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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 43

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Forty-Three

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????


I followed the car until they get to a building which wasn’t far from Axel’s apartment

I remembered that I had come there before but I couldn’t remember what I came there to do then

It was another lodge for students

“Who is really living here” I asked myself
Although many people were living there but I was sure that I came to see someone then

I waited for a while because I was sure that someone would come out from that house because Stella and Denise sat in the car waiting for whom they came to visit

After some minutes, someone walked out of the house

He looked at my direction but I pretended that I was checking out my phone by bending a little

Good that I was really far away from them

when I will sure that he has returned his face, I looked up and check very well

That was when I remembered that’s it was Henry
I came to visit him after that night he lied about Jack being sick

“This guys are really up to something” I said to myself

I wondered why they didn’t go inside
That could show that I was right about them being up to something

I waited until they were done
Stella drove off with Dennis while Henry walked back to the house

I thought for a while, maybe I should visit Harry at that time to know if there will be any clue

“Good” I concluded and rode close to the gate

The gate was already open……..

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in my room taking a nap when someone disturbed me with a hard knock on my door

I wasn’t really expecting anyone

I stood up and check out who that could be

It was no one else but Dennis

“Hi” he said waving at me
He didn’t tell me that he would be coming

So I was surprised

“Hi” I waved back

“Can I come in?” He asked

“Sure” I said making a way for him to come in

I checked outside and was sure that he didn’t come with anyone

“Why are you here?” I asked him as I closed the door
He was already sitting on my bed

“And how did you get to know my apartment?” I asked

“That’s already two questions” he said smiling

It wasn’t funny because I don’t feel comfortable while with him
Still I don’t like embarrassing people

“Can I have water please?” He requested

There was a fridge in my room which contains lots of drinks and fruits

I opened it and took a can of water for him

I had to sit on a chair because I wouldn’t make any mistake

“Your room is beautiful” he said

“Thanks” I responded even though it wasn’t from my heart

“You still left my question unanswered” I said because I wouldn’t want him to continue with this boring talks of he’s

“I actually followed you” he replied
I shook my head negatively

“Why then are you here?”I asked

“You told me that you will give it a thought about me taking you out, so I want to know your decision” he replied
That was crazy

The request he made that same day

“You supposed have waited until tomorrow” I said

“I am a type that lack patience” he replied

“But I am not interested, I thought I told you earlier but you insisted” I said
Since he insisted, I had to tell him that I would give it a thought

“I can’t lie to my heart anymore that’s why” he said standing up from the bed

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I was just watching him, wondering what he wanted to do

Just then, my door was pushed opened

We both turned to the door

It was Ajax

“I will be going now” Dennis said and walked to the door

Ajax was just watching him until he left the room

Ajax closed the door by himself and walked in properly without taking his eyes from me

“What is he doing here?” Ajax asked

“I don’t really know but he said that he came to take me out” I replied

“Is that why he was walking closer to you?” He asked
He seems to have seen everything that happened

“I don’t know, I was only looking at him” I replied

“I have told you to stay away from that guy” he said
His expression was already turning into anger

“I don’t trust him” he added

“Did you see anything about him?” I asked
I just wanted to hear from him
Although I didn’t like him but Ajax must have seen something about Dennis

“Am only trying to protect you from danger” he replied……..

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in my apartment, parlor precisely, with lots of thought

I felt that I was becoming weak lately

I was distracted by the bumping I got from the A gangs into my parlor except Andrew since he wasn’t yet discharged

They were so noisy

I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t expecting them because they can visit at anytime

“Axel” Aiden called because he was the first to come in
They were laughing and chatting on something

He shook my hand and collapsed on a couch next to me

“No, that’s not what she meant” Alex said referring to Anthony because they stopped at the center of the parlor as they continue with their talks

“She said that out of surprise” Anthony responded
I was just looking at them, trying to get their talks

“Who wouldn’t be surprised at that point” Alex said
I was still lost

“Why do you look so dull?” Aiden asked me, distracting me from my calculations on their chat
I turned to look at him

“What are they talking about?” I asked him, ignoring his own question

“Oh” Aiden said smiling as he sat up since he was relaxing his back on the headrest

“We actually came across a girl on our way here” he replied

“Is she in our school?” I asked

“Am not sure”

“Why then are they laughing like this since it was just meeting a girl?” I asked
My intention was for him to give me the full details of what really happened

“The girl was scared because of the way I drove, so her response was funny when Anthony asked her how she was doing” he replied

That was there own cup of tea

My mind ran to Stella

I thought on a way to surprise her that evening

Anthony and Alex later came to shook hands with me

That was normal greeting

“You guys came with your car, right?” I asked referring to Aiden
I needed to excuse myself

At least a little time for my thought

“Yes” he replied

“Okay then, I want to go somewhere now”

“So,you guys have to start going” I added and stood up
I rushed to my room and changed into something better

I walked out and still met them there

“Seriously, Axel?” Aiden said while I nodded
That was a question tho
He was the only one I could tell something but I couldn’t say anything to him at that point

“Axel you are changing” Anthony added……

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????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

I visited Jack’s room that evening because it has been long time I spoke with him but unfortunately, he wasn’t around

I wondered where he could be

I returned to my room disappointed

I got to my room and collapsed on my bed

Henry told me earlier that since Dennis is working on his own, that I should be working on mine which was to get close to Jack again

He also gave me something when we visited him earlier
He said that I should give it to Jack as a gift

It was like a necklace

He said that once he has it on him, he will definitely be thinking about me and no other person

He also warned me not to wear it

I was in thought in my room when someone knocked on my door

I thought it was either Henry or Dennis

I opened it, only to see Axel standing there with a flower on his hand and a shopping bag

“Hi” he said smiling
I wasn’t smiling because I wasn’t expecting him

“What are you doing here?” I asked instead

“Be cool for once” he said

“But am cool here” I responded spreading out my two hands

“These are for you” he said stretching out the flowers first
With a smile on his face

“I want to leave my past for you” he added
I didn’t ask him

I wasn’t expecting any love from him

I couldn’t accept it

“Please take it back” I said……..

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

Earlier When I came to Mira’s apartment to give her the last warning, I saw a cab driving out of their apartment

There was a car parking outside the gate

I recognize it as that same car Dennis and Stella used

I looked closely at it and it was empty

“They must have come to see Mira” I said to myself and nodded

“But who could be leaving with that cab?” I asked myself

I had to rush in, to see what was really going on in that room

When I saw only Dennis and Mira in that room

I thought about that cab that just left it could be Stella


After speaking with Mira about Dennis, I walked outside

I discovered that my bike which I parked outside the gate when I came, was already before Mira’s door

I remembered that, the same thing happened when I rescued Jack from A gang’s hand

“That means, either the person is following me or the person is living here” I said to myself because it could be one person that was doing that

My Dad’s call distracted me from my thought

After greeting him, the next thing he asked was about Jack…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

It was already Monday, I had to leave Mexico after when my foster father’s burial was fixed

It would be that Friday but I had to go back to school and travel back around Thursday because since I wasn’t his real son, I wasn’t that important

I didn’t tell Ajax and Mira about my coming back even though I spoke with them everyday

That afternoon, I was already in the California airport, waiting for any available cab when Mira’s call came in

I wondered why she tried my California line when she was supposed to call my Mexico line since she didn’t know about my arrival


“Hey, don’t tell me that you are still at Mexico” she said
I wanted to make it a surprise for them
So I thought for a while
Thinking if I should lie or not

“Don’t play smart because I am reading your location” she added while I smiled
She really caught me
I couldn’t help it but to laugh

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“You are smart” I said

“Are you at school?”

“Yes, waiting for next lecture” she replied

“Where exactly are you now?” She asked

“Still in the airport” I replied

“Okay, am coming to pick you up” she said


“But what of the next lecture?” I asked

“It doesn’t matter, what I know is that no one is stopping me” she said
That made me laugh again

“Stubborn” I said

“Stubborn for you” she responded

“I need to concentrate on the road” she added

“Oh, she is really coming” before I could finish it, she has already hang up


After some minutes, I saw Mira running to my direction
I smiled
She did also
I stood up from where I sat and began to walk to her

It would make her not to run that much

“Welcome” she said as she got closer to me

“Thanks, how is school?” I asked

“Fine but boring” she replied as she tried taking my bag from me

“Don’t worry about the bag” I said

“I insist” she responded

“Stubborn” I said letting go of my bag
It wasn’t heavy

“Stubborn for you” she replied
We got to her car and we entered

“How is Jane?” She asked

“Good, but she said that she wouldn’t be going back to school until after the burial” I replied……

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

We were in the last lecture for the day but I noticed that Mira wasn’t in the school

I became worried that I had to check on Stella and Dennis

They were in the hall

I excused myself and went outside

I called Mira’s line and she picked up almost immediately

,”Where are you?” I asked her

“Don’t worry, am good”

“Guess what” she added
I was somehow scared because I couldn’t predict if they asked her to be behaving cool

“What’s that?” I asked

I couldn’t believe it when she told me that Jack was back until Jack spoke with her phone

Out of joy, I left the lecture and went to see Jack

I took my bike for faster transportation

I got to his door
I saw Mira’s car at the parking spot

I knocked on his door and Mira opened it

“Seriously” I said smiling
Was I supposed to be smiling?

I shook hands with him

“When is the burial taking place?” I asked, remembering what really happened

“This Friday” he replied

“Am going with you, hope you know?” Mira requested while Jack smiling


It was Wednesday evening, we have arranged with Jack that we would be leaving that evening
So that we could get to Mexico the following morning

After booking for our tickets, I delivered it to them at Jack’s place before I decided to go for packaging

On the way, I saw Dennis car again
It was parked somewhere but I couldn’t see anyone inside it

I parked at an angle, looking around for a clue

After some minutes, the car began to move

I wondered how possible because there was no one inside there

Just as I made a move,
The next thing I heard was a heavy horn of a big vehicle

I turned to see this big vehicle
It was coming from the right hand side
Meanwhile there wasn’t any road passing through that side

I wanted to shift for it but I didn’t know how it happened

My whole legs freezed up

I looked down at my legs
Before I could look up, I got hits by that vehicle and to my greatest surprise, it disappeared before my eyes closed