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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 34

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

I took the picture straight to a Cyber Cafe not too far from the police station

I asked them to scan the picture maybe I might get a clue

A female worker who was there took it from me, I finds an empty seat and sat as I waited for the result

She was said to be good in that aspect

After the first scanning, she shook her head negatively because she was confused
I wanted to ask her question when she places it back again and began the scanning afresh

She did the same thing for like three times before giving up

She took it out and walked to where I was

“Unfortunately, that’s not a human being” she said giving the picture back to me

“How do you mean?” I asked because COP Kelly has already said that it was a human being

“Am still surprised, because the blood is black in color” she replied
That was the most unbelievable and shocking part of it
How could he be sucking bloods, still his blood was black? I asked myself

“Strange” I said

“More than, but how did you get this, as in where?” She asked

“Never mind” I said and stood up immediately
I looked at the picture once more before walking out

I saw COP Kelly’s car in a distance
It was parked beside the road

He was seriously following me’ I thought as I got to my car
I entered and drove to where COP Kelly was

I guessed, he wasn’t expecting that but he never thought I would be that smart

I parked and got down

I walked close to his car and bent down following the passengers side

“Jason” he called slowly

“I thought you said that this is human being?” I indirectly asked as I shows him the picture

“Yes, ghost using human body, what’s the problem?” He asked

“Just got back from that Cyber Cafe and they said that, this isn’t human” I replied

“That’s beyond you, it’s not all human being that will understand that, computer can’t show you all” he said
I was already getting confused

“So tell me how you did it” I requested

“Any problem? Do you have any suspect?” He asked
I wouldn’t try telling him because I wasn’t sure yet

“No, nevermind” I said as I raised up my head

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I walked back to my car and drove away

Since I couldn’t get it that way, I must try another way which was to kidnap David

I knew that he would surely like to free himself
And through the process, the thing would show up


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following day which was on Friday, I got dressed up for school

Since the gift was no more, I had to keep the leaf close to me because I don’t when the demon would attack

I got to school and met with Bonny as usual already on my seat

We smiled and I sat close to him

“I love seeing your smiling face every single day” Bonny said
I blushed
Luckily, we were getting along and he was perfect

“Stop teasing” I said
I didn’t know if I would say that I was pretending or not

“Am not teasing you, how I wish you can enter my heart and read it” he said
I couldn’t stop smiling which was half laughter


….. Jason POV ❣️

Since my first strategy didn’t work out, I planned on another way

I dressed up for school on that Friday

I needed to see David forgetting that David was absent that week

I drove to school on my own because I would be returning any moment after checking out how I would plan

I arrived at school and when I got inside the class, there was a teacher inside

I wondered what she was teaching, when it was revision period

I took permission and walked in

Everyone was surprised seeing me but I cared less

I remained calm until after the teacher left the class

My first eyes was at where David was sitting

The seat was empty
Neither David nor Jenny was there

My mind ran to what Bonny told us the previous week about him travelling

I was so disappointed

Andy came to my seat and we started chatting
Sam joined us later

I had to wait for some time before going, since I had gotten there


…. Faith POV ❣️

I was just watching Jason through my mirror

I wished to be close to him but that leaf in his car was disturbing me

Soon he got prepared and the next thing was him being at school

Since he wouldn’t be close to his car, I had to go and feel his closeness

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I smiled to myself and disappeared
I wouldn’t want to turn into my human body because I didn’t want any of them to see me

The most interesting part was that Dorothy wouldn’t be a problem anymore since she won’t see me

I got to the school and was about to enter the class when I felt something pushing me away

It must be Dorothy
Maybe she had the leaf with her

I felt like killing her

I stood at the door post looking at Jason as he was talking and smiling

His handsome face was killing

Soon, Dorothy stood up from her seat

I watched her as she took her bag

She carried it and walked close to the door
I felt the power coming out from the bag
I guessed that lead was inside the bag

I moved backward
But still, she kept coming
I kept shifting, until she walked out of the class and walked away

I guessed she was called by a teacher

I smiled seeing my opportunity, I walked inside

The guy who was sitting with Dorothy, stood up from their seat and walked to where Jason and the other guys were

They all stood up and walked out of the class

I followed them and they entered inside another room

I walked inside and stood before Jason

“I guess she went with him” the guy who was sitting with Dorothy said
They were talking about Jenny
The guy seems to be the only one who knows where about Jenny

“Why would she?” Jason asked
He was curious
I guessed, she was also the reason why he came to school that day

I felt jealous somehow but I knew that it was a matter of time
I was ready to take his life but I don’t know when, because the queen mother hasn’t instructed me

“Hi” I said waving at Jason
He was really busy with whatever they were talking about

“I know that you can hear or see me now”I continued

“I really missed you, I can’t wait for you to come home, I am sorry in advance for I will take you out of the world very soon” I added


….. Dorothy’s Uncle POV ❣️

It was Saturday morning and was the day for assurance

Dorothy woke up as usual and did what she normally does

She got prepared and was ready to go to the store

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“Are you planning on going to shop?” I asked her

“Yes Uncle, today is Saturday” she replied and I laughed
She thought maybe I had forgotten

“I know but we aren’t going to store today” I said

“Why?” She asked

“I have told you that we will go to where we will confirm your gift either lost or still intact” I replied

Just then, the car that I had booked for the journey, arrived

“The car is already here” I said pointing at it

It was just an hour journey, we arrived at the place where demons was said to be

I was fully prepared as required

It was just like a cemetery
It was very quiet and some dead body was littered everywhere

“Oh no, am scared already” Dorothy said

“This is just a little of what you will encounter in future” I responded

“You mean being this place?” She asked

“Yes, but that would be when you still have your gift” I replied

“Why would I be here again?” She asked

“That’s future, the world is really in danger if things doesn’t work out as I am planning it because by next weekend, am visiting my old time friend who is a ghost fighter, he have to deliver David” I replied

“It’s about to start” I said and Dorothy stopped

I brought out something that looks like a powder, according to my old time friend
It raised the demons out from their bodies

I spread it on a particular body and the ghost bumped out of the body

I looked at Dorothy hoping that she would see it but she was just watching me

“Can’t you see that?” I asked pointing at the demon which was flying around because it wanted a body to enter
And according to my old time friend, he said that the demon stays for one minute before reacting
Either to kill or to find a body to live

I was just calculating the time the demon got out from the body
Immediately it was the time for it to start reacting, I spread the one my old time friend said that do returns it back to the body

I tried it so many times, still Dorothy didn’t see any of them
Then I concluded that she has lost her gift

“Unfortunately, you really lost it” I announced and she burst out crying