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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 38

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jenny POV ❣️

I waited patiently for David even though I was already tired of it

He arrived almost one hour later

I don’t have to be angry with him

I got down from the car and he did the same

“Am sorry for keeping you waiting” David apologized walking to my car where I stood

“What really happened?” I asked because I was curious

“Dorothy was attacked by the beast” he replied
I gasped
How could Dorothy die just like that? I asked myself

“But did the beast succeeded?” I asked
I seriously wouldn’t want such to happen

“She only got a cut and fell in coma” he replied

“Coma?” I asked


“For how long?” I asked

“I don’t know, even the doctor said that he isn’t sure” he replied

“Can we go there now?” I asked
I really needed to see her
I wished she survived it

“Not today again, let’s see her tomorrow, after school” he replied

“Okay then” I said and opened my door
I took out the two bags and gave them to David after closing the door
He thanked me and collected it

“I will watch you leave first” he said, sounding romantic

I smiled nodding as I opened my door again

“I will leave after seeing you enter your car” I said halfway inside the car

He nodded smiling
I entered and closed the door
He walked to his car and entered

I got the window down and waved at him before the driver drove off


…. Bonny POV ❣️

I dropped at the junction where my driver was

I waved at Jason as he drove off

I entered my car and asked the driver to wait for some minutes

I wanted to visit Dorothy’s Uncle because I was sure that he wasn’t aware and I wouldn’t want Jason to know about him, knowing how dangerous Jason was

After a minute, I ordered the driver to go

I gave him the directions of where we were going

First was their store which I was sure that her Uncle must be there

Immediately we got there, I stepped out from the car and walked to the store that looks so dull
I discovered that it was locked

“Where could he be now?” I asked myself

I rushed back to the car and asked the driver to drive to their house
At least I might meet him there

We were able to get there without a delay

Unfortunately, the gate was locked
That was the most confusing part of it

I thought for a while but I couldn’t find something to do at that spot

But since she was already getting treated, it was a relief

I got into the car and the driver drove home


…. David POV ❣️

The following day, I woke up as everything that happened the previous day kept playing

The demon with one eye

I remembered what the principal said
My prayer was for Dorothy to wake up because she was my only hope on that

I walked straight to my bathroom and splashed water on my face
I washed it countless times
It was already frustrating

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I wondered how long it would take

Even if I continued holding the leaf from now till the next hundred years, the demon would still be waiting for the opportunity and would be angry with me

I needed to settle everything with her, once and for all but I had to wait for Dorothy to wake up

Since she was able to get a leaf that chases them away, then she must also know how to stop them

I took out my toothbrush and toothpaste
I did the supposed

I took my bath at the same time

Soon, I was ready to go

I walked downstairs
My Mom was already at the dinning table

I greeted her before sitting down

We ate together and was also having an interesting conversation

At least, it helps in releasing the stress I was passing through

When we were done, I bids her goodbye and left for school

I first of all asked the driver to go to the hospital where Dorothy was admitted

I took permission and went to see her
The wound on her neck wasn’t that much as I thought
Her fingers were making a little movement
I later asked the doctor about it but he said that it was normal
That it could stop anytime and she might not make it

Hearing that was the main thing that scares me

The worst part was that I didn’t know any of her relatives

I later left for school although a little late

When I got to school, there was a police car parked in the school

I guessed they have came for what happened the previous day

I wished they could trace the demon because the officer seems to be a demon tracker

I walked straight to my class
Everyone was present already
I wouldn’t be surprised because I was late

I waved at Bonny who waved back although he looks so dull

I sat down on my seat

“Hi” I greeted Jenny


“There is a police car outside the compound, what about them?” I asked
It was sure that I was curious

“Yesterday’s incident, the principal called him” Jenny replied
When talking about him, I knew who it could be

The same policeman who came the other time

Just then, a teacher walked in
We greeted her
She informed me and Jason that the principal was calling us

My heart skipped a beat because I wasn’t yet prepared with the excuse I could give

Jason didn’t waste time in walking out

“Did you people engage in fight?” Jenny asked because that was what she was suspecting

“Not at all” I replied

“So why is he calling both of you?” She asked

“I don’t know yet, I will get going” I responded and stood up

I walked straight to the principal’s office
I knocked and he ordered me to come in

Jason was already in there
That policeman was also there

“You sent for me” I said looking at the principal

“Yes, I called you here because I want COP Kelly to get it well before continuing with his investigation” the principal said
I was confused but I had to maintain

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“According to Jason here, you were the one who took out Dorothy’s body from the school farm right?” The principal asked

“Yes” I replied looking at them
I had to answer it according to how it happened since Jason and his gang saw me

“And also, Dorothy haven’t been chatting with you like before, for a long time now, right?” The principal asked

“Yes” I replied

“Am not suspecting you but we have to do what seems to be right” he said and I nodded

“What were you doing in the school farm at that time?” He asked
My heart beat was hitting faster
I didn’t know what else to do but I had to find a better lie

“My Mom asked me to get her a leaf in case if I sees it there” I lied
I knew it didn’t sound convincing but I had to drop it

“What is she using the leaf for?” Jason asked

“I don’t really know” I replied

“Okay then, how did you find the body, did you see the beast?” The principal asked again

“I only heard the noise” I lied because they would ask me describe it if I replied yes

“I don’t want to say anything yet but I will let you know when I need you in the station” COP Kelly said for the first time since the conversation
I wondered why he didn’t question me as supposed

“I will be on my way” he added and left the office

“You two can now go” the principal said

We walked out of d office

“Why don’t you tell us the truth?” Jason asked on our way to the class

“Which truth again are you talking about?” I returned the question

“How did you kill her, why?” He asked
I got angry immediately and turned to face him with a red eye

“Better watch your tongue” I said holding his shirt and was ready to punch him

“Do you just want to die?” He asked

“Let go of me!” He shouted and pushed off my hand from his shirt
I wasn’t really doing that but he provoked me

“I know that your next target is Jenny” he said

“You don’t have any evidence” I said

“Don’t worry, am on it” he responded

“I will surely expose you” he added and walked away

I wondered what he was working on

“Aren’t you going inside your class?” The question came from behind
I turned and it was a teacher
I guessed, that was who Jason saw that’s why he walked out


….. Jenny POV ❣️

After dismissal, since my driver came first, we used my own car to go to the hospital

When we alighted, we matched together inside
I felt joy walking with David, forgetting what I really came for

We got to the doctors office

He permitted us to go and check on her

I thought it was all a dream but I was sure when my eyes caught lifeless Dorothy

“Too bad” I said

“She was lucky enough” David said pointing at a wound on her neck

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“Indeed” I responded
Tears was already forming on my eyes
I didn’t notice it earlier

Soon, the door opened
We turned to take a look
It was Bonny, Jason and the other guys

I couldn’t stand them
David noticed it and took my hand
We walked out of the room

We were on our way to the doctor’s office when David’s phone began to ring

“My driver” he said and picked it up

“Yes” that was the next thing he said and hung up

“What is he saying?” I asked

“He wanted to confirm if it is this hospital” David replied

“That means he is coming?” I asked

“Yes” he replied
I felt bad because I wanted to take him home with my own car

We walked to the doctor’s office

He ordered us in

“Looking good together” the doctor said
I couldn’t help it but to smile

“Thanks, so how is she doing?” David asked

“As you can see, nothing has changed” the doc replied

“Just that….” The doc was interrupted by a knock on the door

“Yes, come in” the doc said
The door was opened and Bonny walked in

“I just need to see her parents, why is it that none of them have come?” The doc asked
I waited for David to reply because he was close to her anyway

“Actually, I don’t know her, so it is difficult to find them” David replied

“You mean that none of you know them?” The doc asked not believing it

“I do” Bonny replied
He was still standing

“So why aren’t they here yet?” the doc asked

“They travelled” Bonny replied

“You need to inform them because I want to see them for a serious discussion” the doc said

“No prob, I will” Bonny replied
I never knew that Bonny knows her that far


….COP Kelly POV ❣️

I arrived at the police headquarter and walked straight to my office

I needed to get down the whole picture in one

“Firstly, where did I meet that boy before?” I asked myself
I started walking around my office with my pen

I hits it on my finger and raised up my head

“Yes, the second man that was killed in his house” I said remembering it fully well

“He was the son of that man, so why would he kill him?” I asked myself
It would be a tough investigation

“Secondly was the day the first death was confirmed in the school, he was at the building while the other girl looks up at him” I said

“That’s right” I added

“It could possibly be that he tried killing her when she threatened to expose him” I said

“Wow” I said because it was getting interesting

“But no evidence” I remembered
I wouldn’t ask him when I wasn’t sure yet

“Jason must be aware of this that’s why he seek for his picture”

“And now he is the one interrogating him”

“That means he must have a plan” I thought nodding

I would then wait to know Jason’s plan