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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 29

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

… David POV ❣️

It was Friday morning, I got dressed up for school

It was arranged for us to come to school, then from school, we will use the school bus to go for the burial

“Don’t forget to come back early” my Mom had said during our breakfast

“I won’t forget” I responded

“Anyways, I will give you a call when it’s getting to the time” she concluded while I smiled nodding

The driver drove me to school and returned home after I told him to expect my call

I walked straight to the principal’s office

I knocked and was permitted to come in

“Good morning sir” I greeted bowing a little

“Good morning David, how are you?” The principal asked

“Am good sir” I replied

“Actually sir, I came to remind you that today is the due date for what I told you about” I added

“Oh, I still remember but are you aware that Zita’s burial is today?” The principal asked

“Yes sir, I am going with them but I won’t be able to come back with them” I replied

“Nobody is coming back, so don’t worry about that” the principal said

“Please accept my condolences, I will see your family once you people are back” the principal added

“Sure sir, thank you sir” I responded
Although there was nothing to thank him about


…. Jenny POV ❣️

I got to school that Friday, Dorothy was always present

I waved at her before sitting down beside David

“Good morning” I greeted

“Good morning, you look so bright and beautiful today” David recommended
I smiled because I was getting attracted to him

“Thanks” I simply said

Just then, Jason walked in

Everyone was surprised because
We didn’t expect to see him

He couldn’t stop looking at David with an angry face
From how things has gone so far, I got to understand that he didn’t love me
Although he normally call but I could tell what was really happening

He walked to his seat
A teacher walked in after some minutes
We greeted him with our usual way

“Guys, we will be leaving very soon, I am here to inform you that we won’t be able to come back here after the burial” the teacher paused

“So take everything along with you while going and don’t forget that it’s weekend” he added

“Thank you” the teacher said and left


…. Jason POV ❣️

I knew that we leaving very soon would be just now

Bonny has already told us that his plan was already down but he wouldn’t tell us until that very day which was this Friday

I got up and looked at the back side

Sam, Andy and Bonny understood it as they nodded

I walked out from the class to the special room

After some minutes, they walked in one after the other

“Bonny you know your words” I said immediately we settled down

“Seriously, I never thought of what if we are going to come back here after the burial” I continued

“How do you mean?” Andy asked

“Don’t you know that it will be hard if we are to come back here, there wouldn’t be a way to get on David” I replied

“I also planned on that” Bonny responded

“Too fast” I complimented

“My plan goes like this” Bonny paused

“Since am the only one close to David, I will keep him company despite that Jenny would be there, I will deceive him by telling him that I would drop him off to his house because I wanted to know where he lives, so that he wouldn’t call his driver to come for him” Bonny paused while I nodded to his smartness

“Once I am with him, I will text you but where exactly will I bring him?” He asked

“Just text me first then I will give you the location” I replied
I still couldn’t tell him where I would love to take David into

“Since that’s the case and it might be difficult to locate the place at that spot, I suggest maybe you should get a driver ready, once I text you, then the driver will come, so that it would take the lead while I will drive slowly behind him” Bonny suggested
I guessed it was a smart idea

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I nodded in agreement

A knock came to the door
I ordered the person in

“The teacher said I should inform you all that it’s time” a student informed us

“We are coming” I said while she left

“Are you guys really sure that someone won’t be able to hear us from outside?” Bonny asked
Guess he was scared

“It can’t be” I replied

We all walked out of the special room

They had already left the class

We walked downstairs
We wouldn’t try taking the same bus with them, so we drove with our own car but we were behind the school bus


….. David POV ❣️

We arrived at Zita’s house
It was like a mansion

Her father was wealthier than mine

We were welcomed by her family and was given a position for us

We were told that her body was on the way

Bonny told me that he wanted to speak with me

We walked to a corner

“I will love to drop you off because I will miss you for this one week” he said
I was surprised because I have never told him about that

“How do you know that am traveling?” I asked

“I heard you telling the principal” he replied

“That early morning?” I asked and he nodded although I didn’t really buy that because it was very early

I had to wave it off

“And I will love to see where you live” he said
His eyes were filled with sincerity

“No problem then” I replied

“What about your driver?” He asked

“Oh, I will simply ask him not to come again” I replied as I called my driver
Although I have given him the address but I asked him to stop that I will be coming home with someone

Bonny smiled after the conversation

“Dorothy will be missing you already” I said
He smiled again

“That’s true, till then” he said while I nodded
He left and I walked back to where I was sitting

After some minutes, I got up from where I was,
I met with her mother and introduced myself very well to her

She was happy hearing that I was her close friend
She made mention of a name that Zita has once called in her dream and that was me ????

“Please can I see her room?” I requested
At least, I had to take a look
To know how it looks like, inside there

She nodded and took me there
She excused herself and went out

What my eyes first caught was that teddy bear I won for her during our date
It was lying on the right hand side of the bed

I walked straight to it

There was a piece of paper attached to it and it was written
“My First Love D”
Tears forced out itself from my eyes
Beside it was a frame of our picture during our date
I never knew she would keep the picture

I stood up and walked to her closet

The only clothes I could see there was those ones I bought for her during our date

I started touching it one after the other

I lifted one up, and a book that looks like a diary was lying flat on the edge of the closet

I picked it up and walked to her bed
I sat down and opened it

From what she wrote on it, it says that I was her first and only love she has ever had

She wrote that she felt bad the day I first walked inside the class but there wasn’t a space beside her for me to sit

She tried so hard not to act cheap but feeling was the only thing that would control someone

The day I accepted to go on a date with her, that was when she considered me to be hers forever

She took off all her old clothes and burnt them when I bought her the new ones

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She wasn’t ready to hurt me and she wished that I wouldn’t hurt her
No matter what, all she wants was my happiness

Tears were flowing down uncontrollable as I reads her diary

“But I did hurt you” I cried placing the diary on my chest

“I love you too, I never thought this would happen” I said still crying

Just then, a siren noise started making

I cleaned up my eyes fast

I rushed to her closet and dropped the dairy
I comported myself before going down


…. Jenny POV ❣️

I was just peeping David as he shades tears in a room which I guess must be Zita’s own

I could feel his pain
He still had Zita in his mind

When the ambulance arrived, I hides as David walked passed where I was

I walked straight to the Zita’s room

I checked around and saw a picture of both of them
It was like a selfie

“Am so sorry Zita, you shouldn’t have gone” I said
Tears was always ready to leave my eyes everytime

I walked to the window side

David was standing beside the coffin with Zita’s mother and father

She seems to be the only child
It would be painful

“I will make sure that I make him happy for you because that has been your intentions” I said looking down at them

Bonny from nowhere walked beside David

I never trusted the guy ever since he became close to Jason
And Jason has once told me that the guy was always disturbing that he would love to join them

I left Zita’s room and walked downstairs


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I could tell that David was really hurt

Zita’s family seems to know him well

I never thought they would

I had been with Bonny until Zita’s corpse arrived

It was placed on a big table as everyone walks around it for the final seeing

I couldn’t get the mind to look at her dead body, so I sat where I was but was seriously crying

“Take it easy on yourself Dor-Dor” Bonny said as he sat beside me after going to take a look

“The monster was really hard on her” he added
I got what he was talking about

Even the day I saw Zita’s body, it was really bad

“Too bad” I said

I couldn’t take off my eyes from Zita’s mother who was really dying with cry

David in the other hand was heartbroken

I was sure he would be

I couldn’t find Jenny beside him anymore but I was sure that she was save

Meanwhile Jason was only looking at David
I couldn’t tell why

“It is time to put the dead body inside the grave” the MC of the occasion said as everyone’s changed direction to the dogged area


….. Andy POV ❣️

We were sitting in a special side

We didn’t come for the burial but for something else

Just as the MC made the announcement,
After some seconds, a message bumped into my phone

It was from Bonny

It reads

“It’s time”

I showed it to Jason who smiled nodding

“You too should go first” Jason said

Although only came with two cars and we planned it for Bonny to take one for his mission while we drove with the other one

I stood up with Sam and walked to where we parked the car

We got in and waited for Jason

He arrived in few minutes later

“Inform that driver to be ready” Jason said referring to Sam
He nodded and called the driver while I drove off

We needed to wait for him there


….. David POV ❣️

I couldn’t stop crying as they sends Zita’s dead body down

“So you really left me?” I asked myself

I felt someone holding my shoulder
I turned and it was Bonny

“Take it easy on yourself” he said
But I couldn’t stop crying

Jenny from nowhere walked up to us with two glasses of water
Tears also filled her eyes

“Am very sure that your throat must have gotten dried up, that’s why I brought you water” she said handing one glass over to me

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Seriously, I was really thirsty

“I didn’t want to act selfish, so I brought two” she said handing the other one to Bonny who smiled and collected it

He gulped it in at once

“I didn’t know that I was this thirsty” Bonny said
It sounds funny but the mood wasn’t funny

He returned the glass to Jenny
I drank mine and returned it

“Isn’t it time yet?” Bonny asked by then, Jenny has left

“Let them cover it first” I responded

After they were done covering it, I was about to go and take permission from the teacher when Bonny held his stomach

“What’s the problem?” I asked

“I feel like throwing up” he said and ran out to meet one of the family members

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was my Mom

“Mom” I said immediately I picked up

“It’s already time, I know coming with your friend will delay you, so I sent the driver” she said

“He told me that he is already there, so go out to meet him, we don’t have much time” my Mom added

“Okay Mom” I responded
That was what I could do

I turned to check on Bonny but he wasn’t coming out
I checked on Jenny and she was not where I could see her

I rushed out and met with the driver
I texted Jenny that I was going before
I got in and he drove off


….. Bonny POV ❣️

The stomach upset I suddenly got was really bad

I had to spend more time in the washroom because I was already sure that my plan is working perfectly

A message bumped into my phone
It was from David
I guessed he must be waiting

I ignored it and cleaned my mouth before going out
But when I got outside, I couldn’t find David

I then brought out my phone to check what the text was all about and it reads

“Sorry, I wasn’t able to wait”

“Shit!” I said as I rushed to the car that I was supposed to use

I drove out and I could tell that they took right
I followed it with a speed

I was almost closed to another street when the car started slowing down on its own

Soon, it went off

I was still wondering what was happening when a lady appeared before my car

It was like a movie

She drew the door on the passengers side open and entered

“Are you really the cause?” I asked

“Perhaps, but the reason why I am here is more useful to the reason why you are running after him because you might meet your death” the lady said instead

“What do you mean because I really need to get him” I said or rather asked

“It won’t be useful, at least attend to me first” the lady said

“What do you want?” I asked

“You really want Dorothy to tell you the reason why he stopped talking to David, right?” She asked back
I turned to look at her very well

“Yes, how do you know?” I asked because I was surprised

“Is that necessary?” She returned the question

“Am here with the solution” the lady added immediately

“Which solution is that?” I asked

“Take” she said giving me something that I couldn’t figure out
I reluctantly collected it

“Why don’t you tell me directly?” I asked checking out the thing

“It’s not supposed because you might not believe me” she replied

“Put it inside a water or any drink, make sure that it dissolves before she takes it, after that, she will tell you everything” she explained

“Just like that?” I asked feeling excited
At least, I didn’t lose many things this time around

“Yes but don’t let it stay up to one day in the water, most important, dissolving” she replied and got down from the car

“No mistake” she added and walked away
I was watching her to disappear but she didn’t

Immediately she was out of sight, the car automatically started itself

It was strange