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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 30

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty

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Mr Noah found himself in a middle of a thick Forest

He Couldn’t find the old man he disappeared with

he was scared because every where was full of animal noises

“Where the hell are you!?” Mr Noah shouted
He believed that the old man must be hearing him
He was seriously looking around
Hoping to see him

Soon he saw a lion walking slowly towards his direction

It was roaring
He looked so dangerous
Hungry as well

Every step the lion took, it always increases his speed

Mr Noah became more scared that he had to run
But unfortunately, he hits his foot on a stone and stumbled
He groans in pain and managed to turn
In order to be seeing the lion

The lion was already getting closer with a speed

“Oh my God” Mr Noah said with so much fear

He couldn’t stand up or make any movement

Just as the lion got closer to him and jumped, it started lifting more higher than he jumped

“Huh” Mr Noah gasped not believing it

“Flying lion?” He asked him
He noticed a shadow from that same direction the lion came from
The shadow was making some moves
And that drew his attention

It was the old man
He seems to be the one controlling the lion

Any higher he lifted his hand, that always add height of the lion

He withdrew his hand and the lion fell down with a great speed

The lion groans in pain
The lion tried standing up but he wasn’t stable enough

It kept falling back in each trial he made

Mr Noah turned to look at the old man
He opened his mouth and spits out fire that destroyed the lion by burning it into ashes

Mr Noah was surprised and dumbfounded

The old man walked closer to where Mr Noah was, still lying on the ground

He stretched out his hand towards his foot and the whole wound disappeared in a twinkle of an eye

“Wow” Mr Noah said
The man smiled wickedly at Mr Noah

“Stand up Mr Noah” the old man said

“You even know my name?” Mr Noah said
It came out as a question

“Who are you?” Mr Noah asked as he managed to stand up
Dusting his buttocks

“Is that what you supposed to say?” The old man returned the question
Mr Noah exhaled first, understanding what he meant

“Thanks but you brought me here” Mr Noah said stretching out his two hands to sideways

It sounds like he was blaming the man

“When you were to face your death?” The old asked with a faked angry face
Mr Noah remembered that he actually helped him

“Okay fine, am sorry” Mr Noah said

“But please, who are you?”

“My name is Bharat, a fetishism” the old man replied

“Even though you didn’t say it, am sure of that” Mr Noah said

“I just want to know who you really are” Mr Noah added while Mr Bharat smiled

He exhaled first

“Well, am just too good in bad things”

“Am from India”

“Your face looks like theirs” Mr Noah responded

“I inherited this power from the land, even my parents couldn’t tell how I got into my mother’s womb”

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“My Mom conceived two years after my Dad travelled”

“It was surprising to both my Mom and Dad because my Mom didn’t sleep with any man but she got pregnant” Mr Bharat explained

“Incredible,” Mr Noah said

“are you Jesus? Mr Noah asked
It sounds funny that he also laughed

“No but I was the only one who knows the secret behind my birth” Mr Bharat replied

“Do you care to share?” Mr Noah asked

“My real father is a half dead and half life human”

“How do you mean?” Mr Noah asked
He seems to be confused

“After when I was delivered, I do disappeared in the night to somewhere I didn’t know”

” there, I will be seeing different kinds of being, some human with no head but they will still be talking”

“Some doesn’t have legs but they could move from one place to another”

“Some doesn’t have eyes but they could tell when someone near them, and who the person is”

“Some doesn’t have nose they never die”

“Some doesn’t have ears but they could hear when you speak with them” Mr Bharat explained

“Incredible” Mr Noah said

“It was only my real father that has his whole body, complete” Mr Bharat said

“So how do you get to be born?”

“My Mom has been my real father’s crush since time”

“Spirit do have crush on someone?” Mr Noah asked
The whole story looks so amazing to him

“He wasn’t a full spirit”

“Half spirit and half human”

“He do take human body every night to visit my Mom but she never knew” Mr Bharat explained

“She never knew? How?” Mr Noah asked

“That’s behind his power, as in his power was behind it”

“When my Mom must have been asleep, he will appear and have sex with her” Mr Bharat replied


“Yes, I do doubt it until I possess the power I have now” Mr Bharat replied

“So, how do you get the power because your statement now shows that you didn’t have it before?” Mr Noah asked
Mr Bharat smiled, clearing his throat

“There was a staff in my father’s room and that’s where all their powers lies”

“He said that the staff was under his possession and whosoever that handles the staff, can control everyone in there because the staff was capable of taking their powers and render them useless”

“It can also take their remaining life”

“What you just need was to take it and stood before everyone, then give your command” Mr Bharat explained while Mr Noah couldn’t stop nodding

“So on a very good day, I was already an adult, I appeared as usual and discovered that their were all asleep and my Dad was nowhere to be found”

“I rushed to his room and took the staff”

“I was greedy and was determined to take their powers”

“Just as I took it, two men rushed inside there”

“They attacked me with their powers but I used the staff to defend it, I couldn’t believe it”
“I thought what my Dad said, that I must stood before everyone, then give the command”

“I guessed, it was a lie”

“I commanded the staff and I saw their powers leaving their bodies and was entering mine”

“I commanded them to die and they vanished”

“That was when it was clear to me that he lied, so I rushed out with the staff but stopped before the door because they were already waiting for me, already prepared”

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“I didn’t want to kill my Dad but he was the first person to attack me, and for me to get out there alive, I had to protect myself” Mr Bharat explained

That simply means he killed his real father and the rest

“So sad” Mr Noah said

“So I used the whole power for something bad and they rejected me from our land, although no one would challenge but people don’t visit me”

“So I have to change location and I thought that I should use this power to help you” Mr Bharat added

“But How do you know me?” Mr Noah asked

“You even know my name”

Mr Bharat smiled

“You shouldn’t be asking me this because my power is beyond imagination” Mr Bharat said

“Do you need my help?” Mr Bharat asked

“How?” Mr Noah asked

Mr Bharat didn’t reply that, rather he went closer to Mr Noah and held him as they disappeared

They reappeared in a small house built with bamboo

“Welcome to my resting house” Mr Bharat said spreading out his hands

“Why did you choose to live in this kind of place?” Mr Noah asked

“Just a choice” Mr Bharat said

“Let’s get to business” Mr Bharat added and stretched out his hand towards one of the bamboo

The picture of what happened between Mr Smith and Mr Noah’s son began to display

How he met with the wealthy man who introduced him to thing he does, for his riches

How he started kidnapping children which landed his students into it
And also his misfortuned son who they killed even before they got to the place

“So, it was Mr Smith” Mr Noah said not believing it

“His sudden wealth got me but I couldn’t think” Mr Noah added

“So, what do you want me to do about him?” Mr Bharat asked

“I want you to kill him” Mr Noah replied while Mr Bharat began to laugh
Mr Noah was surprised about that

“What’s funny?” He managed to ask

“This is where people make mistakes”

“How?” Mr Noah asked

“If you kill him, his wealth will still be glowing and you won’t still be free from the police” Mr Bharat replied

“What do you suggest?” Mr Noah asked

“Revenge” Mr Bharat replied

“That’s why I said that” Mr Noah said

“Just start taking revenge according to how he did”

“His students, every time if you get any opportunity” Mr Bharat replied

Mr Bharat disappeared and entered inside Mr Noah’s body
Possessing him

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

“Wow” I said after hearing the whole story

Mr Noah went really far

“But Mr Noah didn’t show up immediately” the ghost boy said

“He waited for years, in order for Mr Smith to build his school very well, so after some years, which was almost 23yrs later, he shows up, by then no one was talking about his did”

“He applied for principal and Mr Smith accepted him as a compensation for killing me, his only son” the ghost boy added

“Too bad” I said

“So you mean that Mr Noah is double as he is now?” I asked

“Exactly” the ghost boy replied

“That means it will be difficult to stop him” I said feeling really discouraged

“You only need to get that book, so that you will be able to enter that room”

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“By then, we will know if he is really unstoppable” the ghost boy said

That left me with lots of thought

????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

That morning, I woke up with so many things in my mind

I would be leaving in two days time but Jack seems to be far from loving me

I was sad because I was unable to achieve the thing which pushed me to that school

I will see it as if I failed

I don’t know what you will think about me but love always turn someone into a child

Your sense of reasoning won’t be mature anymore once it has to be about that love

I didn’t know what to do again

I thought I should continue visiting his room at night

Because I believe that being close to someone, will melt their hearts

I dressed up for school and rushed to Jack’s room
Unfortunately, his door was locked
That means he has left for school

I felt disappointed and began to match to school

As I walked, I kept thinking of how to get into another plan

I wasn’t satisfied with the idea of visiting him every night because it was also putting my life into risk

“Hey” I was still thinking when I heard that
I was sure that the person tapped me

I realized that I had gotten to the main school compound

I looked around and saw a new face smiling at me
A guy

I remembered that face but I couldn’t tell where exactly it was

“Hi” I responded
I was really lost because I was surprised to see where I had gotten to

“Are you alright?” The guy asked
That sounds caring

“Am fine, just that I don’t know that you are standing here” I lied
It was also true

“That means you are thinking” he said

“Anyway, you need to take it easy, Stella” he called my name
How could I be known in just few days

“How do you know my name?” I asked

“My name is Henry” the guy introduced

That wasn’t what I asked him
So I had to wait for him to answer the question I asked him

“Am just a detective of our age, I am into that, so I like practicing it on some people” he later said

That sounds interesting

“You are doing good” I recommended which makes him to smile

“You seems to like Jack a lot” he said

I looked around in surprising manner
He has gone far or was my actions so obvious?

“Don’t be surprised because I have told you what I got” he added

“So, do you want him to love you back?” He asked
I nodded
I thought, as he was a guy, he must have known some secret to their hearts

“Is there any way it can be possible?” I asked

“Sure” he said and stopped
He looked around before putting hand inside his pocket
He took out a little bottle that has some little solid thing inside

“Use this to prepare food for him” he said
I doubted if it was true

It was true that I love Jack, so I wouldn’t want to make any mistake of risking his life

“How can I be sure that you are not planning to kill him with this” I said
I wanted to see his reaction first

“I can’t plan that, am only planning to help you with what I got”

“I cross my heart” he added and puts the bottle in-between my palm