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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 33

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was still confused on what happened that day

The girl later waved at me and left the school compound

I pretended that nothing happened because I wouldn’t like to let Bonny know about my gift yet until it is useful

“So do you know where David went to?” Bonny asked as we were walking back to the classroom

“How could I? I don’t know” I replied

“Seems like you have hated him so much?” He indirectly asked

“Not really anyways” I replied

“So can you tell me why you stopped talking to him?” He requested
I wasn’t ready to tell him because it would have to result to a very big mess

“I just wanted to give him space since he is mourning his girlfriend” I lied
I just had to

After dinner that night, I went to my Uncle because it seems like I had lost my gift

“I know that there must be something” he said immediately I walked in

“Just let it out” he added, making me to smile

“I think I am doomed” I said and my Uncle turned to face me properly

“What do you mean?” He asked

“I can’t tell but I think something extraordinary happened today” I replied

“Something like what?” He asked

“I think I have lost my gift” I replied

“What?!” My Uncle shouted standing up from where he was

“How is it possible?” He asked not believing it

“I think she collected it” I replied

“That’s beyond her power, she can’t” my Uncle said

“She was there, immediately I saw her, I turned to her direction but the demon in her vanished remaining the girl’s body which was all I could see” I explained

“I won’t believe it until I give you my own test” he said

“Which test?” I asked because I never thought there would be something that would go that way

“Don’t worry, by tomorrow, we will see to that” he said

I nodded in agreement


….. Victor POV ❣️

After school, I went to my father’s company where I was already given an office to be working, part-time

It’s what I gained from coming from a wealthy family

Zita’s picture was stood on my desk

The picture was her smiling face
I kept imagining her, being close to me

I was lost in thought that I didn’t know when someone was knocking on my door

Since I wasn’t replying, he had to come in knowing fully well that I was inside
And was also scared that something must have happened to me
That’s what he said

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“You must be?” I asked trying to remember his name

“Patrick” the man replied

“Oh yeah Mr Patrick, please sit down” I said, gesturing him to sit

“Thank you”
He sat down on the chair which was opposite me

“So what can I do for you?” I asked politely

“Take a look” he said and stretched out his phone
I collected it

“What about it, it looks like a picture?” I asked
Showing it to him

“Tap it to play” he said
I looked at him in disbelief

I had to check it out

Its contents was a fight of him between a demon

“This was my previous mission” Mr Patrick said
It was meaningless to me because I couldn’t figure it out

“I have three questions on this” I said instead

“Go on” he responded

“My first question is, how can a cloth chases demons just because it has red and black color?” I asked referring to what I saw

“That’s not an ordinary cloth” He said
I didn’t respond, rather I bent my eyes in one side

“The clothes are spiritual, it was gifted to me during my birthday after they discovered that I had a gift” he explained

“Oh, I see” I simply said

“So what about the second question?” He asked

“How could a camera capture a demon?” I asked

“Everyone wonders it as well but you will get to know it in due time” he replied
I had to nod

“So the final question” he requested

“Why are you showing me this?” I asked while he smiled

“It’s because about your future” he replied smiling

” What future?” I asked because I was confused

“That’s what you will discover later” he said instead

“When I saw you, I concluded that the future which I was told, is near” he added

“Why don’t you give me a tip?” I asked

“The best tip is what I just showed you” he replied standing up from his seat

“I will see you next time” he said and walked out

I was wondering what was happening all of a sudden

Would it bring back Zita

I was still thinking when my phone began to ring
It was my new female friend from school

She has been nice to me ever since I began school

She always make me to remember Zita because they had the same voice and nature
I was able to figure out that she loves me
But I couldn’t love her back

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…… Jason POV ❣️

The following day, I was calculating my time with the one of the other day

I had to get that picture as soon as possible

It was almost time, I got to my car and drove straight to the police headquarter

Just as I got in and parked, I saw COP Kelly’s car at its normal spot

“What could he be doing there?” I asked no one to reply

I sat in my car to try my luck
I had to wait for some minutes and if nothing happens, I would go

I kept myself busy with my phone

It was still bothering me and I was getting bored be but I had to try so hard to endure

In few minutes later, I heard a sound of car from behind
I turned immediately and it was him, driving out

I waited for some minutes before getting down from my car

I was well-known, so no police delayed me

I lied that he asked me to wait for him in his office
So that I could pass them

I got to his office and brought out the master key I had

I was about to open it when the door pushed back, due to my weight on it

It shows that it wasn’t locked

I became afraid a bit because I didn’t know if he was in there

I gently walked in but everywhere was empty

I called him gently but no response

I walked fast over to his desk and started my search on the picture

I took out some files and searched them one after the othe
It seems like there was no pictures in it

But how could it be possible

I checked every possible places but I couldn’t find it

I was about to arrange them back to where it was when a voice stopped me

“Are you looking for this?” The voice asked
I gently turned around and it was COP Kelly
In his hand was the picture that I was looking for
But how could he know that I was looking for it

“Yes” I replied

“You really don’t have any fear, I would have just locked you up if you are someone else” he said
I wouldn’t blame him
He was acting like that because my father always love to treat his relatives, nicely
Unlike other people

I couldn’t tell why
And that was why he was able to talk back to me

“Here you go” he said giving me the picture

I reluctantly collected it and walked out of his office

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….COP Kelly POV ❣️

Mr Luke has already told me about how eager Jason was, in looking for the picture of the demon’s worker

The first time I saw him standing beside his car which was the previous day, I remembered what his father told me
Although he hides when I looked at his direction

I ignored that and went in

Then the following day, I was in my office checking out something when I saw Jason’s car through the window as he drove in

I smiled and focused on his car

He got down and looked towards where I parked my car, my car was there

He got back to his car and waited for me to go

I knew that if I didn’t shift, he wouldn’t make any move
So I took out the picture which was what he must wanted

I left my office unlocked and went out

I told my fellow policemen that I would be back in few minutes, I also asked them to let anyone who came to see me, wait in my office

As I got to my car, I drove and stopped behind Jason’s car, I accelerated the car do that he would notice it before driving away

I parked somewhere and waited for some time before getting down from my car

I waited for Jason to get up before I followed him but I maintained a big distance

Confirming what he wanted, I walked in to meet him arranging the papers properly

I handed it to him and he left

I just had one thing in my mind which was to keep my eyes on him

I must know the reason why he collected it
Maybe one of his friends is the demon’s worker


….. Dorothy’s Uncle POV ❣️

It was unbelievable hearing that Dorothy lost her gift of seeing ghosts

And I wasn’t ready to believe it until I put her to test

The test was all about a rejected forest where demons do lives

It was very risky going there because not everyone who goes there would survive but I had the easiest way of escaping their death

It would only be in the weekend because it was a day journey

But it would be dangerous if she lose her gift because the future would be complicated and would be reset

If she truly lost her gift, then I have to find a way for the future to go as it supposed

That would be after the test