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Rejected Demon. Chapter 41

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….Mr Ken POV ❣️

After much discussion with the doctor, I got back to Dorothy’s ward

David was standing far from Dorothy because she was avoiding him
He was carrying a bag that looks like something a box was in
Meanwhile Bonny sat close to her and was consoling her
He was also questioning her at the same time

“But can you tell me what really happened?” Bonny asked

I turned to look at David
I could see pity in his eyes

“I can’t remember” Dorothy replied but I knew that she was only trying to protect David
I guessed that she was too kind to David

I wouldn’t blame him though

David’s phone started ringing
He looked at it

At first, he doesn’t want to pick it but he rethinks

“Mom” he said with a dull voice

“Am sorry, I had to leave like that” David apologized

“Okay Mom, I will be back in no time” he concluded and hung up
I noticed that he doesn’t want to leave
Maybe he was really regretting what he did

“Doctor said that we need to give her space to rest” I said trying to stop the who movie

They nodded in agreement

“Get well because I left lots of things to come here” Bonny said smiling

David walked closer to me

“I think she will be hungry, so I bought her food but she rejected it” David said
I turned to look at Dorothy but she turned her face to the other side

“Let me have it” I said
He nodded and gave it to me before he left
Bonny followed him

I walked closer to Dorothy

“I can’t accept that food” Dorothy said even before I would say a word
I wouldn’t force her

“I will be back” I said and dropped the food beside her
I knew she would be hungry but was trying very hard to avoid David

Before I came out, David was gone
Bonny said that he would be leaving since he has done his part

I bidded him goodbye and went back

Dorothy was already getting down the food
I smiled and closed the door from behind

I needed to know how David succeeded in giving her the gum but it wasn’t yet time
After when she must have been discharged from the hospital


…. Victor POV ❣️

That Saturday morning and was also a break from work
My Mom didn’t visit me as usual

For at least, to prepare my food because that was the thing I couldn’t learn

I drove out and got myself a food from a restaurant nearby

That was how it would go that day because there was no other option then

My mind couldn’t get off from what Mr Patrick kept saying

He always remember me about that, every single time he sees me
Although I was yet to understand it

That day went fast as expected
It was already evening when Sonia’s call came in

She has always check on me, even though I never want to see her in

“Good evening” that was the first thing she said immediately I picked up
She was just too good

“Good evening, how are you doing this evening?” I asked as if I really cared

“Not really good, I expected your call since morning as you promised” she said
I then remembered that I promised to call her just because I was tired the time she called

“Am so sorry dear, I was occupied with thoughts” I apologized

“No prob then”
That was another good thing about her
Very understandable

“So is Mom around?” She asked referring to my own mother because she was aware that she normally visit me every weekend

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“She said that she wouldn’t be able to come because she has a tight schedule this weekend” I replied

“Oh my, I know that you can’t cook, so how did you cope?” She asked

“I bought food from the restaurant nearby” I replied

“That means you will have to do it tomorrow?” She asked

“Yes” I replied

“Too bad, you really need to learn it” she said

“Sure, Miss teacher” I said while we laughed together
We did had a long and good conversation before I hung up

I wished it was Zita at that moment

The following morning, after brushing up,
I brought out my dirty clothes before going to the restaurant as usual for the food but unfortunately, they didn’t open that Sunday

I have never been there on Sundays so I wouldn’t know if it was normal for them not to open on Sundays

I was seriously starving because I waited long before going for the food

I had to try cooking anything that I would managed

I went straight to the kitchen and brought out one sacket of noodles

“Even ordinary noodles, I can’t even cook” I said to myself
I had to try it out

I was about to start when my phone began to ring
It was Sonia again
I was really hungry, why would she be calling at that moment

I picked it up and places it on loud speaker

“Good morning” her sweet voice bumped out from the phone
I just smiled

“Good morning” I responded

“Hope you have eaten something?” She asked
I looked up really exhausted

“They didn’t open today” I said instead
And turned On the gas

“Oh my, so what are you going to eat?” She asked
I brought out the pot

“Am making noodles already” I replied as I tore the nylon
I poured it inside

“Wow, it will be better but can you really cook it?” She asked

“I will try the best way I can” I responded

“Oh really, bye then” she said and hung up
It was unlike her

I shifted my phone and focused on the food
I cooked it the way it could go

In few minutes time, I was done

From the look, it was clear that an amateur prepared it

I took it like that to the living room

Since I was the only one in the big house, there was no need going to the dinning room

I placed the food on the desk and took one spoon

“It is not tasting like others” I said forming unsatisfied face

Just then, the door bell rang

“Who could that be?” I asked myself because I wasn’t expecting anyone

The door bell rang again

“Oh, it might be Mr Patrick” I said and was about to take off the rubbish I prepared as food but the door got opened

“Sorry, I have to come in” that was Sonia’s voice as she walked in
She was carrying a small nylon

There was no means of hiding the food anymore
I had to drop it back to continue

“Ah, what’s that?” She asked, referring to what I cooked

“The noodles of course” I replied and sat, just to eat it like that

“Are you really enjoying it?” She asked and walked closer to me

“I have no other option” I said slowly

“Let me see” she said as she dropped the nylon she was holding and collected the spoon from me
She took one but spits it out immediately

“That’s too bad” she said and started laughing

“What’s funny?” I asked and pretended to be angry, as I tried collecting the spoon from her but she drew her hand backward

“Sorry but don’t take this again, it’s too bad” she said
She shifted it and stretched out her hand for the nylon she came with

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She took it and dropped it on the same table where I dropped my food

She took out a flask

“I personally prepared it for you because I had the feeling that this would happen” she said

I couldn’t say anything

“I won’t open it for you, I guess it will be better” she

“Let me go ahead and do the dishes” she added and carried the noodles
She first laughed before walking away

I didn’t waste time in opening the food because I was damn hungry

Only the sent was fantastic

I started getting it down
I got to see the difference

Few minutes later, I was done
I waited for it to get down before I took the plate to the kitchen

As I got there, everywhere was in order

I placed the flask in the sink and raised it

As I was done, my eyes caught something making some changes in the compound
As in it was making moves

I looked well and it was Sonia

She was washing those my dirty clothes that I dropped, earlier in the morning

I took the back entrance which I was sure, was where she followed

“Thanks for the food” I said standing at the entrance
She turned to look at me

“Oh, you are done?” She asked

“Yea” I replied

“And?” She asked
I was just confused because I didn’t get it

“Hope you wash it?” She asked while I smiled

“At least I learned that” I replied


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

That evening, I was in my room after getting discharged the previous day

I couldn’t wait to go to school after everything

I remembered how David felt when I rejected his food

He was really caring
I was only trying to act as if I was still angry with him but I was trying so hard not to let the feelings get deep

I felt pity for him

My Uncle’s knock on the door brought me back from the thought

He walked in with my food and dropped it close to me

“I just finished eating”I complained because it wasn’t long since I finished eating

“The doctor said that you should be eating very well because the medicine is strong” my Uncle responded

“It’s almost night” he added

“I don’t want to kill myself with food” I said
He didn’t reply, rather he arranged the food properly
I had to force it

Soon, I had to stop because I was totally exhausted
The feeding was too much

“Can you remember everything that happened the day you lost your gift?” My Uncle asked
I wondered why

“Not really, but any question from that day, I will be able to answer it” I replied as I waited for his question

“Were you with David?” My Uncle asked

“David wasn’t in school” I replied

“Where did he go?” He asked

“That was when he travelled for his father’s burial” I replied

“Hmm” he said
I guessed, he was short of questions

“Why all this question?” I asked

“There is something we call TP gum” he paused

“TP gum?” I asked not getting him well

“Yes, the doctor discovered it around your neck and it was responsible for the lost of gift and also for that shape that occurred on your neck” he replied
Still, I was confused

“How did it get inside my neck?” I asked

“I think, he puts it inside your drink but unfortunately, it didn’t completely melted that was why it hung on your neck instead of going inside” he explained and my mind started racing around on what really happened that day

“Do you remember?” He asked

“Yes, it was Bonny, I remembered that the drink he gave me that day was not sealed and after drinking it, I couldn’t find the demon” I replied
I remembered that he was acting strange the time I came out

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“Bonny? But why would he do such?” My Uncle asked

“Am also confused” I responded
I needed to think though

“So have I gotten my gift back?” I asked

“From that day he removed it to 7days, you will regain it in any of this days and it won’t pass 7days” he replied
I felt happy because I was getting it back


…. David POV ❣️

What happened the previous day was what I couldn’t take off my mind

I wouldn’t blame Dorothy because she was still scared and also her gift was no longer there

So she wouldn’t know when the demon shows up

I remembered what Jenny did to me
I couldn’t figure it out

I was surprised because I didn’t seem to miss her
Maybe because I don’t really love her

I was only trying to be considerate

I walked outside and started walking down the street
Maybe it could ease the whole thing

Someone walked up to me and pleaded to join me

It wasn’t a big deal, so I allowed him

We chatted as we walked
He was really great in conversation

He was lively

His last word with me was that I should be careful
I didn’t know why

The following day, I got to school

Dorothy was already in school
I couldn’t hold my smile when I saw her

I waved at her even though she ignored it

The surprising part was that she was no longer where she normally stay with Bonny

She was with Benita, Jason’s cousin

Another thing was that Jenny was back to her sit
As in where we do sit together because on Friday, she avoided me to the extent that she refused sitting with me

“Good morning” she greeted but I didn’t reply her

“Am sorry about what happened, I just wanted you to miss me but it seems like you didn’t” she added when she noticed that I ignored her
I couldn’t help it but to smile

“What do you want?” I asked trying to be hard

“I want you to forgive me” she replied
I smiled again

Only her knows what she was doing but I suspected that she was up to something


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was break period, I guessed it was the best time to talk with Bonny

I walked straight to where he was

“I want to talk with you” I said and walked out of the class

I walked straight to where no one was

Of course Bonny followed me immediately
I made sure that I backed him because I was seriously angry

“Why Are you this angry?” He asked even before I would say anything

“What happened on that day you went to buy a drink for me?” I asked back

“What?” He asked
I couldn’t tell if he was pretending or not

“Are you working with her?” I asked

“I don’t understand” he said
I had to turn

“Stop pretending, what did you put in my drink?” I asked
He could see that I wasn’t joking

“Oh, am sorry” he said

“Why did you put it?” I asked

“Ermm ermm” he stammered but I waited for him to say it

“It’s not what you are thinking” he said
I was beginning to think if he was a demon or one of their workers

“Well, I just want you to know that I want to end our friendship”

“Never come close to me anymore, it’s over between us” I added and left
Although he was calling me but I ignored him
He wanted to run after me but when he saw other students coming, he stopped

I know it was harsh but I needed to get rid of bad ones around me

Even David was better