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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 40

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Forty

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

I remembered my agreement with Jane

That’s why I rushed home immediately after the dismissal

It didn’t take time for me to change into something different

I arranged some food stuff for the lunch

Just as I was about to lock my door, my phone began to ring

It was an unknown number

“Mira!!!!” A female voice shouted
I recognized it immediately as Lily’s voice and that’s how she normally call my name whenever she is excited

“Lilly” I called back

“What happened to your previous number?” I asked because I have been trying it but it never went through

“It is no longer useful”

“How is school?”
I didn’t have to be carried away with the call

“Not that bad, what happened?” I asked locking my door and walked to my car

“My parents stopped me permanently because of the killing”

“That’s good of them” I said
By then, I was already hitting the road

“I just observed that it is those that lives in the school dormitory, that always falls a victim” I added


I got to the school dormitory following the second gate because there was no need to take the other side since I came for Jack

I parked and got down
I spotted A gangs car in the parking spot

Only them knows why they were there

I went to Jack’s door and knocked but he wasn’t responding

I observed that it was locked, through the line that was in between the door and the wall

“Could he still be at the school?” I asked myself

Crowds of students were still coming back, they had to pass Jack’s door before going to theirs because Jack’s room was the first room

Unless you have to take the back side

I locked my car and began to walk down to the school
Maybe I might meet him on the way

As I was walking, I sighted the A gangs somewhere not too far from Jack’s room

I remembered that I saw their car earlier at the parking spot

“What are they up to?” I asked myself
I shifted to the edge of the wall for the students to be able to pass

I needed to know what they were up to

Andrew touched Axel’s shoulder and pointed at some crowd that was coming from front

I followed the directions and saw Jack walking, in the crowd

“What are they up to?” I asked myself, taking out my phone from my little handbag

The only way to stop what was about to happen was to inform Ajax……

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was still in the school, answering a call when another call came in

Of course it was placed on call waiting

I didn’t check it, talk more of knowing who was that because the call I was in, was really important

The call waiting came in again

I checked and it was Mira

I wondered why she was calling

Immediately the call went down, I called her

“Ajax” she called
Her voice sounds as if she was scared of something

“Mira, what is the problem?” I asked

“Are you still in the school?” She asked

“Yes, but about to go”

“What happened?”


.”what about him?” I asked with my eyes wide open

“Axel and his men are walking to him, you supposed to know what their move is” she said

“Where exactly?” I asked

“Not too far from Jack’s room” she replied

“I will be there right now” I said and hung up

I had to ride out from the first gate and entered with the second gate……

????⚡????⚡???? Andrew POV ????⚡????⚡????

It was so sweet seeing how we stopped Jack

He was surprised to see us

Other students shifted to one side, knowing what was about to happen

“Jack Jack” Axel called smiling

“Are you surprised?” He asked while we laughed

“We just left you to be in peace for a while, didn’t you ask about it?” I asked
All this while, Jack kept stepping backwards while we followed him

Anthony stepped ahead of him and stood behind him

Jack turned around and see him, then stopped
But we didn’t stop

Axel walked forward to step on his foot

Jack had to drag his leg, bumping into Anthony on the process

“Hey, watch well” Anthony said pushing him to use
It has been a long time we did that because everyone was still running around, concerning what has been happening in the school

“You are hitting me” Axel said pushing Jack to Anthony
Alex dragged his bag from his shoulder that Jack almost fell down

Anthony pushed him again and I didn’t hesitate to punch him

“Aaah” the crowd shouted

“Jesus” a familiar female voice shouted but we weren’t ready to look back
I always wished to beat a hell out of Jack

Jack groans in pain as he staggered backwards and the next thing was Mira running into the scene
But Anthony pushed Jack again and I raised up my hand for another punch
When I heard a sound of a bike

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“Axel!!” Someone shouted from the back
That was Ajax voice

We all turned towards that direction and saw Ajax riding with a great speed

Axel shifted immediately but Ajax bike hits me and I fell down

It was so painful that I had to groan

Ajax stopped his bike and got down with anger

He walked closer to Axel and they stood face to face with each other

“I will see you” Ajax said and turned to where Mira and Jack were
Mira has already brought out her handkerchief to help Jack’s swollen face …….

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Ajax collected my bag from Alex

He left his bike there and helped me, with Mira
They took me to my room

Although I could walk properly but they just wished to do that

Mira took the key and opened the door

They held me until I sat down on my bed

“Ajax and Mira thanks” I appreciated

“Don’t even think of it, am coming” Mira said as she walked to where my gas stove was

She gets some water and turned on the gas

“Ajax your bike” I said remembering that he really left it there

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to it, it can be there for the whole semester but no one will try stealing it” he said
It sounds funny that I had to smile

“Why didn’t you try fighting back?” Ajax asked
That wasn’t what I supposed to think at that point

“How could I face five guys?” I returned the question

“You can’t even compare me with them because they are all from wealthy family which can easily put me into danger” I added

“But…..” Ajax meant to say but stopped immediately when he remembers that Mira was in the room

I wondered how long I would keep it away from her……


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

The school gave us one week holiday which we never encountered before

Oh, that could be because of Mr Rashid

They gave him his one week respect
Some travelled but I wanted to make make mine in the middle of the week

I was in my room that afternoon, checking out things online when someone knocked at my door

“That must be Mark” I said smiling
But he told me that he was traveling
That could possibly not be him

I shrugged, standing up from the bed

I walked to the door and opened it
Just like I thought

It was Mark

“Hi” he said smiling

“Hi” I responded

“I thought……” He cuts me short

“I will explain when I come inside” he said smiling

I made a way for him to come inside which he did

I closed the door from behind and walked in

“I rethink about my plans” he said as he sat down on a chair in the room while I sat on my bed

“Which is?” I asked

“Why don’t we visit your parents, I just want to know them by face” he requested
That was a question as well

“And also Since Mr Rashid resident isn’t far from your house like you said, we can follow from your house to he’s, for the last respect” he added

Ella was actually buried two days after the accident because her family has nothing

Just like my parents but Mr Rashid was fixed

“I haven’t told my parents about you” I said
Although I have told my Dad about him and he wishes to meet him

I didn’t tell Mom because of her recent character

“It doesn’t matter, I can be introduced as just a friend, I don’t mind” he insisted


There was nothing to prepare because I was always ready

And my house wasn’t that far
It wasn’t something that would be needed a flight

We left that afternoon, straight to my house

Just as usual, Mom and our last born was at home while Dad was at work

Mom welcomed Mark as if she has known him before

“We don’t have much in this house but I can offer you water and food” my Mom said referring to Mark

“Oh, no problem, this is already my home” Mark responded with a smile while my Mom walked out

Our last born went back her room after greeting us

“I like your family especially your Mom, they are lovely” Mark said
She was good tho
Just that my thought about her changed after what she did to Jack

I didn’t hate her but my mind wasn’t in the same level as it was

After some minutes, my Mom returned with two plates and drink

“You guys should manage this as we wait for your Dad” my Mom said

“Let me call him first because we have somewhere to rush to” I said bringing out my phone

He picked it up at the first ring

“Jane” he called
I greeted him first
He was so happy when I told him that I was in the house

“Did you come with him?” He asked
Of course I understand who he was referring to

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“Yes Dad” I replied

“We want to visit Mr Rashids house for last respect, then come back” I added

“No, am already coming back because I want to go with you guys” he said


We had to wait for my Dad

After some minutes, my phone began to ring

It was my Dad

“He must be at the gate* I said before picking up

“Hello” a female voice said

“Hello” I responded

“Please are you his side chick?”
That question stroke me really hard

“What sort of rubbish question is that?” I asked with anger

“Sorry but there is something here, your contact is saved with my sweet Jane and your number was the last person he spoke with” she responded
That was close
What was her problem with that

“So? What is going on, why are you with his phone?” I asked

“Our vehicle mistakenly hits him, so we rushed him to the hospital”

“I saw your number as the last person he called, that’s why I am calling” she replied

My mind was already running fast

“Accident!!” I shouted, standing up from where I sat



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Anthony POV ????⚡????⚡????

We tried standing Andrew up but he cried
Saying that he couldn’t

“Aiden, get the car” Axel said as Aiden rushed to the school dormitory parking spot where we parked our car

While we helped Andrew by carrying him

Aiden drove closer with the car and we puts Andrew inside

We entered and he drove straight to the hospital


After some minutes, we were allowed to go inside
To see Andrew

I was burning with anger but I had to hold it for the main time

Andrew’s leg was designed with bandage already

We just stood there, watching him

“Ajax didn’t try at all” Alex said
That has been what I was waiting for
In order to throw out my anger

“That’s because of the hand we gave him” I said

“We should just beat a hell out of him*l” I added

“Do you even understand what you are saying?” Axel said
I looked at him

“Touching Ajax will be the worst mistake, do you want to go to jail?” He asked again
I know him very well as someone who loves his family

He doesn’t play with them

“I told you guys earlier, since Ajax is for him, this supposed to be stopped” Aiden said
He has always supported Ajax

I have noticed that

“Ajax need to pay for this” I said
Axel turned to look at me with anger

He was the main man, so we do obey him

“I need some time” I said walking out of the room

“Me too” someone said
That must be Alex


I got to the main road and stopped a cab

Just as it stopped, Alex rushed to me

“Let’s go together” he requested


We got to a nearby bar and ordered for some drinks

“Maybe we should cut off with Axel” Alex suggested
But that would be a great mistake

“Don’t you know that if we do so, we will never be as we are” I said

“We can’t risk that, rather we can make different plans” I added…….

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

Mira was really good in taking care of someone

She was able to reduce the weight of Jack’s swollen face
I sat at the left hand side of Jack while Mira was at the right hand side

“Do you have any food in the house?” She asked

“No” Jack replied

“I was planning to get some stuff in the market when I get back” he added

“What about spices because I have some items in my car?” She asked

“None” Jack replied


Mira went out to get some stuff for the lunch preparation she wants to do

Leaving me and Jack

“How did you know that they attacked me?” Jack asked while I smiled

“Your wife called me” I replied
Jack chuckled


“How did she know?” He asked

“Probably come to see you of course” I replied

“I guessed, that’s why she left earlier today and she said that she has some stuff in her car” I added
I was just fast in calculating the whole conversation that we had

Something came into my mind

I needed to meet Axel, maybe I would talk some sense into him

“I will be back” I said as I stood up

“Let it not be a fight” Jack said while I smiled


I left my bike there earlier because I had my key with me

I walked out

My bike was just before the door

I was surprised, who would have brought it there

I shrugged and went out, closing the door from behind

I rode straight to Axel’s apartment

I was told that he wasn’t around but I still had to wait for him……..

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

I decided to take cab because I never liked going to market with my car

A car stopped before me

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The window was lowered, reviewing a familiar face

I have been seeing that face in my department

“Are you going somewhere?” He asked

He looked suspicious

I ignored him
Luckily, a cab drove by

I stopped it and entered

Just as the cab moved, I sighted Ajax riding out of the school second gate on his bike

I would have waited if I knew that he was coming out


I got to the market and got down after paying the cab driver

I went inside for what I came for

After getting what the first store has, I was about to pay the bill

“Am paying for this” I heard someone saying as a hand passed from my back, stretching out a card to the cashier

I turned to see that same guy
He smiled

“Allow me” he added
The cashier collected it and continued the processing

“My name is Dennis” he said smiling

“I never asked” I said
It sounds rude but I don’t just like his approach

“Am curious” he said

“Your pin sir” the cashier interrupted


I walked to the next store and Dennis followed me

“Why are you ignoring me?” He asked walking as fast as he could, just to meet up with me

“Can’t you get the signal?” I returned the question…….

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was still in the hospital with Aiden, thinking about what Anthony and Alex

What they would be up to

I know that even if they planned to attack Ajax,they can’t beat him up because he was naturally strong

I noticed that strength in Jack as well when I pushed him

I felt his weight

If he should have attacked us, I don’t think we can stand it

“I hope this thing will not affect our gang” Aiden said

“One guy can’t do it” Andrew said

“You have to understand things here, Andrew” I said

“Ajax was just protecting him” I added

“Of course I understand, am not talking about Ajax but Jack” he said

That guy was the main thing


I had to leave the hospital with Aiden because we don’t have to sleep there

That’s why I prefer Aiden

He was always with me

“Am worried about this whole thing” Aiden said when we were driving home

“What do you mean?” I asked
I was also worried but I need to know his point

“This is just remembering me what your Dad told you guys the day we left to school for the first time” he replied

I remembered how he warned us not to take friendship to destroy the love in the family

He always known that I valued friendship a little but I love my family more


I got to my apartment

The big gate is already opened

Aiden drove in and parked

Ajax was also there with his bike

“He must have come to see you” Aiden said while I nodded

“I will see you very soon but you guys shouldn’t have problem” he added

I never planned to

We got down
Aiden waved at Ajax who waved back at him before he walks out to take a cab

That was one useless thing about us
They have to come with cabs when they have cars
Just to be in one car as A gangs


“Why don’t you come inside?” I asked referring to Ajax
By then, Aiden has gone

“What I am here for, is just simple” he said

I had to give him that respect by walking closer to where he was

“How is Andrew?” He asked

“In the condition you want him to be in” I replied

“Anyway, am here to enlighten you a little” he said
I wondered what he would have to say

“I observed that you like Stella”
So it was obvious?

“Have you ever thought why Stella is avoiding you even when she supposed to be rushing you?” He asked
That was close

“If you want to get her, just change your way” he added standing up from the bike because he was sitting halfway on it

He entered on it properly, putting on his helmet

“But Ajax” I said and he stopped
He looked at me with full concentration

“Please, stay away from Anthony, I don’t know his plan” I added

“Just let him know that am coming fully” he said smiling
He ignited his bike and rode off

I watched him until he was out of sight before I returned to my room……..

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Ajax was the first to return from where he went to

Before Mira entered

I had already freshened up

Mira looked dull when she gets in with what she bought

I was just looking at her

“Jack” she called
While I mind went up and down

“Is there anything important that you are hiding from me?” She asked
I couldn’t tell why she was asking that

“How do you mean?” I asked back

“Do you have parents?” She asked
I couldn’t believe that

Who could have told her

I turned to look at Ajax who was already looking at me

He seems surprised as well…….