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The Rejected Demons. Chapter 28

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Twenty-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️


I rushed to my room

I couldn’t remember how the picture went and I didn’t want my father to have an idea of what I was suspecting but I had to try my luck in looking after it in my room

After some minutes of searching, I decided to try my father’s room where I guess the picture would be

I knocked on his door
He waited for some seconds before responding

He permitted me in
He was the only one in the room

I guessed maybe my Mom went to get something

“You look like you have something to say?” He indirectly asked

“That picture, do you have it?” I asked

“Which picture?” He returned the question

“The one COP Kelly said to be the demon’s worker” I had to put it that way

“Do you have any suspect?” My Dad asked instead

“Not yet but I want to see it again” I had to lie because if I should say that I was suspecting David, he would conclude it and take action and it would possibly be that David wasn’t the one

I just wanted to be sure, so that I will expose him

“COP Kelly took it while going” my Dad replied

“What’s the problem?” That was my Mom’s voice coming from my back

“It’s about the demon” my Dad responded

My Mom rushed to stand before me

“Did he meet you?” My Mom asked
She was seriously scared

“No” I replied, then turned around and left their room

It was useless going there because I wouldn’t try to meet COP Kelly because he must try to get to the bottom of why I requested for it, all of a sudden
And I wasn’t ready to let him know

So, to be sure of it, I had to wave it off but I still had another plan on how to be sure, which was to attack David with so many styles

I went straight to my room and took my phone to call Bonny who was the plan


…. Bonny POV ❣️

I just arrived from school and was planning to call Dorothy so as to act as if I was caring

It was the easiest way to get her closer to me and that secret would be exposed

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Just as I was about to call her, Jason’s call came in
I didn’t hesitate to pick it up

“Hey” I first said

“Cool, just missing school and my sister” he responded

“I understand that but it’s a matter of time” I said

“So how about the plan, any information?” He asked
I had to smile

“Dorothy is still hard to say it out” I replied

“We don’t really need her” Jason said

“Maybe but I just want to clear my doubt” I responded

“Aren’t you suspecting Dorothy and David?” I asked

“What about?” He asked back

“I can’t just get down the whole picture but there is something really wrong about them” I replied
Although I don’t really know and Jason wasn’t smart enough because we had suspected that earlier and I was bringing it up again as if I was playing smart

“Let’s plan on David first and let it not be on Friday because am making some arrangement” he said

“What’s your plan after that, I thought you just wanted to get Jenny back?” I asked

“If you can remember, we had planned on kidnapping him before and then, I was still with Jenny” he said

“So what’s really the plan because I had no idea, I was just working to be among you guys?” I asked

“Good then, you have to work harder but you will get to know what the plan is, on that day” he said

“Am hanging off” he added and hung up
He was full of himself

I do hate him but I still admire him because of the way he does, sometimes

I would love to overtake him but I had to endure, to get to the top

I waved it off and called Dorothy


….. Faith POV ❣️

Still waiting for the perfect time to meet with Bonny

I was in my residence as usual, talking with the queen mother when another demon appeared

It was the same demon that do posses David but I wondered why she was in my residence

“We don’t have things in common” the queen mother said but I focused on the demon

It smiled
But it was difficult to recognize her smile because she was too ugly
Although my demon being was ugly but hers was worse

“It can be true but I think you are wrong somewhere” the demon said

“It is very clear that I am not” the queen mother said
They were really exchanging wisdom

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“Aren’t you intending on killing Jason?” The demon asked

“Don’t even think of it because I know that you are after the whole family” the queen mother said while the demon laughed

“But it is for our own benefits” the demon responded

“It can’t be, you are out for revenge but am out for protection” the queen mother said

“It’s not protection because someone still don’t know how she existed” the demon said

The queen mother turned to look at me
My mind ran fast
I guessed, she was referring to me

“For peace and successful intentions, I advise you to take this request” the demon said before disappearing

I was just confused
There was something that I still really need to know

“Queen mother, what did she mean?” I asked

“Nothing serious, I will handle it” the queen mother said

“What about the assignment?” She asked
I understand what she meant

“They are making plans and I have mine” I replied

“I do admire your intelligence” the queen mother said smiling and disappeared
I guessed she was going for the demon

I wouldn’t have to worry myself that much


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

In the night, after dinner
I met with my Uncle where he kept himself busy with arranging of some papers where he was getting down some important things

I sat beside him and helped him

“I know there must be something bothering you now” my Uncle said
I had to smile
Guess he was already learning me so hard

“You told me that you were looking into the guy’s problem”

“As in you know the solution” I added

“Am still on it” my Uncle replied

“It’s getting serious” I said

“I know, actually, I was told that he went for a mission trip to deliver someone” my Uncle replied

“So when is he coming back?” I asked

“I don’t really know but after two weeks, I will go there myself to meet him” my Uncle replied
Joy filled my heart
I always wish for David to be free

What has happened was enough and if it continues, then David would surely be in trouble


…. David POV ❣️

I was in my room checking out the leaf

I couldn’t stop going around with it
It always remember me Zita

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I walked to my closet and brought out Zita’s piece of clothes that I took from her

“Assuming I had known about you, this wouldn’t have happened” I said crying
I really missed Zita

Just then, a knock came to my door
I fastened to drop the leaf and the piece of clothes

I ordered the person in knowing that it was my Mom

“You seriously haven’t slept” she said walking in

“I just can’t” I replied

“No problem, just that I might not be able to remember this tomorrow but you need to take permission from the school management because your Dad’s burial will be on weekend” she said

“And we will be staying off the next week” she added

“When exactly are we leaving?” I asked

“On Friday” she replied
My mind ran to Zita’s burial which was on that same Friday

It would be sad if I don’t attend it

“My classes are going for one of my classmate burial that same Friday” I said

“Our plane will be taking off around lately in the afternoon, so you can, but you will need to come back early because the airport is far” my Mom said

“I don’t mind but I just want to see her body before going” I said

“Is she the one that was attacked?” My Mom asked
I nodded

“Too bad” she added


….. Bonny POV ❣️

The following day, which was on Thursday

A teacher came to our class to remember us about Zita’s burial which was supposed to be the next day

He also asked us to get something prepared for the parents

After some minutes, Jason shows up from nowhere
Everyone was surprised

I smiled because I expected him due to our plan

He was on an ordinary wear

He did a sign with his eyes and left

We understood it

After some minutes, we left to the so called special room

The new principal has stopped disturbing us about the special room ever since Jason’s father visited our school

“Paddy” Sam and Andy greeted Jason on their usual style

“You supposed know why am here?” Jason indirectly asked

“David is planning to travel tomorrow” I reported

“What?” Jason asked

“I overheard him telling Jenny about it and he will come to Zita’s burial before going” I said

“but we will get to him before he leaves” I added