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Undergrounded Demon. Chapter 34

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-Four

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in my room that night, reading my book since I couldn’t find my book when a flashlight reflected in my room through the window

I looked at the window to know what was that, only to see a bike driving inside the school dormitory following the main gate

Although the bike was still far

“Who could that be?”

“And what is he or she could be doing outside by this time in the night?” I asked myself

The bike stopped when he saw another person standing, not too far from my room

Because of the headlights, I wasn’t able to see who that was

The rider turned off the headlights and the street light took over

I could see them clearly

Ajax and Henry but I wondered what they could be doing outside

They were still talking when the whole light went off
Just then, I began to hear the noises of the spirits
That means it was their time

“What?” I asked no one

The first that crossed my mind was
“Just turn On your Torchlight, either in your phone or anyone”
That was what the ghost boy has said to me

I rushed to my wardrobe and took my Torchlight

I turned it On and rushed out

I could see the demons forming one beast

They all looked at my direction

“Keep shaking it otherwise, they will off it” the ghost boy’s word kept running into my mind

I began to shake it and turned to my right hand side
Ajax has already dropped his bike and was ready to run

But he stopped when he saw my Torchlight, flashing on him

He just used his hands to block the light from entering his eyes

Henry was just confused

“Who are you?” Ajax shouted but I didn’t say anything because I was busy watching those demons
As they were roaming behind Ajax
Probably looking for an opportunity

Just as I got closer, a car drove in with a speed but stopped at that same spot where Ajax was

We turned to that direction and the whole light came back again

All the demons were gone

“Jack” Ajax called
Meanwhile I was looking at the car

It got opened and Axel stepped out of it

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked looking at all of them
From one person to another

“Is this not Jack?” Axel asked

“I thought you said that he was dying?” He asked walking to where we were

I was just confused about the whole scene

“Henry, I don’t understand, can you please explain to us?” Ajax asked looking at him

Explain what? I asked myself

“I got a call that Jack wasn’t feeling well but I had no means of taking him to the hospital, so I had to call you since you are his friend” Henry replied

“You are confusing me more” Ajax said

“You told me that you guys are almost in the gate” Ajax added
I couldn’t grab the whole thing

I was just confused, but I had to be patient

“I thought that by the time you will get here, we must have reached there”

“But the way you were walking, it doesn’t show that you were serious” Ajax said

“I was tired”

“Where were you when you get the call?” I jumped in
I wanted to understand that Henry of a guy

“I went for a night club”

“On Saturday?” Ajax asked


“I never knew, can I see the number that called you?” Ajax asked

“I think I forgot the phone at the club” Henry replied

“I actually went with two of my phones” he added

“You said that you don’t have means of taking him to the hospital, what about you, I mean did you trek down here?” Ajax asked

“I took a cab but he refused to enter”

I knew that if we should wait, Ajax would kill Henry with questions unless he says what he felt, that might be true
And I was no longer feeling comfortable because the light might go off again

“I don’t think we are safe outside here guys” I said
I really interrupted them

“Am leaving” Axel said as he meant to walk back to his car

“I still don’t think it will be safe if you decide to leave this night because I think that they might have moved to the other side which is the main gate” I said

“They might even appear in your car” I added

“Hey, don’t scare me” Axel said
That was funny tho

“Maybe we can spend the night in your room” Ajax said as he tried to stood his bike up
Because he lays it down when he wanted to run

Axel later agreed to stay, after Ajax had tried talking sense into him

They parked their means, at the parking spot that was close to my room

Meanwhile Henry said that he won’t be sleeping in my room because his friend was staying close to my room

“You guys should better know the kind of friends you keep” Axel said after when Henry has gone

“Even those his response wasn’t convincing” he added
I suspected that as well

I would just have to put him to test

“I don’t trust him anymore” Ajax said

“By the way, why did you turn off your phone?” He asked
I remembered that I lost it
Maybe someone must have taken it

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“I lost my phone earlier in the day” I replied

“After hanging out with Henry” I added
Axel who wasn’t looking at me, turned with a force


The following morning, Axel left very early even Ajax
Because it was on Sunday and they needed to attend service

Meanwhile I warmed the remaining rice and ate it……….

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

I drove straight to my apartment with lots of thought

Firstly was, why did I leave after telling Ajax that I wouldn’t be coming

Does it mean that I was scared or what

Or maybe I only went to confirm that he was dead

Or did I actually went because I feel like obeying Ajax?

I was just confused of my decision

Maybe I didn’t have a bad heart

Another thing was Henry
All his response that previous night was suspicious

I wasn’t convinced with any of them

Maybe he has a plan

If he should have a plan, that must be Ajax
But why would he?

“I think I have a long way to go” I said to myself

The last thing I would stand and watch was any harm coming to my family

As far the person is my family, don’t tamper with him or her


Later in the day, after Sunday service

The A gangs visited as usual
We had to hangout that evening to the sports bar

So, we do spend the day time in my apartment and later goes out in the evening for some sports

My apartment was actually big with just four tenant from Rich families

Everyone has their own flat
We chose it that way, so that we could get enough space

Although they have their roommate except me

“I have gotten a plan” Anthony has said when we were in the living room

“That’s what I have been expecting” Andrew responded

“Which plan?” I asked

“Against Jack” Anthony replied
My mind was already far from it because I had a big plans to draw, concerning Henry

“Why are we even making this plan?” I asked
I began to think of it
What Jack really do

“I want him to know that we are still the A gangs” Andrew said

“He knows that already” I responded

“Why are you sounding like this?” Andrew asked
I was just thinking if I should get them involve with my plan

“Can we hear it?” Alex asked

Anthony was about to say something when someone interrupted us with a knock on the door

“Who could that be?” Alex asked standing up from his chair
He was the last born in the gang
So that’s what he supposed to be doing

He looked shocked when he opened the door

“A minute” he said and closed back the door
Meanwhile I was checking out something online

“It is Stella” he announced
On hearing that, I raised up my head

“Stella?” I asked

“Yes, she said that she wants to see you” he replied
I had to stand up immediately

“You asked why the plan” Anthony said and I turned to look at him

“Getting Stella is also the reason” he added while I smiled

“Maybe” I said before heading to the door

Maybe I have gotten her
That’s why she visited me in the house

I opened the door and she was still standing there with her beautiful face

“Stella beauty” I called with a smile on my face
I think that would be her new name

“I want to have some privacy with you” she said

I wondered what she has to say

“Sure” I said coming out properly and closed the door from behind

We walked to the parking spot where we would surely have the privacy
I opened the door and we entered
Me at the driver’s side while she sat at the passenger side
With the door open

“Sorry I didn’t offer you something to drink” I said

“Please what can I offer you?” I asked

“Don’t worry, am fine” she replied


“Yes, don’t worry” she replied while I shrugged

“So, what do you want to tell me?” I asked

“Do you truly love me?” She asked with her eyes fixed with mine
I wondered what she has in mind

“Of course, I do” I replied
I knew that there must be a sacrifice for it

“Can you prove it?” She asked

“How?” I returned the question
She turned her face to the windscreen

She wasn’t smiling

“I want you to deal with Mira” she replied

“What?” I asked really surprised
I lifted my back from the headrest with a speed

“Yes” she responded as she turned, looking at me

“I have only one wish and this is the wish” she added

If I could remember, Mira and Jack seems to like each other

Andrew like Mira

That would only crash us

“Mira is my childhood friend, my family and hers has been in friendship even before I was born” I said

“I can’t ruin everything now” I added

“If you truly love me, do it”

“Do it for love and you will have me” she said

“But what did she do?” I asked
I wanted to know her reason

“It is what my heart bears” she said instead

That was the most difficult task

“Do it if you want to prove your love for me” she added and got down from the car
She didn’t utter any other thing as she walked out

Beating someone to win another’s love was a very bad idea

That simply means that you might still beat the one who you love

It was true that I wasn’t in a good term with Mira, I will never try that rubbish

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That means she only wants to use me as a tool because I felt that she wants to do that for Mira to stay away from Jack………..

????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

I couldn’t believe that I failed again

I tried killing Jack, Ajax saved him
I tried killing Ajax, Jack saved him

That means it would surely be a very difficult thing to kill any of them

Or maybe Mr Noah should try killing him with his power

I took a cab, straight to his apartment

He did as usual by offering me his drink

We haven’t discussed anything about what happened the previous night

I didn’t know if he was aware of it

“Sorry, I failed yesterday” I said to start

“I already know that” he responded

“You should try using a strict method” he added

“They kept saving themselves” I said
I sat properly

“I have a suggestion” I said
He looked at me
I thought he was reading my mind but he wasn’t

“What is that?” He later asked
I bent down a little
Bringing my face closer to him

Not that I want to whisper but bringing your face closer will make the discussion, so understanding

“Why don’t you use your power to kill him, rather than trying all this methods” I said

He adjusted his sitting

“I have tried that but I think that Jack has some hidden power in him” he said


“If it was easy, I would have killed him long time ago”

“I tried both physically and spiritually but he was strong” he added

That would definitely be a not going area

“What about Ajax?” I asked

“I think Jack’s power is protecting him, I felt that power when I attacked his spirit” he replied

How could Jack’s power working in Ajax

Maybe we should give up on them because it won’t be easy to get on them


I went back home
I brought out Jack’s phone from where I kept it

I would return it the following day at school with a lie that the restaurant we went to, the other day, called me and told me that they saw his phone there

As for Jack’s phone, I was the one who stole it for the plan to go smoothly

I knew Ajax smartness

I thought that after calling him, he must try to confirm it by calling Jack

I have studied Jack very well
Once he was in a deep conversation, he doesn’t care about his phone
He doesn’t operate it at that time

So, during our time at the restaurant, I stylishly collected his phone

He didn’t even notice it because I kept talking to him until we got to his room……….

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

That same afternoon, I went to visit Jack

Maybe he would be needing my assistant if Ajax wasn’t around

Or maybe I couldn’t stay without visiting him

I knocked on his door and he opened it after some minutes

“Hey” I said waving my hands with a smile

He did the same and shifted for me to come in

I walked in and met something
I smiled

It was a pot and some foodstuffs, ready to cook

“You are doing good” I said turning to face him while he smiled

“I am just checking on how to start” he said and I smiled

“Then let’s begin” I said dropping my handbag on the bed

Not too long after when we were done, someone knocked at the door

I thought it was Stella but it was Ajax

He walked in smiling

“The aroma is great” he said walking in

“You are really taking good care of Jack” he said

“Am jealous” he added
I had to laugh but in a good way
I had to serve the food for three of us

We began to get down the food

“Mira, what happened to your phone last night?” Ajax asked when we were eating

“I don’t understand” I said because I didn’t get it

“I called you several times yesternight but you didn’t pick up” he said
I remembered that I saw the notification but I forgot to call back

“I didn’t hear it ringing” I said and brought out my phone
It was the first time it is happening
No matter how tired I would be, once my phone ring, I will hear it

“Try calling it now” I said
He dialled the number
It was showing but it wasn’t ringing out

I checked and discovered that it was on silent

But how come?
When did I?


Henry gave his plan a very big thought

Ajax might try using his brain

So he met a girl and they planned for the girl to meet Mira at night
Claiming that she didn’t have anywhere to go that night because the landlord to the house where she stays, has locked the gate before she came back

The girl stays up until Mira went to sleep

She got a message from Henry that it was time

She had to take Mira’s phone which was on top of the table in her room and puts it on silent because she knows that the phone might make noise if she tried offing it


????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

After when they were gone, I lays down on my bed thinking

I wasn’t thinking straight

My mind was on Henry

“Who is that guy?” I asked myself

If he is really dangerous, the ghost boy must have told me

“Are you thinking about Stella?” I heard the ghost boy saying
I sat up and saw him standing at the door post

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“You keep staying far because I might beat you” I said while he laughed

“Eheeee, about Stella” I said remembering that her father changed her mind

“What about her?” He asked

“She supposed to leave yesterday but she is still here, saying that her father changed his mind” I replied

“That’s Mr Noah’s power that am telling you about” the ghost boy said


‘Have you thought about Mira’s friend?”

“Lily?” He asked

“What about her?” I asked back

“Assuming her parents steps their foot in this school, she wouldn’t have gone”

“But because they had no much money with them, they just asked Lily to visit them, and since then, they stopped her from coming back” he added

It was then I understood what he meant

That means it will be difficult for a student to leave the school, once their parents steps their foot in the school………….



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

I have been trying Jack’s line since Saturday evening when I arrived home but it was switched off

I was worried because there was no other means of contacting him

And he hasn’t come back ever since I told him about Mom’s pregnancy

Although it wasn’t far
Just one week but I felt that it was long because I missed him

I was thinking of checking plan

Maybe I should be coming home whenever Jack wants to come because it was boring at home even at school as well

Our last born who would soon have someone she would be older than, was just like me

She do ask me about Jack

No one wouldn’t like him
He respects his family

Later in the evening, I was in my room checking out something online when our last born came in

I was thinking that she wanted to ask me about Jack again because she has asked me that almost six times that Sunday

“Some people are looking for you” that’s what she said
I wasn’t expecting someone
Talk more of people

There was no need to ask her who they were

I went out with her only to see Mr Rashid and Ella, sitting in the balcony with my parents

I wondered what they were doing in our house

I didn’t want my parents to know about what happened

“Why don’t you sit down, your fiance is here?” My Mom said

“I think that’s his sister” she added
That shows that they haven’t told them

I reluctantly sit because no matter what, the truth will still be out because they were planning to marry
Ella was only smirking at me

“Thank you everyone” Mr Rashid said

“Without wasting much time, I will like to go straight to the point”

“Meet my fiancee, Miss Ella” he added taking Ella’s hand

“What?” My parents chorused

“What happened?” My Dad asked

“Yes, your daughter has proven that I can’t marry her” Mr Rashid said


“She cheated, she isn’t faithful” Mr Rashid replied
I couldn’t believe the lie

“Huh? That’s not true” I tried protesting

“Jane, be calm” my Dad said


After some minutes when they have gone, my Dad came into my room

I tried explaining but he stopped me

“I never doubted you my daughter” he said

“I know what you can do” he added

“Am even happy that it happens this way”………..

????⚡????⚡????Ella POV ????⚡????⚡????

Do you take me as a bad friend?

Don’t blame people when they take decision
They must have given it their best thought

I have Jane’s friend since she came into University

That was actually where we met

She told me about her life

How poor their family was

How Mr Rashid chose to marry her, after her education

She wasn’t comfortable with it because she has someone in mind

After hearing her story, I decided to jump in

She doesn’t like good thing, so I had to take it

That’s why I made everything possible to get Mr Rashid

Since Jane doesn’t like him, it will be easier for me to get in

I do take records of what she do say about Mr Rashid

How unhelpful he was, to her family

That makes Mr Rashid to let me in


On Monday morning, we woke up in the hotel room where we booked for a night since Mr Rashid wasn’t from that area and he wouldn’t try driving to his town by that time of the night

I greeted him as a method of showing some respect

“I need to see your parents again today” Mr Rashid said as he kiss my forehead

That was romantic

After some hours, we were good to go

We signed off

We hits the road with a speed

Mr Rashid was just good in that and I like it

Really thrilling

We got to a bridge and Mr Rashid began to complain about his hand

It was becoming heavy as if he has muscle pull

“Can you manage to stop the car?” I asked with so much fear because the speed was too much

“Let me park” he said as he slowed down

He was driving closer to the right hand side

“Oh my God!” He shouted, I guessed the muscle poll must have got him again and the car speed up immediately

It was heading to the hanger that was used at the edges of the bridge

“No ooooooo!!!!” I screamed as the car run into the river after hitting the hanger which was meant to block it ……