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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 35

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

On Sunday evening, we arrived home from the burial

Thank God it was over and I was able to stay away from the demon throughout those days

Before we get home, our house help has already done with the cleaning and washing

I rushed to my room with a little happiness

Jenny was the first person I called

She was very happy to hear that I was really back

Since I was back, I thought it was not bad to let the demon visits me although I knew that must be angry with me

I kept the leaf far away from my room as I waited for it to come but there was no sign

The whole night came and passed but it didn’t show up

I had to slept off peacefully

The following day which was on Monday, I got prepared for school and left

I was almost in the school gate when I remembered that I forgot the leaf

I wasn’t that worried because Dorothy would surely come with the leaf

The driver drove in and parked
Immediately I got down and bent over to say a goodbye to the driver, the next thing I received was a surprising hug from Jenny

She actually hugged me from the back

“Welcome back” she said
Her voice was always sweet
She released me from the hug, so that I could be able to stand up

“Thanks” I responded smiling

“I hope you get something for me?” She asked

“I brought myself” I said while we laughed

We matched inside
My eyes went first to Dorothy’s position but she wasn’t there


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I woke somehow late, that Monday

I wasn’t feeling too well

I had to manage to do some arrangement as usual
I was almost done with the sweeping when I felt something strong choking me

I started coughing continuously

Soon, bloods started coming out from my mouth

My Uncle who heard me coughing, ran out from where he was

“What!?” He shouted really scared of what he was seeing

He rushed to me with a handkerchief

He used it to hold my mouth

“Maybe there is something she puts inside you” my Uncle said

“I hope you cough it out” he added

“Water” I managed to say
He left the handkerchief with me and ran inside for the water

He rushed back almost immediately

I collected the water and poured it inside my mouth
I used it to flush my mouth and splashed out the water which contains lots of bloods

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I did it three times and I was back to normal

I held my neck slightly
Calming my temper down

I felt something at the right hand side of my neck

I kept touching it but I couldn’t figure out what it was

“Let me see” my Uncle said observing me

I removed my hand from my neck and he could see it very clear

“This is dangerous” he said narrowing his eyes

“What?” I asked not getting it

“You are in the dangerous spot, I think it is time to visit that my old time friend” my Uncle said

“You mean the demon fighter?” I asked

“Exactly” he replied

“If not, you might not survive this and every life will be at risk” he added

“Am already scared” I said because I never wished to die at that age

“You don’t have to, and you don’t need to go to school today” he said

“Why?” I asked because I knew David would be in the school

“You might bump into someone and may mistakenly burst it” he replied

“And I don’t know how dangerous it would be, after that” he added
He was seriously getting me scared

“David will be in school today” I tried explaining to him

“I thought you said that he travelled?” He asked

“Yes but he came back yesterday, according to Jenny, his friend” I replied

“Okay then but you need to be careful with this” my Uncle said
While I nodded

“Go and dress up because it is already late, I will do the rest” my Uncle added
I smiled and rushed inside

In few minutes later, I was done
I tied a white handkerchief around my neck, covering the shape

I got to the school gate when the gateman was about to lock it

He started questioning me but was interrupted by my class mistress

It was a relief

She asked him to let go of me which he did
I was sure that her own question was coming

“You haven’t been to school late, so what happened?” She asked when we left where the gateman was

“I was a little bit sick this morning” I replied

“Is that why you tied handkerchief around your neck?” She asked
It was sure that everyone must surely ask about it

“Yes, I applied it some water, so that my temperature will be calm” I lied

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After much discussion with her, she allowed me to go inside my class

I rushed in and the first thing I saw was David with Jenny as usual and Jason seems less concerned
I don’t know what he has in mind

I walked gently and passed them, straight to my seat
Bonny was sitting on our position

“Good Morning” I greeted him and sat

“Am not happy with you” he said

“Why?” I asked
I wasn’t ready for anything at that moment but I had to maintain
I dropped my bag

“You kept me worried, I even tried your number but no answer” he replied


….. Jason POV ❣️

That Monday wasn’t bright
I couldn’t believe that I was that calm in life

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what my intention really was

If it was to get Jenny or was to find out who David really was

Everything got me weak

I was looking at my book but I wasn’t able to grab anything

I was just thinking about what I would do next

Soon, Dorothy walked out of the class

After some minutes, David did the same


…. Faith POV ❣️

As usual, the queen mother and I was in my residence when the other demon shows up

“I guess you are worried?” The queen mother indirectly asked her

“Don’t you think that you people are keeping long?” The demon returned the question

“I don’t think so” the queen mother replied

“Since she has lost her gift of seeing ghosts, this is the best time to kill her” the demon said

“My real intention was for that gum to kill her after destroying the gift” the queen mother said

“It works accordingly” the queen mother added

“Her Uncle is planning on bringing in our greatest threat into the game” the demon said

“And if he does, the man will get rid of that gum inside her” the demon added

“It can’t be possible because it’s already melted” the queen mother said

“He might dessolve the active of the gum” the demon said

“And we know that once she recovers it back, the doom will be near” the demon said

Their conversation was really something else because I was already worried

That means the next plan was to kill Dorothy
I would decide that even if they don’t want to
Because she might stop the opportunity of Jason coming to me

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“Then we need to plan on another way because the leaf is still intact with her always” the demon said

“Don’t worry, it is Faith’s destiny, she will eliminate her” the queen mother replied

“I have to go somewhere now” the demon said and disappeared


….. David POV ❣️

I rushed out to meet Dorothy because I thought something was wrong with her when I saw her leaving with her bag

I couldn’t find her anywhere
I checked around the females washroom but no one was there

I rushed out to the school compound

I heard someone coughing from the school garden

As I got in there, I saw her bending over
She was seriously coughing when I got there

Her bag on her back

I wouldn’t believe it, if was pregnant because that was one of the signs

“Dorothy” I called gently
She paused and raised up her head
She turned to face me
Her face was somehow red

Her mouth was filled with bloods

“Dorothy” I said again and meant to rush to her

“Don’t come close” she said pushing forth her hand

“What happened?” I asked
I was beyond shocked

“I don’t really know” she replied
The wind storm started
I touched my pocket, then remembered that I forgot it at home

“What’s the problem?” Dorothy asked noticing my little move
Just then, the demon appeared
Dorothy don’t seem to be worried about her appearing

“Don’t you see her?” I asked

“What?” She returned the question

“Don’t worry, she can’t see me anymore” the demon said
I thought she was lying because I knew that Dorothy has the gift

“How do you mean?” I asked

“She has lost her gift” the demon said

“I mean that I don’t know what you are talking about” Dorothy said

“Can’t you see the demon?” I asked

“Who?” She asked

“I can’t see them anymore” she added

“Seriously?” I asked while she nodded

“She is here” I added

“I can’t see any of them” she said almost crying
She brought down her bag and began to check something

She took out the leaf and the demon disappeared

“But what happened?” I asked

“Is she gone?” Dorothy returned the question

“Yes” I replied

“I don’t really know how it happened but I have lost the gift, so you need to be extra careful” she said, putting back the leaf in her bag

She carried her bag and walked away
I was just left with thoughts