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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 26

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️

The following day which was on Sunday, we were sadly sitting in the balcony when COP Kelly walked in
Only himself

We greeted ourselves as usual and he sat

“We were able to get down the thumbprint of the killer but unfortunately, it is just a demon” COP Kelly said

“A demon? And camera was able to capture it?” My Dad asked

“I believe that it uses someone” COP Kelly said as he brought out some papers

“Take a look” he added handing it over to my Dad

We all focused on the picture

His face was very scary
The first picture was just his face and shoulder
The second picture was his fingers which was only claws
The third and last one was his toe

“From that, we are able to get down his full picture” COP Kelly said as he gave us the full picture of the demon in human body

I recognized his statue as someone I knew
But I couldn’t figure it out

” But how did you get to know that he was possessed?” I asked

“This is the thing that we have been doing and we have found with a lot of them, so you don’t have to doubt me” COP Kelly replied

“Am not doubting you but I am just curious to know, because I might meet him on a very good day” I said


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I sat in front of our house and was totally down thinking about what happened the previous day

David was seriously changing as time goes on but I was clueless about anything that would put a stop to that

“You should not kill yourself with thinking” my Uncle said interrupting me from my thought
I positioned a seat for him to sit but he waved his finger, showing that he doesn’t want to sit

“Uncle you won’t understand” I responded really worried

“I understand” he said

“He killed someone yesterday” I said

“Who could that be?” My Uncle asked
I could tell that he was shocked

“A sister to one of our classmate” I replied

“The demon is really serious, I think the demon is for revenge” my Uncle said

“Revenge? On him?” I asked

“It can’t be on him because the demon would have killed him if it really came for him” my Uncle replied

“But why would it be using him?” I asked as if the demon told him

“I can’t tell” he replied

“We need to do something about it” I said

“It’s really tormenting him” I added

“Am planning on that” my Uncle said

“That’s great, so can I have a clue on that?” I requested

“Not yet but you will soon know” my Uncle said
I seriously need to do something
I knew that it was already late for Zita but for the sake of others

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“I have made your lunch” my Uncle said
Seriously I was the only one who usually do our meals but helping me this day was great

“so go and eat for strength” he added smiling
I smiled back

I stood up from where I was and went for my meal

He prepared my favorite
I smiled and carried it to my room

My phone began to ring

It was Bonny
I hissed slowly before picking up

“Hello sweetie” he cheered

“Good afternoon” I greeted instead

“You didn’t sound, what’s the problem?” He asked

“Nothing, just waking up from sleep” I lied

“Okay, Jason’s father suspected you yesterday because of the way you left when we almost met with them” he said
I wasn’t bothered because I wasn’t thinking straight

“He will be coming to our school this week, after two years since he last came to our school” Bonny added

“What’s he coming to do?” I asked for it not to look as if I was boring

“He has been of great help to our school and he is well respected and feared, so he is coming to meet the principal because the principal haven’t met him, I guess he had an issue with Jason” he replied

“Is like he is a troublesome person?” I asked because that was what I noticed from his response

“Exactly but you can’t do anything to him” he replied

“Oh, I see, that’s too bad” I said

“You just have to stay away when he comes” Bonny said
He seems to be caring


…. Victor POV ❣️

After Sunday services and a little movement, I was in our big apartment all alone but with the gateman

I paid a full concentration on the program going on in the TV

After some minutes, the gateman informed me that someone was looking for me which I told him to let the person in

Not too far, the man walked in
He looked familiar but I wasn’t sure of it

“Good afternoon” we greeted ourselves at the same time

“Please sit down” I offered him a seat

“So what can I offer you?” I asked which was normal

“Anything liquid” he replied

I went to my fridge but I couldn’t choose one

I took out two wines and two glasses

I walked back to him and dropped the two wines in the middle and the two glasses, one before him and the other one before me

“Am just confused on which one to bring for you, so I took the two” I said while he smiled

“I will introduce myself and after that, you will just choose by yourself” he said
I nodded in agreement

“My name is Patrick and I am working in your company” he introduced

.”oh, your face actually looks familiar to me” I said

“I am a demon fighter” he said
My eyes widened
What was he saying

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“But am not a demon” I said

“Am not saying that you are, just that after my explanation, you will have to choose one wine from what you learnt” he responded

“Okay then, continue” I said

“I have been fighting demons right from time and I have never lost, the power behind my conquer is black” he paused

“I always make use of red and black because black isn’t blood but red is, and once the demon sees it, it would obey, simply because you have the two colors which stands for human blood and their blood, I mean demons bloods are read and they would think that you are the two’s” he added

“Strange” I said

“So choose” he requested
And what I brought was red and black wine

“Does it mean that I have to mix both of them?” I asked

“You are really smart, that’s it” he replied

I smiled and mixed both of them in his glass
I did the same in mine

“Cheers” he said as he took his glass of wine
I did the same and we hits the glasses slightly

“Don’t forget to use it” he said
Seriously, I was confused

“Are you planning on confusing me?” I asked while he smiled

“I actually came for because I noticed something about you” he said

“Which thing?” I asked

“It’s born in you” he said instead

“What?” I asked
He stood up instead

“We will have time to talk on that another day but I have a mission to embark on” he said and walked out

I was just confused not understanding the man

Just then, David’s call came in
It was a video call

I smiled and picked it up

“Hey” I said

“Hey, you seriously don’t want to come back?” He asked
I laughed a little

“She is gone but when I get over it, I might come down” I replied although wasn’t sure of it

“It’s painful I know, by the way, how is that area, everybody is missing you here” too many things came out from him

I felt a present of something around David
He also looked up
He turned and noticed that I was also looking but the thing was gone

“Any problem?” He asked
I had to use a smile to cover it up


…. Faith POV ❣️

On Monday, I went very early to the school to know if I would meet Jason as the queen mother suggested

Soon, Dorothy arrived

She stood at a spot looking around

I guessed she noticed my presence but she couldn’t see me

She was still standing there when a car drove in

A guy stepped down from it
I recognized him as Bonny

He walked straight to where Dorothy has been standing

He hugged her from the back
I didn’t get it well

So, I stood at where I was and stretched out my hand towards him to check out his life so far

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I was able to calculate that they were close to each other

I considered him as the one that would be suitable for giving Dorothy the drink with gum

I smiled to myself but I had to inform the queen mother because it might be that it was destined for Jason to give it to her

After few words Dorothy and Bonny had, they went inside but Dorothy stood a little checking out if she could see me but it didn’t work out

When she was gone, I had to leave


…..David POV ❣️

The following day, Jason didn’t come to school that day as well

it was already half of the day when Jenny brought up Jason’s sister death

I felt bad immediately

“She was his favorite sister” Jenny had said

“It is really bad” I contributed

“It’s true that am not in a good term with Jason but I felt for him”

“Tessy, his sister was my very close friend, we became close when she noticed that I was Jason’s girlfriend” she added
Tears were really coming out from her eyes

Soon, I was informed that someone was looking for me downstairs

I went for it
And it was Jason, with his father

“I guess you are new in this school?” Jason’s father asked
I wondered where the question was coming from

“Yes sir” I replied

“I just want to know before I will start what I will have to do” he said
I was just confused looking at him

Just then, the wind storm started again
Jason and his father could not feel it

It was about to enter completely when I was drew from the back
It was Dorothy and she was holding a leaf on her hand

“Am sorry sir, for the interruption but please allow me to do this” Dorothy said bending her head
She raised it up and dragged me but not too fast
Going to one side of the school

“Dad please” I heard Jason pleading his father
I guessed, he was angry with Dorothy

“I don’t want Jenny to hate me more” he added
I looked at the window and Jenny was standing there starring at everyone

“You need to stay away from people” Dorothy said when we got to the corner

“Do you see it?” I asked

“We don’t have to be pretending” she responded

“Just stay away from people for now” she added

“He called for me” I responded

“Don’t you know that it would be more dangerous if you had transformed before them” she said

“I wish to control it” I said

“We will see to that” Dorothy said and meant to walk out but I held her hand

“Have you forgiven me?” I asked

“I will when everything will be over, by then, Zita will be happy where ever she is” she said and left