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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 30

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

The driver drove into the compound and parked

I got down and walked inside the house

Our luggages were already set

“Good afternoon Mom” I greeted bowing a little, to show some respect
She was sitting on the single couch in the living room

“We really don’t have time” my Mom said instead
She stood up from where she was sitting

“Okay, am coming” I said and ran upstairs
I went straight to my room and dropped my bag
But I opened it and took the leaf

“You are really important because I don’t need any disturbance” I said and dropped it beside my bed

I changed into something and took the leaf before going down

“Am good to go” I said walking down from the stairs

“I have to skip the bathing till we get there” I added

“No problem then, let’s go” she concluded

We carried out bags to the car

As I was about to enter, my phone began to ring

It was Jenny
I smiled before picking up

“You didn’t do well” she said just as I placed it on my ears
I understood what she meant

“I was rushing and I couldn’t see you, even Bonny who promised to drop me off, wasn’t able to see me when I left” I tried explaining to her

“Am not really angry, I just want to be sure that you got home safe” Jenny said
I had to smile

“That’s good of you, am really grateful” I appreciated

“I promise to call you when I get there” I added

“I will be waiting then” she responded and hung up

I entered properly and closed the door

“Who was that?” My Mom asked
She always wish to know my way about

“My classmate that I left without saying goodbye” I replied

“Driver, to the airport” my Mom commanded the driver and he drove off


…. Andy POV ❣️

We stayed in an uncompleted building which was where we deal with our victims

We were running out of patience since we had been waiting for Bonny to arrive with David

We couldn’t wait anymore

“Call him” Jason suggested

I did so and he picked up almost immediately

“You are keeping long Bonny” I said

“Am here” he responded
Just then, his car drove in

We just smiled and waited for him to come down with David
But only Bonny got down

We focused on him and his car
Maybe he has him in his boot

“Guys” he said walking up to us

“Where is him?” Jason asked

“He escaped” Bonny replied

“What???” We chorused in disbelief

“Again?” Jason asked

“Am sorry guys, but it wasn’t my fault” Bonny apologized

“How are we sure that you haven’t been playing us, this is the second time” Sam said
He made sense because I couldn’t figure out how it could just be like that

“Trust me” Bonny said but no one responds to him

“I got something more important than that” Bonny added

“What could you ever get that is comparable with what we asked you to do?” Jason asked
He was already mad

“Is like we should just remove you” Sam said
I could see fear in Bonny

“Please don’t do that, I promise, you all will love this” Bonny said

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“Which thing is that?” I asked because I was curious to know

“Don’t worry, it’s my own surprise” Bonny responded
I wondered when he gets the right for that


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I walked up to Jenny where she was waiting for her driver

I calculated what actually happened earlier
It looks suspicious

“Jenny” I said slowly

“Oh, Dorothy” she responded

“What really happened?” I asked

“What exactly are you talking about?” She returned the question
I guessed she was surprised

“Bonny suddenly felt like throwing up after you gave them water to drink” I replied
I have been watching them right from when they were about to put Zita in the ground

“I don’t think you will not like what I did” she paused
I just looked at her in disbelief
What if it was a poison

“What makes you to think so?” I asked

“I was just scared that I had to save David” she replied

“You think David is in trouble, that’s why you poisoned my boyfriend?” I had to put it that way, so that she would tell me the truth

“He is your boyfriend?” She asked
I guessed she didn’t believe it
Even I didn’t believe that either

“What do you think about us?” I returned the question

“No idea” she replied

“Just surprised” she added

“Really?” I asked
I was feeling bad on how I was reacting to her but I had to find out the truth

She could possibly have poisoned David

“Trust me” she said

“And David asked me to inform you that he is traveling for his father’s burial” she said
I was surprised

“He said that he couldn’t inform you because you never allowed him to have some conversation with you” she added

My mind was just racing up and down

He might possibly turned to the demon if any mistake

“Wait a minute, let me call him” she said bringing me back from the thought

“What?” I asked as my eyes widened
By then, it was already ringing

“Hello, Dorothy is here” Jenny said and stretched out her phone towards me
I didn’t bother to take it because we had nothing to talk about

“She seems worried” Jenny said since I refused taking the phone

“Tell her that I am with it” David’s voice sounds from the phone
It was on loud speaker

“What’s that? Did you take any of her belongings?” Jenny asked
I guessed, she was jealous

Who wouldn’t be when everyone was in darkness concerning David

I was actually happy when I heard what he said
He actually meant the leaf

“No, it’s not what you think” David replied

“Whatever, I will call you later” Jenny said and hung up

“Don’t worry, it’s not what you think, I still have Bonny” I said and meant to walk away

“Can we drop you off?” She requested
I had to find somehow to tease her

“I won’t be throwing up any sooner, I didn’t take the drink” I said

“Stop playing around, I meant nothing dangerous” she responded

“Just kidding” I said smiling

Just then, her driver drove in

“I don’t even have an idea of where to take a bus from here, and this is your first request” I said

“You got a lot to kid with, we know that the bus will be leaving very soon” she said
It was true but I didn’t want to wait any longer because I had to help my Uncle out

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“Let’s go then” I said
We got into her car and the driver drove off

“So tell me, for how long have you guys been dating?” She asked
I smiled because she was curious

“I haven’t accepted him yet” I replied

“Why?” She asked

“Because of the same reason you made him to throw up” I replied

“I hope you aren’t getting me wrong?” She indirectly asked

“I never did, just wanted to confirm” I replied


….. Bonny POV ❣️

The following day, I called Dorothy to know if she would meet me

I had to act fast so that I could clear Jason’s doubt

She declined it saying that she was busy

I knew that she was just trying to avoid me that day but I could get her if I approach her Uncle

He never thought bad about me

I was dressing up for her when Jason’s call came in

I picked it up and noticed that it was a conference call
Sam and Andy were already connected
My heart skipped a beat because I thought it was because of what I was planning
And I wasn’t ready to tell them

I always want to surprise people

“It’s boring here” Jason said

“It’s general, I wonder how long it will take” I said

“My fear is that Bonny might fall in love during this game” Andy said

“I never intend to” I responded

“Nobody intend to” Sam said

“Love always occur” Sam added

I began to think all of a sudden

It was really memorable being with Dorothy but that couldn’t stop me from doing what I had to do

It was just for her to tell me the truth


…. Jenny POV ❣️

It was just a day and I was already missing David

Although it was just a normal Saturday that we all do stay at home without seeing each other
But since I knew it was another thing which was David travelling and would be staying the whole week

I wondered how I would go throughout the one week

I was still thinking when my phone began to ring
It was an unknown number

“Hello” a deep voice said

I became nervous who it could be

“Why aren’t you responding?” The voice asked

“Who is this?” I asked back

“Are you scared already” the voice changed to a familiar one and began to laugh

“David?” I called slowly

“That’s me, did I really scared you?” He asked

“I can’t tell what you actually did” I replied

“So this is your line?” I asked

“Yes, I just want to know how you are feeling” he said

“It was really boring here” I replied
Being boring then but since his call came in, I felt better

“The same here, I just wish this one week would go faster than this” he said

“Me too, am already getting tired” I replied

“Let’s switch over to video?” He requested
I smiled because that was what I expected
I turned to check out myself on the mirror and I was good to go


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I found myself in the middle of nowhere

It was really scaring me

I looked around but it seems like no one was there

Soon, a hand touched me

I screamed jumping to another line

I turned around and a light shown from nowhere but it looks like everywhere was clear

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It was Zita standing there

Her mouth was filled with bloods

Her face was divided into two parts as bloods were flowing down from there

Her chest was just bloods

“Zita, are you coming back?” I asked as tears couldn’t stop flowing down from my eyes

“It is already late” she replied
She was also crying

“Please, I hope you can” I said

“Just tell me to rest in peace” she requested crying

“I can’t let you go”

“I still can’t come back, I could only rest if you just wish me that” she said

“Okay, rest in peace” I burst out crying

“I have another request that can make me to rest” she said

“I can do anything for you” I responded still crying

“Save David, I know that you can’t stand to love him but I need someone that can love him and make everything less heavy for him” she said

“It’s difficult to find but I will surely do that” I replied

“He need love because the worst is about to start” she said

“Please save David” she added and slowly, she vanished

“Zita” I called slowly
Tears were flowing down gently

I felt a hand touching me
I found myself on the bed

I turned slowly to where the hand was coming from

It was my Uncle

“You saw her?” He asked

“Yes, I did” I replied

“She asked me to save David” I added

“She truly love him, that’s why the demon acted fast” my Uncle said

“We need to do something, I guess David isn’t safe” I said

“Don’t worry, I will be going there by weekend” my Uncle


…. Faith POV ❣️

I was with the queen mother in my residence, discussing about my work, when that demon shows up

“I am sure that when she looses the gift, killing her would be easy” the queen mother had said

“That makes us to be in the same shoe” the demon said
I turned to look at her

“I have told you to stay clear off” the queen mother warned the demon

“You still can’t achieve that without me” the demon said

“You are coming to us because the guy has gotten what disturbs you, you can no longer meet him” the queen mother said

“Even if she lose her gift, your daughter won’t be able to get on Dorothy because she still has the leaf” the demon said

“Even the girl in queen is also an obstacle to me” the demon added

“Then try what you got” the queen mother responded

“I can’t access to him anymore because of her, let’s use Faith and work together” the demon said

“Remember we are planning on Jason” the demon added

“I can’t be deceived because I know you” the queen mother said

“Let’s keep the past aside and work together, we can go our separate ways when we achieve this” the demon said

“Let’s join hand and destroy those that would destroy us later” the demon added

“I will only accept this because you always have a plan” the queen mother said

“Let’s kill Dorothy first, then we can plan on another thing” the demon said

“She is already in it” the queen mother replied

“I can handle her” I said