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Undergrounded Demon. Chapter 35

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-Five

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

Everything was just becoming normal

I felt free because I had been thinking on how my parents would react, knowing fully well that Mr Rashid was the one taking my responsibility

I woke up due to the noise of my phone

It was ringing

I checked and saw Mark

I smiled
I know that he must be worried, why I didn’t come back as usual because I normally come back very early in the morning

4am dot

I greeted him

“Are you alright?” He asked
He sounds so worried like I thought

“Am totally good” I replied

“Okay because am worried why you haven’t arrived by this time” he said
Just like I thought

“I just want to stay for today but I will be coming back by tomorrow” I replied

“Okay, sorry for the lost” he said

I was just confused
What was he talking about

“I don’t understand” I said

” it seems like you haven’t heard about the news” he said
I was still confused

“Which news?” I asked

“About the death of Ella and Mr Rashid” he replied
That caught me well that I had to jump up from my bed

I turned On the television immediately

“That is not true because they came here yesterday” I said not believing it as I searched for the news station

“The accident happened this morning” he said

“This morning?!”


“I will call you back” I said and hung up
Just immediately I saw the news

The location wasn’t far from our house

A bridge that led to the next town

They were able to bring out Ella and Mr Rashid body from the river

They were really wet and was dead, from the look

Lots of journalist were there
Taking pictures
The press were making some videos
How they met the scene

What it looks like it happens

An ambulance arrived in the scene

They took their bodies to the ambulance

I rushed out from my room

I checked my time and discovered that I really slept
It was already late

I told my Mom that I want to check something since she was the only one who was in the house with our last born
I wouldn’t want to tell her what really happened because I needed to confirm it

I took a cab to the location

Everywhere was getting clear

Because the victim were already taken out

I met with one of the journalist around

“Please, which hospital are they taken to?” I asked him

“General hospital” he replied

I nodded and walked back to the cab driver I came with

I told him where we were going to before he drove off


I arrived at the hospital and rushed to meet the doctor

They told me that he was attending to emergency patients

I had to wait for him

Just that minutes, he walked out and I rushed to meet him

“How are they doctor?” I asked

“Sorry but they are dead” he replied
My eyes widened

It is true that they did something unforgettable to me but I still felt bad

“Come to my office” he said walking out

Maybe there would be a chance

I rushed after him

We got to his office and he asked me to sit down which I did

“You people should start preparing their burial” he said
How would he call me to his off just to say that

“I was the last doctor that took a test on Mr Rashid” he said

“He is having some problem with his muscles that I told him to stay away from exercise because it is dangerous to his condition”

“So, I think that, that’s why this accident happened” he explained while I nodded
it was already late……..

????⚡????⚡???? Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in the lecture hall that morning when my phone began to ring

It was my Dad

I wondered why he would be calling by that time

I took permission and went out

If my Dad has to call by that time, it would surely be a serious thing

“Hello Dad” I said

“Dan, how are you doing today?” He asked
Was it the reason why he called

“Am good”

“I am surprised to see your call” I said

“I want you to come home” he responded


“You will know everything when you come” he said

That kept me worried

Could it be my Mom?

“See you then” he added and hung up

I never liked playing with my mother’s life

I had to go to my apartment straight

“If they will be needing me that urgent, that means I will stay long at home” I said to myself

I went to the principal’s office and gave him my report

I told him that it was urgent

Fortunately, he permitted me

I first went straight to Jack’s house maybe I would get his number since I wasn’t able to reach him since he travelled

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I met with his Mom and two sisters

I have been there once
So I didn’t know the elder one……..


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

At school, after the second lesson, I and Jack went to our normal hall

“Still you are yet to see your phone?” I asked remembering that he lost his phone

“Yes, am still thinking of where I dropped it” he replied

“Maybe you should search your room very well” I suggested

“The worst part is that it is switched off” he said

Just then, someone walked into the Hall

We looked up to see Henry walking in

I was just not comfortable with him anymore

“Hey guys” he said as he brought out his hand towards me for handshake

“How far?” Jack asked
I was just watching them
Checking out Henry

“Take your phone” Henry said, taking it out the phone from his pocket
I was just wondering how come

“How come?” Jack asked
That’s what I wanted to ask also

“That restaurant we went to”

“They called me, saying that they saw this phone on our table after when we left” he replied

How convincing was that?

“How did they get your number?” I asked
He was surprised to hear that

It was sure that he didn’t expect it coming

“I think it was when I made some registration with them” he replied
I just had to wave it off

Maybe I should meet him somewhere

I believed that I could get some tips after that


After when Henry was gone, everywhere remained silent

“Did you get it?” I asked focusing my face towards the door where Henry passed

“How do you mean?” He asked looking at me

“Do you trust that guy?” I asked
By then, I have turned to look at him as well

“Not really, am just watching him” he said

“I will have to try something new” he added…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

When I got home, I turned on my phone after charging it

Lots of messages from different people were bumping in

From Ajax
It was that previous night when Ajax came to be sure of what Henry called him about

He sent it, hoping that I would see it

The second one was from Jane
She was worried after trying my line but it was switched off

I called her immediately to assure her that I was fine

“You haven’t come home since I told you that Mom is pregnant, why?” She had asked

“I have been busy but I will come down this weekend” I replied


At night, unknown number called me and I picked it after some minutes

“Jack why did you change all of a sudden?” A male voice asked
His voice sounds familiar but I wasn’t able to figure it out immediately

“I don’t understand, please who is this?” I asked

“He has forgotten my voice as well” he said instead
I began to think who that could be

“Hey dude” he said and I recognized him immediately

“Dan” I called

“Why did you abandon me?” He asked

“You didn’t even think of calling” he added

I felt bad

I couldn’t believe that I forgot to call him, ever since I became part of the school

“Am sorry, just that I have been very busy but I will be coming down this weekend” I said

“Am not in school now”

“Why?” I asked

“My Uncle died of an accident, so I am in the village now” he replied

“So sorry for your lost”

“Accept my condolences” I added


Two days later, I was already preparing for my journey that would be on Friday

Two days to come

I had to inform Mira and Ajax about it

As for Stella, she doesn’t disturb like before but I believed that she has a plan……..

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

It was Friday evening and was supposed to be the day Jack visit his parents

I was so happy for him

About his mother’s pregnancy

I wanted to go with him but he told me that his parents would be worried

Maybe by the next time, I would go with him

I bought some packages for him
And the one he would give his parents

It was just like a package containing new babies clothes

I made it in a way that it will be portable for him to carry

Which I had done long time ago

I drove to the school with the whole package

Straight to the school dormitory and parked at the parking spot

I got to his room and knocked

He opened it and smiled when he saw me

“You aren’t yet prepared?” I asked because he doesn’t look like one

“Am taking the night” he replied
He shifted for me and I walked in

“By what time?” I asked and turned to look at him

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“The flight will be taking off by 2am” he replied

“So how do you plan leaving here by that time when you know how dangerous it is, in night” I said

“I will be at the airport by 6pm” he replied
That would be better
I turned properly to face his room

I saw some foodstuffs arranged with a pot and a phone beside them

I turned to look at Jack who was already smiling because he understands my look

“I want to surprise my parents and my sister with that cooking method you taught me” he said while I smiled

“But how can you surprise them when you are still making use of phone?” I asked

“This is my last trial” he replied

“Okay, let me watch you then” I said and walked closer to the bed
I made myself comfortable there

“Don’t laugh” he said while I busted out laughing
His statement actually made me to

“You have started” he said but I still couldn’t stop laughing

“Okay fine, am sorry I disobeyed” I said, trying so hard to control myself


After some minutes, he was already cooking

He was really trying because I didn’t expect him to be that good

I thought I would be correcting him till he was done

It was left with the last minute when someone knocked at the door and I went to open it

It was no other person than Ajax

“Seems like am disturbing this chemistry” he said
He started shaking his nose

“Who is doing that?” Ajax asked
He has perceived the aroma of what Jack was preparing

“Wow, that food must be delicious” a guy who was passing by, said

That was true because I felt like eating it already

Ajax made his way in while I closed the door

Jack was already done

“Don’t tell me that you prepared this” Ajax said pointing at the pot

“I can now prepare better than you” Jack said leaking his mouth
They laughed
It was clear that he was only joking
Because sometimes, I do compete with Ajax but he normally win me

He was just good in cooking


Around 6pm, we drove with my car while Ajax rode with his bike

It was only Jack’s backpack that he has

He would be coming back the following week

So there was no need to take more

We arrived at the airport and we escorted Jack to the passengers room where the night travellers do stay until when the time comes for them to depart

I just wished Jack could stay back

I was missing him already…….

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I arrived the following day with so much joy of meeting my parents

Even Dan that wasn’t happy with me

I needed to meet him as well

No one was outside

I just wanted to surprise them with my sudden appearance

Just as I got inside the living room, I began to hear some noises
It sounds so close

“That must be Dad’s room” I said and rushed to the passage

It wasn’t a high building
Just flat

A message bumped into my phone

I checked and it reads

“Hope you are safe with your journey”
That was a message from Mira

I smiled and continued walking

“I can no longer take him as my son” I heard my mother’s voice shouting

“Better keep this secret” my Dad said

Could it be that they are fighting?” I asked myself
But what and who could they be talking about?

Could it be the new baby?
But how can it be when Mom was the one who said that she would no longer take the person as her son

I walked closer to the door and remain calm

I needed to hear the main thing

“See, Rita, this boy will be homeless if you do this” my Dad said
Why couldn’t they call the person’s name

“And if we should allow him stay, what about my unborn baby?” My Mom asked

That could mean that I was the one
Just then, I heard a footsteps from my behind
I turned to see our last born, walking

“Shhhhh” I instructed, putting my finger across my mouth
I dragged her closer and she respected me by staying calm

“I know that you are talking about the inheritance but that should not be the problem here” my Dad said

“I see Jack’s future and it will be bright” he added

“Then, after his education and must have made it, we can tell him”

“What if he doesn’t succeed?”

“Why would you even say that?” My Dad asked back

“Every parents prayers is for the success their children, don’t be different” he added

“But he is not my son”

“Is that why you are wishing him bad?” My Dad asked

“I don’t care”

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“Who knows, if he is responsible for our downfall” she said
That word really caught me

Even our last born, that she has to gasped

But I held her tightly

“Stop saying that, that misfortune just started”

“Not just as he came into our lives” my Dad said

“I just don’t like him” my Mom said

“I don’t want us to discuss this again because Jack is coming home today” my Dad said

“Let him hear it and leave us” my Mom said

“I know you love him so much even though he is not your son but that can’t change the fact that he is not part of us”

“I do wonder if he used charm on you” she added

“Why did you change all of a sudden?” My Dad asked

I didn’t know when she changed
I was just as surprised as my Dad

“I refused to get caught up in his charm” my Mom said

After that word, the door was pushed opened and my Mom walked out
She gasped when she saw me

“What is that?” My Dad asked from inside

He walked out also and gasped

“How long have you been here?” My Dad asked

My Mom hissed and walked away

I turned to watch her until she was out of sight

I remembered how she behaves when I visited the other time

“Dad” I called returning my face

“Yes, son” he responded

“Was Mom pregnant the time I visited the other day?” I asked

“Yes but we wanted to hide it from you guys” he replied

“Oh, I see” I said and meant to walk out
Although my bag was still on the floor

I needed to walk around
Maybe my brain could be calmed

“Jack please don’t think much on this……” My Dad said

“I will……” meant to say but I cuts him short

“Don’t worry Dad, I know how much you love me, so I will stay until Monday” I said

“My bags are still here” I added with a smile


I walked out
Trekking down the street

I thought of going to Dan’s school but he told me earlier that he would be going to his hometown because his Uncle died

Another message bumped into my phone

It was from Mira

“Please let me know when you reach because am worried here” it reads

Another one arrived

“Dude, have you gotten home?”
That was from Ajax but I wasn’t in the mood to reply them

I got to a bar and sat down
I wasn’t the type that thinks, drinking reduces some stress

It can only take your mind away but not from that thought because you will keep thinking and drinking as well


That evening, I was still in the bar when my phone began to ring

It was Jane
She was the reason why I was still outside

I wanted to confirm it from her
To know if she was aware of it

“Where are you?” She asked
That was what she first asked

“I just arrived” she added

“Okay, I am coming” I responded and hung up


I got home and opened the gate

Jane was outside
She rushed and hugged me

“This whole week looks like a year to me” she said
She sounds excited
Maybe they didn’t tell her why I left earlier
All of them were inside except Jane

“Hope you are good?” She asked

“Yes, what about you?”

“Am good” she replied

“I have something for us to discuss” I said
I had to manage putting a smiling face

“What is that?” She asked

“Let’s go in first” I said and she shrugged

She couldn’t stop asking me about how my life at school was as we walked

No one was in the living room

We got inside my room

My bags were already there

That must be my Dad’s handwork

I sat down on the bed, Jane sat beside me

“Jane” I called


“I want to ask you something and I want you to tell me the truth” I said

“Go on” she responded

I turned to face her well

“Am I your blood brother?” I asked
She looked shocked

“What the, why are you thinking like that?” She asked back

“Just reply me and don’t lie” I said

“Wait Jack” she said
I know she wanted to push it further

“Don’t just beat around because I overheard Mom and Dad discussion today” I said interrupting her intention

“Tell me, am I your blood brother?” I asked

“Are you aware of anything?”

“Okay fine, no, you are not” she replied


“Am sorry that I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to get hurt” she said

“And that’s why I have feelings for you” she added

I couldn’t believe that my whole life was a lie
That was when the tears I have been holding, fell off my eyes