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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 27

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-Seven????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️

We arrived home from school
From the look, my Dad was really angry

He got down from the car and went inside

I knew that he must had something to tell me
So I followed him immediately

“What are you really thinking?” My Dad asked really angry

“Dad, you really need to understand” I said

“I guess you are loosing it, how can a girl make you this weak?”

“We have never been weak” my Dad said

“I have a plan and she will surely regret it” I responded

“That’s too bad” my Dad said and went upstairs

I collapsed on a couch in the living room and started thinking about my lost sister


…. Faith POV ❣️

I was in my residence waiting for the queen mother
I knew she would come for talk on how I carried out the new mission

As I thought, she appeared

“Greetings, Queen mother” I greeted bowing a little

“You still can’t do this same one?” She indirectly asked
I knew she was aware that I has not yet done as she asked me to

“I have another plan” I said

“I will like to hear it” she requested

“Bonny is Dorothy’s current close friend and I think it would be perfect if we use him” I said

“I suggested Jason because you can easily deceive him and he is in you” the queen mother said

“I know how to do with Bonny, I just need your permission” I said

“I thought maybe it was destined to be Jason, that’s why I seek your permission” I added

“That’s great” she said smiling

“I will have to try your intelligence” she added

“Trust me”


….. David POV ❣️

After dismissal, I got home with many things running in my mind

I was still in the living room when
The demon appeared again

“Stay away from Dorothy” the demon said

“Why?” I asked as I collapsed on the bed

“Just wishing you to do so” the demon said

“This is not necessary” I said as
I opened my bag and brought out the leaf I once saw in my bag

It looks exactly like the one Dorothy was holding earlier that day

Just then, the demon suddenly disappeared

“Geez, so it’s true?” I asked myself

“Which means this leaf chases away demons”

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“Oh” I said remembering that day the demon suddenly disappeared after telling me her past

The leaf was in my bag that day and immediately I took it up, the demon disappeared

“But does it mean that Dorothy knows much about demons?” I asked myself

“But why did she kept it to herself?”

“I don’t think Zita would have died” I added

“And another thing was that the leaf came into my bag from nowhere”

“And if Dorothy knows about the leaf, that means she must be the one that puts it and she still pretend” I couldn’t stop thinking

“I had to confirm it” I added before going inside for freshen up

The following day, I got to school as usual
Still Jason hasn’t yet report to school

Although he was a very tough and bad guy but when it comes to someone’s life and family, I always feel for others

I knew how I felt after loosing my father
Talk more of your sister

I had been with Jenny for a week plus and I understood how she felt for me but I always tried hard not to get it in me

I always try to make her not to feel bad but I do maintain limits knowing what would happen next

We had became close than before and Jason has not yet confront me

I guessed what Victor said was true

And talking about Victor, I felt like there was something about him

I suspected it during our video chat but I don’t had to conclude

I got inside the class, Dorothy was already present with some other students
Jenny was also present

“Hey” I said as I sat beside Jenny which was my position

“Good morning” Jenny greeted

“Morning, still Jason hasn’t come?” I asked

“It’s really not easy” she said

“I also have the same pain” I said

“How do you mean?” She asked

“My Dad’s burial will be on weekend and I will be travelling for it” I replied

“Oh, I remember when you told me that, sorry for that” she said

“No problem but I will like you to do something for me” I requested

“Which is?” She asked

“It has been a week plus since Dorothy stopped talking to me” I paused

“so I need to reconcile with her” I added

“But I thought you guys were back to normal from what happened yesterday?” She indirectly asked

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“That’s The main thing because how she behaves yesterday was somehow” I responded

“Okay then, so what should I do now?” She asked

“I will leave here now to the school hall”

“after some minutes, just tell her that you want to meet her at the school hall then leave the class but don’t come to the hall” I added

“No problem then, please that friendship shouldn’t end like that, just because of what none of you know about, I really love how you guys get along” Jenny said
I smiled
She wasn’t jealous
I don’t know why

“Thanks” I said while she smiled nodding


… Jenny POV ❣️

I had always long for me to see Dorothy back to normal ever since Zita died

Jason always talked about what she normally does in some certain situations

It was always a weak point to David and I don’t like seeing David like that

Even if he doesn’t love me the way I does but I would still want him to be happy

Immediately he left with his bag, I walked straight to Dorothy and sat close to her since her seatmate wasn’t around

“Hi” I greeted

“Hi” she responded

“Can we talk in private?” I asked

“Hope no problem?” She returned the question

“Not at all, just want to speak privately” I responded

“Okay then” she said

“I will be waiting for you at the school hall” I said and stood up
I left very fast, for her not to follow me immediately

I took the stairs and hides inside an empty class

I waited as she walked passed and straight upstairs

I didn’t know what David has in mind but I didn’t want to eavesdrop them

So I returned to the class


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I wondered why Jenny was in a hurry to leave the class after she requested to speak with me

I walked gently into the hall but there was no one in the hall

“Jenny do you really like to play?” I asked the invisible Jenny hoping that she would laugh and come out

“Not really” a male voice came from behind
I turned to check who it was

“David” I called out gently

“I don’t want to waste your time” he said as he opened his bag and brought the leaf I kept inside his bag, long time ago

“So you knew the solution?” He indirectly asked

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“That’s not the solution” I replied

“But it was of very useful” he said

“Maybe” I responded

“That shouldn’t have happened if I had known this” he said

“But you hides it” he added

“My intention was not to disclose my gift until I find the final solution that would free you” I said

“That’s why I kept it inside your bag, so that it would distance the demon from you” I added

“Did you find the solution?” He asked
Seriously, I haven’t because it was hard to

“My Uncle said that he has someone that would” I replied


…..Jason POV ❣️

That afternoon, after coming back from the arrangements we were making for my sister’s burial
I sat down in my room as I thought of what must have been going on in the school

My mind ran to the previous day’s encounter

The leaf which I saw on Dorothy’s hand
It looks familiar

I scratched my head continuously trying to remember where I first saw the leaf

“My car” I said as I rushed out to my car
I opened the door and reached to the dashboard which was where I kept the leaf
I saw it when I dropped Dorothy off, that night after saving me
The leaf don’t seem to be ordinary thing, that’s why I kept it

So, I opened it and brought it out

It was still fresh

“Really suspicious” I said checking out the leaf

“Dorothy left this in my car after saving me from the demon” I said

“Oh wait” I added thinking from back

“I was with someone that evening but ended up being with a demon”

“But who could that be?” I asked for no one to reply

“Oh shit, wave off” I said because it was hard to remember

“And the demon disappeared immediately she opened the door, which means the leaf chases away demons”

“Interesting” I said

“So if David was the reason why Dorothy brought the leaf, that means he have something within”

“Another thing was, Dorothy stopped talking to David after the dead of Zita”

“There must be something really wrong somewhere” I added

“The statue of that person the demon used, was familiar and” I paused

“I need to get that picture again” I concluded rushing back to the living room and straight to upstairs
My father was with the picture