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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 38

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-Eight

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Sometimes, life doesn’t give us what we want but what we deserve

I began to feel somehow before everyone

Axel has already gone home with a different car which he came earlier with, while me and the rest followed their father in his own car
The driver in the front with Mr Smith while the three of us were at the back

We got home safely, Axel was already watching some movies when we walked in

Mr Smith walked to a personal couch in the living room and collapsed on it
Relaxing his head on the headrest but he was a little bit taller than the headrest, making his face to look up
Facing the ceiling

“My son” Mr Smith said
At first, I didn’t know that he was referring to me until he raised up his head from the headrest and looked at me, targeting his eyes on me

“Sir” I responded immediately still standing

“Don’t worry, I will help you out with this” he said and returned his face back to the ceiling
Ajax and Tessy walked to one of the double couch and sat

“You must have understood that things don’t normally go the way we want” Mr Smith added

“Don’t worry sir, I think my life is designed for misfortune” I said with a heavy heart, looking at him
He lifted his head from the headrest again

Sadness could make you utter bitter words

“Don’t say that Jack” Tessy jumped in and stood up from where she was sitting

She walked up to me because I was still standing, she crossed her hand around my neck

“Forget about the test, I have already taken you as my brother” she added

“Me too” Ajax supported giving me a thumb up

“Boring” Axel said as he stood up and walked out

“I don’t think my other brother is still alive” Tessy said ignoring Axel

“So Dad, why don’t we take Jack in place of him?” She suggested as she left me and walked to where Mr Smith was sitting

“I think that will be a great idea” Ajax supported

“Yes” Tessy said

Mr Smith smiled looking at them, probably thinking

“There is no possibility of him being a bastard, so I will check on his background because his parents might be looking for him since it was an accident that he had before the hunter see him” Mr Smith said
Tessy had to sit down

“I wouldn’t want in a situation where there will be confusion” he added
He was just a wise man

“Jack” he called

“Yes sir”

“I will like to meet your foster father maybe by next weekend” he said

He was serious with his word


At night, I was with Ajax when Mira called

I didn’t tell her earlier that I was going to Ajax house because I didn’t want her to know

I only told her that I was traveling to see my parents because my Mom was missing me


“Hey Jack” she shouted

“Hi, how are you doing over there?” I asked

“Am good, are you back already?” She asked

“Not yet” I replied

“Why then are you still using your California line instead of Mexico?” She asked
My mind ran around

I needed an excuse

“I was worried when I was trying your Mexico line but it wasn’t going through” she added

I remembered that one could use another country’s line in different countries but can’t use their recharging cards and pins

“I forgot to change the line” I lied

“Oh, okay, how is Mom and Dad?”


On Sunday evening, it was already time for returning back to school

We have already booked for our tickets for the department

There wasn’t much for me to prepare
The same as Ajax

We sat in the living room with Tessy as we waited for Axel

“So when will you visit us again?” Tessy asked while I smiled
I adjusted my sitting position because she was actually referring to me

“Only future can plan because I don’t know what will be my fate from tomorrow” I replied
I suddenly turned into wise man ????
Always using wise words

“Is this the same Jack I know?” Ajax asked laughing

“How do you mean?” Tessy asked as if she was the one

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“He always speak with wise words this days” Ajax replied

“Are you trying to tell me that he doesn’t make sense with his words before?” Tessy asked
That was another question of temptation

“You are already twisting the word o” Ajax defended while we burst out laughing

I just felt relief

Tessy was becoming my second Jane

Just then, Axel walked to the living room, from his room

He was surprised when he saw us, still in the living room but he pretended and meant to walk out

“They are actually waiting for you” Tessy said
It really drew Axel’s attention because he stopped

“Why?” Axel asked as he turned to look at us

“Aren’t we going to the same school?” Ajax asked

“If I can remember, we didn’t come back together, so where are you guys waiting for me when it’s time to go back?” Axel asked back

“It doesn’t mean because we weren’t in the same apartment” Ajax replied

“Still I don’t want to go back with you guys, is that simple?”

“What is going on here?” I heard Mr Smith asked, as he walked down from the stairs

“Scattering my head already” Axel said and walked out of the living room

“Dad, aren’t you noticing something?” Tessy asked
I turned to look at her, likewise Ajax
But she focused at her Dad

“What are you noticing?” Mr Smith asked

“this family will be very great and exciting, if Jack eventually become part of us, like I see a great Bond between him and Axel” Tessy replied

“Tessy the seer” Ajax said while we laughed

“Dad, I have a request to make” Tessy said………..

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

As I walked outside even without having the intention to do

On normal basis, whenever we are done with our preparation
We do wait until our father discharged us

That would be the only reason why I had to wait behind

I leaned on my car, with the intention of going with it
I took my phone just to get myself busied with some stuff online

Although me and Ajax normally go with one car and the driver but since Tessy was around, I had to plan it in a way where Tessy will drive them with her car while our driver takes me

After some minutes, my dad and the rest of them walked out from the house

My dad seems to be going somewhere even though it was Sunday evening

I wondered where he was heading to

“It’s like I will use your car today, Axel” my Dad said
We had lots of cars in the parking spot
Like about five cars

Why would he chooses to use mine?

“But Dad, your car is there” I tried remembering him that

“I already know but I want to use yours, what’s bad in it?” He asked
What would I give him as a response

“No, but can I go with you in my car then?” I asked

“Am not going in the direction with you guys”

“Better behave yourself” he added


Tessy took the front, leaving me with no other option than to stay at the back with Ajax and Jack

I had to go with them since my Dad has gone out with my car
Not only that, because I could equally use another car but the problem was the driver who would bring it back after I must have left with plane

It was just making me feel uncomfortable

“So how did you guys met? I mean Ajax and Jack?” Tessy asked
I know her plan and that’s what I was running away from

“This life is just a small world” Ajax replied

“It is just fate” he added

“Which fate,?”

“What does the fate says now?” I asked


“Yes, since you guys only want to test me” I said
I was already pissed off


We arrived very early the following day, I took a cab straight to my apartment while Jack and Ajax found somewhere around there to sleep because Jack was scared of the school at night

I got to my apartment and had a little nap before daybreak

I was almost done with my preparation for school the A gangs arrived

I looked through the window when I heard the sound of the car

The next thing was for them to push my entrance door open and they all walked in

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“You must have gotten more updates for us” Alex was the first to say

They were aware of it because we hardly hide things from ourselves

“Is he really your brother?” Andrew asked

“How possible, he isn’t” I replied

“I said it, that guy is a bastard” Andrew said

“I think there must be a mistake somewhere because Ajax doesn’t make such mistake” Anthony said
He was just smart enough to have learned Ajax but that time around, Ajax failed

“What do you mean?” I still had to ask

“Are you sure that you didn’t bribe the doctor?” He asked while I smiled
He knows that our group wasn’t trustworthy when it comes to that part

“Everyone would surely think like that but seriously, I didn’t” I replied
I actually didn’t bribe the doctor

I was surprised when he announced the result also

“The day I stopped thinking about bribing him was during my secondary School level, when I was having some health issue, I wanted to stay more at home, so I tried bribing him but unfortunately, he gave me that money before my father and warned me not to try that with him anymore” I explained

“I felt ashamed of myself then” I added

“That was quite embarrassing” Anthony said

Seriously, it was
Because I couldn’t face my Dad that day
If not that his heart was just full of kind

Just then, my phone beeped a message

Aiden’s own did the same

“I think I have some message here” he said with his eyes wide open
He seems shocked with what he saw in his phone………

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

After getting prepared, I rode straight to school
Following the second gate because I was that Jack must still be in his room

It was still early though

I parked and got down from my bike

I knocked on his door and he opened it under 60secs

“You aren’t yet prepared” I said
That could possibly be a question as well

He doesn’t look as if he was ready for school

” I just woke up” he replied walking to his closet

“Maybe you think a lot since the incident” I said

“Please, I have a request to make” he said as he stopped what he was doing in his closet

He turned to face me

“What is that?” I asked

“I don’t want Mira to be aware of this” he replied
I didn’t know why he made such decision

“Sure” I replied

“But is there any problem?” I asked
I wanted to know if he would tell me his reason

“Not really, but I don’t want her to see me as somehow Human” he replied
I understood what he was saying but I was sure that Mira wasn’t like that

She might even make him forget about it and start moving on

“Anyway, let me take my bath” he said taking off a towel from his closet


After some minutes, Jack was already good to go

We walked out of his room and he locked the door

“Mira didn’t come today” I said
It could also serves as a question

“I haven’t informed her that am back” he replied

There was a crowd of people down but it was not that far from Jack’s room

“What is going on there?” I asked thinking that Jack might be aware of it
He was focusing all his eyes there while I kept mine on him

“No idea” he replied

“Let’s check then” I concluded and he nodded

We got on my bike and I rode off

We got to the crowd and I stopped

Jack stepped down and I did the same

We made our way through the crowd and met a shock of ones life

Another lifeless student
His head was divided into two parts
His chest as well

All his intestines could be seen allover his stomach

“Too bad” Jack said
I turned to look at him and he was already shedding tears

That was when my phone beeped a message

I checked and it was a notification about the guy lying on the floor……….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

What I saw kept me dumbfounded

I thought the killing has stopped but no


I walked to my room after the day lecture, I was only waiting for the ghost boy to show up
So that I could tell him about my plans because I was ready to enter that room

I have decided to go on with the assignment that could bring an end to what Mr Noah was doing in our school

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“And this is what am waiting for” I heard the ghost boy saying as he appeared at my back

“That’s not my front” I said while he laughed and disappeared
He reappeared before me

“All of them are still in your room” he said

“I want to make the move today”

“Of course, am reading your mind” he responded

“Can you just stop”

“So you can be present but I can’t you?” I asked

“Yes, just like breeze, you can be breathing but you can feel its presence when the wind moved it” he replied while I smiled

“You are smart”

“You must be intelligent then” I added


I waited in my room for the evening time

Exactly as 8pm, I walked out of my room with my Torchlight but it was off

In case of emergency

I got to that teachers library and pushed it open

The shining book was just right before me

I took it and the door automatically opened

I walked in and the book disappeared from my hand

I was just surprised
Looking around
Everywhere was so bright

“Welcome” someone said and I turned towards that direction only to see the ghost boy standing there

“How come?” I asked

“I can only appear here but not in that library” he replied
I walked a little bit and the door

I turned with a force and fear

“Don’t worry, it is easy to open from inside” the ghost boy said
I turned to face him

“Let’s go in” he added taking the lead

He opened another door and I saw five male bodies with four ladies
I looked at the back but I could see the other door

“We are still in the same room but it has transparent doors when you are behind it” he said understanding my look while I nodded

“Who are they?” I asked referring to those bodies

“That’s those he has killed” he replied

I recognized one face as Kate’s own

“Assuming one was able to see them before daybreak, they would have survived” he added

I looked at them, shaking my head

“We don’t have time” he said and I turned
It was a very big room
We walked to the other side and saw two of my bodies there

“What?” I asked pointing at it

“First was when you had an accident with your parents and the second body was when he attacked you before your door” he replied

I wondered how he got my body during the accident when I wasn’t in that school

“Is that not Ajax ?” I asked, pointing at a body

“Yes, his life is at stake” he replied
Axel was lying beside him
Stella as well

“We have under one month to save them” he added

“This is serious” I said

I looked at the right hand side and saw Henry

“Even him?”

“Yes but his case is different because he is not going to die unlike others”

“He is just kept here, to be used by Mr Noah”

“What? Was that why he has been doing like that?”

“Yes” he replied

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would have fallen a victim”

“I only tell you those that are capable of killing you, Henry can’t kill you, no matter what” he added

“I see” I said nodding

“Let’s keep going inside” he said and we began to walk
We got to a door and turned to look at me

“The last room” he said and opened it

At a spot was a very huge snake
It was rounding its egg

“That’s the snake where his power is” the ghost boy said

“You just need to be friends with it in order to take away that egg ”

“But if it eventually hatch it, you can never be able to stop Mr Noah”

“And the killing will increase” he explained

That would definitely be a big task

How I do it?

“Why can’t I take it now that it is sleeping?” I asked

“It is not sleeping, once you touch that egg, it will wake up”

Just then, the first door which was to be opened with a book got opened and Mr Noah walked in

I could see him because I was inside

He began to look around with his nose as if he was perceiving something

“Living Human is here” he said

I became scared immediately