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Rejected Demon. Chapter 45

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jenny POV ❣️

I became a serious student once again in my life as I busied myself with books

Dorothy in the other hand seems worried
I wouldn’t doubt it if one tells me that it was because of David

Jason wasn’t present in school, so I sat at his seat which was our seat

Andy’s position was at my back while Sam’s was at my right hand side
Although he normally come over to Andy’s position whenever they want to discuss something

Few minutes later, Sam walked to Andy’s position

“Jason just called” Sam whispered
I wondered why he called him

“What did he say?” Andy asked

“He said that we should come to the hideout because he has woke up” Sam replied
They were actually saying that with a low voice but due to how close I was
And I also paid attention to that
That’s why I could hear them

“We have to go then” Andy concluded
They waited for some minutes before going out

I began to think about what they actually talked about

I remembered when COP Kelly asked me to keep an eye on Jason
That I should inform him anytime I suspected his movement

I stood up and followed them

They went to the principal’s office while I waited outside for them

After few minutes, they walked out and went straight to their car

They used Andy’s car

I watched them drove off before I called COP Kelly


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I was very busy with some works in the office
They are lots of papers that I needed to check on

It was really hard for me but I managed to do the ones I could

My phone began to ring
I checked it and it was Jenny

I ignored it and continued what I was doing
It was very important

It continued ringing

I had to try picking it up

“Hello” I said

“Jason isn’t in school, I suspect something is fishy” she said
I couldn’t think of one thing at that moment

“How do you mean?” I asked

“He called his friends just right now and asked them to come over to their hideout because someone just woke up” she replied
I was just confused about her explanation

“What do you mean by someone just woke up?” I had to ask

“They didn’t mention the person’s name” she replied
It could possibly be David

I knew what Jason could do
I knew that he was trying to find out would be very risky because I was sure that David would kill them all

“Where exactly are they now?” I asked

“They have gone far, the time I first called you was when they just left the school” she replied

That means they must not have gone that far

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“Thank you, I will call you back” I said as I hung up

I rushed out from my office, after locking it

I got inside my car and drove off

I headed to the possible way they would take

There was no sign of them

I called Jenny immediately and she didn’t waste time to pick up

“Do you have any of their number?” I asked

“I deleted Jason’s own when we had a problem” she replied
That was too bad of me
I had Jason’s number but I decided not to remember

I hung up and drove straight to a nearby cyber cafe

“Track this number for me” I said showing Jason’s number to one of them who was free

I waited patiently as they did the tracking

“Your result is ready sir” one of the workers informed me

I rushed to check it out

According to the tracking information, it was in a very lonely area
The phone was inside a building

It was kinda far from where we were but close to the school

“Thank you” I said collecting my phone

I rushed out to my car

I opened my own location reader
Since I have known where it was, I just had to put in the location


….. Jason POV ❣️

After getting the food for David, I decided to feed him myself because I refused to untie his hands and legs should in case if he transformed

“Better eat up” I said
He looked so washed out

I felt pity for him but I still had to confirm what was in my mind

“And stop pretending as well” I added

“You look so caring but still, your lifestyle won’t leave you” David said
I had to smile

I wouldn’t want to hit the point yet
I just wanted either him to say it or transform

“I checked to be a caring guy because you decided to jump in” I replied

“Seriously, I don’t have anything to do with Jenny as am speaking with you” he said

“Jenny broke up with me because of you, so don’t just start” I responded

“But I am not dating her” he replied

“I didn’t say you are, but she broke up with me so that you will see her as a single lady” I said

“Anyways, I don’t like her but I don’t want to ignore her” David replied

“She isn’t the main reason I kidnapped you” he said

“I don’t know what is in your mind” David responded while I smiled


…. David POV ❣️

I didn’t know if Jason was aware of the demon possessing me

His words were showing that he suspected it

“Can you tell me what you are insinuating?” I asked

“I can’t say what I don’t know” he replied

“Can you bring back that leaf?” I requested
I wondered why the demon hasn’t shown up

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“The reason why you want it back is the same why I took it away” he replied
My eyes widened

That means he must have known that

“I will advise you to let go of this” I tried telling him

“I won’t rest until I am satisfied” Jason said smiling

“Better show me what you got” he added

It was better since the demon choose not to show up


…. Faith POV ❣️

I couldn’t get off my eyes from the mirror as we watched what was going on

The queen mother wasn’t around but I knew that she wasn’t far

COP Kelly was getting closer to the hideout where David was kept

I wondered what was in the demon’s mind

“Why don’t you rescue him now?” I asked
I can’t tell what would be David’s fate if COP Kelly got there

“There is no point in rescuing him because COP Kelly isn’t planning to kill him” the demon replied

“The queen mother said that COP Kelly has been a bad man right from time” I paused remembering how the queen mother said the whole thing

“And She said that there is a great secret about David and if COP Kelly discovered it, David’s life will be in danger” I added

“It will surely scatter their future of course” the demon said

“Not only that, He will just kill David” I replied

“That’s why I said that their future will scatter” the demon said

“I know that you won’t be able to let David die like that, he hasn’t yet know who he is” I added

“Even you, do you know who you really are?” The demon asked

I just looked at her because she has made that statement before

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I said

“I just want to do this for you my daughter” she said and disappeared
I became confused
I don’t understand what she was saying


….. David POV ❣️

Andy and Sam arrived after some minutes

They just stood, watching us

“What is keeping you man?” Jason asked

“Am not the one you think I am” I wanted to lie because the demon seems to have abandoned me

“My Mom must have been crying because of me” I added

“Of course, she misses you, to the extent that she came to our school twice” he replied

I thought as much

Just then, I felt the wind storm coming from a far

“Jason, it’s not yet time for you” I said

“What?” He asked

I turned to where the wind was coming from
Jason turned to that same direction
I wondered if he was seeing it

My hands and legs were still tied up

“Why don’t we try different things?” Andy asked walking closer to where we were with a stick
Sam followed him as well

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“Let’s try beating him, he will surely do that” Sam supported

Jason was stylish because he started stepping backward

Maybe he suspected that the demon was coming
From my look

“Let’s do it guys” Jason said as Sam picked up his own wood

Just then, the demon started entering me
I was just screaming while they stood there watching
Immediately the demon was done in taking over me, those ropes which they used on me, got tore up
I was freed

I jumped up immediately but my face was down as I was forming

When I was completely possessed, I raised up my head

Jason was the first to gasped

Andy and Sam wanted to hit me with the woods in their hands but I was too fast in piercing their throats with my claws

I wouldn’t blame myself because I was no longer myself

They fell down struggling with their lives
I bent down and started sucking their bloods

When I was okay,
I looked at Jason’s direction but he was gone

Just then, the demon in me left my body

“I just saved you” the demon said looking at me

“This is the only time you saved me” I responded

“Start going because COP Kelly is close” the demon said

“Follow the other side” the demon added

I turned but there was no way at the back

The demon stretched out her hand there was a great wind that moved from her hand
It hits the wall, breaking it into two
That was the way I would follow

“I have something to ask you” I said because I needed to ask her about who she said to be Mr Paul
Meanwhile Jason’s father seems to be the one

“Next time because you aren’t safe here” she replied and disappeared immediately

I looked at the dead bodies on the floor

Another problem was that Jason has seen me


….COP Kelly POV ❣️

I arrived at the location

Immediately I got down from the car when I saw a car parked there

Jason ran out from an uncompleted building
I tried calling him but he didn’t bother turning back

He got to a car parked there and drove off

I looked at that building
I sensed that the demon was inside

I closed the door and rushed inside

I started walking from one room to another

I stopped at a spot when I saw blood coming out from a room

I walked slowly and stopped behind the door
I opened the door and entered inside the room

To my greatest surprise, I only saw dead bodies lying on the floor

I couldn’t cry because I expected it

The other wall was already broken

I rushed to that direction and checked around but there was no sign of anyone

I couldn’t believe I failed again


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