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Rejected Demon. Chapter 43

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Bonny POV ❣️

When I was very sure that David could not breath again, I opened the door and he fell out from the car because he was leaning on the door

I turned to Jason who smiled

“I just want to proof to you guys that I am capable of what I claimed” I said
Jason kept nodding his head

“So smart, I didn’t expect you to give it this hand” Jason said

“I have to” I responded and we kept looking at his lifeless body

We waited for the teargas to clear off before
Jason looked inside the car and collected David’s bag

“Let’s take him inside” Jason said as Andy and Sam carried David’s body

I was so excited about the clean work
Dorothy had left me with no other option than to do this

I was much more sure that she was in love with David
That was why she broke up with me

We dropped him in one of the rooms that has door

“The teargas is too much inside him” Jason said

“Will he be able to survive it?” Andy asked

“It’s better if he dies” I responded

“No” Jason said
It was unlike him
I wondered what he was planning on doing
I hoped he doesn’t pity him

“Why?” Sam asked
Seems like he knew my mind

“I want him to live and beg for our help” Jason replied
He has always wanted that

I wondered how long it would take David to wake up


….Jason POV ❣️

It was great seeing David under me at last

I would never rest if I didn’t confirm what I has been planning to

Suddenly, my phone began to ring
It was COP Kelly

My heart skipped a beat because I didn’t know if he was aware of what was going on

He has always be smart
But if he mistakenly know, he would spoil my plan
I have never wanted to do it in police way

I picked it up after calming myself down

“Jason where are you?” He asked from the other side of the phone
I became confused on what to say
He must have gotten an idea

“Just coming back from school” I lied just to try luck

“Jenny is already here, don’t you think that we have to meet today?” He asked

“It won’t change anything because I have gotten no clue” I lied

“Let’s make it tomorrow” I added
He accepted and hung up
I made a sigh of relief

“That must be your Uncle” Bonny indirectly asked

I got home that day really excited

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I brought out my laptop and started searching on how to bring someone back to conscious after being knocked out with teargas

The results were meaningless to me

I angry dropped my laptop and stood up for my food

I knew that he would surely wake up but it might take time

I was seriously hungry that I had to wave everything away
My stomach first


….. Mrs Paul POV

I got home that evening

Our house help told me that David wasn’t home yet

It was unlike David

I knew that he hasn’t made much friends that he would think of going there

I went to my room for freshen up

I spent a lot time in the room hoping that before I would be out, David must have come back

After some minutes, I went downstairs for my dinner

It was already set

I sat down
My house help was standing close

“David isn’t yet back?” I asked her

“No ma’am” she replied
I remembered that there was a driver who supposed to be picking him from school
I asked the house help to call him for me

The driver followed the house help to come back

“Where is David, why didn’t you pick him up from school?” I asked him as he walked in

“David called me earlier in the afternoon not to come” he responded

“Why?” I asked

“He said that he would be coming back with his friend” the driver replied

“Did he mention his name?” I asked because that would make it easier for me to locate him

“No” the driver replied
I became worried
I signalled the driver to go

I lost appetite immediately

I brought out my phone and dialed his number
It rang but no response

I was confused of what to do next

“I can’t loose three of you” I said really worried
I had to check at his school the following day

The following day, I dressed up

I hope that beast doesn’t kill him

I waited for the perfect time when I was sure that the whole students must have been at school

I drove straight to the school

Everywhere was calm
I have never been at that school since David started school even though I knew where it was

Some cars were parked outside which must be children from rich family and was allowed to drive themselves

A car drove in as a handsome guy got down from it
I smiled because he remembered me of someone

I watched him as he walked in

I went to the gateman
who directed me to the principal’s office

I knocked and he ordered me in

“Good morning sir” I greeted the man who must be the principal

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“Good morning ma’am, please sit down” he responded while I sat

“Please how may I help you?” He asked

“I am David’s mother” I introduced myself
There was an expression on his face

“You mean David Paul?” He asked

“Yes sir” I responded while he nodded

“So how may I help you?” He asked

“My son didn’t come back yesterday after school and he isn’t picking his cell phone” I replied

“That’s too bad” the principal said

“Please calm down, we will surely get him back alive” the principal added

“His driver said that he called him and asked him not to come, that he would be coming back with his friend” I said
So that it would be easy for them to get them


… Dorothy POV ❣️

I was fit again that I had to go to school that day

I waited to see David that day but he didn’t show up
Even Bonny didn’t come

Everyone was present except both of them

Soon, the principal came in
He wasn’t smiling
We greeted him but he didn’t respond

“Attention everyone” he said instead

“David’s mother was here this morning” he continued
I felt excited and nervous at the same time when I heard that

“She reported that David didn’t report home yesterday and he said that he would be coming home with his friend but unfortunately, he didn’t mention the person’s name” he added

Everyone turned to look at his position

My mind ran to Bonny
I just hope that nothing happened to David

I was sure that Bonny has hand in that but I wouldn’t say it because I had no evidence

“I will like to take attendance for today” the principal said

“Jason bring it to my office after the records” he added and left

If Bonny has hand in it, that means it must be connected to Jason

I was really worried
I looked at Jenny but there was no much expression on her face

It would be bad if they have broken up

A lot of thought were coming around my mind

I just hope it wasn’t her


….COP Kelly POV ❣️

That afternoon, Jason and Jenny reported to my office

I have been making lots of plans but my coworkers aren’t working hard

“So how was today’s trick?” I asked

“Things aren’t as expected” Jenny replied

“How do you mean?” I asked not getting it

“I think that David is kidnapped or attacked by the beast” Jenny replied

“What really happened?” I asked not believing it because I was sure that David was the beast

“David wasn’t in school today” Jenny replied
I looked at Jason because he hasn’t said anything yet since he came
He seems to be glued with what he was operating in his phone

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I suspected that it must be his hand work
But why would he do otherwise

I remembered that the principal called me that afternoon saying that he would love to meet me


…. Jenny POV ❣️

After much discussion with COP Kelly since Jason seems not among

COP Kelly told us to wait for his call the following day

“Okay then, I will be on my way” I said as I stood up and walked out

“Aren’t you going to wait for me?” Jason asked following me from behind

“We didn’t come here together please” I said as I kept walking

“You seems not so worried about David” he said
It was clear that I wasn’t worried because I never felt bad
I only felt for the woman who was his mother

“I think it wasn’t love that I had for him” I replied

“Wow, don’t you think that this is happening for us to be together?” He asked
By then, I was already close to my door

“Stop dreaming because I never loved you” I said as I opened the door and entered
Jason stood there looking at me

Seriously, I didn’t know what was wrong with me
After suspecting David as the monster
I seems not to be in love
Then, love doesn’t exist


…. Faith POV ❣️

We were in my residence watching Jason, Andy and Sam as they entered the room where David was kept

He was still unconscious

I wondered if he would make it alive

“David might not survive this” I said looking at him
I just wanted either the demon or the queen mother to say something

“Why don’t you save him” I asked referring to the demon

“That bag of he’s, contains the leaf, so you don’t expect her to go there” the queen mother said
The demon seems to be mean in watching what was happening

Jason splashed some water on David’s face but he didn’t make a move

“But if she enters him, will David come back to life?” I asked referring to the queen mother

“Definitely” the queen mother replied

“Okay then, I will try to take the bag out from there” I said
I didn’t know why I was worried

“It doesn’t mean because it is left for her to decide” the queen mother said

“You know that you aren’t yet done with him, Mr Luke’s family is still there” I said referring to the demon

“You seems not worried” I added

“I don’t care if he dies” the demon said
I was shocked