No one knows him for now” he replied

Their could be another way of finding out

“But hope they are not A gangs?” I asked
To be sure

“No, they are the first year students” he replied

That was touching
How will their parents feel when they hear such

Still, Mr Noah’s power won’t let them think much about it

“Since someone said that they are five in their group, that means their fellow students must know the other guy” I said

“I thought as much” Ajax responded

“I have an idea” he said

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

We rode back to the parking spot and got down

We went for the first lecture of the day

After lecture, we decided to carry on with my suggestion

We met with one of the first year students after much discussion, he told us who the other guy was

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He even directed us to where he was

We got to their hall

Lots of students were there
Some were reading while some were chatting

I asked one of the students, with the name the other guy told us

He shows us where the guy was sitting
At the end of the hall with his book

We were able to convince him before he followed us out

“When we did some research about those that were dead, we discovered that it was always one person” the guy began his explanation

“We thought maybe it was able to kill them because they were always one, so we concluded by 12 midnight, we would come out”

“To see the result but this is what we got” he explained

“So, how did you escape?” I asked
I still had more questions

He could also tell us how the killer looks like

“Fortunately for me, I wasn’t feeling fine that night and also I didn’t live in the school dormitory” he replied

“I couldn’t come that night, so I thought I would get updated the following day but this is what I got” he said almost crying

I understood how it feels

That means it was also useless again

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

We got back since it was useless looking for the guy
According to Ajax tho

“This is giving me hard time” Ajax said as we walked to the hall for the second lecture

It was a general subject

Everyone was present

A gangs later walked in

They were looking at me as they walked in

Their normal position was at the right hand side while me and Ajax was in the middle
But a student was sitting in between us and them

Mira was at the front desk

The lecturer later show up

Just the left was going on and I was busy jotting down some important things coming out from the lecturer’s mouth

We were interrupted by the greeting of the assistant principal which we responded

“I just want to introduce to you guys, a new student”

“A third year student” she said and stretched out her hand to the window

Someone walked in

Her face looks familiar

“Her name is Stella Ford” Mrs Zina added

It was the soldier’s daughter

Why would you come to this school? I asked myself
The day, four students were already dead at the same time

“Hope am welcomed?” She asked smiling
She was busy looking around

They all chorused welcome

Her eyes caught mine and her eyes widened with a smile

“Jack” she shouted waving at me

Everyone turned to look at me

“Do you know her?” Ajax asked while I nodded

“Can I go in now?” Stella asked looking at the lecturer
Meanwhile Mrs Zina has left

“Sure” the lecturer replied

“Thank you” Stella said and ran to where I was sitting with Ajax

“Hope you know that am in this school because of you?” Stella asked with a smile
I noticed that Mira looked at us and returned her face

“Oh, really?” Axel asked
Both me and Stella turned to look at him

“Funny enough” he added holding his mouth from making the laugh a loud one