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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 39

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-Nine

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I became scared immediately Mr Noah entered because the ghost boy disappeared after saying

“Be careful”

“There is a door at the back of the snake but it can only lead you outside the school” he added

I had no choice than to pass through the door but in a gentle way, to avoid waking the snake up

I was also watching Mr Noah at the same time
Because the door was transparent from inside

He was walking around the first room

I was almost closed to the door when my foot hits something

It was a table and one of the bottles which was at the edge, on top of the table, fell off and landed on the floor

Making a loud noise

The big snake woke up immediately
Even Mr Noah heard it because he was rushing to the door

I managed to rush out and closed the door, without hesitation
It was really outside the school but I wouldn’t want following the school gate

I turned to look at what Mr Noah was doing

Even outside, the door was still transparent

Mr Noah brought close his hand towards the big snake’s ???? head and the snake lowered its head and Mr Noah was touching it

The big snake became calm again and returned to its position

Mr Noah walked to the table where the bottle fell off from

He doesn’t look worried
Maybe he thought that it was the snake that did it

He took out two bottles of a liquid colored substance

He mixed it together in a small cup

He walked to where the egg was, and poured the whole mixed substance on it

He nodded to himself and walked back to the table, dropping the cup

He then walked to where the big snake was
He raised up his hands and began to say something that I couldn’t hear

I believed that he was making an incantation

I saw some pieces of dried leafs rotating on the roof
All the buried students began to rise up from respective graves

Just like the ghost boy said

Two Heads from different pillars at the fence because that’s where I could see from outside

Their heads were just saying something but I wasn’t able to hear it

I could hear some noises from inside the compound

Mr Noah laughed, forcing me to turn to the room again

After some seconds, he began to walk out

I watched him until he gets to the last door that would lead him to the main library

He held a metal object and the door automatically opened

He entered and looked back before the door closed

“Hey” I heard someone saying from behind

I turned, only to see Kate’s head
It was just hanging on the air
I thought she was just killed

Why would her head be different

“Kate” I called

“Save the rest” she said and disappeared

I could see some of the demons walking up to me

I had to push the door open and rushed in

Locking it immediately

“That’s good” I heard another voice saying in the room
I didn’t get scared because I recognized it as the ghost boy’s voice
I turned to face him because I had lots of questions to ask him

“I saw Kate now, is it really her?” I asked
He wasn’t far from me

“Yes, that’s her” he replied
I wondered how it would be possible when she was just killed with her head still on her body

“But how?” I asked

“She was killed twice” he replied, that wasn’t reply to me
That sounds like a joke but he doesn’t look like one, who was joking

“You are just confusing me” I said

“She was among Mr Smith’s victim” he responded
I had to keep patience for further explanation

“But fortunately, from the land of death, she was granted a permission to live again by taking someone’s life in place of herself as in transforming the girl’s face and body into her already dead body through the help of Mr Noah and that was few years ago” he added

“Her main intention was to take revenge on Mr Smith through his sons but things began to change when she gets to the school”

“She got in contact with Jimmy who through him, she was delivered from half living, half dead”

“Why then did she get killed again since Mr Noah is behind the killings in the school, currently?” I asked because the explanation got me confused

“She was killed because Mr Noah felt unsecured with his deed, thinking that Kate might expose him, meanwhile Kate’s mind was already resetted, making her to forget everything” he replied
It was still not clear but I had to wave it off

“And also, I saw Mr Noah mixing this two things” I said pointing at those bottles he mixed up

“That’s to quick the hatching of that egg”

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“How do you mean?” I asked

“When Mr Noah discovered who you are and what you intending to do, he decided to use those substance, and it will help the egg to hatch quickly” he explained

Mr Noah was really something else

“So, how many days are we having now?” I asked

“The substance will only take 30days for the work and he has been using it for seven days now which means we have 23days left, or else, the egg will hatch and Mr Noah will be very difficult to stop” he explained

I wanted to confront him why he didn’t tell me that earlier so that I could act fast but I just kept calm

“I didn’t tell you because I know that you will come here on time, so it is left for you to act” he said

It seems like he read my mind

“So why don’t we take it away?” I asked walking closer to where the bottle was

“You can’t” he said

“Why?, how?” I asked

“Just try it first” he said instead while I nodded

I got there and tried taking it
Unbelievably, my hand passed through it without getting hold of anything

I tried it again but it repeated itself

“Why is it like that?” I asked looking forward because he disappeared from where he stood and reappeared before me

“His power is behind it” he replied

“I have to make some plans for this” I said standing properly

“But why is the snake always quiet?” I asked because I didn’t get it
Throughout the whole conversation, it didn’t make any movement

Just then, different kinds of demons started appearing inside the room

“Why are they here?” I asked the ghost boy

“They are here for you, but it will be better if you run away now before they get in hold of you” he replied


I rushed to the door and held that same thing Mr Noah handled, that allows the door to open

Just like it did before, it opened and I rushed in, only to see Mr Noah there

I turned back to the door but the door automatically closed back

“I know that you are there” he said
I had to face him, so that I could see whatever he would plan doing

He was smiling

“And you think that you are running to a safer place?” He asked and stretched out his hand towards the main door

It opened, reviewing the dead students moving around the whole school components

“Even those ones in the other room will tear you apart here” Mr Noah added and laughed wickedly before walking out of the library, following the main door

The door closed back
I thought on how I would do about the demons if they attacked me inside that library

My mind ran to what the ghost boy had said to me
That he wouldn’t be able to get into that library

That could simply means that it was possible for those ghost to be in the same shoe

So I decided to wait until the following day

????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, I went to school even without checking out on Jack

I couldn’t stand him that morning

I got to school, it was a little bit earlier than I used to

I found myself an empty hall to take some time for myself

I was carried away with thought that I didn’t know when someone entered the Hall

“Stella” he called touching my shoulder
My mind came back immediately

I looked up
It was Henry

“What happened?” He asked as he made himself comfortable on a chair beside me

I didn’t say anything because my heart was still heavy

“Is it Jack or Mira?” He asked again
I turned to look at him with surprise
How did he get it
Could it be that he reads my mind?

“How do you know?” I asked back

“I have told you already that am a detective” he said

“So, who among the two?” He asked

I explained everything to him since he has known a lot

“I see” he said nodding his head continuously

“I have a plan” he added
On hearing that, I felt a little bit happy

“What is that?” I asked

“Let’s set her up with one of her coursemate ” he said

“The guy will try so hard to be with her in every seconds, so that if Jack sees it, he will began to loose interest in her” he added

That made sense
It would be sweet
But who could I use for the game?


After much thought, I decided to use Vickie

Apart from Axel, Vickie has been disturbing me with his confession for true love

That would be the only place he could be useful to me

I told Henry about it and he gave me more ideas on what to tell him


After when Henry has left, I focused my eyes at the window

I waited patiently for Vickie who arrived after some minutes

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I smiled and rushed out

I stopped before him, blocking him

“Stella” he called

“Can we talk now?” I asked
He was surprised that he has to look around the school before returning his eyes to my face

“Any problem?” I asked

“Not really, I just want to confirm your love for me” I replied
I could see another shock in his eyes


We walked to a different place that was not a hall

Just a little room

“What do you want us to discuss?” Vickie asked
I got closer to him with my hands on his shoulder

“You said that you love me?” I asked while he nodded

“Of course, I love you, just give me a chance” he said
I looked directly to his eyes

“Okay but you will have to do something for me to be sure of it” I said removing my hands from his shoulder and walked a little bit backwards

“What is that?” He asked

I enlightened him about my intention

“But that’s not a way of proving true love” he said
I didn’t care about that
What I cared was for mine

“Everyone has a choice, so that’s mine” I responded
He looked at me
Only him could tell what he was thinking

“What if I eventually fall in love with her during the process?” He asked
That would be better
So that they would leave us

“You know your plan, so why would you let it happen?”

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

After the day lecture, I got home with the rest of A gangs

There was lots of thought going on within me

I was just getting tired since the thing kept increasing every single day

Stella was still playing hard with me
Meanwhile she hardly speak with him (Jack)

I went to my fridge in the parlor and took a very strong alcoholic drink
The rest of A gangs were just looking at me because they know that I hardly take one cup of it

But that time, I didn’t take cup

I opened it and put the bottle in my mouth

Intending to clear the bottle immediately but it caught me, that I had to forcefully removed it

Aiden rushed to me, collecting the bottle from me

“What is your problem?”….

“That’s not how to take it” he added
He held the bottle, still standing before me

“It can help me forget some certain things” I cried stretching out my hand for the bottle


“I don’t even know why you would fall for someone like Stella” he added

“What your heart felt matters, she doesn’t have bad character after all” I said

“Drinking will not bring her to you”

“Drinking will not help you”

“Drinking can’t change her mind” he said

“I know, but it can make me forget some certain things” I responded

“You are not serious” Aiden said and walked out of the parlor with the bottle

After some minutes, he walked back empty-handed

“Anthony, you told me that you had some plans” Alex said as Aiden walked in
That was an indirect question

“Of course, I do” Anthony responded
I was just watching them because the little drop I took, was already doing some work in my body

“Let’s see it” Andrew said
Anthony adjusted himself on the couch

“We only have to wait for him after school, when Ajax must have gone, then we will deal with him before the students”

“With that, he will just have to respect himself then” Anthony added

That would make sense

“I think that’s good idea” Andrew supported
He was always in support of anything that would affect Jack badly

“Seriously, we have been lacking behind since Jack came into this school” Alex said

.”we don’t bully people like before, just because our focus is on this guy” he added

“That’s why we need to do this” Andrew said

That wasn’t bad

“That will definitely be at the school dormitory”I said because Jack doesn’t delay after lecture

He always head home



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

I got to understand that me and Jack wasn’t in the same field

I had to let him go
So that I could grab what was mine

That’s why I instructed Mira to take care of him

He deserves so

That evening, I called Mark and picked up almost immediately

“I guess, am already in heaven” he said
I didn’t get it

“What are you saying?” I asked

“When I saw your call, I was surprised because you never called” he replied while I smiled

That was true
Why would I?
When I wasn’t showing any interest in him

I was just trying not to fall in love with him

“I am bored here, why don’t we go out?” I asked
He has been requesting for that but I kept turning around

“As a date?” He asked
From his voice, I could tell how happy he was

“Anything you call it” I responded


“Just wait for me, sweetheart, I will pick you up” he said

“I will be waiting” I replied

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I walked to my closet and began to search for my favorite dress

It was a birthday gift from Jack during my last birthday

I had to make it my favorite, since it was my first love that get it for me

I dropped it on my bed and stood there, looking at it

“Jack I won’t forget you but I will move on” I said

You supposed know how bitter it always be, when you will have to let go of who you deeply love

If I had told him on time, it would have been better because he would definitely understand my love for him

A message bumped into my phone
I took it and open the text

“Am already coming” it reads
That was Mark’s message
I smiled and dropped it

I rushed to my bathroom with the necessary things

“Let’s do this Mark” I said to myself and began to bath


After some minutes, I was good to go

Just as I took my phone, some knocked on my door

I smiled, knowing who that could be

I took my phone and handbag
With my key

I got to the door and opened it

That was when I saw the handsomeness that was in Mark

When you are in love with someone, he or she would definitely be perfect before you



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, I woke up with joy

Thinking about what we planned

“Vickie, better act real and fast” I said to myself and stood up from my bed

My plan was to stay away from Jack until he sees Mira with Vickie

That would be great

Just after taking my bath, I took my breakfast

The next thing was my phone

It began to ring
That was my Dad

I wondered why he was calling by that time

I cleared my throat before picking up

“Dad, good morning” I greeted immediately

“Good morning dear, hope you slept well?” He asked
Let it not be just because of it

“Yes Dad, how is Mom?”

“Good but still sleeping, you already know her” he said while I smiled

My Mom sleep a lot

I wasn’t surprised why she was that fat

“Extend my greetings to her when she wakes” I said

“Sure” he responded

“Something just crossed my mind this morning and I decided to call” he added

I just hope there was no problem

“Go on Dad” I responded

“I noticed something when I visited your school” he said

“I felt that you aren’t in good term with someone in that school” he added
He wasn’t a prophet, so how would he know

“I don’t understand” I said

“During our conversation, there was a statement that you Normally drop”

.”when I checked it, I got to understand that you are having some problem with someone” he added

“I don’t think it is true” I said

“I don’t want to talk much but what I want to tell you is that, no matter what, don’t use grudge when it comes to someone’s life” he said

“Just forget what the person did to you and save life” he added…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I have been trying so hard to get on how to be friendly with snake but I wasn’t getting it

The ghost boy said that it was the only way to get that egg

I would try something different, maybe Google might help when it sees how serious I would be

After the day lecture, as I was walking down with Ajax, I saw Mira driving out of the school

I wondered where she was heading to, at that time

“Did she tell you anything?” Ajax asked
He seems to see her also

“No, am still surprised” I replied

“Maybe she has somewhere very important to go” Ajax said
That’s what I thought too

We walked to where he parked his bike

Due to the crowd, that’s why he doesn’t take me to the school dormitory, unless we have to wait for them to clear
They were too much

Even after what have been happening

I have been looking around but I couldn’t see any of the A gangs


I remembered that I had something important to run about

I had to go

“I have some papers to work on” that was the excuse I gave him before leaving

(Those of you saying that I hide something a lot, how would you want me to tell Ajax that his father was behind what was happening in the school? That he killed students for wealthy, how would you expect him to see that?)

I walked with the crowd and I couldn’t believe it, that the A gangs were actually at the school dormitory

I wondered what they were doing there

They were walking from front while everyone were creating space for them

“What are they up to?” Someone asked

I cared less and continued walking

I had to do like the rest by creating a way for them but instead they stopped before me

They gathered before me

I was just confused, looking at them