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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 32

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Mr Patrick POV ❣️

It was my 49th fight with the demons ever since I discovered my gift

I got to the address they gave me
I was told that it was a lady who has been under attack

She was always indoor because the demon never allowed her to go out
Unless she would end up killing anyone she sees

Anytime they tried visiting her in her room, it was either the person gets injured or the person dies

The demon was only tormenting her life

“Thanks for answering our call” that was the first thing the father of the girl said immediately I got there

“I suppose to be sorry for being late” I apologized

“We already know how busy you have been, please come in” the man responded
It was true that I was busy but I always wanted to come in time although they called me late

“Have a seat” the man requested

“The more we delays, the worst it would be getting” I said instead knowing what the demon has done so far

“Just show me her room” I added

“Okay then” the man responded and took the lead

We stopped at her window side which was transparent

The little girl was just lying flat
Guessed she was in a great sleep
Meanwhile the demon was just sitting beside her

The demon’s mouth was filled with bloods
As supposed

“She is always like this but once you get in there, she would suddenly wake up and attack you” the man said

“Apart from her, are you seeing any other thing in there like human?” I asked him

“Not at all, is there anything else in there?” He asked

“Yes, just open the door for me” I requested

“Okay but you have to be careful” the man said
I had to smile to that
I have already know that

I wasn’t going to chase the demon away because it would surely come back
Rather, I was going to capture it

Immediately the door got opened, the demon attacked me on its own
But I was too fast to bring out my red and white cloth to flog her back

She threw out her claws but I was able to control it

“Don’t interfere” the demon said really angry

“This isn’t your place in the first time” I responded

“I will have to make you lose this time around” the demon said as if she was threatening me

“I don’t have to debate on that but you have done too much” I responded

“Let’s see how it goes” the demon said as it jumped into the girl who has been sleeping

She opened her eyes with a great speed and was screaming at the same time

She stood up and her eyes were already red
Only pain was what I could feel about the little girl

She wanted to use the girl so that I would kill her and it would also make me the loser
I was prepared for her

The little girl attacked with a speed

Her claws were very sharp that it damaged the wall just as I dodged it

She turned to face me again

I focused in her eyes

I slides my hand inside my herbal bag

She knows what I was about to do and she attacked me again

I dodged it and used the piece of the red and black cloth to flog her on her finger making her to stager back

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I dropped one of the clothes in the window which I was sure was the easiest way she would escape

I raised up my two hands and brought out the middle fingers

I crossed them together as I sat down on the floor

I closed my eyes and was meditating

I was only expecting her attack

I felt it making the move
Just as I opened my eyes, the girl was already close with the normal way it do attack

I shifted my neck which was her target

Her hand passed and with that speed, I was able to get hold of the girl and brought out the remaining red and black cloth
I use it to tie the girl on her waist making the demon to jump out from her body

The demon fell on the floor while I dropped the girl gently on the ground

I nodded and slides my hand inside my herbal bag

I brought out the bottle where I normally put any demon that I defeated

Once I get held of them in the bottle, they would never go out to torment people

I opened the bottle and envolked the demon’s souls into the bottle

I closed it and puts it back in my herbal bag

I took out a leaf and hits it gently twice on the nose of the girl who was lying on the floor

She snizzed and coughed at the same time
She jumped up from where she was
But she was already weak that she fell back

I opened the door and called her parents

I instructed them to feed her immediately and shouldn’t worry because it won’t happen again


…. David POV ❣️

Jenny always called everyday and it was clear that she doesn’t go to school again

I always tried talking to her but she said that it doesn’t make sense since it was just revision class

It was true but presence in class matters
I noticed that she wouldn’t go, no matter what
Until I come back

I was just walking around the compound feeling the fresh air when my Mom joined me

“I know you miss school” she said
It was funny to me that I had to smile

“Yes but respect is a respect” I replied

“I hope there isn’t much to loose?” She indirectly asked

I was about to answer her when I felt the wind storm coming gently

I touched my pocket and I couldn’t find the leaf

I left my Mom and ran to the living room

She shouted my name and ran after me

I got to the living room and saw the leaf lying on the couch

I picked it up instantly

I for say why she almost come

“Are you okay?” My Mom asked really scared
I laughed

“I thought I had lost this gift” I responded

“You got me scared” she said

“Sorry I didn’t intend to” I apologized looking around


….. Jason POV ❣️

I was already getting tired of Bonny and his way of handling mission

He told us that he has a plan and since then, we haven’t heard of any latest

I was only giving him the last chance which was what he said that he was into it

He said it to be a surprise

My mind ran to Faith

I wished to see her again
I thought using and dumping her was what I wanted but my heart has decided to do otherwise

Even at that, I still want to have Jenny on my bed for letting me go through stress because of her

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Since it was dawn to me that she was no longer in love with me, I will just have to do it in a way that would hurt her very much

As for David, it was still hard to predict him and that was why Dorothy was needed
According to Bonny

I was always have a plan B and that was to get that picture without COP Kelly notice

“You just need to start going to school” that word distracted me from my thought

It was my Mom
I knew that she was the only one that would be worried about that

“Maybe next week” I said and stood up

“Where to?” My Mom asked

“I just need fresh air” I lied
Although my intention was to go and see COP Kelly to know how I would get the picture without him noticing it

I walked out and got to my car
I drove straight to the police headquarter

Immediately I parked, I got down and was just checking out the whole places to know if COP Kelly was around because he was always busy

I never thought of that before but the idea just came in

I was still looking around when his car drove in

“Shit!” I said checking out my time
I marked it as the perfect time

COP Kelly got down from his car and looked at my direction but I hides immediately

I waited for long
When I was sure that he was gone, I got into my car and drove off


…. Bonny POV ❣️

I was with Dorothy in her seat doing some paperwork

Her skills of solving some problem in the paperwork was so impressive

I had to learn some patterns from her

I would say that it was the best

“Still Jenny didn’t come today?” She asked in the middle of the work

“Let’s not talk about them and focus on our study” I said and she turned to look at me

“I mean they aren’t serious” I added

“I know” she said and made a heavy sigh of relief

“Am really exhausted” she said leaning her back very well
I had to smile

“I think we need some break” I suggested

“Let me get something for my stomach, then I will continue” she said instead
I thought it was a chance for me

“Okay then, let me get it for you, at least snacks and soft drink” I said bending my head a little
She smiled

“Let’s go together then” she suggested
I had to find a way to discourage her
I wouldn’t miss that chance again

“No Dor-Dor, I want to show you how much I can care about you” I said and she blushed

I smiled because my trick was working on her

“Okay, but don’t keep long because I have to finish this work before the next period begins” she said

“Okay my queen” I agreed and reached to my bag and took it

I turned and smiled at her

“Which drink?” I asked

“Anything you wish” she replied
I smiled before rushing out

I got to the school cafeteria and ordered for two healthy snacks and drinks

I walked and stopped when I got under a stair which was halfway

I looked very well
Left and right before taking down my bag from my back

I brought out the gum and smiled

I opened the two drinks and drank halfway of one of them
Then put the gum inside the other one
I closed it back

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“It must dissolve” her word ran into my mind

I had to wait for it to desolve


….. Faith POV ❣️

I was in my normal residence since I wouldn’t try going to that school because of Dorothy

I was only waiting for Bonny to do what he supposed to

I became serious with it when the queen mother granted Jason to be with us

I wouldn’t have him if he remains human because we don’t have things in common

So I had to take the decision

I was still smiling to my thought when a sound started coming from the mirror in my residence

I knew that there was something I needed to see at that spot

I stretched out my hand towards it and Bonny was shown rushing to get something from the school cafeteria

He seems to be up to something

He later walked out of the school cafeteria

He stopped at a spot and brought out the gum from his bag

I was just watching how Bonny was doing his work so perfectly

I couldn’t stop smiling

I just had to be there to see how Dorothy would react after loosing her gift

I raised up my hand and transformed into the body that the queen mother gave to me

I smiled to myself and disappeared from my residence
I knew that once I got to the land, I wouldn’t be able to disappear again unless the queen mother comes

I appeared not to far from Bonny but I don’t have to show up


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I waited for so long but Bonny wasn’t ready to come back

It was left with 20 minutes before the next period would begin

I became worried that I had to go and check after him

I stood up from my seat and walked out gently

I was even tired of walking

I had to look for him

I got out and saw him standing at the stairs

He was just looking around
I wondered what he was checking

Two snacks and drinks were in his hands but one has already gone halfway

“Bonny” I called
He was just shocked that he looked up with his eyes widened

He walked fast to where I was

“Everywhere is empty but you chose to be here alone” I said while he smiled

“You are even that hungry that you have taken your own halfway already” I said looking at the drinks

“I didn’t know that I had that kind of hunger in me” he responded and I laughed

I collected the full one with one of the snacks

“Am also hungry” I said as I puts the snacks inside my mouth and gave it a bite

I opened my drink which looks like it was already opened
I turned to look at Bonny because he supposed be aware of it

“I don’t want you to stress yourself, that’s why I opened it that way” he said
That was so sweet of him
I smiled and sipped the drink

I raised the bottle up giving the drink chance to speed down to my throat

I was still like that when my eyes caught a demon from afar

I just had to finish up the drink before taking down the bottle

I was just watching the demon as it was disappearing

I cleaned my eyes very well but what I could only see there was a girl smiling at me

“What’s the problem?” Bonny asked
I just had to smile because I didn’t understand what happened