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Underground Demon. Chapter 31

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-one

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

After the day lecture, I asked all the A gangs to go home while I made my plan on meeting Stella

I knew that it was love that I felt for her

I had already made the plan earlier so I suggested that we came with two cars that day
Which was mine and Aiden’s own

“Just be careful” Aiden had said to me before they left
I didn’t tell them my plan because I just want to give myself a respect for that

In case you don’t know, if you are keeping bad friends, you shouldn’t let them know about what you value a lot with your life

Does it sound odd to you?
That almighty Axel is in love?
In just a twinkle of an eye?

It is actually normal
Everyone would claim that he or she can’t fall in love but not when it is time
Unless you didn’t meet the one your heart will accept

It is not a matter of things that the person has to do what pleases you or the person will give you attention before you will be able to be on love with the person

It is just what your heart decides
I just used my life to confirm it


I waited until everywhere was almost empty

I drove with my car since car could pass from the main school building to the school dormitory

It has like almost six buildings that was the dormitory

I couldn’t tell the particular one where Stella is staying

I parked at the parking spot where student who own cars but are staying in the school dormitory do park their cars

I got down and walked straight to the first dormitory which is close to where the parking spot was

I knocked on the first floor (first door) and a girl opened it

“Oh my God! Axel visit me” she shouted but in a low tone,
She also used her hand to cover her mouth

I smiled

Don’t be surprised because everyone would like to see me in their house
I was a very handsome and good-looking guy

I noticed that most of the girls are dying for me
If not of my lifestyle, I would be seen as the Lord of the girls

“You are welcome” the girl added and shifted a little bit
Which means that I should come in but I didn’t come for it

“Am sorry but am looking for Stella’s room” I said
I could see the changes in her face

“Who is Stella?” She asked
I wouldn’t think that she was pretending because I didn’t know the girl
And Stella was new
It could possibly be

“She is a 3rd year student and also new” I tried explaining

“You know that this school is very large, so it is difficult to know students that are not in the same level as you are” she said
That was true

“Maybe you should check other room” she added

I thanked her before going
She was still surprised that I could be talking with someone in that manner

It was really stressful, going from one room to other even those at the upstairs but I didn’t plan giving up

I got to a room and knocked
A guy opened it
I recognized him as one of my coursemate

When I told him why I was there, he thought for a while and nodded

“I have seen her somewhere at night when I slept over in a friend’s room” the guy said
He agreed to take me to the room because it was a little bit far from he’s

We got to a door and he stopped
We shifted for any passbyer

“I was in that room over there” he said pointing at a door which was kinda opposite the door we were standing

“I just woke up from sleep due to urine, so after when I was done, and walked to the window to close it because we forgot to do so before sleeping, as I got to the window, I saw Stella standing before that door, I was able to see her clearly because of the light”

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“But I doubted it by cleaning my eyes with my hands and opened it again but she was gone, Although I was scared that she must have fallen a victim but when I saw her at school the following day, I realized that it might be her room” the guy explained
He was just good in explanation

I thanked him before he leaves

I headed to the door and knocked

After some seconds, it was opened by Jack

The first thing that came into my mind was what the guy explained

Being in that room by that time

Jack was surprised to see me
He looked around, thinking that I must have come with my guys

I had to wave everything off

Even if I would have Stella, I still had to know how close she was to Jack

“Am here to see Stella” I said

“Sorry but Stella is not here, she is not even staying here” he replied

????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was planning on how to go with the new assignment

Rolling around my bed, thinking lots of things

If I should prepare the food in the house and take it to him or I should visit him at night and prepare it as usual

“Two days to go” that was what my mind kept repeating

The knock on my door brought me back from the thought

I wasn’t expecting anyone

I got down from the bed and went to open the door

It was Axel, standing there with a little smile

I wondered what he was doing in my room
Or maybe he made a mistake

“Hi” he said raising his hand a little

“Guess, this is not where you wanted to come” I said instead

“No, am in the right place”


“Am actually looking for you” he replied

“Why?” I asked

“Can’t you let me in first?” He asked

I didn’t want to be rude which wasn’t part of my life
But I hated him for how arrogant he was

“What do you want?” I asked as if I was angry

“Please can I come in?” He asked


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Mark POV ????⚡????⚡????

I felt remorse of what I did to Jane
And I needed to prove to her that I love her

So that day she shut the door before me, I had to sleep before her door until the following day

Even though the weather that night was too bad, I still had to endure it

I had no other way of proving myself
I was seriously freezing that night and my prayer was for Jane to at least open the door

Luckily, she did and she had to take me in


You already know me nah

At first, I was out for a game which Ella planned them all

I accepted the game because I would be getting my dream job
What I had always wished
Although I haven’t seen the girl then

Our arrangement was that I would be waiting before their hall, and anyone that Ella walked out with, would be the one

Immediately I set my eyes on Jane, I felt some butterflies in my stomach

That was when I concluded that I would try everything possible to make her love me, since her fiance doesn’t trust her

That’s how the game began


Since two days from the day I slept before Jane’s doorstep, I have been in her room

She couldn’t go to school the next day because of my condition
She was scared that something bad might happen to me if she goes out

I loved it because it makes me to have more feeling for her

But on the second day, she went to school
Giving enough chance

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I wasn’t that good in cooking but I still had to try my best

I knew how stressful it was, to come back from school with empty stomach

I prepared the one I knew about


I made a perfect timing that I finished it at the same time Jane arrived

She knocked on the door and I opened it

She looked at me in such a way that I could tell that she was wondering something

“Why are you sweating?” She asked
That was when I noticed that the cooking gave me a tough time

“A little cooking” I replied smiling

“You prepared something?” She asked, looking at the place where the pots are being kept
It was just in the room

“Yes but you need to shower first, before you will see it” I said smiling

As usual, I gave her the space for bathing and changing

I didn’t allow her to touch anything concerning the kitchen

I served her the food

“Hope you will like it” I said smiling
That’s what I couldn’t stop

“Unless I check it” she responded

She took the spoon and ate
She looked at me with one kind eye

“Is it sweet?” I asked because I didn’t taste it

She shook her head negative

????⚡????⚡???? Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

I smiled when Mark rushed to eat what he cooked

He was good than Jack but I pretended that it wasn’t good

He tasted it and looked at me

“Why do you look so scared?” I asked

“It is my time cooking for you” he said
That actually soften my heart

He was so lovely

We began to eat the food

Not too long after we were done eating, someone knocked on the door

“Who could that be?” I asked as if Mark knows

I was close to the door
So I had to be the one to open the door

It was the great Ella
She was in different look

I haven’t been seeing her at the school
Even Mr Rashid

I couldn’t tell if they have changed their school

“Oh, I said it” she said walking inside the room

“What are you doing here?” Mark asked
He seems to be angry

“As if here is your house”

“I knew it, that you will still betray us” Ella added
I was just dumbfounded
My mouth was too heavy to say anything

“Anyway, am here to take what belong to me” Ella said
She didn’t have anything much in the room
Only her clothes, the curtains and some pots

“Excuse me” she added and opened the door

“Come in guys” she said
I didn’t know that she came with some people

Like about four guys walked in

“I have told Mr Rashid not to worry you about what he has spent on you, so don’t worry, am a good friend” she said

“If not that am a good girl, I will just ask them to beat you both” she added
But no one responds to her

They took most of her things and they left
Slamming the door from their behind

I felt bad again

The happiness that was just starting

I fell back on the bed, with my buttocks

“Please, don’t think about it” Mark said as he looked at me

My phone began to ring

I was too lazy to pick it up but when it rang for the second time, I had to check who it was my Dad
I thought it was because of Mr Rashid but I still had to hear their story

I picked it up and the next thing I heard was a shout of joy
I was just lost
Waiting for them to clear me

“Dad” I called after some minutes but no one has said anything to me

“Congratulations” he said
I was totally confused

“You now have a junior brother in advance” he added

“I don’t understand”I said because I was totally lost

“Your Mom is pregnant” he announced
That was a great news

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Jane called me that evening, she wanted to tell me something when he airtime got exhausted

I was actually planning to go out before
So I had to use that opportunity to get an airtime because I was also in short of it

Just as I walked out of my room, I saw Stella walking close

I remembered that Axel was looking for her

I didn’t know her room, but I gave him some tips

“Are you going out?” She asked
It was clear that she came to visit me

“Oh, yes, I will be back soon” I replied

“Okay, I will come back” she said and turned, walking

I wondered what that means

“Be careful” I heard a voice saying
I turned around but I didn’t see anyone

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I visited Mira that evening because I was bored

I needed someone to talk to and she happens to be the one

Although I went to school, looking for Jack but he was not in the school dormitory

I tried his line but it wasn’t connecting

I had to go to where I knew next

Mira was actually preparing her dinner when I arrived

I perceived the aroma immediately I opened the door after greeting her neighbors

Her roommate, Lily has changed school since she left to see her parents

They were actually scared

“You are doing good here” I said smiling
She understands what I meant

“You haven’t for once accept that I am good than you, when it comes to cooking” she said
That sounds like a challenge

“You know very well about that” I said and we laughed

“Let me go before it burns” she said and rushed to the kitchen

“Jack need to be with you” I said to myself

I walked to the kitchen to be with her

I was bored, that’s why I was there
So I had to kill the boredom

“Are you preparing it for Jack?” I teased
Of course, she smiled

“Can you stop playing” she said instead

“How far, you haven’t told me about Jack, as in how you guys are doing now?” I asked

“You like teasing, you know very well that we hardly talk” she replied
I knew that she always wants to speak with Jack but she never liked problem

The problem was nobody else but Stella

“I noticed that Jack love you as well but you guys lack the courage to tell one” I said

“I can teach you on how to go with this, I have confirmed that Stella and Jack aren’t dating”

“Jack is not even interested in her” I added

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

At night, I was busy with my phone
Waiting for the sleep to visit me when I heard a knock on my door

My mind ran to Stella and stood up

I got closer to the door and waited a little

The knock came in again

“Who is that?” I asked

“It is me” she replied
That was Stella’s voice

I checked the time
It wasn’t that late like the previous day

I opened the door and dragged her in

“What are you doing here by this time?” I asked

“You are making me to feel bad” she said instead
I had to be calm

“You know that I will be leaving on Saturday and today is Thursday” she said walking to my bed


????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, I woke up on time and made everywhere clean as usual

Jack woke up before I started preparing his meal

I was already with the bottle Henry gave me but I kept it in a safe place in his room

He was worried that I was still in his room when he woke up but I gave him excuse

Claiming that I won’t be going to school because I was getting prepared about my departure


When he went to take his bath, I used the opportunity to put the whole substance into his food