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Rejected Demon. Chapter 44

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Victor POV ❣️

After school, I left straight to the office

Sonia was a special someone who can ease one from hard time
But I can’t deny the fact that I find it difficult to love her and I won’t try faking to be in love with her because it would be dangerous

I entered inside my office and started managing the post I was given

Just then, someone knocked at the door

I wondered who could that be

I wasn’t expecting special person, it might be one of the customers

I ordered the person in

I couldn’t believe who just walked in

“Bonny” I called slowly

“Longest time” he said smiling
He walked closer to my desk and we shook hands

He sat opposite me

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked

“How do you know am here?” I added while he smiled

“You get to guess that” he responded and we burst out laughing

“So how is everyone over there?” I asked

“You just left us, well, we are doing fine” he responded

“I can’t just stay, after loosing my first love” I said

“So you haven’t gotten over her” he asked while I smiled

“It’s too hard” I replied

“But you never made any move then” he said

“I was just scared because Jason was that kind that isn’t satisfied with what he has” I said

Another person knocked at the door

It was really disturbing
I still asked the person in

It was Sonia
I didn’t expect her to be here

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt” she apologized

“I will call you later” she added and left immediately
She did not even wait for me to say anything

“Who is that?” Bonny asked

“Just a friend” I replied

“But I didn’t see her like one, tell me something nah” Bonny teased
I couldn’t help it but to smile


….Jason POV ❣️

I arrived home that evening

Unlike before, my Dad was at home

“Dad” I said as I walked closer to him

“Why are you home, this isn’t weekend” I added

“That’s not a greeting” he said

“You know that I don’t like greeting, Good Evening” I greeted as I sat down on a couch

“You always like doing things without my consent” he said

“How do you mean?” I asked

“In case if you don’t know, COP Kelly is working with me” he said instead

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“He informed me that you guys were planning on how to discover the beast but the suspect is missing” he paused

“I know that you are behind it, what’s your plan B?” He asked
Of course, he knows my capability

“I just want to take it on my own way” I replied

“Where is he?” He asked

“In my hideout” I replied

“I want to see the guy once more before anything” he said

“I wonder what you want to do with him” I indirectly asked

“I really want to punish him” he replied

“Just promise me that you won’t tell COP Kelly” I requested

“Don’t worry, I promise but trust me, COP Kelly will soon find out” he replied

“He knows how to do things like that” he added


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I arrived home from school

My Uncle had told me not to come to shop until I was fully well

I got home and did the necessary things

I was really worried about the disappearance of David

I prayed that it shouldn’t be that the demon has done something extraordinary

In no time, it was already evening

My Uncle came back earlier than we used to

I greeted him and served him his dinner after bathing

We went to his study room which was very clear to be of an average man

I joined him after when I was done with arranging things

“Any latest news?” My Uncle asked me when he noticed my presence
I sat close to him

“The guy is missing” I replied

“How do you mean?” My Uncle asked

“His mother was in school today and she said that he didn’t come back yesterday” I replied

“Is his mother aware of that demon?” He asked

“Am not sure” I replied

“But could he possibly miss like that?” He asked

“I can’t tell, am just confused” I replied

“Mr Patrick will be coming soon, so we need to find him on time” my Uncle said
I had to think on what to do next

The following day, as I got to school

There was a new car parked in the school compound
As in I haven’t seen it before

A woman was leaning on it

I greeted her but she stopped me

“Are you in the same class as David?” She asked
My mind ran that she might be David’s mother

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“Yes ma’am” I replied

“So have you heard from him?” She asked

“Am also confused about what happened, I don’t know what to say” I replied
Her eyes were filled with pity

“Do you have any idea of what he has been passing through?” I asked just to get what my Uncle asked me the previous night

“What is that?” She asked back
It was clear that she didn’t

“Nothing but I thought maybe he might choose to be with any of your relatives” I lied just to cover up

“Do you know if he is having any problem with any of your classmate?” She asked
I wondered why she was questioning me
I wouldn’t blame her because I was the only one at that position
I always come early

“I don’t know” I replied
Just then, my mind ran to Bonny
But he doesn’t come to school anymore

“I will be coming back but I need to rush somewhere I think that he might be” she said

“Thanks for your time” she added and left

I just waved it off and continued walking to my class

I wished that David was safe

On my way, I saw a demon standing there

After loosing my gift, that was my first time seeing a demon
It looks exactly like the demon that attacked me the other day

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked

“Can you see me?” She asked
Her voice sounds like the girl I met on a very good day but I couldn’t remember how it went

“Yes I can” I replied

“I thought you lost your gift?” She asked

“I think I have gotten it back” I replied

“How possible?” She asked

” But I can see you” I responded

Her face started showing up slowly
I remembered seeing her before

“Why don’t we work together” I requested
I know that I could possibly get David easier if I work together with her

“You can’t deceive me” she said

“Trust me, I can even help you” I tried convincing her


…. David POV ❣️

I opened my eyes slightly but closed it immediately when a light shown

My hands and legs were tied up
My mouth was soletaped
I managed to sit up

I started looking around but no one was there
I tried to remember what happened but it results headache

I had to gave it up

My bag was lying flat at my right hand side

Just then, the door opened and Jason walked in with one man who looks old enough to be a father

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“Wow, Dad, he has woke up” Jason said
I looked at the man very well but he doesn’t look like Jason anyway

Jason walked closer to me and removed the soletape

“Jason” I managed to say with the heaviness in my mouth
I was damn hungry

“You always cross me” Jason said
His father was just watching us

“Better be fast with your plan because COP Kelly might find here one day” his father said for the first time

“See me outside” he added and walked away

“I am coming dude” Jason said smiling before he walked out

“What is really your plan now?” I heard his father asking him
I could hear them

I would try shouting but I was really weak

“Two plans, knowing is really happening and also to get Jenny on my bed” he replied

“You are really out, how can this helps you to get Jenny?” His father asked

“I have plans Dad” Jason replied

“Better watch your back because what I don’t know if it was something I did years ago that is backfiring me” his father said

“I don’t understand” Jason said

“Don’t play with ladies feeling because if they hates you, you are doom” his father replied

“A lady Loved me back then but I betrayed her and am regretting it now” his father added

I began to relate what Jason’s father was saying with what the demon said

I hoped that he isn’t the one that the demon talked about

“Am off now, I have something to attend” his father said and left

Jason walked in

“Jason, please am hungry” I managed to say

“Am sorry but I didn’t know that you will wake up by now” he said laughing
He walked closer to where my bag was and opened it

He searched for something and ends up throwing everything on the floor

The leaf fell off as well

“Perfect” Jason said collecting the leaf

“I have to clear my doubt” he added

“Don’t take it away Jason” I managed to say

“Not until I finish what I want to do” he said

“I didn’t go to school today because of this” he said and brought out his phone
He called Andy and Sam

“Let me get the food” he smiled and walked out of the room